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SC to begin hear in the Suo motu registered by a bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra
The Chief Secretary present in the Court
AG KK Venugopal- farmers are reluctant to stop stubble burning as it would affect their livelihood
Farmers are saying there is no alternative and it’s seriously affecting their livelihood. Punjab is divided into 7 zones. Similarly in Haryana.
If your lordship bans the burning, it affects the farmers.

J. Mishra - Burning is not going to be the solution. Why isn’t the government giving a solution. If stubble burning is not good, it’s not good.
AG- solution is- there are 7 zones, in Punjab for example, where stubble is burnt. On a Monday, allow burning in one zone only.
Q. Whether it’s the only solution ?
Q. Whether can it be collected ? Can collection take place at Panchayat level ?
This is due to your failure. Pollution is pollution. It’s bad for everybody. How can you say there is no solution. We expect little more from the responsible democratic government of the day.
This is not the way we can be living in this country.
It can be done at grassroots level. Why is burning the only solution.
AG - Punjab consists of large areas owned by rich farmers and they have tried the machines and they state that they are ineffective in large areas. The small farmers find it too expensive.
J Mishra- pollution is bad. If AG says we have no suggestion, this cannot be the way a democratic government will function
We have to make the government responsible. It will be your, the panchayat and the local government’s responsibility.
How many people can suffer like this ? Mishra.J

AG - Everyday these machines will be rotated in zones.

J. Mishra - We are outrightly rejecting your service. We will not permit it. We want the P&H government to do something.

AG - You cannot control 200,000 farmers. They will continue violating.
J. Gupta - If Haryana can bring it down, then why isn’t Punjab doing this ?
*your suggestion
SG Tushar Mehta-comes in

About Haryana - The GoI is giving subsidy for the purpose of machines. Two methods for stubble disposal - purchase it for power generation and for compressed biogas. MoU with IOCA for the latter.
Disposal also takes place (machines crush the stubble and use it there). Farmers are given it at a subsided rate.
J. Mishra - File the data for this. Punjab has not utilised this. Haryana has done a little more. Why it hasn’t been done and what hasn’t been done. We want to know. Every year this is taking place. You are responsible. You need to hauled up in the law of torts.
You think only poor farmers should be penalised. And you guys should go free. Is this the way you people are acting ? This is sheer inaction. Call the Chief Secretary. We have several questions.
Time has come to punish them. Forget about the facts. Who is the Chief Secretary of Punjab. Come here.
CS comes in and is asked about the steps taken date-wise.
J. Mishra - We will haul up for contempt if anything turns out to be false.
Everyone was aware that burning would take place this year..why was govt not prepared..what steps were taken in one year? Not like this
Who is Punjab CS? You come here : J Arun Mishra summons Punjab Chief Secretary
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiNCRPollution
Punjab CS informs court that they have educated farmers and taken steps to get them to choose other methods : J Arun Mishra
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiNCRPollution
CS - Farmers were taken to the farms where stubble burning did not take place. We motivated the farmers to use the machines.

J. Mishra - How many machines

CS - Out of 24000 machines, we have delivered 18000+.

#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirPollution
J. Mishra - Show us the data. How much you’ve distributed is not here. Why the 6000 could not be delivered.

CS - In July-Aug we placed the orders. They haven’t come yet.

J. Mishra - Why did you wait till so late. This is your delay. You know this would happen. You miserably failed in this.
Now tell us, what you can do about the purchase of the stubble ? What have you done ?

#DelhiAirPollution #DelhiNCRPollution
CS - Stubble has silica content and the cattle will die if they eat.

J. Mishra - So burning is the only solution. Let the people die. Cattle dying is a big issue, but let the people die.
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiSmog
J Mishra : You are not purchasing them. You are leaving it at their mercy. We expected some action at least this year. Do you feel proud of your achievement ? Whosoever is responsible, is this not your failure ?
#DelhiAirPollution #DelhiAirQuality
CS - It’s a question of changing the behaviour of farmers.

J. Mishra - Why have you not prepared any roadmap of collection ? When you know that poor farmers can’t do it. You’re responsible, not poor farmers.
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirQuality
J Mishra : Tell us your plan one by one.

Punjab CS - We don’t have a policy.

#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirQuality
J. Mishra - We will not be tolerating. Time has come to take action against you people. What will you plan now ? Employ your entire administration, your entire labour. No burning should take place.
J Mishra : We will not spare you if any burning takes place. Your entire state is responsible. P&H and UP.

Centre very happily says that we have asked the State. The State blames the Centre. Nobody is bothered about the poor citizens.
#DelhiAirQuality #DelhiAirPollution
J Mishra : You want infrastucture, you want agriculture. DPSPs are there for a reason. You’re Failing. What will you do within the next 7 days ?

1. Purchase of stubbles
2. Road map for future.
3. When will you acquire the machinery ?

#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiNCRPollution
J Mishra : Don’t depend on Central Government. If you can’t do anything, just leave it to the court. We will do it. It’s not for the courts to run the government.

CS - I have a copy of the action plan

J. Mishra - Punishment for farmers is not a solution. You need to provide facilities and amenities. You’re only creating law and order problems. You need to provide these things. You’re not providing them the basic things.
#DelhiAirQuality #DelhiNCRPollution
J Mishra to Punjab Chief Secretary
"You just sit in your ivory states and let the people die."
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirPollution
CS - The proposal has to be considered-

J. Mishra - We want something immediately. You keep considering. There’s no coordination. See the farming of other countries, they’re prospering. You don’t care about the farmers. If you don’t have the funds, tell us. We will provide it.
J Arun Mishra to Punjab Chief Secretary : Tell us when will you get the machinery.

#DelhiNCRPollution #DelhiAirEmergency
Chief Secretary - There’s a reason we cant do this. GoI provides us 31,000 crores and this is 5100 crores of expenditure.

J. Mishra - When we were talking to CS, we are talking to everybody.

J. Gupta - How much has been burnt ?

CS - 1400 hectares.
J. Mishra to Punjab Chief Secretary - Have the courage to say “Yes, I will do”. How much fund will you be allocating this year ?
J Mishra : You can hire certain machines. Have you given anything to the Panchayats ? Who has the extra machinery which can be used ?
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirQuality

Counsel for farmers - The Court is performing the duties of the government. I am demanding that all the agriculture
Subsidy on the stubble for marginal farmers. A bonus should be given for disposing the stubble. 4000-5000 per hectare
J. Mishra - The machinery is not being provided to the poor farmers. Does the Panchayat have the machines ?

Counsel - Only Cooperative Societies have them. Panchayats don’t have anything. All farmers are the members of the societies.

#DelhiAirPollution #DelhiSmog
J. Mishra - We’ll ask the CG also about what they can provide.
SG - This issue can be solved with a joint meeting.
Counsel for farmers - Marginal farmers is 2.5 acres. Lesser than that is small farmer.

J. Mishra - How much money do you want ? We have to pass an Order for next year also. How much amount needs to be given to small and marginal farmers.

#DelhiAirPollution #DelhiSmog
J Mishra asks CS how much funding is required. Tell us by today.
CS suggests that he'll consult and get back by Friday.
J Mishra-no no what's Friday? Today is today. We will pass an order today. We're sitting till 4.30 can sit till 6.30
Court now turns attention to Haryana Chief Secretary
"Tell us why four districts are burning", J Mishra asks the CS
Chief Secretary- they have been provided machinery but it's a psychological thing. It costs ₹2000. Burning is free.
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirPollution
Cutting of the Secretary midway, Justice Mishra says- you want us to repeat the same lecture madam secy? You have also failed. This is not the way.
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiNCRPollution
CS- we have been thinking
J Mishra- what is thinking thinking? You need a plan
CS- we have a plan. In the meeting with gram sabha, we are sensitising them
J Mishra-Then you are worse than punjab. They sensitised since Feb. You're sensitising now. This is not the way
Justice Mishra-very good you've done meetings. But whats the outcome?
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirQuality
J Mishra-its not the time to create awareness now. Buy stubble. You need a plan for every year. When the time comes, remove stubble from the fields. Use your money if needed
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirQuality
J Mishra- if you leave it in the field, they'll burn it. That's why we're not giving you more time. We're losing precious time
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirPollution
"Where is UP Chief Secretary", now Court turns to Uttar Pradesh
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiAirPollution
UP CS starts by trying to say his name. Mishra interjects. We have no interest to know your name.
CS resumes by trying to say stubble burning is not right. Mishra interjects. We don't want lecture
Justice Mishra- we are not interested in your meetings etc. Tell us two things- what did you do to stop it? Prevention. And now that it's happened, what is your solution?
Just tell us these two things
UP CS placing figures. Mishra-we aren't interested in figures

#DelhiAirPollution #DelhiAirEmergency
J Mishra-tell us what it is that your solution is? Have you and your govt not failed?

The real problem is sensitising of you chief secretaries should have taken place. Nobody is bothered, nobody is interested

#DelhiNCRPollution #DelhiAirEmergency
J Mishra : Every way, the farmer is in trouble. If they burn, there'll be chalan, if they don't, they lose crop. If they don't sow, country loses agricultural produce
#DelhiNCRPollution #DelhiAirEmergency
J Mishra- who's for Delhi?
Delhi CS comes forward no
J Mishra- if it was not for monitoring committee, you would have finished Delhi. Now even monitoring committee is being beaten from all sides. Has your machinery not failed?
J Mishra scolds Delhi CS
"You aren't able to handle dust on the road, problems of construction and demolition or garbage burning. Why are you in power?"
#DelhiAirPollution #DelhiAirEmergency
J Mishra : This is the capital. You want us to send you to America on govt funds so you can see and learn how they deal with such things..that to in villages

J Mishra- days of pollution are still to come. We need Delhi clean
J Mishra : It happens in cities, but should not be in the capital.
Visit colonies in Delhi, posh ones even, see the condition. Have you seen?
#DelhiNCRPollution #DelhiAirPollution
Will hold everyone from tehsildar to the top top bosses liable if you don't take immediate action. Will you be able to do it?

CS-yes we will.

J Mishra- Take immediate steps and report back in 7 days.

AG says I didn't get to say more. But I'm also suffering because of this (pollution).

J Mishra- we aren't passing any final order. Our endeavour is to protect farmers
AG- I thought my suggestion was a good and practical one, but was shot down in no time.

J Mishra- we dont want this to occur again. Take time to think. See if you can talk with the central government to find solution for crop burning

SG suggests that there must be an element of deterrent as well. If there's incentivisation, there must also be deterring factor.

Bench- let's first look at positive solution and then look at negative
#DelhiAirPollution #DelhiSmog
AG says it affects our health, and also our reputation abroad is taking a hit
#DelhiAirPollution #DelhiSmog
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