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1/ musings on the KY election:

the Kentucky Derby tweets from POTUS were odd... so was the unprecedented RECALL of the initial WINNER...

will #FutureProvePast?
2/ Let's examine the KY Gov LIBERTARIAN turnout @3Days3Nights highlights:
The Libertarian turnout should be more stable from 2015 to 2019
3.7% of 1.44 million votes or 53K votes instead of the 28K actually reported...

w/just a 5K difference between R and D now?

@3Days3Nights 3/ In 2016, @3Days3Nights theorizes white hats UNRIGGED the election in 5 swing states, giving Trump the deserved Victory. The UNRIGGING of black hat cheating gave 3rd party candidates their TRUE VOTES, rather than siphoning their votes to the Dems.
@3Days3Nights 4/ LOOK at the actual numbers for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson!

They went up ASTRONOMICALLY from 2012 to 2016 because they actually got their votes--they weren't illegally moved to the Dem column for HRC.
@3Days3Nights 5/ and what happened? Jill Stein SAW that the numbers were CRAZY different from 2012 so she demanded a recount.

Did that RECOUNT in Nov/Dec 2016 PROVE that the DEM CHEATING via 3rd party candidates had been stopped, aka UNRIGGED??
@3Days3Nights 6/ HRC brought Jill Stein back to the forefront just recently with her outlandish claim that Jill Stein was a Russian Agent.

does the Cabal realize their 3rd party voting scam is about to be exposed....are they trying to get ahead of the narrative?
@3Days3Nights 7/ did the desperate DEMs, knowing they were caught in 4 swing states in 2016, via the white Hat UNRIGGING, think they could get away with a similar scheme/scam in Red state KENTUCKY?

Siphoning Libertarian votes away FROM Hicks and TO the Dem Beshear?
@3Days3Nights 8/ another clue? READ what @TomFitton said late last night ... 250K ineligible KY voters identified back in July were NOT purged from the rolls due to a LEFTIST SEC OF STATE!

Did that sec of state also know/participate in a Lib to Dem vote scam?
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 9/ what has POTUS said about the Kentucky Gov Race?

At the Lexington Rally?

FOCUS on Trump's word "story", knowing that the Fake News makes up any STORY they wish...

IMHO? the STORY is not. yet. over.

Why do I think that?
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 10/ Look at how Trump has tweeted re the KY race.
KY is TBD to be determined
13 BIG WINS and...

Congratulations to EVERYONE (13 + 1?)

note the 6:56 timestamp totals 17
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 11/ also from POTUS last night? When it was apparent from Fake News that the Dem was leading/winning?

POTUS asks us to CHECK the numbers

@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 12/ Check Definition

prove accuracy,
STOP the progress of something

We need to PROVE the KY vote is ACCURATE and STOP the progress of the VOTER FRAUD perpetrated via the 3rd party candidates...
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 13/ is the Dem gov candidate trying to distance himself from potential DNC RIGGING?
Bevins, the Rep incumbent won't concede and is asking for a re-canvas
Bashear's response is cryptic: "I DON'T KNOW what info he 's working off of"

There's the Sec of State @TomFitton warned of:
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 14/ It's not ovuh til it's ovuh:

'wait and see' tweet and re-tweet from POTUS :
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 15/ Q 3574


#multiplemeanings likely, incl submarine lingo of Rigging for Red that's done to preserve night vision, a la Hunt for Red October.

but now about an ELECTION CONTEXT?

the white hats know how the Dems again RIGGED the RED state of KY's election?
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 16/ Sessions warned of Voter Fraud and DOJ/MIL/DHS set up stings to verify and catch it in 2018. We are just now seeing the effects of some prosecutions in FL and MI from this. A trickle that will become a FLOOD.

Are we in the boxed 2019 timeline w/this KY Gov race?
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 17/ Will KY Gov race be re-counted and overturned?

I hope so...IMHO the Kentucky Derby tweet is a Qlue it very well may be...

Let's DECODE that May 2019 tweet as #futurehasProvedPast ?

"KY Derby DECISION [by corrupt dems, to fraudulently RIG the election] was not a good one.
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 18/ a rough and tumble race on a wet and sloppy track

I'm thinking the RIGGING by the corrupt Dems was a "rough"shod operation, "sloppy" and easy for white hats to "track"

Wet = ink? There's documentation of the fraud?

They left a trail, aka a TRACK?
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 19/ "actually a beautiful thing to watch"

the white hats saw the fraud. Before. During. and After.

All of it. They Have it All.
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 20/ "Only in these days of political CORRECTNESS could such an OVERTURN occur."

IMHO? "Political Correctness" = the accurate result of the votes (not the PC term we're used to)

an OVERTURN of the Dem winning to Republican?

(I'm hoping)
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 21/ The Best Horse did not win the Kentucky Derby - not even close

"The best horse"= the Republican Candidate for KY governor

the Kentucky Derby RACE = the KY Governor's RACE

"not even close"?

there may be a 30K vote fraud from Lib to Dem (see above)
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 22/ where do we go from here?
I'm HOPING the KY decision is OVERTURNed, as IMHO the POTUS Derby tweet suggests...but even if not?

I believe the KY Fraud will be used to educate and wake up Normies re #VoterFRAUD, ushering in Voter ID as promised by Q, and keeping 2020 safe.
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 23/ if you've been following me awhile? You know I can't resist looking for #doublemeanings and visual clues....

FWIW? what does a DERBY look like?


the Kentucky DERBY Decision was made and done by BLACK HATS.
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 24/ Another Qlue?
Lexington & Concord, Mass.
we celebrate the start of the Revolutionary War 4/19/1775

4+19=23 now comes the PAIN?

Will War start 2019 in Lexington & Concord KENTUCKY?

Q 992
We Fight

POTUS went to Lexington after 11/2 UFC fight
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 25/ Lexington and Concord Drop
the Entire World is Watching
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 26/ Shot heard around the world.
Great Awakening
A week to remember.
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 27/ POTUS at Lexington rally: Let's give it a SHOT
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 28/ and just like that? ANOTHER HORSE in the news this week, to draw our memories back to the May Kentucky Derby and make the connection of the OVERTURN of the initial WINNER.
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 29/ Kentucky update: 100% in.
My theory panned out?
Libertarian candidate got ~ 46K votes in the other statewide races, at 3.2% of total.
Similar to 2015 of 3.7%.

But for Gov?
only 28K votes= 2%.

That's statistically impossible.

IMHO ~ 14K Hicks votes siphoned to Bashear.
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 30/ conclusion?

Bevin won by ~10,000
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 31/ UPDATE:
Bevin has asked for the re-canvassing of the #'s from each of the 120 counties. This is not a recount of votes, just county totals. Bevins stated there is ALSO an ONGOING INVESTIGATION INTO VOTER FRAUD irregularities, per Politico:
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 32/ Bevin held a news conference Nov 6 about the potential fraud and not conceding.

Note that the vote difference is now at 5,189. digits sum to...Now C@mes THEP@in —-23!!!

Also see the two HORSE's arses in the pic above Bevin?
@3Days3Nights @TomFitton 33/ this is ONE KENTUCKY 'HORSE RACE' we may never forget!

Hold onto the reins, Pardners!
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