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Thanks to @tracybeanz, my awesome editor!…
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz When two FBI agents arrived at the White House on the morning of January 24, 2017 to interview Lt. General Michael Flynn, none of the three men involved could’ve foreseen the different fates that awaited them.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz One of the men would be forced to publicly resign from an important job in the newly-installed Trump administration.

One would be very publicly fired from the FBI after a contentious Congressional hearing before the entire country.

And one of these men would simply…disappear.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz Before discussing the various fates of the people involved in that now infamous meeting, let’s discuss what FBI 302 forms are and why they are suddenly in the news.

Why The FBI Doesn’t Record Interviews
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz The FBI does not make video/audio recordings of it’s interviews. Agents are actually forbidden from doing that.

Instead, the agents will take handwritten notes during the interview they will then later enter onto an official interview form, called the FD-302.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz This of course makes the FBI’s 302 form the only official record of what was or was not said.

If you are paying attention, you will immediately see that this makes the ***agent’s version*** of how the interview went the only official record.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz And the only official record of what was said is going to matter a whole lot if the person being interviewed ends up getting charged with a crime and has to go to court to try to prove their innocence.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz As many have noted, things are deliberately set up this way with written notes and typed out forms – even in our digital age – to make it incredibly easy to catch people in perjury traps.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz What the person being interviewed actually said becomes irrelevant; all that matters is what the agent conducting the interview wrote down in the one single official record.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz That's a hell of an honor system, isn't it?

The entire system of using hand written notes then converted into 302 forms relies on the **honesty** and **integrity** of the agents conducting the interview.

It depends on them not **changing the story later**.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz And when I look at this face, "honesty" and "integrity" are very first words that occur me!
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz And if it turns out someone went back after the fact and altered an official 302 record to create a case to prosecute someone for perjury, that would be a huge scandal.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that this is what happened in the General Flynn case.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz Thanks to an explosive filing by Flynn’s defense attorney @SidneyPowell1 , we now know that former FBI counsel Lisa Page was involved in editing/altering Peter Strzok’s 302 form. This fact – revealed by several text messages, raises a whole host of alarming issues.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Page at first claimed she didn’t have any involvement in editing Strzok’s 302 form. Only when the IG investigators confronted her with her own text message exchanges with Strzok did she change her story.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Page was not present for the interview with Flynn at the White House, and so there’s simply no legitimate reason for her to be editing these official records.

She knows this, which is why she initially lied about doing it.

@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Picture what happened here. Page is being questioned - very likely by DOJ investigators from Horowitz's IG's office - and she's asked if she played any role in editing Strzok's 302 form from the Flynn interview.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 She tries the "I don't recall" answer to the question, which leads to the IG investigators SHOWING her the text messages & emails she exchanged with Strzok about her editing the 302.

She still does not admit; couches it as "If I did it", then it was just grammatical edits.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Page is forced to admit on the record there is NO WAY SHE COULD BE DOING 'SUBSTANTIVE EDITS' of the content in this 302 since she wasn't there at the interview.

She knows FBI procedure she's a lawyer.

She's BS'ing here.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 In a column that appeared in the Washington Examiner on Tuesday November 5th, retired top FBI official James Gagliano, with 25 years experience in the bureau didn’t mince any words after he read Powell’s motion:…
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 "One of the most damning charges contained within Powell’s 37-page court brief is that Page, the DOJ lawyer assigned to the office of then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, may have materially altered Flynn’s interview FD-302, which was drafted by Strzok. "
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 "It is unheard of for someone not actually on the interview itself to materially alter an FD-302. As an FBI agent, no one in my chain of command ever directed me to alter consequential wording."

And yet Page claims to IG investigators she & Strzok did this as a regular practice.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 James Gagliano goes on to relate how Comey openly bragged about helping to engineer this ambush interview of Flynn that resulted in what now increasingly appears to be a bogus perjury charge based on altered official documents:
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Comey making that admission before a live TV audience got him applause and acclaim at the time. Now that the story of what really happened in emerging, it remains to be seen how much bragging Comey will be doing – on TV or anywhere else.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Two FBI Agents Treated Very Differently

The contrast between the divergent fates of Strzok & Pientka since that January 2017 White House interview of General Flynn is surprisingly stark.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 While Strzok became a very public figure in December of 2017 when Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released the first batch of his text messages with Lisa Page, Pientka has been very carefully and deliberately kept out of sight and out of mind.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Despite Congressional committees writing letters to the Department of Justice asking that Pienkta be produced to answer questions, there has been no response.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 In fact, Pientka has been kept to such a low profile that I humorously dubbed him “The DOJ’s Invisible Man” in a column for The Epoch Times back in January.…
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Strzok was very publicly fired from the agency after his very public grilling before the Congressional committees on national television.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 As of yet, there’s been no official word of what happened to FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka. Where he is and what he is doing these days remains a mystery and the DOJ has been unwilling to answer any questions about him.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 My feeling right now is that this won’t be the case much longer, with Sidney Powell on his trail.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 ADDENDUM: News broke right after this column had been submitted that the government’s prosecutors had filed a letter with the Court in which they made a stunning admission:
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 Lead counsel Brandon Van Grack told Judge Sullivan that from the very beginning the Mueller Special Counsel’s office in building this perjury case against General Flynn had **misidentified** the authorship of two sets of notes from the January 24 2017 interview.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 That is, the notes the Special Counsel had claimed were written by Peter Strzok had been authored by the other agent, Joseph Pientka. Likewise, the set of notes identified as having been written by Pientka were in reality Strzok’s notes.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 As I explained above, the entire perjury case against Flynn rests on the one official record that exists of the interview: the FD-302 form.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 And now we know that not only was that form edited by someone who wasn’t even there in the White House when the interview occurred, we know that what the prosecutors were proffering as Strzok’s notes weren’t really his.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 The citizen research/investigator who goes by the handle @JohnWHuber on Twitter did a fantastic thread about why it matters that the government prosecutors switched the authorship of the two sets of notes from the Flynn interview.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 @JohnWHuber From the earliest stages was the Mueller Special Counsel aware of serious issues with the Flynn 302 and were they trying to hide these issues from the Court & from the Flynn defense team?

You can bet Judge Sullivan is going to want to get to the bottom of this.
@UncoverDC @tracybeanz @SidneyPowell1 @JohnWHuber Help support independent journalism.

I am now able to write and research full time thanks to the generous support of many people.

YOU can be one of them! :)


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