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My next column in progress:

Based on the bombshell news from @jsolomonreports that there is ANOTHER DOJ IG report that will drop ahead of the FISA Abuse investigation, and this new report - which NOBODY caught wind of until now - deals with FBI's use of CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS.
@jsolomonReports Note what Solomon said: this investigation is already completed; the final report is already in. Nothing leaked **during** the actual investigation.

@jsolomonReports Remember there are SEVERAL confidential informants who's activities around the Trump 2016 campaign have drawn attention:

1) Christopher Steele
2) Professor Stefan Halper
3) Professor Joseph Mifsud

Does this coming report deal with 1 or all 3?
@jsolomonReports Christopher Steele is the best known, since it was his dossier that was used to build the narrative of the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax.

Steele was a **paid** CI for the FBI for some time.
@jsolomonReports Then, shortly before the 2016 election was held, the FBI realized they wouldn't be able to hide Steele leaking to media outlets the exact **same** "evidence** he was sharing with them about Trump/Russia collusion, so they "fired" him as confidential source.
@jsolomonReports But Steele's "firing" by the FBI was all for show.

They set up a **secret backchannel** using top ranked DOJ official Bruce Ohr and FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka so they **continue** using Steele & other Fusion GPS people like Glenn Simpson as confidential informants.
@jsolomonReports We all learned this back in January of this year when @EpochTimes reporter @themarketswork was given copies of former FBI General Counsel James Baker's Congressional testimony transcripts.…
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork That of course was a huge red flag right there, the FBI going through a sham firing of a CI & then getting caught having set up a secret channel to keep on getting the same fake Trump/Russia collusion info from Hillary Clinton's paid dirty tricks operatives at Fusion.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork I'm gonna go way out on a limb

and surmise without having read it yet

that the official FBI rules & regs on use of CI's in counterintelligence investigations

prohibits fake firing your CI for media leaks & then still secretly still using their info for official investigations.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork So if I had to bet my OWN money, this next final IG report that drops is gonna be about the Steele shenanigans.

BUT as we all know there are also serious questions surrounding Mifsud & Halper that need to be answered.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork Note what Solomon said: this investigation is already completed; the final report is already in. Nothing leaked **during** the actual investigation.

They may have had notices up on the official OIG website, but everybody forgot/never paid attention because nothing LEAKED.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork I'm stressing that. There appear to be SEVERAL investigations by the IG's office dealing with CI's; they all started up/were announced long ago.

And the first whisper caught on the wind? From a reporter who's demonstrated he has solid sources?

It's over, report is in.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork I keep stressing this: PROFESSIONALS are now in charge of the DOJ/FBI.

The leak culture has been almost totally eradicated.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork These professionals doing their jobs since Trump took over not only don't leak themselves, they have been investigating leakers & preparing to prosecute them.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork SOME people have spent most of 3 years selling narratives that because the DOJ/FBI won't show them its evidence, won't hand it over, no matter how loudly they demand it, & because there are no LEAKS about ongoing investigations at the DOJ, this means....

@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork These people claim IF there were real investigations going on, then

1) The DOJ would be **willing** to share it's evidence with them


2) There would be LEAKS from inside these ongoing investigations

Stop for a minute and ponder how F**KING STUPID this narrative really is.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork Let's take 1):

Somebody not too bright: "Hey DOJ, you got an on-going investigation underway into serious crime X! I want to see what you've got, can you share it with me?"

DOJ: "It's an ongoing investigation, so no."

SNTB: "What?! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!" [files an FOIA req!]
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork DOJ: File all the FOIA's you want. We're not showing what we have until the investigation is over, and even then only if there's an indictment.


DOJ: Good Lord, get a grip man!
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork 2) is also dumb.

If you've watched the DOJ since the early 1990's - and I have - then you'd be well aware what the law is and what the rules are about leaks.

Now, true. Those laws & rules weren't FOLLOWED until around 2 years ago.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork A massive leak culture was in place inside the DOJ/FBI when Trump office in late Jan. 2017.

And it started right at the top, with guys like Holder, Comey & McCabe & Strzok running things.

That leak culture is now gone. NOBODY leaks details from ongoing investigations now.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork The people who were there under Obama were engaging in the WORST kind of leaks: strategic leaks targeting innocent people to place them under suspicion so investigations could be launched into them.

They would leak to start investigations, & leak to drive the investigations.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork But ever since Sessions took over the Department & installed a crack FBI counterintelligence unit tasked **specifically** with finding leakers, the leaks coming out of the DOJ slowed down to a trickle and then stopped long ago.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork It **used** to be you could tell what the DOJ was up to, what cases or investigations it was pursuing because reporters in the media would get CONSTANT LEAKS ABOUT THIS KIND OF STUFF.

That is no longer the case.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork That didn't happen overnight. But by the time Sessions left, the leaks were all plugged, the leakers had been tracked down by the FBI counterintel leak-hunting unit, and cases were being built against them by people like US Attorney John Durham.

That is not my opinion.

@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork Again: it's not my OPINION that multiple leak prosecutions were already underway at the DOJ by October of 2018.

It is a fact of public record.

But because the DOJ wouldn't openly TALK about ongoing leak investigations, people told you THERE WERE no leak investigations.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork And if this new report @jsolomonReports is reporting on is indeed about the FBI trying to hide it's continued association with a C.I. who was leaking his fake "Trump/Russia" info to various media outlets, then this report is at it's heart a LEAK INVESTIGATION.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork FBI personnel running Steele as a C.I. & taking info from him would know, if they were using **anything** he gave them to launch & drive counterintel investigations, those investigations were being placed at risk if Steele was giving the **same** info to the news media.

& he WAS
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork But instead of doing the right thing - which would have been to drop use of any info he gave them & fire him as a C.I. - these FBI/DOJ officials decided to engage in subterfuge.

A fake firing & then secretly continuing to take his fake info via Ohr's meetings with Fusion.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork I've been saying for 2 years now the fact they kept using Steele as a source after realizing

1) he was a paid operative of Hillary Clinton
2) he was leaking the same info to media outlets

conclusively demonstrates these FBI officials KNEW this whole thing was a fraud.
@jsolomonReports @EpochTimes @themarketswork Fake firing your confidential informant for leaking his fake Trump/Russia "evidence" to media outlets & then still secretly meeting with him so you can still use more of his awesome fake info for the official investigations you are running shows it's ALL a witch hunt.
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