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I can't decide which is worse for the country, @BernieSanders or @TulsiGabbard.

We'll start with Bernie.

@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard You can't end homelessness with money.

The overwhelming majority of the homeless are mentally ill and/or addicted to drugs.


They get free EVERYTHING.

And they're still homeless.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard Also, Bernie is pretending that the federal government is honest about the money it takes from us.

Remember Obama's "green companies"?

It was how Obama repaid his donors.

Remember the "stimulus"?

It went government unions.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard Bernie is Obama Version 2.0

He'll give boatloads of money to the wealthy, the way Obama did.

@realDonaldTrump is creating jobs.

Bernie will just take money from SOME wealthy people and give it to OTHER wealthy people.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Now TULSI, on the other hand, is Obama mixed with the Iranian mullahs.

@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump She says Democrats reflexively criticize Trump...and then she reflexively criticizes Trump.

Can you tell us her position on American troops in the Middle East?

No! You can't. She's utterly incoherent.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Our troops shouldn't be there but they shouldn't go but they shouldn't NOT go but they shouldn't NOT not be there.


She doesn't watch the news.

Behold Kurds and Americans working together.

@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump KURDS.

Every single dismounted man is a member of the YPG.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump What kind of person says that freeing people is "naked imperialism"?

That's demented.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump "Asked about Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Gabbard said there were still disputes as to whether the attacks that had prompted American military action had actually happened."

You know how we know that it happened?
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump We tracked Syrian Sukhoi Su-22 attack aircraft from Shayrat Air Base, using air and ground-based radar.

And we had allied commandos on the ground, observing.

Tulsi begins each sentence with "As a veteran," but she knows nothing about military matters.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump We can't afford to have another utterly superficial president.

Tulsi hates the Saudis.

It's a personal hatred.

We can't afford to have another president who is motivated by tribal hate.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump How is Trump fighting a "regime change war" in Syria?

The answer, of course, is that he's not.

We can't afford to have another president who lives to smooch the collective rear ends of the Iranian mullahs.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Iran is the world's greatest state sponsor of terrorism.

For the life of me, I can't understand the love of the Iranian mullahs.

Is it because they do whatever they want, regardless?

Is it their power that people love?

Well, guess what?
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump The mullahs are only as powerful as sycophants like Tulsi Gabbard make them.

Iran had its ass handed to it in Syria. That's because the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is not comprised of soldiers.

All they can do is murder unarmed civilians.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Here's something that veteran Tulsi knows nothing about.

The US Army Multi Domain Task Forces.

@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump I2CEWS = Intelligence, Information, Cyber, Electronic Warfare and Space.

This stuff is happening a lot faster than the armed forces are admitting.

Tulsi is a relic. Her opinions are without value.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump The people who STARTED all this are the Saudis.

Not the Iranian mullahs or Assad.

Tulsi is a bigot.

We can't afford to have another bigoted president.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump I'd vote for Bernie over Tulsi.

Bernie is pre-failed, but Tulsi is ANGRY, and she wants to makes us PAY.

We can't afford another anti-American president.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump I could tell you stories.

But I won't.

Not right now, anyway.

Things are not as they seem. I'm on the trail of something quite momentous. I'll tell you my theory.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump The two world wars did irreparable psychic damage to the human race.

I've never seen a real study on the trauma that the entire planet suffered. That trauma put the world on the wrong course.

For over a century.

Trump is correcting that course.
@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump THAT is why @realDonaldTrump will be remembered as a fulcrum point in history.

Bernie and Tulsi are more of the same. They offer us nothing but more suffering.

Trump is changing the world.

@BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump The masks have dropped, and we've seen that too many people reject improvement.

They hate Trump because he's the sunrise.

He's banishing the darkness.

If you believe in God, you need to give thanks.

For Trump.

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