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Ready for an exciting night of post-structural philosophy with @janeclarejones at the @camradfems #CamRadFem
This is the first speakers event by the @camradfems, the Cam Rad Fems include both town and gown, women came together over the GRA consultation and continued the energy on. #CamRadFems
There is an anti-intellectualism in public discourse at the moment, there has been a spate of no-platforming - particularly of women - Cambeidge Students Union published a guide to spot and drive women who question ideology offcampus #CamRadFems
The aim of the Cam Rad Fems this year is to platform thinkers and speakers on women's rights who have been denied a platform elsewhere #CamRadFems
@janeclarejones speaks now, her talk will be structured into 3 chunks with Q&A in between.
- under these conditions it is important that we keep speaking.
- this philosophy is dense and requires analysis #CamRadFems
The term post-modernism refers to an aesthetic, it produces a cultural sensibility to meaningingless
-post-structuralism is a French school of philosophical thought
The two have been used inter-changeably but are distinct
Postmodernism is commonly implicated in trans ideology
- in a general sense it is taken to mean that everything is constructed.
-that there is no objective truth.
-post-modern idealism supports the notion that biological sex is an oppressive invention
A sprinkle of magical Butler dust is then used.
- next extreme social constructionism seeps in.
- this mingles with queer theory, all social norms are to be treated with suspicion, queer theory's only moral compass is that anti-normative good.
Queer theory blames anti-rape legislation for upholding the gender binary for example.
This is antifeminist in the extreme #CamRadFems
The efforts to erase the calculus of sexual harms is a warning sign.
The masculinist strand of French post-structural thinking can be detected in current trans ideology.
Idealism tracks back to Plato, we can see it in for example Christianity, it was secularised by Descartes.
Post-structural thinking intended to interrogate the notion of essence propounded by idealism.
Critiquing essences doesn't mean things have no meaning. #CamRadFems
Essences are a story about how we develop concepts.
Trans ideologists are trying to demonstrate that without a singular defining feature, an essence, things can't be real. It's reverse platonism.
It's this type of reasoning at play with the argument that females are an artefact of culture.
It is patriarchal metaphysics at work. Nope. Feminists argue that the existence of objects is not reliant on concepts. Concepts are tools which allow you to interact with
The concept of gender identity doesn't enable meaningful interactions with reality. The concept of sex allows you to assess something meaningful and react/interact with the world (e.g. blood transfusions) #CamRadFems
In the feminist post-structural tradition the critique of patriarchal essence didn't lead to nihilism.
Essences stand in opposition to relation, essence is internal and and immaterial.Post-structural feminism posits that the self is created through relation to others #CamRadFems
The idea of essences, as expressed in trans ideology, is a desire to separate the subject from their body , from others, from family, from relation with others. It is a philosophy of isolation #CamRadFems
Identity is a social property, it cannot be decreed.
Deconstructed feminism, in its masculinist strand has produced extreme idealism and essentialism.
Questions, Round 1:
Function is central to forming concepts, concepts rely on a web of meaning between people.
Words & concepts are currently being emptied of meaning. #CamRadFems
the actual materiality communicating messages is virtual, but it rests on material foundations. Yet, most people are existing in a virtualized state and not experiencing the relationship with materiality. This is a political culture too. #CamRadFems
@janeclarejones talk restarts.
The dominant western conception of the subject is based on a lie - we think of ourselves as independent sovereign selves. We actually exist in networks of dependency.
Woman in western culture has never been thought of in her own terms but is a projection by the Male. The Male defines the female in relation to himself, she exists as other. #CamRadFems
A new book 'Females' begins with a proposition that femaleness is defined as a self which is hollowed out to make room for another's desires. A self sacrificed. This is the female in patriarchy #CamRadFems
Lacan- the mirror stage in the development of a sense of self - feminists have critiqued this mythical moment, it is not a mirror but an interaction which cements the sense of self. #CamRadFems
In patriarchy woman as mirror is about service- reflecting to men what they want to see, patriarchal femininity supports this passivity and denies female personal subjectivity. #CamRadFems
Female service to men is performed as acts of one way mirroring.
Questions Round 2:
The relationship between materiality and social organization must be challenged.
You dont challenge sexism by claiming that women gain access to humanity by not being female.
Women are human and female. #CamRadFems
Female humans are as human as Male humans are just biologically different #CamRadFems
Recognising female biology doesn't lead to biological essentialism.
Justice comes through recognition. Recognising the difference between material and cultural with regards to sex and gender.
Last section of the talk:
1. Trans ideology is a classic iteration of patriarchal idealism.
2. Its refusal to recognise the material and reality cleaves mind from body.
3. Its formed of narcissistic fantasies of omnipotence, it posits women as a mute reflecting mirror #CamRadFems
4. In patriarchy women is only what man says she is.
5. Gender is the psycho-ontology of domination.
6. Trans demands women erase themselves and service the narcissistic male subject, its coercive control as political method
TWAW is an ontological claim, not a request for politeness. #CamRadFems
To resist ideological capture you have to have your resistance mirrored back to you- we know how social authority works. #CamRadFems
Now to perfection: discussing French post-structural feminist philosophy with the expert @janeclarejones in the pub. A.k.a learning with pints #CamRadFems
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