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So Joburg was rebuilt 4/5😳 times in 120 years❓🤔Hmmm. Where’s the landfill site for ALL that rubble then❓
I mean, historic mine slimes dams are in clear sight, if you follow main reef road through the city. Where have they buried the remains of ALL those old bldgs❓🤷🏻‍♀️Lawless❓
Real business folk; it make sense to you that the (exceptional) OLD Carlton Hotel on Eloff Street was torn down (TOOK A YEAR❗️😳) around a decade BEFORE they built the new one down the road❓Which is now owned by a SOE (asset sheet🤔) & has been abandoned & empty for past 20yrs❓
Come to think of it; #StolenHistory armchair archeologists - if there’s at least the rubble of another WHOLE city, out there, but who knows buried where❓🤔Then what of the speed of change in this city, mense😳; and the why❓Or is it so we won’t notice that ...
...we have no inheritances to leave our descendants anymore.🤷🏻‍♀️ No homesteads. No family heirlooms. No incredible family histories, nor portraits even❓
Because then we’d be like, wait a minute, where am I from then; what is my source from God❓ My genesis, from there to now❓🤔
Where’s my rightful place in this world❓Why am I, like everyone else, always “fighting” to survive❓😳
Isn’t the earth “our” home❓Why does it seem like we’re just wanderers, changing from house to house; just buying everything over and over & over again. Does it make sense❓🤔
What happened to homesteads, and working in family businesses. Moms at home. No youth unemployment❓A slower life doesn’t require us to have a new car every 5 yrs or less; a HUGELY expensive lease basically. 🤷🏻‍♀️How can you “own” a depreciating asset❓
And how can you “own” a house you need to rent from them for 20yrs, and at huge cost (like 3.5-6 times the purchase price of when you moved in, & THENNN it’s “yours”❓🤔
No wonder kids need to “learn to go make it” or some other bullcrap spade out there. 🔥As of course, with the HUGE COST of retirement (when you have NO family culture and homesteads etc) “you know” you can’t afford to do much but lock up your cash up in a policy...
... you’re never allowed to touch for your “living years”, ja🤷🏻‍♀️For IF you make it to the gold watch (like these new plastic computer tracking bracelets”❓party, the punchline is that all that “wealth”, (robbed) eroded from that account, will go to pay...
...for the hugely overpriced “retirement village”, because of course, since your attitude was go-off-and-fend-for-yourself, like they show in the movies, theirs is well, we’ll-come-to-you-every-other-Christmas, because;...
... of course, there are no inherited PAID FOR homesteads for everyone to live on❓🤔With so much less pressure, and all that “uncool” not ayoba “freedom” whatnot❓#JaNee (ek dink i jul weet i wat bedoelit nie, so here goes: chilli biltong hierdie:
Maybe #JaNee was how they’d alert you, that there was a slipsy lithpie around, or influencing things, without “them” realizing. You know like a secret handshake inspector gadget morse code❓🤷🏻‍♀️
Where it’s dog eat dog and naked parade parties through the gyms, and stuff. ‘Cause that’s your value, didn’t you know? What your wife’s cleavage looks like.😳 Come on guys, how’d they convince you to turn into pimps without class like this❓
And did you know that there were only 100k residents in Joburg in 1900❓
50/50 W/B split. Did you know that❓😄
The foreigners were here, I think, with permits from Kruger’s Boer republic in Pretoria.
And then the details on the foreigners become “hazy” after that...🤔
Apparently they “just left” the country, at the start of the war, or something❓🤔Well, anyway, seems the ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND countrywide prisoners (Remember JHB total pop is 100k, PLUS all the “foreigners” LEAVE🤔)
...which prisoners include mainly Afrikaners but also many Blacks, are sent to the concentration camps, nevermind the overseas POW camp no’s. 20k die in the camps❗️Mainly children❗️Or that’s what “they” say.
“They” also say by 1910 there are 4 million Blacks in RSA & 1 million Whites...🤔
Wow; unsung #GENOCIDE tale of Southern Africa, in any event❗️🔥
And then those captors, who’ve done it worldwide, as an “empire” write the history for us to swallow, which is maybe why it’s unsung, ja❓🤷🏻‍♀️#StolenHistory
Haha, no way they’d be cast in a bad light, those brats. Genocide atrocities are the crimes of “other” nations, aren’t they❓

And, of course we back your #EWC plan, as we did in #Zimbabwe - even just announced in the press, that we’re “there for them” now that they need us for trade. Where’s that scam heading❓

Um, mense...❓🤔
*Sorry: the crimes of racists and those against climate hoaxers.

My pronouns are we/sufferers. And I identify as a ghost. Please respect my right to invisibility.
And you know; as has often somehow been the case in my life 😁, I was right at the scene of the action at the Carlton Centre in 1998, where in a darkened ballroom I bought an inlaid coffee table for R250 at the closing down auction❗️
The Carlton Hotel I mean. The new one. I worked across the road at the time. Remember those RDP housing projects❓

Which, was a floor down from The Church of Scientology,😂 where I would wander to for a quick chips and cold drink stop sometimes.
Man, they tried to recruit me even once. Couldn’t watch a John Travolta movie after that again😂, except maybe Staying Alive❗️As Johnny Cash said, I’ve been everywhere. 🎶(worth going)
Speaking of which, did you know that L Ron Hubbard, the “founder” of Scientology, spent a couple of years living here in Johannesburg around 1960❓🤔Clearly visa applications for a vaguish objective weren’t required then.
Or perhaps it was government-stamp cronies who invited him, considering that he then drafted a “one man, one vote” constitution for Apartheid-shackled #SouthAfrica,(jinne❓😳) not to mention some “prison reform” initiative. 🤔 Of course the cult, I mean “church” was a big goal.
Which as you may recall, one of Tom Cruise’s wives ran away from to “protect” her little daughter.
At the time, I suspected the worst, & of course, I fear I may have been right. Considering the exposé started a few months ago re their potential child /trafficking / abuse links❓
Jislaaik, ouens❗️🤔Then perhaps those links to the #Apartheid #SouthAfrica crew make a bit more sense now, 60 years on, #JaNee❓🤔

Haibo, was nie ONS regular “MENSE” behind that dark scam #msunery, ja❓ As I keep saying awwe.
I mean, you @EFFSouthAfrica kinders know about stuff like this❓🤔
About the ladies of The Black Sash❓
Regular vroumense fighting against that kak, also because a horde of multi-racial (mainly WHITE) women are less likely to start civil action than the manne❓🤔
You know, the reason behind that August #WomensDay farce❗️🔥🔥🔥🔥
I mean, Madiba, Walter, and Uncle Kathy, honored ‘em 25yrs ago, didn’t they❓With that public holiday❓🤔How fast things change in 25 years, ja❓(Classic #StolenHistory)

Now that the narrative went #ReverseIBSColonoscopyProblems and all that #JazzTwitter “racism” politic❗️🤔
A bit like that mere 25 years lifespan of the Carlton Hotel. Which, initiated by Harry Oppenheimer and Anglo American Properties (#JaNee #WMC 🤔) in the 70s, the entire massive complex built at a cost of R88M, was then sold...
... to Rothschild SA advisor, Trevor Manuels’ wife’s gig at Transnet,🤔for a grossly undervalued R33M in 98❗️Which once you factor in inflation, meant that the late 90s equivalent 70s construction cost would be 1.7BILLION❗️😳 Nice investment scam this inflationary economics❓🤔
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