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This explanation seems very reasonable to me. Let me see if I can provide some additional context with a hyper-simplified explanation of appellate jurisdiction & why Ty's incompetence created issues which more competent people (like, apparently, Martinez) now need to sort out.
Instead of thinking of a lawsuit as a series of events, think of it as an object - as a physical file. The court that has the file has the right to take action in the case. Courts that don't have the file don't have the right to take action.
Simple, right? If you don't have the file, you can't read the file and you can't add new stuff to the file. And there was a time, not long past, when the paper file physically moved from court to court.

In fact -
The name for process through which the Supreme Court accepts many of its cases, the Writ of Certiorari, comes from this - certiorari was law Latin for "to be informed," and the writ was an order from the higher court directing a lower court to send them the file for review.
Anyway -

Under ordinary circumstances, when a trial court has issued a final ruling, a party requesting review has the file sent on to the court of appeal. When the file is in front of the court of appeal, the trial court lacks jurisdiction to do anything in the case.
Appeals that take place before a final ruling (interlocutory appeals) may or may not have the effect of removing the trial court's ability to continue to hear the case. It varies both by jurisdiction, and, sometimes, based on the type of appeal.
Ty's appeal is certainly premature. I think everyone including (it sounds like) Martinez agrees on that. The thing is, that super-special holding box thingy - the one that idiot Nick thinks the CoA will put Ty's appeal into if it's premature - only works sometimes.
It doesn't work if there's way too much left to resolve at the trial court level. And there's at least one case that @greg_doucette found, Trane v Sublett, 501 SW3d 783, 785-88 (Tex App 2016), where a CoA explicitly refused to abate a TCPA appeal filed before fees were resolved.
@greg_doucette In other words, it's probably not the kind of premature notice of appeal that would just be held in abatement until it's ripe. It's the kind that needs to be dismissed (or withdrawn).

But that leaves a question - since it's not the kind of appeal that goes on the shelf...
@greg_doucette ...what does that mean for the trial court? Also, does it matter that Ty (wrongly, because he's Ty) labeled the appeal as being an appeal of a final order?

To put it another way, who has the file?

There's no doubt that the trial court *should* have the file.
@greg_doucette It's very likely that there will be no issues if the trial court continues forward on the basis that Ty's idiocy doesn't matter - especially since everyone is aware that Ty was bloody stupid to file a notice of appeal claiming that the dismissal was a final appealable order.
@greg_doucette But - and you just knew there was going to be a but, didn't you - there is one small catch.

If that's wrong, and if the appeals court has the file despite the fact that Ty's Notice of Appeal is reeking nonsense, Judge Chupp might not have jurisdiction to proceed right now.
@greg_doucette Meaning that there's a chance, if the appeal isn't dismissed or withdrawn before the hearing on the 21st, that any order Judge Chupp enters before the appeals court officially tells Ty that he's a moron and dismisses his premature appeal would be a nullity.
@greg_doucette Which would mean that it would have to be redone. This would be stupid. It would be a waste of time. But jurisdictional rules can sometimes require that. So I can see why, even though he probably has jurisdiction, he'd be concerned and would prefer if the appeal was withdrawn.
@greg_doucette But the kicker there is that appeals rules tend to be quite rigid, and if the Earth is hollow and the Moon is made of green cheese and if Ty was right, if Martinez withdraws the appeal it could mean that Vic loses his right to appeal entirely.
@greg_doucette So while I'm sure this will be fleshed out more when we get the transcript, it's understandable that (1) Judge Chupp is unhappy with the confusion Ty's latest miscue has created; but (2) also wants Martinez to understand all possible consequences of any course of action.
@greg_doucette It's also understandable that Martinez, who from the limited amount we've seen appears not only more competent than Ty but also more competent than a block of wood, would want Judge Chupp on the record explicitly stating that the order Ty said was final wasn't.
@greg_doucette In other words, I suspect that the transcript will show (among other things) Martinez and Judge Chupp working to clean up the mess that Ty made, while Ty sits quietly and tries to muster the competence needed to twiddle his thumbs without falling out of his chair.

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