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IMPORTANT THREAD- Disinformation: Debunking false information.

The following will be a rather long thread about disinformation, and why it is important that we act to stop it’s flow quickly.
1. On Friday evening, I wrote a thread warning people about an account named George N. Nasif. Nasif purports to have the largest data repository ever; 6TB of data, some never seen before, and some taken from Wikileaks that has never been released. archive.is/yQhok
2. Besides the fact that the claim I showed you above is inherently false (there is no way for George to have gotten his hands on “never published” documents) it is also dangerous. He never cracked codes. They aren't mostly his own. Nasif is lying to you.
3. I am going to take time now to show all of you why this is important, and why I am taking it seriously enough to dedicate resources to it. I don’t know who George Nasif is. I have never met him.
4. I do not know his motives, but I know that since he is lying to you and attempting to bolster his own credibility by tying himself to known legitimate figures, his motives are not good.
5. Here he ties himself to Giuliani and President Trump. Is it possible he worked many long nights emailing things to someone he thought was Giuliani? He may have some publicly available email address to Giuliani, but working together? No way.
6. Here he is bragging that he has gotten someone suspended:
7. Here he is stating publicly that the files he possesses are illegal to possess, and that you need federal immunity to possess them.
8. Here he is sharing a link to a Dropbox called CIA, without crediting a source, making it appear as though he is the only source, and that downloading or “executing” them could be dangerous.
9. I randomly chose one of the documents. It is called “Grasshopper v1.1 Administrator Guide” dropbox.com/sh/lzgzypp661p…
10. George got this document from the Vault7 release. Here is the link to it on the wikileaks website: wikileaks.org/vault7/documen…. Many people make the argument that this is fine- why is there a problem here? Well, I am about to show you.
11. Nasif has created a repository on DropBox. He’s taken all of this open source data, and he has re-categorized it and created a new directory structure to house it. By doing this and not letting people know, he is able to direct the MEANING of the documents (cont)
12. even though the document itself is legitimate. If he were an honest information broker, he wouldn’t destroy the sanctity of the data set. He would present it as it exists, on Wikileaks website. He wouldn’t need to download the attachment and create his own “house” for it.
13. By interspersing real data like this- verified data – with disinformation and fake data, he is able to give the appearance of legitimacy and sucker folks into thinking he is a “white hat” insider risking his life to share all of this unknown data with the world.
14. Here is where I am going to show you JUST how dangerous what he is doing is. We are going to debunk a document together today- a document that I happen to know a lot about, because I debunked it before the Presidential election in 2016.
15. At the time, that document was being spread around and people were stating that Wikileaks had released in in the DNC/Podesta leaks. There was a problem, though. Before we get into deconstructing how this document, a document Nasif is representing comes from Wikileaks
16. and is real- let me show you how he is manipulating the people still following him. George Nasif posted this document several days in November, asking for it to be viral etc. Alongside the document, he shares a legitimate email found in the DNC emails drop from Wikileaks
17. He does this, not by sharing a link to the email, but by taking a print screen and pasting a photo. The way he was able to do this, was by downloading the source code Wikileaks provides, and opening in an email program.
18. Then he is able to take a print screen of the email client, and share it as though it were proprietary.
19. Here is the email he shared so that he could lend credibility to the fake document, along with a print screen from the Dropbox, a print screen of Wikileaks where it is found, and the link to the Wikileaks email: dropbox.com/s/5fn5cuaugmke…
20. Now that he has established for you that Benenson works with the DNC, it is MUCH easier for you to believe the Benenson strategy group document, (which Nasif has just scolded people for stating is fake) is real.
20. In his tweet scolding those of us calling him out, he uses the credibility of Assange to bolster his own, again placing the document source as Wikileaks, and stating Assange never shares fake information. Nasif is trying to manipulate you.
21. Nasif DOUBLED and TRIPLED down on the validity of this document. Nasif has cornered himself. Lets destroy this narrative here and now. The Benenson Strategy Group document is fake. It didn’t originate with Nasif, nor wikileaks. Here is how: dropbox.com/s/g1bp65sqxkfk…
22. This document purports to be from Benenson Strategy Group, a firm used by the Clinton Campaign and other D connected people in 2016. This was released RIGHT before the election as proof that the Clinton camp was in trouble, they knew it, and were looking at ways to “fix”
23. the election in order to stop Trump from winning. The document purports to have surveyed 2,021 American adults for their opinion on the 2016 election, and what would stop them from voting among other things.
24. There are the obvious issues. The Benenson logo resolution is different from the Clinton Foundation one. Not definitive enough to prove its fake, but a good first start:
25. Here is our first debunk. Note the date that the survey interview dates purportedly occurred between October 10-13 2016. The FIRST problem, is that the dates on the emails and information disseminated from Wikileaks was MUCH earlier than this
26. If the survey was conducted in October of 2016, Wikileaks wouldn’t have had it. The information obtained by Wikileaks had an end date in March of 2016. Wikileaks was releasing data at this time, but they weren’t in possession of data this new.
27. This is easily confirmed and I will show you how. If you go to the Podesta Email releases on the website, you will see that you can do an advanced search: wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/
28. If you click on “Advanced Search”, and look down at the bottom, you have the option to sort by a number of criteria, one of them being “Email Date: Newest First” This will sort the Podesta emails showing you the NEWEST email in the collection as your first result.
29. When looking at the EMAIL DATE (not the release date) you can see the last email Wikileaks had in it’s possession was dated 3-21-2016 at 12:44 PM.
30. This is enough to discredit Nasif. His claims that the document is from Wikileaks are false. He is lying to you, or doesn’t know his own data or its veracity well enough to know that what he is stating is false, both horrible. But, lets continue deconstructing the document.
31. I am going to do this without getting into the substance of the document. I am going to only use hard data to do this. People can argue about the veracity of the programs listed among themselves.
32. What makes a piece of disinformation believable is that there is some bit of truth to it. One way I have shown that Nasif has misrepresented himself is that you can find all of “his” documents online in other places.
33. Random websites, verified drops, the dark corners of the internet, wherever- they are other places. I did this in my thread the other day, here:
34. Interestingly, he has deleted his tweet asking who I am, and he has also begun to list the sources where he obtained these documents in his newer tweets, after having been called out on this.
35. I actually ALSO did this back in the summer of 2018 when Nasif was only on Facebook:
36. On October 22, 2016 I made a video debunking the document as well, way before Nasif was in the picture. Here is the link:
37. Back in 2016 when I did this, I was able to find that this document, purportedly from Benenson, actually existed on the internet on October 10, 2016. I had a link to a pdf of the document, and took a screen shot (with the help of a research partner) that showed the date.
38. The internet has changed a lot in 3 years, and this link is now no longer available, however the major find was this: If the document supposedly ran a survey between the dates of 10/10-10/13 and then created a report based on those findings,
39. there is NO WAY that this document should have been available on the internet as a PDF download BEFORE the survey was even completed. In other words, they wouldn’t have had the data to even compile the report, because the survey wouldn’t have been conducted yet.
40. This document is a FAKE. It is not real. It is not from Wikileaks, and George Nasif is lying to YOU. Not the other way around. There are numerous other issues with it- this is enough. I don’t need to show you more.
41. So to wrap this up- disinformation and disinformation agents are a problem. They fool you into believing fake information that is disseminated online and used to discredit entire swaths of people.
42. They lie to you knowingly, usually because most people don’t have the time or resources to really dive into what they are providing. They cause you to distrust everyone- even purveyors of true information
43. They typically attempt to raise money to support themselves via the scam, whether for “medical expenses” or “data storage” as Nasif has done
44. They sew discord among the community- several people who don’t like me have decided that because I have spoken out against this, it MUST be real, and have begun attacking ME as the problem. I've been called a CIA agent and deep state all in the last 24 hours.
45. They DO NOT like to be outed. And, some of them are so proud, they can't admit they are wrong. People still peddling this saying "you can't trust Beanz" are ultimately discrediting THEMSELVES. You can't get that integrity back.
46. This may seem like a small thing, but when a man is going "viral" on the internet, peddling some well disguised disinformation, at a time as critical as this, I am NOT keeping my mouth shut. Especially not since he has spent the last 48 hours attacking me,
47. Disinformation hurts EVERYONE. And I did this thread today because I wanted to hand you hard evidence you can use, rather than the little I provided the other day.
48. This isn’t a sophisticated operation Nasif is running- it is rather transparent, and only requires that good, trusting people put their faith in a supposed “good guy” doing all he can to help.
49. This is not the case with Nasif. He is not a “good guy”. Good guys don’t block anyone who asks questions. Good guys don’t threaten to sue people for speaking out against their campaign.
50. I don’t know what Nasif's motives are. I don’t know whether he believes what he is peddling to you awesome patriots or not. But I do know that if there is one thing I can not take, it is good people being duped by disinformation.
51. Every time I see this being done I get angry. Because YOU deserve better than this, and I take some arrows pointing it out when I do it, but I will keep taking the arrows
52. because at this time in history the validity of the information we share among one another is of the UTMOST importance. Thanks for reading
UPDATE: He says he downloaded this document in June of 2016 from the Benenson website. IMPOSSIBLE if the data used to create it supposedly was gathered in OCTOBER of 2016. There’s a reason my eyes are laser focused here.
And he will sue you and try to push you off of twitter. His attorney has his block list. If you’ve been blocked by Nasif, you’d better get an attorney stat! He’s ON TO YOU! 🙄
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