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After I posted the below thread about Williams College a few days ago, I was DM'd by a former student who had some very interesting memories of his experience in the woke hellscape that the college has become.

The following are excerpts from his messages:
I went to Williams for a year before transferring because it was so bad I became severely depressed. It’s worse than you can even imagine. Literally every single class I took had an anti-white, anti-christian professor and agenda.
Economics? We discussed the racist wealth gap & how minorities poverty was due to institutional & structural racism. History of early modern Europe? We did a whole chapter on “minority voices during the slave trade.”
Apart from the anti-white agenda in the entire curriculum, it seeped through into the general discourse and atmosphere on campus as well. There was a gigantic mural of Trayvon Martin hung on the student center...
Despite the school bending over backwards to accommodate every single brown person's desire, they still felt oppressed & launched a “police brutality” campaign against our campus security officers claiming they were being harassed & abused by these half-asleep fat 70 year-olds.
When high schoolers toured the campus, they put up a gigantic mural of all the black people currently attending saying why they should come to Williams. Also, they hung fliers around campus explaining how every protected class would be welcomed to Williams.
Unsurprisingly whites were not given a reason to be welcome despite making up over half of the student body. I forget what it said but it was something along the lines of “black people, you will not be shot by police here.”
Around March or April, this “coalition against racism” published a list of demands that our president immediately enact lest she be branded as a racist. It was beyond parody. Everything I’m about to list is 100% true.
They wanted (1) their own self-segregated living space on campus (2) the school to pay for and do their laundry for them (3) free transportation to New York or Boston every weekend to escape the pervasive culture of whiteness on campus...
... (4) a special division of the schools counseling center comprised of only minority counselors who could better understand their troubles 5) they demanded all minority faculty receive a raise. This petition received hundreds of signatures from both students and faculty.
The cherry on top was the painting of the black power/communist fist above the mantelpiece hung in the very center of the building for all to see.
After not making friends, I found the “society for conservative thought.” Apparently Williams was not allowed to have a Republican club, and merely thinking thoughts opposed to the progressive dogma was as far as they would let people go.
I went to a few meetings, and it was absolutely pathetic. There were only about 6 or 7 regular attendees, and the discourse consisted mainly of “wow, just wow”-ing.
As if things weren’t bizarre and blackpilling enough, the whole situation with the professors taking medical leave happened. These 2 black female professors car broke down somewhere off campus in williamstown. A white male tow truck driver then came to their assistance.
No one except those present know what was said, but it went as well as you can imagine an interaction between a blue collar white man & 2 ivory tower black women profs could possibly go. The profs were then so traumatized by this experience that they filed for medical leave...
... due to the pervasive culture of white supremacy in Williamstown. Students filled the building their office was in with flowers, notes, and posters from wall to wall, so much so that it became a fire hazard because all their “memorials” were blocking the halls.
The head of the buildings safety department, a philosophy prof to whom I was close, called the fire dept. to ensure it was a fire hazard. They said yes, you have to move this stuff immediately. The professor didn’t destroy or alter anything, he simply moved stuff off the floor.
This threw all the students into a fit of rage, and they proceeded to label him as a white supremacist, a Nazi, etc. His face was printed on flyers next to a swastika & the word “racist,” & was spread across campus. The prof lost many close academic friendships, was shunned...
... by a large part of campus & basically had his reputation destroyed over nothing. The guy is the personification of “I just wanna teach philosophy for Gods sake!” I saw him walking around campus in the wake of all this & it was obvious it destroyed him. He looked depressed.
We had to take a “Difference, Power, and Equity” course. Which is basically a big fuck-you to all the white people on campus. The only difference between the DPE courses and the regular courses are that they don’t have to pretend they’re actually teaching a subject.
So, in conclusion, I want to say this. Our elite colleges are totally & irreparably fucked. This is a school that is ranked #1 in the country & is on par with Princeton & Harvard, where I’m sure much of the same is occurring. The anti-white propaganda is total and all consuming.
White students are treated like kulaks between the dirty looks and the entirety of the system being against them. If anyone at these schools is hiding their power levels like I was: get the fuck out. I am immeasurably happier now that I did.
You may want to work on Wall Street or make it big like I did, but these people are the same ones that are going to be your coworkers, bosses, and the future leaders of our country. It’s not worth it.
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