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The current system is UNLAWFUL that usurped our republican form of governments that is found in Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution
via The Reconstruction Act of 1867.

Voting for ANYONE in the current system is not going to fix anything because
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 8)
....systems of government 👈 not representative in fact, characterized by (A) 👉the existence of a SINGLE POLITICAL PARTY,👈 organized on a dictatorial basis, with so close an identity between such party and its policies and the governmental policies of the country in...
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 9)
...which it exists, that the party and the government constitute an indistinguishable unit, and


No matter which side you pick they are all parts of Totalitarian.

Now read the next statute of THEIR master plan....
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 10)
Our brave servicemen & women are being used as pawns for 👉  Title 8 United States Code § 1101(a)(40). The term “world communism” means a revolutionary movement, the purpose of WHICH IS TO ESTABLISH EVENTUALLY A COMMUNIST TOTALITARIAN...
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 13)
How did we end up with a de facto/Totalitarian system?

Two years after the war between the states, there was another war that most of us wasn't told.

The Reconstruction act was a declaration of war against the Independent Nations. It was part of a military coup to force
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 18)
The never ratified 14th Amendment not only created an unlawful political system, but a fake nation.

So many of our servicemen & women sacrificed their lives for a corporation. The fake nation is the 10 sq mile called The United States/USA.
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 21)
Your State is a nation 👉 Title 8 USC 1101 (a)(21). The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.

People. A state; as, the people of the state of New York; a nation in its collective and political capacity. ~ Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 1856.
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 27)
It is a crime to vote for ANYONE in the de facto system.

To understand Section 2 of the 14th Amendment is to separate the riddle and it reads: "...THE RIGHT TO VOTE AT ANY ELECTION ... 👉IS DENIED 👈... 👉EXCEPT👈 👉FOR PARTICIPATION IN REBELLION,👈 OR 👉OTHER CRIME👈...
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 30)
I know this is a long thread, but it's worth reading. Many of us are not aware we had a change of government in 1868. This entire system goes against our founders' basic principle of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our threat is not...
@USArmy @amerikendream @My_Trigger11 @4Mischief @highmilage57 @AngelWarrior321 @Harleyluv @TDigornio @BlueSea1964 @JordynTrump1 @TaraForTrump @MAGAinChicago @starkrob21 @JNocegal @CalVic932 @KJP5600 @garrett_smith3 @Mleeds2048 @PhDPsych2019 @Nana_Kosugi @TheMichiWay3 @MPShield @dordine_lauren @mrdeliushj @klr_rdr @wtfapb @KMucheto1 @dbriantabor @1ConservaDog @MRCRIDE @League_Patriots @JeffreyFrye @ljs1479 @Zurchmom @Gabyru_CA @HilliardLex @jescobedo2277 31)
...overseas, it is right here in our homeland all along. Everything I shared is backed up and I encourage everyone to research. Share this with your families, friends and neighbors. Every man, woman and child deserve to know the whole truth, what we're up against.
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