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For @realDonaldTrump.

It's time to end the deinstitutionalization of the severely mentally ill.

This is the last straw. It proves that the entire deinstitutionalization movement was based on hoaxes.

@realDonaldTrump Stanford psychology and law professor David Rosenhan's landmark 1973 study "On Being Sane in Insane Places" helped turn the mental-health field and the country against institutionalization.

The study was a fraud. Rosenhan MADE IT ALL UP.
@realDonaldTrump Every other groundbreaking piece of writing that convinced us to close state and federal mental hospitals was equally fraudulent.
@realDonaldTrump Ken Kesey took LSD every night before going to work at the VA hospital in Menlo Park.

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is an acid trip, not reality.
@realDonaldTrump Nobody alive has actually read Nelly Bly's "Ten Days In a
Mad-House," her expose of conditions in the Women's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island.

I've read it. There's nothing horrible it.

The asylum was UNFUNDED, and corrupt politicians used it to warehouse EVERYBODY.
@realDonaldTrump At the time, psychotropic medications didn't exist.

State and federal hospitals of today couldn't be compared to those in the past.


Do-gooders made everything worse, as always.
@realDonaldTrump In the 19th century, do-gooders said it was cruel to make inmates of asylums work on the institutions' upkeep and manufacture items that could be sold to raise funds.

So the private sector was called in...and the inmates now had nothing to do. They just sat around.
@realDonaldTrump JFK signed the Community Mental Health Act in 1963, which called for community mental-health centers that would treat the severely mentally ill on an outpatient basis.

The centers were never built.

But the severely mentally ill were discharged.
@realDonaldTrump In 1967, California passed the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, which made it virtually impossible to commit people to institutions against their will.

All other states followed suit.

And THEN guess what happened?
@realDonaldTrump In O'Connor v. Donaldson, 422 U.S. 563 (1975), the Supreme Court ruled that you can't commit someone who CAN SURVIVE on the streets.

Isn't that nice?
@realDonaldTrump In 1980, Jimmy Carter signed the Mental Health Systems Act, which would again try the failed idea of community mental-health centers.

As before, the centers weren't built.
@realDonaldTrump So in 1981, Reagan signed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which repealed the Mental Health Systems Act and provided block grants to the states for use in treating the mentally ill.

@realDonaldTrump As a result of FABRICATIONS, do-gooders, and lying politicians, we now have homelessness and mass shootings.

How many mass shootings did we have in our entire history prior to 1963?

Any idea?
@realDonaldTrump ONE.

September 6, 1949, in Camden, New Jersey.

This guy did it. Look at his face. He's off his rocker.

Totally flat affect. Untreated psychosis.
@realDonaldTrump Look how traumatized the police are.

@realDonaldTrump Recently I had a run-in with a violent mentally ill homeless person.

She accosted me at a 7-11 and accused me of stalking her. The 7-11 called 911, but we live in a deep-blue state, in which the cops are prohibited from interfering with the homeless.
@realDonaldTrump This woman said that she was going to kill me.

I left the 7-11.

About two weeks later, someone tried to kick down my back door at midnight. I turned off the lights and saw a hulking shape outside.

Being a good citizen, I called 911.
@realDonaldTrump The sheriff's station is three minutes away. It took the cops 15 minutes to arrive.

Before they showed up, the hulking shape walked away.

The cops came, searched my property, and found nothing.

Here's what I left out:
@realDonaldTrump The hulking shape pulled off my back doorknob.

When I showed the cops, they actually said, "What do you want us to do about it?"

So I knew that they were indifferent to whether I live or die.

They departed.
@realDonaldTrump When I went out the next morning to buy a new doorknob, here's what I found next to my garage.
@realDonaldTrump It's a sleeping bag and a bathrobe.

The hulking shape had COME BACK after the cops left and spent the night 20 feet from my back door.
@realDonaldTrump A week later, at around midnight, I heard screaming in the back yard.

So I turned off all the lights, and when my eyes were used to the darkness, I quietly went out the front door and circled around.

The hulking shape was in the same place as last time.
@realDonaldTrump Again I called 911, again it took the cops 15 minutes to arrive, and again the hulking shape left before the cops showed up.

THIS TIME, I ignored the 911 operator's demand that I stay in the house, and I followed the hulking shape.
@realDonaldTrump It went down the driveway of the house next door and lay down behind the hedge surrounding the porch.

When the cops arrived, I told them where the hulking shape was.

They said, "How do you know?"

That was a real moment.
@realDonaldTrump So I told them to GO LOOK, and they did, and they were SHOCKED to find the hulking shape.

It was the homeless woman who had threatened to murder me two weeks earlier.

She was sleeping in my back yard.
@realDonaldTrump I drive a distinctive car. She'd remembered it from the 7-11 and had scoured the neighborhood until she found me.

@realDonaldTrump Threatening to murder me, kicking my back door, pulling off my doorknob, and sleeping on my property are BORDERLINE.

The cops and social services said that they weren't sure if they could do anything.

Mr. President:

@realDonaldTrump Let's be very frank.

I can defend myself. Easily.

But to quote Edward G. Robinson in "Soylent Green," how did we come to this?

Why have a police force if they can't and won't protect us?
@realDonaldTrump Is it now the law of the jungle? Every man, woman, and child for themselves?

We KNOW WHY this is happening, and we KNOW HOW to make it stop happening.

Mr. President, you've spoke of reopening the state and federal psychiatric hospitals.

@realDonaldTrump Make it a priority in your second term.

The people behind deinstitutionalization are acting in BAD FAITH. They're abusing the severely mentally ill and the rest of us.

I speak as a PSYCHIATRIC PATIENT myself. I have crippling PTSD and anxiety.

@realDonaldTrump My mental-health issues are nobody else's problem.

And if I ever snapped, I would deserve everything I'd get from the police and/or citizens forced to stop me.
@realDonaldTrump I've taken responsibility for my mental health. My medication is no party. I spend half of each day just trying to wake up.

@realDonaldTrump In your second term, put ME in charge of reopening the state and federal psychiatric hospitals and repealing every law that prevents us from treating people against their will.

Like you, I'm indifferent to criticism from those who act in bad faith.

It's time to change this.
@realDonaldTrump I'm counting on you, and I know you won't let me down.

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