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1) Okay. This will be the concluding part of the 3-part thread on the Ukraine whistleblower hoax, centering on the hypothesis that there is no actual whistleblower.
2) The reason why it's important to do this thread, other than truth, is the staggering implications of the assertion that there is no whistleblower after all.

If this is true, every single person who KNOWINGLY facilitated the lie is guilty of trying to overthrow the government.
3) I am not a lawyer but you can read more about this in Chapter 115 of the U.S. Code.

IMPORTANT: All people are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.…
4) Again, bold underline: All people are considered innocent until proven guilty.

What I believe, personally, is that there is a "vast network" of conspirators against the President in DC, each doing their purposefully small part, walled off from the rest.
5) Previous threads in this series.

Part I…

Part II…
6) If you've stuck with me so far, thank you for doing that.

I am going to make a little coffee and come back to do the rest.
7) OK, back.
8) So how do we know that there is no whistleblower?

What would make someone say such a "crazy" thing?
9) Well, the bottom line is that it's the simplest explanation for the wacky contortions we are seeing by everyone promoting the story.

It's also the simplest explanation for the President himself urging the whistleblower to come forward - in a way that sounds very taunting.
10) For example, today the President tweeted:

"Where is the Whistleblower who gave so much false information? Must testify along with Schiff and others!"

11) On 11/3/19, the President said: “CNN knows who it is but you don’t want to report it. And you would be doing the public a service if you did.”…
12) Who is the President pointing to? I hope this GIF upload's who I think.…
13) Yes, Adam Schiff. Who is running this whole thing and who now says that any testimony by the whistleblower would be "redundant and unnecessary."…
14) This is after the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (think about this, okay? the IG is supposed to be completely above board) admitted to falsifying a date on a form on their website.

I would never, ever, ever have believed it.

They can't even explain this.
15) Understand the magnitude: They secretly change the rules, the form is dated August, but the document properties show it was uploaded in September.……
16) Understand the contortions: This is a secondhand report that was always allowed. But they go through the motions of changing the form with the guidance, then argue about whether it's an "urgent concern" or not.

So...the whistleblower is irrelevant?…
17) The designated media narrative was that the President would try to force the whistleblower out into the limelight, harming this person's safety.

Yet already by October 25, the alternative media told us that the designated "name" was just a cutout.…
18) Again, go back to what we said in Part II of this thread. The modus operandi of the "resistance" is a million anonymous accounts, each slinking forward then slinking back, each contributing a tiny little bit, each replaceable by another soldier if they get caught.
19) The moral imperative is to "resist this man"
The language is that of the "underground railroad"

It's disgusting.
20) Another odd contortion is that the President immediately released the transcript of the phone call AND separately volunteered the second one, which nobody even knew about.

It's all...out there.
21) Yet Adam Schiff literally made up a transcript that did not exist. This is insane behavior.

Leading the President to say: "Just like Schiff fabricated my phone call, he will fabricate the transcripts that he is making and releasing!"

22) How crazy does Schiff have to get before someone calls him out on it?

Even the Washington Post called him out on the lie that he didn't "speak with" the whistleblower before the report.…
23) Meanwhile, we learn from Eric Swalwell that the witnesses to the impeachment trial have actually been coordinating with each other.

Why would you need to do that, if you are simply telling the truth?…
24) We heard the President's crime was "quid pro quo," meaning that he ordered the Ukranians to deliver some dirt on his political opponent, Joe Biden, or else they wouldn't get their aid.

But the truth has been out there since August 3.

Didn't happen.…
25) What actually did happen, if you read the letter from the Office of Management and Budget to the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development, is that these agencies were required to provide an accounting as to where existing $ is before giving more.
26) Curiously, the media has completely avoided the obvious question: Why would you want President Trump to throw good money after bad, anyway?
27) Like, aside from the requirement that you have to certify the money is being transferred properly, there is an open allegation that Joe Biden simply plundered $3 billion using USAID.…
28) Wouldn't it be corrupt if the President of the United States just ignored that?
29) Strange and contorted things.

Like, Yovanovich (former Ukraine amb.):

August 12 - whistleblower ltr.
August 14 - Dem email.
Yovanovich answered.………
30) Like, how is the letter dated August 12, and it's got Schiff's name on it, and the staffer is "ground truthing" things two days later, but as of September 17, Schiff says he hasn't even spoken to the whistleblower?

Schiff needs to be interviewed!…
31) Good luck with that Rep. Nunes.
Doesn't seem like we've gotten any fairness so far.…
32) Of course, there is the fact that the entire website of the Intelligence Committee was scrubbed the minute Schiff took office.

33) No plot? "Back in 12/18 CTH noted the significant House rule changes constructed by Nancy Pelosi for the 116th congress....those rules are now being used to subvert historic processes & construct the articles of impeachment.…
34) And then, of course there is this: the apparently uncanny prescience of attorney Mark Zaid.…
35) Context, the Washington Post: 1/20/17 (Inauguration Day): "The Campaign To Impeach President Trump Has Begun."…
36) Less than 2 months later: "using what can only be explained as a prophetic vision, his [Zaid's] partner, John N. Tye, reinstated a 4 year defunct non-profit company...Whistleblower Aid."
37) You can read Yaacov Apelbaum's entire article, but the Whistleblower Aid operation is...well let's just say it is curious.

"For example, John N. Tye’s (the CEO) salary of >$200K per year against an income of only $22K is a bit difficult to explain."
38) The range and extent of the services offered to whistleblowers is curious. Rent and "psycho-social" care?

It almost sounds underground railroad.
39) This of course is in addition to the infamous "coup has started" statement by Zaid; the Brennan call to arms; and so on. Apelbaum references all of these.
40) As in the underground railroad, others play a significant role, like Andrew Bakaj, "both an ex-CIA official and a former staffer for both Hillary Clinton (as a New York senator) and current New York senator and Senate Democrat leader Charles Schumer."…
41) Let me be clear, I really just want to know the truth. But I don't know how you get to the truth if you have this kind of "bait and switch" system, where it is technically possible for people to entirely make up a character of a whistleblower, then "protect" that person.
42) One last thought for the night.

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