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1/ Look what arrived by mail today. Watch for a ritual burning at the end of this thread.

A thread tweeting quotes from "The Power of a Whisper" (TPOAW), by unrepentant sexual predator, bully, and con-man Bill Hybels, who is still being protected by @GLNsummit & @WillowCreekCC
@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 2/ Dedication Page: "To @DickDeVos & Betsy, & Ron & Sharon VanderPol--Only on the other side will the four of you know how much your friendship & support have meant to the Hybels family & to the global Willow family"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper", 2010
3/ I note that @glnsummit board chairman billionaire Dick Devos, to whom Bill dedicated this book, has overseen Global Leadership Network's ongoing cover-up of Bill Hybels' sexual crimes since 2014.

tweeting quotes from "The Power of a Whisper", Bill Hybels, 2010
@GLNsummit 4/ "The opportunity to put this material in a book was graciously extended to me by Moe Girkins, president of Zondervan."

~Bill Hybels, "TPOAW"

Zoe Girkins is 1 of the 10 women who have had the profound courage to go public about Hybels' decades of sexual harassment & assault.
@GLNsummit 5/ "Willow Creek Community Church have heard me talk about whispers and promptings for more than 35 years. More importantly, they have the guts to obey the leadings of the Holy Spirit, even when the price got high."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
6/ "He whispers, soft undertones that invite us to bend an ear-or an entire life-until is is pressed flat against his lips"

@waynecordeiro, in his forward to Bill Hybels' "The Power of A Whisper", definitely not referencing Hybels' oral penetration of one of his victims.
@waynecordeiro 7/ "What's he [God] going to do about your exasperating spouse?"

~Wayne Cordeiro, who is married, in his forward to predator Bill Hybels "The Power of Whisper". Hybels is known to have cruelly criticized his wife to his victims, making outrageous promises to them.
@waynecordeiro 8/ "Introduction: A Fifty-Year Whisper-Fueled Odyssey"

(yes. that's the title of the introduction)

"How could I tell this savvy, cynical business guy that my 50-year odyssey unfolded as it has because of a series of whispers from God?"

@waynecordeiro 9/ "My entire journey comes down to a series of unplanned promptings from heaven that have charted a course for my life even I never could have foreseen."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper", 2010

@waynecordeiro @GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 10/ "I have chosen to wait 35 years before writing a book about how God's whispers have affected my life-hesitant in part because of the controversy this subject tends to arouse."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@waynecordeiro @GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 11/ "Conservative Christians question my orthodoxy when I describe my experience with the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and secularists either are humored or quietly tell their spouses that Hybels has lost his marbles. Or both."


@waynecordeiro @GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 12/ "Without a hint of exaggeration, I can boldly declare that God's low-volume whispers have saved me from a life of sure boredom & self-destruction."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

13/ "God's low volume whispers have redirected my path, rescued me from temptation and reenergized me during some of my deepest moments of despair. They inspire me to live my life at what boaters call 'wide-open throttle'-full on!"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper
14/ "If you lower the ambient noise of your life and listen expectantly for those whispers of God, your ears will hear them. And when you follow their lead, your world will be rocked."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

15/ "Each time I'd head off on the high road & feel the good feelings that his way always brings, I'd look heavenward & with a shake of my head think, 'God, you were right again!'"

~Bill Hybels, "TPOAW", 2010, following decades of sexual abuses of women.

16/ "My dad had discerned a thrill-seeking temperament in me, & he knew that if he didn't do something to channel all that energy in a positive direction, I'd likely end up wrecking my life."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

17/ "God had whispered to me in my boyhood years..again in a slum in Kenya..He had whispered to me in Wisconsin..On & on these whispers continued, & thankfully as God was speaking more regularly, I grew increasingly aware of my need for input from above."

18/ "The truth about me is that for as long as I can remember I have possessed an awe-inspiring southbound gravitational pull that makes me rationalize doing something that is wrong as though somehow it were right"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

19/ "I was just a teenager, and teenage boys by definition are only concerned with 3 things: food, thrills, and girls."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper", 2010

20/ "As I stared at the ceiling, I felt my thrill-seeking days slip through my fingers like sand..I was not even sure what a 'God-guided life' would look like, but I was fairly sure the fun factor would be dialed further back than my liking."

~B.H., "TPOAW"

21/ "As I lay there, I redirected the man's challenge to me back to something of a challenge to God: 'You want to lead my life fully, God? Alright, then. Let's see what you can do.'"

~Narcissist Bill Hybels, carrying on about his own Godliness, "The Power of a Whisper"
22/ "My mind replayed one question over and over again: 'If paychecks will never scratch the itch, God, then what's going to do it for me?'"

~Bill Hybels, serial sexual predator, describing his 19 year old thoughts in "The Power of a Whisper"

23/ "I was watching the promise of Romans 8:6 play out powerfully in my young, 20-something world: 'The mind controlled by the sinful nature is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life & peace.'"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
24/ "'Spiritually alive' and 'filled to the brim with peace'-these are the two descpritors that mark this season of life for me."

~Bill Hybels, describing the 80's & 90's in "The Power of a Whisper", when he was actively sexually preying on woman then throwing them away.
25/ "As daunting as it all sounded that day in the front row of that historic sanctuary, I had walked with God long enough by then to know that even his tough assignments are precious entrustments."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

26/ "Truly, living out the 'whisper in Lucerne' has taken me to levels of loneliness and despair that I didn't know existed."

~Bill Hybels

27/ "Whispers can be dangerous things. They can come with huge price tags. God's whisper to his Son, Jesus-to make a redemptive visit to planet Earth-was a costly one."

~Bill Hybels, openly comparing his own suffering to that of Jesus, in "The Power of a Whisper"
28/ "Therefore it should come as no surprise that a certain number of whispers that come our way will drive us to our knees ..."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

29/ "I much prefer the idea of standing before God one day, having done his bidding to the best of my understanding, than to face him knowing I ignored his voice."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of Whisper"

30/ End of Chapter 1, "Samuel's Ear". Up next--Chapter 2: "Our Communicating God".

Ten chapters total, in unrepentant predator Bill Hybels' "The Power of a Whisper." This thread is gonna get longish."

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 31/ "Moments later in the car, I thought 'For 50-some years, I've tried to train my ear toward heaven, and yet it still amazes me when God actually chooses to speak.'"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper", 2010
@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 32/ "From today's vantage point, I can look back on my spiritual life thus far & see 2 distinct eras."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 33/ "You don't get very far in the pages of Scripture before you begin to see evidence of God's whispering ways."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

34/ "'God, if there is something you would like me to do,' I prayed recently, 'then please say so. It doesn't matter what it is; I'll do it.'"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

35/ "I have come to believe over time that it is the little acts of obedience that invite God's power to fully flow in our lives."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

36/ "I have read this passage of Scripture many times, and with each reading I find myself trembling just a bit."

~B.H., "TPOAW"

"...her boss and pastor...straddled her, unhooked her bra and touched her near her breasts. She remembered feeling his hands shake."

~Hybels' victim
37/ "Essentially the guy was asking if he *actually* had access to God. He knew what kind of life he had led, and it was a colorful one to be sure."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

38/ "Jesus had taught his followers how to live for God, how to stack up treasure in the right places, how to avoid sexual immorality ..."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

39/ End of Chapter 2, "Our Communicating God. Up Next: Chapter 3: "Evidence From Everywhere".

Tweeting quotes from unrepentant serial sexual predator and bully Bill Hybels' "The Power of A Whisper"

@glnsummit & @willowcreekcc continue to carefully curate his reputation.
@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 40/ "Far more women than men sent in their responses, which I found interesting & actually a little troubling. It may be that women are simply more willing email correspondents"

~B.H., "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 41/ Hybels spends pages 65-90 detailing emails from woman after woman at Willow who emailed him with stories of their various huge private vulnerabilities. Reading it is horrific. Like he had a veritable smorgasbord of potential victims. =( I could only skim.

~B.H., "TPOAW"
@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 42/ Here ends Chapter 3, "Evidence from Everywhere". Up next: Chapter 4, "How to Know When You're Hearing from God".

Tweeting quotes from serial sexual predator and bully Bill Hybels' book "The Power of a Whisper", 2010

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries 43/ "divine direction...can human beings make it up or mess it up once it arrives? The honest answer is yes...Believe me, I am more than capable of hearing what I *wish* God were saying"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries 44/ "What you are passionately writing about-the beauty & power & potential of the local church-is going to become the thrust of your life."

~predator Bill Hybels quoting the Holy Spirit, at a "writing retreat" at his wealthy father's waterfront condo, "TPOAW"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries 45/ "People whom I most respect spiritually are those who integrate this kind of practice into their lives ... their habits actually back up the claims they make."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"


I think he means you, @craiggroeschel. #bicbw
@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries @craiggroeschel 46/ "For many years, I have been fascinated by the specifics surrounding where people tend to quiet themselves in the course of their day."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries @craiggroeschel 47/ "For what it's worth, my own daily practice involves reading a portion of Scripture, mentally chewing on it for a few minutes, then writing down my reflections...After that I close my time in prayer."

~predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries @craiggroeschel 48/ "I've noticed that when I get down on my knees and try to pray silently to God, my mind focuses more on upcoming meetings..."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries @craiggroeschel 49/ "Afterward I always say 'God, I am going to be listening for you all day long, but I'll be moving pretty fast so I might miss a prompting or two.'"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries @craiggroeschel 50/ "On some occasions, the promptings...make perfect sense, but on other occasions they leave me totally confused. This is where discernment with whispers comes into play."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC @trdevries @craiggroeschel 51/ "Over the years I have compiled a short list of 5 filters that help me 'test every whisper' I receive. If a whisper fails to make it through 1 of these 5, I question whether the whisper is is really from God."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

52/ "Although there are a few times in Scripture when God disciplines children for the sins of their fathers, usually God disciplines the wrongdoer himself."

~predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

53/ "God, is this message from you? Is this you trying to convey something to me, or are there other voices getting into my head?"

~predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper

54/ "Several times a year someone will tell me that the reason their life is in shambles is because God 'told' them to do something absurd. 'God told me to cheat on my wife.'"

~predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper

55/ "I can't tell you how many jobs have been lost, educations been foregone, marriages been destroyed, , bank accounts been blown, all because someone felt sanctioned by God to take a particular action."

~Bill Hybels, "TPOAW"

56/ "Whenever I sense a prompting from God, I ask myself if I could imagine Jesus taking whatever action I am considering taking."

~predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"


@trdevries #AmIRight?
@trdevries 57/ "The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery, idolatry ... fits of rage, selfish ambition..But the fruit of the Spirit is..faithfulness..self-control"

~Predator Bill Hybels, quoting the apostle Paul in "The Power of a Whisper"
@trdevries 58/ "In case you glazed over those verses because of familiarity ... The Message: 'Live freely, animated and motivated by God's Spirit. Then you won't feed the compulsions of selfishness. These two are antithetical, so you cannot live at times 1 way and at times another'"

@trdevries 59/ "a conviction that a basic holiness permeates things and people"

~Predator Bill Hybels, quoting the apostle Paul in "The Power of a Whisper"

If you want to donate to to help his many victims, @heysarahcarter & @kerilad made a way:…
@trdevries @heysarahcarter @kerilad 60/ "When we are motivate by selfish interests, we will be inclined to interpret as 'messages' from God messages that we have, in fact, created to satisfy something other than God."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@trdevries @heysarahcarter @kerilad 61/ "A third filter I use in determining the veracity of various whispers is the *general-wisdom test."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@trdevries @heysarahcarter @kerilad 62/ "Filter #4: Is it in Tune with Your Own Character? One of my favorite filters for verifying diving direction is what I call the *wiring test*."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@trdevries @heysarahcarter @kerilad 63/ "the Bible makes it clear than any ongoing pattern of wrongdoing compromises our communication with God--in both directions. Our prayers don't get through to God and God's promptings don't get through to us."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@trdevries @heysarahcarter @kerilad 64/ "If you are stuck in a rut of sinfulness and deceit, confess your sin & turn away from it today. Let the laser light of truth permeate every corner of your life."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@trdevries @heysarahcarter @kerilad 65/ "I've staked my entire adult life on following the still, small voice of God"

~Predator Bill Hybels, in "The Power of A Whisper", following decades of cruel and wicked sexual assault, sexual harassment, and bullying of too many women and humans.
66/ "Because I take whispers incredibly seriously, life is rarely dull. I live most days with a sense of anticipation ... who would want to miss out on a ride like that?"

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

67/ "But even, & often especially, under those backbreaking burdens, God's purposes are fulfilled"

~Bill Hybels, "TPOAW"

"Stunned, she remembered feeling unable to say no to her boss & pastor as he straddled her, unhooked her bra & touched her near her breasts."

~a victim
68/ Here ends Chapter 4: "How to Know When You're Hearing from God". Up next, Chapter 5: "God's Written Whispers"

Tweeting quotes from unrepentant serial sexual predator Bill Hybels' "The Power of a Whisper". I note @willowcreekcc continue to pay him and promote his sermons.
@WillowCreekCC 69/ "Despite my sincerest apologies to God, if I'm not careful I'll revert to believing that based on my careless behaviour, I must be a fake & a fraud."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

70/ "Lie #3 'Your family & friends will never respect you again when they find out what you've done. The'll see you for who really are ... and bail."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"


71/ "Lie #4: 'Your church will never open its arms to u again. The next time you step anywhere *near* that group, you'll swiftly be shown the door!'"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@willowcreekcc has never legally trespassed Hybels, as they have so many others.

@WillowCreekCC 72/ "When I think of all that wasted time and self-reproach, it almost makes me physically ill."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC 73/ Chapter 5 is almost entirely predator Bill Hybels waxing eloquent at length about how amazingly he's used Scripture to set himself and others right, again and again and again. I confess I skimmed it. Up next: Chapter 6: "Light for Dark Nights of the Soul"

~B.H., "TPOAW"
@WillowCreekCC 74/ "the 'train-wreck era.' As things continued to unravel, people in the congregation withheld their tithes and offerings as a sign of protest."

~predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper", talking about when he fired Willow co-founder Dick Swetman because of "sexual sin"
@WillowCreekCC 75/ BTW, if you want to read the whole sordid deal re: "The Train Wreck" and the profoundly corrupt foundations of @willowcreekcc, check out long time insider Rob Wilkins brilliant 1990 article…

tweeting quotes from Bill Hybels "The Power of a Whisper"
@WillowCreekCC 76/ "The faithful members of our congregation had taken out bank loans to fund our expansion,"

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of A Whisper"

Bill Hybels convinced church members to take out loans and give the principal to Willow.
77/ "Sort of like the country songs that talk about making love 'all night long.' I certainly would have assumed so, until my all-night, shag-carpet experience."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

78/ "'That's it?' I thought, still lying there, face down. 'That's what I ate carpet for, all night long?'"

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

79/ "Since those days, Willow Creek had experienced unbelievable ups and downs. We've seen modern-day miracles and endured unfair media coverage."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

80/ "God whispered 'You might take a hit for what you've advocated, Bill, but every little girl growing up in Willow's family for generations to come will the be the beneficiary of your strong stand."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

See #HeatherLarson
81/ "We have a God who loves to make walks down long, dark hallways with us. When we face stiff challenges, wild uncertainties, even violent & raging seas, God says 'I'm gong to be near to you...'"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

82/ "Nobody knows I'm here, and nobody cares. This is what it must feel like to suffer for God."

~Bill Hybels, "The power of a Whisper"

83/ "She nodded, eyeing me suspiciously.

'May I carry your bag?'

Reflexively, she pulled her luggage closer to her side.

I grinned. 'No, really,' I said. 'I'm a good guy.'

For a few seconds, she hesitated."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

84/ "I've had times when I hoped for a few more warm fuzzies from heaven, a few dramatic 'God encounters' to remind me that he is near."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

84/ "'You are a treasured child of the most high God.' When I heard this whisper, I was so struck by its beauty and simplicity that I rand down on the boat, found a pencil, and captured it in writing"

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

85/ "2 summers ago I was feeling pressed by another set of circumstances in my life that I was powerless to change. Without going into detail, suffice it to say I couldn't lead my way through it, power up over it, buy it off or put it in someone else's court."

~B.H., "TPOAW"
86/ Here ends Chapter 6, "Light for Dark Nights of the Soul". Up next, Chapter 7, "Promptings from Parenthood"

Tweeting quotes from serial sexual predator Bill Hybels' book "The Power of a Whisper.

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 87/ "Thank you, God, for putting me in a family that has generations of faithfulness on its side. Thank you for giving me a spiritual head start, for giving my kids a head start and for giving Henry a head start too."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 88/ "Every serious minded parent I know wants to pass along good things, not bad things, to their kids. They want to leave a legacy of blessing and wisdom rather than foolishness and pain."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 89/ "Parents who mean business know spiritual values can't be imparted to kids by words alone. The values lived out through the course of their real-world everyday lives are the ones that will stick."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 90/ "I sensed a strong prompting from the Holy Spirit: 'Don't even think about physically restraining this young girl. This thing will go south so fast if you engage in that way.'"

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper", again denigrating Australia & the global south.
@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 91/ "Things eventually escalated to the point that Lynne and I decided I should fly out to California and try to talk some sense into Shauna, face-to-face."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
92/ "The South American trip I took last month. That single trip yielded the most consecutive days of deep connection with God I've known in a long long time. Being on the road definitely has its perks!"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

93/ "Talk about a devastating thing to witness! I left the store physically shaken and thinking 'There is nothing uglier than a family that is out of step with God.'"

~Bill Hybels, criticizing a different family in "The Power of a Whisper"

94/ "When a wife obeys God's whisper to approach her husband with a tender, carefree spirit once the kids have been tucked into bed for the night...a legacy of blessings, not curses, lives on."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

95/ "You and I have got one shot at this thing called our heritage, my friend. We will pass on either goodness to generations that come behind us, or we'll pass on something less."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

96/ Here ends Chapter 7, "Promptings For Parenthood". Up next, Chapter 8, "When God Speaks Through Others".

Tweeting quotes from serial sexual predator Bill Hybels' "The Power of a Whisper"
97/ "During my early ministry, I had the misfortune of watching a friend who was an integral part of our church self-destruct. For many months, I had noticed he was spending quite a bit of time with a woman who was not his wife."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
98/ "Around the same time that my discernment meter was beginning to register on 'high alert', I was teaching a series @willowcreekcc based on the life of King David. The title of my final talk in the series was 'Everybody Needs a Nathan'."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
99/ "Interestingly, although everyone around the palace undoubtedly knew what David had done-and that what he had done was terribly wrong-apparently nobody said a word to him. Nobody told him the truth. Nobody except Nathan."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
100/ "After teaching this whole story to our congregation, I exhorted them not to shrink from back from making high-risk, high stakes plays like Nathan in their relational worlds. 'Nathan was the only 1 who would tell his friend the truth.'"

~B. Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
101/ "My own words were still fresh in my mind when I received a prompting from God regarding my friend who was 'not' having the affair."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
102/ "In the end the guy's marriage and innocent family would get blown apart. Untold amounts of pain & suffering would result from his mistakes, in part because he refused to let a friend shine light into a dark part of his life."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
103/ "What I taught in that series back in the early days of Willow is true today: everybody needs a Nathan, and lovers of God all would do well to cultivate a 'David' state of mind."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
104/ @WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @glnsummit @trdevries tweets 97-103 in this thread, from Bill Hybels' "The Power of a Whisper", are instructive. Here's the entire text of the story.
@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries 105/ "I've long since given up on the notion that God will ever fumble the ball in my life. Heeding the wise prompting from that man would go down as the most sensible step I've ever taken...One tentative but receptive spirit. One life *forever* changed."

~B. Hybels, "TPOAW"
@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries 106/ "100s of counselling..much-needed investment I made in healing & growing my inner world during that season led to greater relational, emotional & even professional health."

~Predator Bill Hybels "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 107/ "When you & I live wide open to divine direction courtesy of someone who loves God & loves us-and when we receive those whispers with humility & grace to spare-those whispers become like beautifully wrapped presents we can enjoy throughout our lives."

~B. Hybels, "TPOAW"
@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 108/ "God had been taking me on a journey...of cleaning up my communication style & using words to build up & not tear down."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

"It never happened. It absolutely did not happen"

also ~Predator Bill Hybels, 26 March 2018
@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 109/ "'If I could just stop manipulating people' says the domineering woman.

'If only I could fix the pain inside me that causes me to wound everyone else' says the victim of abuse who many years later still has not found relief.'"

~Predator B. Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 110/ "The list goes on, as controllers and leaners and clingers and stuffers and liars make no progress in the relational wasteland of their lives."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 111/ Here ends Chapter 8, "When God Speaks Through Others". Up Next: Chapter 9, "Whispers that Change the World".

Tweeting quotes from unrepentant serial sexual predator and bully Bill Hybels' book "The Power of a Whisper"
@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 112/ "If you or I want to instigate ire in a Holy God, then try bringing harm to one of his creations, by playing loose with issues of justice in our world. You can *bank* on a dynamic response."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 113/ "I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing...what does the Lord require of you? To act justly...Woe to you neglect justice and the love of God."

~Predator Bill Hybels, currently being paid $2million in 2019 by @Willowcreekcc, "TPOAW"

@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 114/ "I've been in awe of God's character ever since I was adopted into his family."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"


Learned today: "hamartiology"…
@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 115/ "One young girl at a time, this woman is right-sizing the injustice of a broken world that uses these girls as disposable objects."

~Serial sexual predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 116/ "laying down their lives to secure justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and the violent oppression that wreaks havoc in our world."

~Serial sexual predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 117/ The rest of Chapter 9 is Bill Hybels waxing eloquent on how God has spoken to him & used him to help the poor, the non-white, the oppressed, the maginalised, etc. etc. I confess I skimmed through. Up next: Chapter 10, "Just Say the Word", from "The Power of a Whisper"
@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 118/ "You & I are what I call 'clutchers.' Left to our own devices, we scrape & fret our way up the ladder, & once our efforts net even a modest amount of status, power, or comfort, we hold on to it like pit bulls."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz @GLNsummit @trdevries @DrHenryCloud 119/ "I don't know about you, but if I ever found myself in a position of equality with God, Id' be hanging on for dear life."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
120/ "there *isn't* a depth to which Jesus did not stoop...This realization challenges me to up the ante on my own obedience."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

121/ "We are trained from a very young age to seek achievement, upward mobility, that sense of 'rising above'. We are groomed to *become* someone, not to empty ourselves for others."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

122/ "In order to follow Christ with any tenacity, we inevitably will be prompted to take demotions. We will be asked to relinquish what is 'rightfully' ours."

~Predator Bill Hybels, grooming his future victims in "The Power of a Whisper"
123/ "the only way God's kingdom moves forward is when a Christ-follower is willing to take a hit."

~Predator Bill Hybels, grooming his future victims and silencing past ones, in "The Power of a Whisper"
124/ "I told you at then end of chapter 1: I would much rather stand before God someday having done his bidding to the best of my understanding than face him knowing I ignored his voice."

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

125/ "Even when the stakes are high-perhaps especially so-I seek to be a relinquisher, not a clutcher."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

Hybels getting paid ~$2million by @willowcreekcc in 2019, purportedly threatening lawsuits against those who don't like it.
@WillowCreekCC 126/ "If you have grown to the point where you no longer count your life as your own but have given your remaining days to God, I guarantee you've taken some hits."

~Predator Bill Hybels

@WillowCreekCC 127/ "This is what it looks like to live a life fully surrendered to God. It's rarely a walk in the park. Obeying the Spirit instead of your own self-centered whims will lead you to places you've never been."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC 128/ "We voluntarily loosen our grip & find a home in humility's grasp because we know that a *serious* reward awaits our arrival in heaven someday."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC 129/ "I want Christ's influence to affect the entirety of my life-my values, relationships, vocabulary, finances, agenda, .... I want Jesus' ways to permeate who I am across the board...from this moment until my dying day."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"
@WillowCreekCC 130/ "Throughout the course of my life, from time to time I have felt the urge well up inside me to exhibit that kind of total commitment [to Christ]."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC 131/ "Whenever I find myself having failed, I try to confess that failure and to acknowledge that I veered off track. I try to get back up, allow Christ to dust me off, and then I underscore my commitment once again."

~Predator Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper"

@WillowCreekCC 132/ Here ends my tweeting of Predator Bill Hybels "The Power of a Whisper" Look for a link to video of the book burning coming soon, or watch live in a moment at my facebook page
@WillowCreekCC 133/ Here's video of a few of us burning Predator Bill Hybels' book "The Power of a Whisper" with implied subtitle "Testament to a Narcissist"…

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@WillowCreekCC @threadreaderapp 134/ Here's the unrolled version for easier reading…
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