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1. Ciaramella, a career CIA analyst, was Ukraine director on the NSC toward the end of the Obama administration. He worked under both Joe Biden and John Brennan reporting directly to Susan Rice through Charles Kupchan who had extensive ties with Clinton acolyte Sydney Blumenthal.
2. Ciaramella stayed at the NSC during the first few months of the Trump administration as acting senior director for European and Russian affairs and then special assistant to Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Trump's national security adviser, until he left White House in summer 2017.
3. Ciaramella also worked extensively with DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa, who led the DNC effort to fabricate links between Trump and Russia. Chalupa “met top officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in DC in an effort to expose ties between Paul Manafort and Russia.”
4. Ciaramella invited Chalupa to meetings & events at the Obama White House with Ukrainian lobbyists seeking aid from Obama.
Chuck Grassley: "Chalupa’s actions show she was simultaneously working on behalf of Ukraine, and on behalf of the DNC and Clinton campaign"
5. Remarkably, despite his clear connections to Susan Rice and John Brennan, he was brought back into the inner circle of the Trump NSC by HR McMaster. McMaster appointed him to be his personal aide.
6. Ciarmella was fired in June of 2017 after being directly implicated in a series of serious national security leaks from the White House calculated to be damaging to President Trump.
7. Recall that Ciaramella’s title at the White House was NSC Director for Ukraine.
How appropriate then that the same position is now held by Alexander Vindman, who also leaked classified information about Trump's call with a foreign head to a number of people.
What are the odds?
8. Ciaramella and Vindman coordinated the entire whistleblower affair with Schiff and his staff in violation of the “whistleblower” statute. Ciaramella coordinated his complaint with Schiff committee staffers Abigail Grace and Sean Misko.
9. In coincidences typical only in Washington DC, Ciaramella worked with both Grace and Misko in the NSC at the Obama White House.
As if by magic, Misko and Grace joined Schiff’s committee in early August of 2019, just in time to coordinate the “whistleblower” complaint.
10. Continuing the train of miraculous coincidences, right after Misko and Grace joined Schiff in August, ICIG Atkinson changed rules for whistleblower complaints to allow second-hand testimony in September and backdated changes to allow the Ciaramella complaint filed in August.
11. Recall that it was this very ICIG Atkinson who labeled the whistleblower complaint “credible” & “urgent” while he simultaneously backdated the change in regulations to allow the complaint to be filed.
What are the odds that Ciaramella's background was not known to the ICIG?
12. "The person that I always felt extremely uncomfortable around was Ciaramella. He was one of the few guys around who seemed to know where the filing cabinets were, so to speak,” one former official told the Washington Examiner.
13. When the issue of Ukraine was brought up at a policy meeting, Ciaramella mentioned aid to Ukraine. He became visibly upset, the official recounted, when he was told that Trump would review Ukraine policy and that it would likely not be the same as President Barack Obama’s.
14. "He was a principal suspect in the leak of the first transcripts that came out on Mexico and Australia [August 2017]. We couldn't get McMaster to run the tapes and find out who it was.
"I was stunned to find out that McMaster got him to be his special assistant"
15. Ciaramella stayed on as McMaster's aide until he left the NSC. McMaster, who was criticized for not preventing leaks from the NSC, left his post in April 2018.
16. McMaster defended Obama administration NSC officials who stayed on into Trump’s first term, arguing that they would follow policy. “He was very angry that [Steve] Bannon and various other people were saying, ‘We don't want holdovers.'
17. Eric Ciaramella has a long-standing history of radical political leanings and the his behavior is best viewed from the lens of his college life where he led a protests against percieved poor treatment of a radical professor of Arabic studies at Yale.
18. This Yale professor, Bassam Frangieh, used literature to shape Yale’s undergraduates’ views on the “heroic Arabic poet-martyrs” battling the unjust occupation in Palestine. He published a chapter romanticizing terrorism in a book and became Ciaramella's favorite professor.
19. It is no wonder then that someone of Ciaramella's leaning found intellectual moral and spiritual cognates within the Obama administration.
In fact, in October 2016, Ciaramella was the guest of Vice President Joe Biden at a lunch to honor the prime minister of Italy.
20. It is no surprise then that he gravitated towards the likes of Brennan and Rice. Brennan, who held ultra secret closed-door meetings with high-ranking members of the Obama administration and cut off the video feed so that even aides couldn't see them.
21. The same Brennan who was integral to the dissemination of the Russia collusion hoax whilst simultaneously denying that the unsubstantiated Steele dossier was the sole basis for what has now turned out to be a 3 year coup.
22. A Coup, the very word used by the lawyer to the so-called whistleblower just 10 days after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.
What are the odds?
23. And let's not forget what Susan Rice, also connected to Eric Ciarmella wrote *the day* Trump was being inaugurated in an email to herself:
"The President reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.”
24. The same Susan Rice who unmasked individuals and then lied about it.
25. The Brennan/Clapper/Comey/Strzok "Circle of Filth" has been rendered attenuated by virtue of being too far removed by space-time from the Obama administration. But the Circle of Filth is alive and well.
I coined the term circle of Filth many years ago
26. What you're seeing is elements birthed from within the innards of the original Circle of Filth and currently employed within the Trump administration.
Eric Ciarmella and Vindman are only two such examples. I suspect there will be many more.
27. Obama laid larvae have hatched to continue the nefarious work of their predecessors in lockstep as marionettes to puppeteers. The connecting threads are visible, but the controlling hands are obscured by the haze of disinformation.
28. Think about how often we've wondered why certain people have been fired by Trump. It has taken many months if not years for their subversive activities to come to light.
We're just hearing about Trump knowing about Tillerson and Kelly.
29. Trump's secret power is his ability to be underestimated. An enemy that can't gauge your abilities, capabilities & predict your next move, can't defeat you. He was supposed to crash and burn within months, instead he's selling out rallies and raising record contributions
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