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If anyone wants to watch this sham, here is the link lol. I'll probably be listening but don't know how much I'll tweet about it. Hopefully the GOP names Eric Ciaremella.
Adam Schiff was immediately interrupted during his opening statement for a parliamentary inquiry 😂
Schiff starts off by lying about the 2016 DNC and Ukraine collusion by claiming it's only about hacking.
Schiff ignoring large parts of the transcript again to claim Trump in the call with Zelensky asked for a quid pro quo lol. We read the transcript tho so we know he is lying.
😂 Schiff just read Taylors text where he asked if military aid was contingent upon investigations and didn't read the response from Sondland that said President Trump was very clear there was no quid pro quo. What a joke lol.
Schiff just admitted Ukraine got the military aid and no meeting took place. Admitting no quid pro quo out the gate is one way to start your impeachment sham I guess 😂
Schiff asked "If this isn't impeachable conduct, what is?" I dunno maybe high crimes and misdemeanors lol.
Nunes is up now and slamming the Democrats pushing a continuation of the Russian hoax.
😂😂😂 Nunes just called out Schiff asking for nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters! I'm dying.
Nunes calls out Chalupa and the DNC election interference with Ukraine in 2016.
Nunes going hard against Burisma and Hunter Biden, destroying the Democrat narrative that it's an abuse of power to ask about it. Boom.
They turned down Nunes mic and turned it back up for Schiff, at least on the stream i'm watching, shady af.
Parliamentary inquiry on why Schiff won't allow their witnesses and also a point of order lol. Asked if Schiff will try to stop witnesses from answering questions. Get him 😂
Schiff just told the witnesses lawyers they aren't allowed to answer questions about the whistleblower and said he would intervene if necessary. Kangaroo court!
Schiff just lied and said he doesn't know the identity of the whistleblower.
Deleted the last tweet cuz the bore giving everyone a history lesson is Kent not Taylor lol. Im listening not watching.
This is even more boring and less coherent than I thought it would be. There is no way any normal person is watching this at all anymore.
Kent is mad that Yuvanavich was fired but not mad about his own concerns about Hunter Bidens corruption lol.
Democrats yesterday: "The first hour of the hearings will he a blockbuster!"

Reality: Schiff lied for 20 minutes, Nunes destroyed the entire sham in 10 minutes, and two boring dummies with no first hand knowledge gave a history lesson about Ukraine.

This won't move the needle
I have never been more bored. Taylor is droning on about how concerned he was that foreign policy didn't match his opinions lol.
He just said he was talking to Vindman about his concerns. It's almost guaranteed now they were sharing these concerns with the whistleblower.
He keeps talking about "irregular vs regular" foreign policy channels. Not "legal vs illegal" meaning he is just mad he wasn't included in all of it.
Taylor admits he didn't receive a readout of the Trump/Zelensky call and that Zelensky said he was happy with it lol. We know all of this already. This is so boring.
Taylor admits he referred Ukraine to our DOJ for any questions about investigations meaning he knows it wasn't illegal. He testified to this already too. If it was so brazen and abusive to ask about corruption investigations he wouldn't have done that.
Taylor again admits Ukraine had no clue that aid was held up until late August and he didn't know why it was held up. A month after the Trump/Zelensky call.
Taylor admits that when the Politico article came out in late August, Ukraine asked why military aid was held up (meaning they didn't know) and Taylor said he didn't know either (meaning no quid pro quo).
And here is their big nothing, Sondland told Taylor that Trump wanted Burisma and 2016 election interference investigated. Taylor said he suggested that Ukraine's Prosecutor General make the statement, not Zelensky, further confirming he didn't think a statement was illegal.
Taylor admits that Morrison told him Trump told Sondland there was no quid pro lol.

Again we know this all. Taylor admits Sondland told him later Trump assured him there was no quid pro quo.
I have never been more bored in my life.
Taylor confirms the hold was lifted with no statement at all about investigations. Taylor continues to try to spin any statement as election interference but he already admitted he referred Ukraine to our DOJ and even suggested Ukraine's prosecutor general make a statment.
Taylor is now saying he just found out about a call one of his staff overheard between Trump and Sondland where he claims one of his staffers overheard Trump asking about investigations 😂😂😂😂. He just found out last week when his narrative was destroyed. Sure thing bud.
Expect the media to focus on that part, the so called new call that Taylor YET AGAIN didn't have any first hand knowledge of, that didn't involve Trump talking to Ukraine. Transparent and pathetic.
Schiff now has 45 minutes and he immediately is focusing on the hearsay new information Taylor claims his staff member overheard. Literally a clown show.
Bill Taylor is the king of talking about phone calls he never heard himself and nothing else.
Schiff is trying to make it sound like President Trump delaying military assistance killed Ukrainians not President Obama allowing Russia to take Crimea.
Schiff is literally trying to tie Trump to Russia still and it's pathetic lol
They are asking Taylor about security aid being conditioned on investigations, which isn't true, and the only person who ever said they "presumed" it "likely" was conditioned was Sondland who testified he didn't know why he thought that and Trump didn't tell him that.
😂😂😂 this chucklehead asking questions is just literally lying now. Saying this was all about Trumps re-election like it's a fact and not their bs opinion. Said he established it. What a joke. Can't wait for Nunes to wreck this farce.
They also repeatedly keep asking Taylor about his text saying it's crazy to withold aid for political benefit and ignoring the responding text that said it was NOT TRUE.
More proof Taylor was trying to entrap Sondland and others, he was taking notes on everything they talked about after sending his lying misleading texts.
I cannot overstate how worthless Bill Taylor is lol. The guy has no first hand knowledge of anything.
I heard that other people heard that other people said they were concerned 😂😂😂
Bill Taylor is literally stuttering through his answers because all he has is his opinion and secondhand information. It's all "his understanding" and not facts.
So let's be honest. The only thing Taylor has is Sondland telling him that he assumed that aid was on hold for investigations while Sondland also told him repeatedly Trump denied any quid pro quo. This is embarrassing.
Taylor said President Trump felt wronged by Ukraine. Uh yeah, they worked with the DNC to interfere in his election lmao.
"What I can do today is tell you what I heard from people." Bill Taylor confirming all of his information is second or third hand and he is worthless.
The Democrat questioner keeps asking Taylor loaded questions and Taylor keeps stuttering and stammering and making it clear he doesn't know anything for sure it's all his opinion. 😂😂😂
Kent just said he hadn't even heard of Crowdstrike until the phone call transcript was released 😂😂😂
He then says it's clear Russia was at the heart of election interference but he has never even heard of Crowdstrike which is at the heart of those allegations. This is a joke lol
Democrats nonsense time has expired. They weren't able to get coherent answers about most of their leading questions. The opening of the impeachment sham is a disaster for them. 5 minute recess then Nunes gets to destroy them.
I swear that if I don't hear the name Eric Ciaramella come out of the mouth of one of these GOP reps I am going to tweet out the F word. The F word.
I can tell how bad this hearing went for the Democrats because ABC news keeps talking about Bolton and Mulvaney and not Taylor or Kent lol.
And we're back. The witch hunt continues. Here we go Nunes!
Nunes starts by accurately saying Democrats are lying about the transcript, Zelensky said the call was fine, and Schiff had to make up a fake version because there's nothing bad in it.
Ukraine didn't know the aid was witheld and holds on aid happen all the time.
Nunes eviscerates the Democrat and media talking point that President Trump wanted Ukraine to manufacture dirt, points out there is ample evidence Ukraine meddled in our 2016 election.
Nunes gets Bill Taylor, so called Ukrainian expert, to admit he hadn't heard about Chalupa and the DNC working with Ukraine to interfere in 2016. 😂😂😂
Nunes is reading a list of all the evidence Ukraine interfered in 2016 while Taylor admits he knew none of it.
In response to Nunes destroying Taylor, Taylor mentions a statement he found out recently Trump said in 2016 Crimea may want to be part of Russia to try to dismiss their interference lmao. Partisan Never Trump hack
Schiff chimes in and directs Bill Taylor not answer questions what a freaking joke.
Bill Taylor has literally no first hand info at all and Schiff just warned him to be cautious answering those same types of question. Ratcliffe is going off on him.
Bill Taylor is literally worthless outside of anything the Democrats coached him on. He can speculate all day about negative information about Trump he heard but is literally clueless about Chalupa, Ukraine and the DNC, Manafort and the black ledger, what an idiot.
Vindman gave Kent a partial readout of the Trump/Zelensky call the day after it happened.
Taylor is asked why he said the Ukranian statement on the call was cryptic and then admits it "seemed pretty ordinary" 😂😂😂
Taylor was asked "Guiliani was first mentioned on the call by Zelensky, correct?"

Taylor says he doesn't recall lmao. That's a huge deal to not know that!
They admit Ukraine has corruption issues and they are "cautiously optimistic" that Zelensky can fix it. So that means President Trump was right to be cautious of their corruption. We're off to the races now.
George Kent going out of his way now to say he doesn't have any opinions on Hunter Biden working for Burisma lmao.
Taylor stalls and doesn't answer if Hunter Biden joining Bursima raises questions lmao.
Kent admits he raised concerns about Hunter Biden and Bursima meaning that one of the Democrats star witnesses yet again confirms President Trump was right to have suspicions himself. Sham hearing!
Taylor now being forced to admit that while Sondland and Perry being involved in the "irregular" channel isn't outlandish, just unusual lol.
Taylor says he was talking to Kent about his concerns. So now we have confirmation Taylor and Kent and Vindman were all talking to eachother about all of this, making it highly likely they were also sharing this all with the whistleblower.
Taylor again admits he suggested the Ukranian Prosecutor to give a statement on investigations, meaning that statement was not improper at all, he just didn't think it was a good idea for Zelensky. Schiff ignores it lmao.
Also, the call transcript doesn't have Trump asking for a statement, but said he would like Ukraine to talk to Barr, which is the proper thing to do.
Jim Jordan up now. He brings up that Taylor met with Zelensky three times where there was never any mention of military aid for any investigations. Taylor admits there was no linkage in any of those meetings.
Jim Jordan straight up says that Taylors interpretations were wrong because no investigation or announcement happened. Get em!
Jim Jordan is now giving Taylor and Kent part or Sondlands statement to read. It's a hilarious game of telephone Taylor and Sondland and Morrison and Yermak and Trump not part of that or Zelensky lol.
Jim Jordan mocking Taylor now. "You're their star witness!" 😂😂😂😂
"My understanding is only coming from people I talked to." Taylor

"We got that." Jordan 😂😂😂
The Democrats are now forced to argue that Ukraine is corrupt but Trump asking about their corruption is out of line because they think investigating 2016 election interference and Burisma corruption hurts the Democrats. Wow. This is a disaster for them.
The Democrats are also admitting that Joe Biden threatened aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine fired a corrupt prosecutor and try to explain it away as not the same thing they are accusing Trump of. DISASTER. 😂
Taylor admits on July 25th that Ukraine didn't know about military aid being held up.
Ratcliffe reading Zelensky stating there was no pressure, no quid pro quo, no blackmail, no nothing. No conditions on the investigation regarding arms. "I was never pressured and there were no conditions." "I'm against corruption, this was not corruption just a call."
Ratcliffe points out that this isn't hearsay like Taylor has been offering, this is Zelensky himself on record. Taylor admits he has no reason to doubt Zelensky. BOMBSHELL
If you watch any part of this sham hearing, watch Ratcliffe masterfully destroy the sham. Wow. Masterful.
Schiff now asking Bill Taylor about someone elses testimony stating Ukraine heard about the military aid in mid August. This is a clown show. Taylor can literally speak on nothing himself, just what he heard people say.
Democrats now forced to argue it's "unusual" for Sondland to be involved in Ukraine. When they use words like "unusual" instead of "illegal" they have literally nothing.
Taylor being ripped now for testifying to hearsay only. "I am telling you what they told me." He is asked if the people that told him things could be mistaken. Taylor admits that they could be wrong.
Taylor repeatedly admitting all he knows is what he heard from others is my favorite part so far. Star witness? 😂😂😂
Jordan points out that Taylor was wrong because there was never any statement or investigation and the aid was released.
Schiff is now literally trying to argue that Zelensky is LYING about there being no pressure or blackmail or quid pro quo because he is afraid of Trump. Literally making things up now because he has no evidence of any crimes. 😂😂😂😂
Kent just said that you can't put corruption without pissing off corrupt people, which literally is how this impeachment hoax got started because the corrupt Democrats are pissed that Trump was asking out their crimes. I can't 😂😂😂
Ratcliffe destroys Schiffs argument that Zelensky is lying because he is afraid of Trump by pointing out Ukraine got the aid already.
Democrats keep trying to say President Trump delaying aid led to the death of Ukrainians while the Republicans point out Trump gave them lethal weapons and Obama gave them blankets. The Democrats are getting wrecked on every front.
Schiff is now crying about Republicans bringing up Obama telling Russia he would have more flexibility after the election. 😂😂😂
There is no reason this hearing should still be going on over four hours. Neither of these witnesses has first hand information connecting President Trump to illegal activities. There was no quid pro quo. This is a sham and a farce and the Democrats look ridiculous for doing this
The Democrats just admitted that this is all hearsay as an excuse to get Bolton and others to testify. Bold move, destroying the credibility of your star witnesses 😂😂😂
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