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1/ BRAINSTORMING a Possible Q Code ?

Today POTUS has an "erroneous" apostrophe added to his tweet

should read Ukraine got "its" money, not "it's"

2/ regarding Apostrophes?

POTUS went off on Apostrophes vs Hyphens a while back, in the context of Adam Schiff.

POTUS 'incorrectly' labelled an Apostrophe as a Hyphen

and in the same tweet typed dd instead of tt

and "misspelled" dIscribing, not dEscribing
3/ A Decode theory. IMO.

an Apostrophe signals a MISSING LETTER.

Liddle' means a letter is missing.

If we add another L?

we get

ALICE Liddell, the muse for Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND
4/ and Adam Schiff's name for his foundation supposedly "helping kids"??

Liddle , pretty close to Liddell?

I-nnovate and E-ducate in the DEscription, explains POTUS's I E 'misspelling' in tweeting DIscription?
5/ it's no secret that Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland author, was a pedo, with Alice Liddell and her sister as two of his most abused victims.
6/ the above UK article shows the cartoon alice of course. The whole truth, from the uncovered nude photos of the Liddell children, is unprintable, but here are two disturbing ones of Alice, with and then posing for, Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland.
7/ Lewis Carroll was also known for his highly sophisticated use of wordplay (i.e. PUNS) and mathematical puzzles and codes.

WHY would Liddle' Adam Schiff model his foundation for kids on this creep?
8/ IMHO, based on the above, we've been trained by POTUS tweeting that misused Apostrophes = Adam Schiff.

and WHO's in the limelight today w/the Impeachment hoax hearings?

Liddle' Adam Schiff (AS)

An anon chimes in with more AS decode?
9/ is POTUS just trolling AS, reminding him that "we have it all"

or is there more?

AS is also the first part of ASCII, computer code

Perusing an ASCII table?

I'm finding very interesting Qonnections amongst the codes and numbers...

I've highlighted a few...
10/ The ASCII table shows values for characters and also decimal, hex(base 16) and octal(base 8) numbers.

Interestingly? The decimal number 45 (for POTUS) is 55 in the Octal numbering system...

55 =5:5 Loud and Clear code?

OFTEN used visually w/2 hands outstretched by potus?
11/ and what does the Table say the related "character" is for Potus's number 45?

Why whaddya know....

45 = a HYPHEN

recall Potus's supposed 'mixup' of Apostrophes and Hyphens in the Liddle' tweet?
12/ this 9/27 tweet appears to be a 'line in the sand' of sorts to the pedo cabal, specifically LIDDLE Adam Schiff.

apostrophe Schiff vs hyphen POTUS

We're seeing it play out today in hoax hearings.

But is there more?
13/ The tweet has nonessential capitals LSM that sum to 44, BHO.

Then misspells w/ an I, then an immediate nonessential capital C

IC=Intelligence Community?

then a never ending SITUATION with CNN?

Was CNN given classified SITUATION ROOM info by Hussein admin and/or leaker AS?
13/ LSM totals 44 BHO signal

dIscribing has a wrong I followed by nonessential capital C
IC = Intelligence Communities

SITUATION = BHO "situation" room PURPOSEFULLY leaked to MSM CNN
and wanted to 'take hyphen (potus) out"?
14/ and the number 27 keeps coming up?
POTUS tweet Sept 27

IC 'error' = I=9 and C=3 9x3=27

27 IMO is a #comms for the cabal, signalling a threat if full cooperation isn't maintained.

Think 27 club
15/ and here's the biggie

93 days... 9x3=27
16/ recall seeing 93 before?

Q didn't post for 93 days
Aug 1 to Nov 2 = exactly 93 days
17/ here's some more 93 = 9x3 = 27

Ampersand & = 27th letter of alphabet...how has Q used this in the #comms?
A thread
18/ in the ASCII code table?

(3x9) 39 in base 10 decimal notation = 27 in Base 16.

it's 47 in octal code.
47 sums to 11.
A Q marker.

and just a #coincidence?
39/27/47 also has a character associated with it...

wait for it...


and what of 93? That Q seems to be pointing us to?

93 = D5

and a ] ... the RIGHT KILL BOX character

as in?
it's OVER folks for the baddies.

20/ James Earl Carter has lived a long life.

he was the 39th POTUS
there's that 3x9=27 again?

the notorious RBG has also lived a long life.

R 18
B 2
sums to 27


22/ Attached is an ACSII table of values for letters numbers characters. They're shown in DECimal HEXadecimal and OCTal (base 10, 16 and 8)

Could this be a CODE that the Q team uses?

When we're asked "what is a SPELL" was this a #doublemeaning pun to point us to HEX values?
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