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1. New #QAnon today is related to ousted Ukraine Ambassador #Yovanovitch having ordered our country's State Dept. to spy on our own American journalists and Trump allies.
2. You see, "America is no longer for sale."
Because, "It’s been a long time since we’ve had a non-corrupt President who works on behalf of the American people and not himself." #QAnon #Q
3. #QAnon "You are witnessing the largest ‘organized’ disinformation campaign to ever be perpetuated on the public.
Trust yourself.
Be free in your thoughts.
The #GreatAwakening.
4. On July 8 #QAnon told us that the surveillance of Sara Carter and John Solomon had been terminated. #Q
5. #QAnon Subsequently Hannity mentions to @DevinNunes the surveillance of John Solomon on his show Oct 9, 2019. #Q
6. #QAnon Solomon was unpopular with corrupt State/DOJ holdovers by reporting the prior April that Trump's DOJ'd not followed up on evidence given to them by Ukrainian LE officials that D's sought to interfere in 2016 elections & obstruct criminal probes. saraacarter.com/solomon-ukrain…
7. As #TrumpImpeachmentHearings flounder badly today, ousted ex-#Ukraine amb #Yovanovitch'll testify in public 9 am Fri. Now we know State Dept allegedly knew Y'd ordered US journalists' comms to be monitoring in that country. saraacarter.com/scandal-state-… #QAnon #Q
8. #QAnon Solomon's been attacked in #FakeNews: Daily Beast has him at The Hill as the "only one who has managed to alienate many of his colleagues, fuel the paranoia of Fox News viewers..." and received several mentions in "#Whistleblower"'s complaint. thedailybeast.com/leaked-memo-co…
9. So, #QAnon points today back to his Jul 8 2019 drop (above) on
"SURV of SC/JS terminated." What kind of tools and assets could a @StateDept official have allegedly used to surveil U.S. journalists in #Ukraine?
#NationalSecurity ordered by a US court? #Q
10. Was #QAnon's July post on Sara Carter and John Solomon's surveillance being terminated a coincidence? He tells us that it is going to be relevant to upcoming 'DECLASsification' events related to SIGnals INTelligence FVEY/Domestic. #QProof #Q #Yovanovitch
11. John Durham was appointed by (Trust) Sessions on Oct 28, 2017 as interim US Attorney (later nominated by POTUS as US Attorney). #QAnon's first archived post is dated the same date, Oct 28 2017.
What are the odds of that?
Coincidence? #Q
12. #QAnon “Both [EC] and Ms. Chalupa should be questioned about the meetings documented in visitor logs” of Hussein White House.
13. [EC] (pronounced "Char-ah-mell-ah") worked at WH until 2017 as a known "Spy_insert".
judicialwatch.org/press-releases… #QAnon #Q #CoupCabal
14. #QAnon What do
Pelosi's son
Kerry's son
Romney's son &
Biden's son
have in common?
Hint: #UkraineEnergy
Coincidence? #Q
15. #QAnon When [GS] calls, D's always answer. #Q #Soros latimes.com/local/californ…
16. #QAnon Nothing can stop what is coming.
18. #QAnon: Put on the Armor of God. #Q

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. biblehub.com/ephesians/6-11…
19 #QAnon Future World Music - Victory Of Life #Q
20. #QAnon Who Gave the Orders and Approved the Spying on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz? It was thru a non-FVEY official chan, a US senior person(s) who made the request given the sensitive nature of the targets being presidential nominee(s) - POTUS + Cruz.
Who gave the order(s)?
21. #QAnon Who would've signed the order(s)? Could such be papered according to normal NATional SECurity procedures? And yet, the comms would've had to go to/from the Foreign as well as the Domestic recipients. #Q #SpyGate
22. #QAnon indicates it's done face to face limited to 1-4 US person(s) to initiate spy scope memo for the op given to US AMBassadors #1 & #2. US AMB 1 & 2 made the NSA unmasking requests & spying thru AUStralia, ITaly, & UK. Now AUS, IT, UK are coop'ing w Barr/Durhm. Too bad. #Q
23. #QAnon There has to be a special order per the DIRector [for CLASsification levels 1-9] to AUTHorize the unmasking requests made per the US AMBassadors. The ['KEY'] here is that [EACH UNMASKING REQUIRES APPROVAL / a SIGNature]! #Q
24. #QAnon "C_A getting domestic assist w/ rogue FBI to avoid US law [ops on domestic targets]"; HUMan INTelligence domestically placed into President's campaign [1-3 jumps primary target], & now White House itself w spy_insertions in NATSEC Council, pers advisor(s) & cabinet!#Q
25. #QAnon C_A is organized under the DNI. From 2010 - 2017, [Clapper] presided over the [bulk] of this, but from 2017 - 2019 [Coats] was the [sleeper to prevent [black op] release of incriminating docs]. #Q
28. #QAnon Prefacing US w what a good job she did representing @POTUS in #Ukraine, ex-Ambassador #Yovanovitch tells US President Trump's riddance of her was due to "foreign and corrupt interests":
@POTUS 29. Responding to #Schiff's hired gun, #Yovanovitch would have us believe that the President's basis for firing her was based on allegations untrue. #QAnon
30. #QAnon The #DeepStateCoup perps are walking themselves into the light. Perfect! #Q
You see, there are advantages when you know the other sides playbook.
31. #QAnon Anons knew back in July that Sara Carter and John Solomon were monitored: #QProof

Targeted and attacked by the largest media co's in the world because they're a LARP?
Logical thinking.

32. Those who follow #QAnon have known about #WhistleblowerTraps since March-2018.

You have more than you know.
Future proves past.
33. #QAnon #AdamSchiff dressed in ancient-Egyptian-themed garb at two wild costume parties at Ed Buck’s meth and sex mansion? truepundit.com/clinton-whistl…
34. #QAnon The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption.
A Higher Loyalty [Y].
Hunters become the Hunted.
How do you remove a liability?
Six o' clock can be dangerous.
Family proud?

35. #QAnon There is no escaping God, not even for those who decide to save the taxpayers some money. #Q scribd.com/document/33042…
36. #QAnon "All this for a damn flag"

#3601: Many who 'represent' us, do not love us.
#QArmy #Q

37. How do you echo #Q into Qs?
1:21:10 PM
+:21:10 PM =
1:42:20 PM

1:42:21 PM @POTUS RTs "Qs", oops 1 second late.
39. An update today to #QAnon letting them know we are on to their comms in ATTEMPT to circumvent SIGnals INTelligence.
Dark > Light
40. #QAnon Timothy Morrison testified that Fiona Hill said she had questions about Lt. Col. Vindman's judgment and that she'd heard concerns about the belief that he is a leaker.
41. #Schiff waits til Sat to release Morrison's transcript, one favorable to Trump. Ousted Fiona Hill "described Amb Sondland as a problem.. based on his relationship with the President." "She mentioned Burisma..she mentioned the fact of some speculation about a server."
42. Morrison testified that:

-The transcript of the call is accurate
-He was concerned about leaks
-There was absolutely nothing improper or illegal on the call

Enjoy the show!
#Q #Qanon
43. #QAnon

How do you get ahead of a story?
Bigger story yet to be discovered.
Leak investigations go both ways [R + D].
A House needs to be constantly cleaned.

44. #Ukrainian army warehouses had 12 huge arsenal fires in last few yrs. For 2018, damage's >$2 BILLION, but 80% of weapons are "missing". Instead of being used to kill Russian-speaking Ukrainians they're shipped to ISIS. unz.com/ishamir/the-pl…
#QAnon #Q
45. #QAnon A good old fashioned spy-vs-spy bait and sting. Flies can't resist a hot stinking pile of…wait...flies?…er, spies…"These people are stupid" spies. Smart spies know if it's too good to be true…IT'S A TRAP! A #perfect one.. #Q
46. #QAnon Mr. Morrison confirmed that President Trump generally does not like foreign aid generally, and specifically held concerns that corruption in Ukraine may cause U.S. aid to be “misused.” scribd.com/document/43531…
47. #QAnon #3603

#Ukraine's ex-corruption Chief helped HRC 2016 by framing Manafort.

"Phones were present.
FISA goes both ways.
Info warfare."

https://8kun dot top/qresearch/res/7355098.html#7357790 (replace "dot" with a period for board motherload)
48. #QAnon, on Feb 11, 2019, gave 4-Step plan of D’s seditious #impeachment hoax to be perp'ed w Schiff’s executive role over intel committee designed to protect corrupt libs from prosecution by Exec branch, but IG report due [D]ec

Like clockwork.

49. #QAnon The good news is that there will be no step 5. #Q
50. #Qanon

PAY-FOR-PLAY only works when you hold a position of POWER.It's only a matter of time. #Q
51. #QAnon #2694 on Feb 11, 2019 mentioned Schiff and go-between "students" w their phones with them for #Q to learn of Schiff's 4-step plan. FISA on Schiff.
51. #QAnon: #Ukrainian MPs demand that Pres #Zelensky & Trump investigate #Burisma &
ex-President Yanukovych's laundering $7.4 BILLION, criminally obtained, thru Zero's NSC advisor and donor via Templeton fund. "Burisma paid about $16.5 million" to Biden & en.interfax.com.ua/news/press-con…
52. #QAnon So what happens when the PUBLIC discovers the TRUTH [magnitude] of the [D] party corruption? What happens when the PUBLIC discovers the TRUTH of [FAKE NEWS] coord to conceal, shelter, & protect the criminals? Define 'Projection'.
53. #QAnon All foreign & domestic assets're being deployed. Some who once supported POTUS are sleepers, turning/to turn as puppets to their masters. EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE. Old Guard DC must prevent TRUTH for their self preservation thru a DC Civil War for power thru false narr.
54. "Foreign-born researchers working for U.S. agencies were secretly on China’s payroll, signing side agreements to send sensitive research to that country as part of a recruitment operation called the Thousand Talents Plan, a Senate report found."
55. #QAnon shares our already longstanding, pre-existing extant 1998-99 treaty with #Ukraine to assist each other in pursuit of criminal matters. congress.gov/106/cdoc/tdoc1…

"These people are stupid."
56. #QAnon
Controlling the narrative controls public opinion. Controlling public opinion equals power.
How does one control the narrative?Information warfare.
5 7. #QAnon Is it a coincidence that #Ukraine is the single largest Clinton Foundation donor?
Podesta's non-public internal emails document the internal alarm over defending State/CF #QuidProQuo.
Palmeri: "There aren't great answers" to Sec HRC's graft. wikileaks.org/podesta-emails…
58. #QAnon

"Chairman Graham, it's time." #Q

The Senate, where there is majority control, has always been the target. Now, it is show time.
59. In opening #ImpeachmentInquiry statements, Holmes comes across as a peevish #deepstate'r desparate to share his surveillance of @potus pvt call overheard. Fiona still claims Russia interferred, inferring phony 17 agency stmnt, & b/o reasons too super duper secret to tell US.
60. #QAnon #SpyGate The Brit had been ousted from White House and said today she was not in there by July 19th before the President's July 25th perfect call over which she so vituperatively objects AND objects to dumping Yovanovitch. Hell hath no fury like a scorned...
61. #QAnon Chairman Graham, it is time (58., above).
62. #QAnon "Adam Schiff is a traitor to our country."

"Hope the $7.8mm was worth it."


Schiff's connected to BlackRock & Franklin Templeton Investments, two companies that were named in the $7.4B Burisma/US-Ukraine corruption claim that was announced..
63. New #QAnon

What happens when 90% MSM is (6) corporations?

Fiction becomes fact?

Same keywords/catch phrases
coordinated by whom?

Mass control
They want you divided.
[kept – sheep]
When you are awake you stand outside the stable.
64. #QAnon Amazing video shows many many different newscasters all in exact lockstep repeating exactly the same talking point phrases to brainwash us. And they call us bots. #OperationMockingbird #Q
65. FISA brings down the house.
Game Over.
67. #QAnon on altered 302s.
News unlocks.
You have more than you know.
68. #QAnon told us FISA brings down the house. #Q. cnn.com/2019/11/21/pol…
69. #QAnon defers board owner on new identity trip code update prior to further stabilization.
70. Patriotsfight was taken down & cleared by #QAnon just prior to platform termination because national security charter prevents use of 'keys' to establish identity via public utility/domain not registered, but a 'clean' board is poss to lock in trip(s) > safeguard issues. #Q
71. #QAnon points out 'serious' flaw found in secure email encryption technology which grants the nonpublic access. #Q bbc.com/news/technolog…
72. Why would #QAnon include this intel in response to his own account of precautions to the board owner? Black hats accessing emails from 8kun board owners? "Logical thinking". #Q h/t @LisaMei62
73. #QAnon affirms that Vindictive #Vindman is the “#whistleblower’s” handler.
It was coordinated and planned.
Yes, Puppets have masters.
Yes, Spy_insert(s)' masters
Senate was the target.
74. #QAnon NYT: "Clinesmith, altered an email that officials used to prepare to seek court approval to renew the wiretap..." FBI faked evidence, but IG'll let the higher-ups above law go Scott-free by NYT.

75. Kevn Clinesmith "was doing something with FISA application. That person got removed. And this goes to .. somebody at FBI out to get you, right?"
"Well, it certainly does & they're spying on my campaign & it went right up to the top, & everybody knows it & now we’ll find out."
76. "Spying on my campaign something..never been done in the hx of our country. .an overthrow attempt at the presidency. They tried to overthrow the presidency..a disgrace..I'm not surprised to see it it's just starting to come up..nothing compared that..over..next couple of wks"
"They've just been putting false info out there to the media. The D's & their allies in DC & the media. Constantly pushing lies after lies, & then finally, this gets picked up by a court, it gets picked up by the Comey/McCabe FBI, & they got a..fraudulent warrant to spy on myself
78. Adam Schiff is a sick puppy. It’s been incredible. What you’re going to see, I predict, will be perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country. Political scandal..I think you’re going to see things that are going to be incredible if it’s done right. #QAnon #Q+
78. So you have a #FISA report coming out, which the word is, it’s historic..And if it’s historic, you’re going to see something. And perhaps even more importantly, you have Durham coming out shortly thereafter. He’s the US Attorney, and he’s already announced it’s criminal.
79. "I’ll tell you what, you have a lot of very, very bad people. And a lot of people say #DeepState. I don’t like to use the word DeepState, I just say they’re really bad, sick people. When you’re dealing with the highest levels of government, they were spying on my campaign.."
80. "Brennan, & for Clapper, & for all of these losers that you had over there, I think it’s impossible for them to be doing things - and let’s see what it all says, but it’s impossible - Susan Rice, [Samantha Power] the person that worked at the UN, who went after FISA reports"
81. Samantha Power "who went after FISA reports & went after reports like she ate them for lunch..It had nothing to do w her. No, I think this goes to the highest level. I hate to say it, I think it’s a disgrace. They thought I was going to win & they said, “How can we stop him?”
82. "They wrote up the phony, fake dossier, disgusting fake dossier, & they tried to've it put out prior to election, & just to show you how incompetent they were, they spent millions & millions of dollars. HRC paid for it & the D's. A lot of it had to do, they say, with Ukraine.
83. A lot of it had to do, they say, with #Ukraine. It’s very interesting. They have the server, right, from the DNC. The FBI went in & they told them, “Get out of here. We’re not giving it to you.” They gave server to #CrowdStrike or whatever it’s called, which is a company.."
83. They gave the server to #CrowdStrike or whatever it’s called, which is a company owned by a very wealthy #Ukrainian. And I still want to see that server. The FBI has never gotten that server. That’s a big part of this whole thing. Why did they give it to a Ukrainian company?
84. They gave the server to #CrowdStrike or whatever it’s called, which is a company owned by a very wealthy Ukrainian & I still want to see that server. The FBI has never gotten that server. That’s a big part of this whole thing. Why did they give it to a Ukrainian company? Why-
85. "Can't tell you" my source, "& when you look at Strzok & Page … the two lovers, the two great lovers from the FBI where he’s saying, “..But just in case she loses, we've an insurance policy.” Well, that means 'we’re going to take him down. We’re going to take down
@POTUS 86. Here is the balance of this amazing interview:
87. #QAnon meeting in Tampere, Finland, 11/23/2019 shows #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide, because, #WWG1WGA!!!

88. #QAnon It's been a long time since we've had a non-corrupt @POTUS who cares for the people, and not himself.
Returning #PowerToThePeople.
#BestPresidentEver is fighting for US.
89. #QAnon "Are we gonna send massive amount$ into other people's [personal] bank account(s) [theft]?"
Who audits where foreign aid actually goes?
Foreign aid -> Country [X] -> Personal Bank Accts [+US person(s) involved].
Think Iran.
Climate. #Q
90. #QAnon
[George Soros] doesn't spend his own $ to push radicalism.
It's US TAXPAYER payments [aid] --> directly/indirectly to [GS] orgs.
M. Waters $4mm House?
N. Pelosi $150mm+?
J. Biden son/brother tens of millions?
Clinton family $200mm
Obama $40mm
Takers -> more power
91. #QAnon
[Listen carefully]

92. #QAnon Gonna be BIBLICAL!

Corruption that the DC press covered up for years!

Also going to bring out a massive pay-for-play scheme under the Obama Administration that will devastate the Democrat Party.

Do you honestly think Rudy's intimidated? 😀
93. Joe #Biden sounds like a poor imitation of #TheGodfather, " I don't know my Family's business," he sounds like Don Corleone! He's a corrupt politician, lying for years!
93. #QAnon Rudy, "Do you think I'm intimidated?...Damn it, the Mafia couldn't kill me.."

"I'm also going to bring out a massive pay-for-play scheme under the Obama Administration that'll devastate the Democrat Party."

"Corruption that the Washington press covered up for years!"
94. "It was Zelensky that brought me up with President Trump, not President Trump, and that's because of my reputation...ultimately going to PROVE that this was a conspiracy to frame him in which high-level Democrats parrticipated including some people in the White House!" #QAnon
94. #americastoughestsheriff: "If Joe #Biden is not prosecuted for these crimes then nobody in America should ever be prosecuted for bribery..It's an outrage the kind of proection he gets..even LE is afraid!" #QanonPosts #QAnon #QArmy
95. Breaking: Justice RBG evaluated at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. before being transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital for further evaluation and treatment of any possible infection. supremecourt.gov/publicinfo/pre…
96. "#Clinesmith is in big trouble. This isn't a minor thing. He took an email that had factual assertions from another federal agency & added his own information at the end to alter the content, while making it look like it came from the original author."
97. Breath-taking: The eminent Chairperson Adam #Schiff-Head of Intel's duly warned US about emergence of #deepfake's that could affect the #DeepState, perhaps even his good friend Eric Swallowell? How they do it baffles science, even those at MSNBC....I think.

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