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#BigDickAnon update: The Rally Edition.
"I would watch the rally tonight and pick the winner. The Skys of United."



He is the OP so click on the first post's ID to highlight all his replies.

I asked him whether POTUS had a message for us tonight and he said yes.

The rally "is not a circle jerk, it is a lot more. Just watch and see me smiling in the corner. What better platform to blow the doors off the main stream media."

Anon skeptical as usual.

"Well details need to be worked out it will be clear by the end of next week, but enjoy the moment. Hopefully the plea deals I have triggered and coming events will mean I have no need to come back. This is not what I do best."

"I was a bit upset about things taking this long but with a lot of moving parts it makes sense. I tend to prefer the direct route, and sometimes that is not the best way for results."

"McCabe has more prosecutions lined up besides just lying. Like sedition and a few more."


Anon thinks we'll need damning evidence.

BDA: "You can`t spin Brennan making everything up and triggering the investigation. Durham already has testimony, signed statements and tapes from the folks who Brennan used."

"..from what I know some of the really, really folks have places to hide out and believe it or not the biggest is several islands in the South Seas not even on maps. Funny story."

I think he means really really rich folks.

Anon says he's a drunk larper.

"Just doing my job and a lot has been accomplished by letting folks know what their option are. And some of the things I talk about are the first steps in things becoming public."

I suspected some of this was disclosure.

"Just let it happen. Promise you will see why this has taken so long. There is a lot of meaning in the Session thing and him crawling out of the bunker."

He's talking about this story:


Stop LARPing Frank!

"Such negativity but understandable. This has not been a road for the faint of heart. The cancer is just too deep. Look I am just a guy working the street and try to answer what I can. Nothing more nothing less. Well maybe a bit more."

"Actually Erdogan is not that bad. You can make deals with him and he is rightly pissed off about the way Turkey has been treated. A lot of the folks killing kurds were financed by us."

"It is not all about the Jews. The folks in Iran are far more dangerous. Afraid there will be a god awful war with Tehran and Haifa nuked. Actually a lot of the folks in Mossad are good professional people."

"Sessions and Barr are quite close and have been working behind the scenes on a lot of things. Sessions knows where things are going. But there are things about him I have to let go of."

"Vegas was a lot worse than people know. That came close to being a real disaster."

Yep. I had a stab at a #qanon decode of Vegas here:


"Soros is so evil it is off the charts. He makes Nazi`s look like a bunch of Democrats. We will see."

Hillary is still thinking of running.

"Her phone intercepts continue to say yes, and god knows she has the money. Warren is doa. There are things that are coming out on her."

ME is bad.

"Pretty bad actually. Think Iran and Israel are teeing up the big one. One of the reasons Trump is meeting with Erdogen."

Turkish coup attempt was fake and gay? No.

"Actually the U.S. was behind the Turkish attempt to get Erdogen. Only a back down in the U.S. Government kept his plane from being shot down."

Are the elections legit?

"No they are not. All the elections are fixed by different groups and the winner is which group is well craftier than the other. My money is on Trump. Things in the works."

Will we ever get the full truth about Vegas?

"no that will never surface. Too many people in the middle of that shit storm."

And with that, he has to go to the rally.

So, POTUS has a message for us tonight if we're paying attention. It's less than an hour from now, right?

To clarify: when anons call him 'Frank', they're accusing him of being Anonymous5, a notorious anon who used to dispense outrageous info on /pol/ - like seriously way out there stuff. A5 hid behind some guy called Frank's proxy once or twice, hence the Frank jibe.

I now have all ~1200 of his comments off 4chan in a Mongo database - although I see that this thread hasn't been grabbed entirely by my script which is weird.

I will be putting them up on a web page somewhere so you can search by topic.

Found a bug in my script's logic and fixed. I now have all his posts. Total : 1189 this year on 4chan. His one 8chan thread I will have to import some other way. I'm learning React so that I can build a single web page app for all this - search by keyword etc.

The thread has been deleted from 4chan already which is suspicious. The archived version is here:


Thanks to everyone who let me know! I'm off - watch the rally for me please!

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