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Who is Obama?

This is a thread you won't want to miss.
A #WellHellzBellz exclusive.

Mossad propaganda (Corsi) want you to focus on the father.
Everyone has overlooked his mother, Ann Dunham.

Ann Dunham IS NOT Obama's birth mother.
Obama probably doesn't know who he is. All he knows is what they told him.

▶️February 2, 1961: Ann marries Obama Sr.
▶️August 4, 1961: Ann gives birth to Baby Obama.
▶️September 1961: Ann starts classes at U of WA

► w/a 3 wk old infant
►leaving parents and
►new hubby behind in Hawaii,
►at age of 18
►on her own

Where are her prego pictures?

There are none.

Where are pictures w/her very first baby.

There are none.

She's on public record at U of WA in Seattle. This had to be in their story. Bio claims classmates remember seeing her with an infant.


They sold us a WHOPPER!!
Screencap in case they decide to change it.
Dunhans were CIA family.

▶️Ann worked for Ford Foundation
▶️and USAID
▶️Vietnam, rise of Pol Pot years.
▶️Dark CIA history for new eyes.😪

▶️1965 Ann marries Lolo Soetoro (date not given)👀
▶️1966 Soetoro moves to Indonesia
▶️1967 👈🏽Ann moves to Indonesia w/6 yr old Barry
Let's back up — point deserves emphasis.

They want us to believe Ann Dunham took a newborn to a new state, no family there, to start at U of WA.

How many moms and dads remember losing sleep w/a newborn, waking at all hours of the night?🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️

Story is ABSURD on its face. 💩💩💩
Obama's birth certificate is known to be a forgery.
Add additional info in the comments please.

Cameras rolling to capture crash, where Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy died.

#ObamaBodyCount might be higher than Clintons'.

What is the CIA? Current Q subject. Historical context.

Worth 12 mins of your time.
▶️CIA involvement in wars in 60s & 70s
▶️Propganda machine "Wizner's Wurlizer" @ 5:00

Ralph McGehee Reveals How the Agency Deceived the Country During the Vietnam War

Obama turns up in Indonesia w/Ann
▶️Fall 1967

Who is Obama's Mama?
▶️Spring 1967 Svetlana Stalin left son behind when she immigrated to America from New Dehli.
▶️Never saw son again
▶️Find a picture of him — None
▶️Svetlana born in 1926, 35 yrs old in 1961

Everything is a lie.
That is one helluva coincidence ..

and that is one helluva match.

Most powerful people in the world, we now know they were working w/U.S. Why couldn't Losif join his mother?

Think about it. They worship their NWO, psychopath gene pool.

Why not use the best?

Losif Stalin II
Need hashtags. Get it on internet.😆

Valerie Jarrett's father, Dr. James Bowman ran a Frankenstein lab in Iran. Designer Psychopaths?
VJ's brother?🤷🏽‍♀️Who knows?

Not #AnnDunham
Obama's handler was born in Iran.

Many theories on #AnnDunham. If she's not Obama's birth mother, why pursue it?

Ann visited Sloan-Kettering in NYC, died very young (52) on Nov 7, 1995. 187—tidy up lose ends?😲

#ValerieJarrett #JamesBowman #FBIrecord…
They couldn't tell young Obama who he was ... he might blurt it out. If he knows now, he didn't know then.

Hollee Mockingbird Disclosure Batman!!

The Manchurian Candidate was published the year before Obama was conceived.😳

Just another coincidence... or tidyup.🧐

Obama's grandmother Madelyn Dunham, dies on eve of his election.😲

Grandpa Stanley Dunham died in 1992. No obituary. No explanation. Nothing. Man who raised our President.🤔……
Critical takeaway

👉🏽We have no f—ing idea who Obama is.
👉🏽Neither does he.

Obama Sr. married Ann, left for Harvard, saw Barry once when he was 10. Seems he was a cover story too.

Obama Sr, an alcoholic, died in 4th car accident in 1992.

Neither are his biological parents IMO.
When we’re done he’ll claim Kenyan citizenship as a way to escape.

I'm attaching a short legal thread here.
It will make you VERY happy. 😊

This isn't my research and I haven't gone through it.
Worth tacking on to keep related research together.

Debunk popular theory.
Malik Obama only knows what they told him.

Birth certificates from Kenya listing Ann as mother are💩too.

Ann on public record at UofWA. If she didn't give birth in Hawaii weeks before classes, she sure as hell didn't give birth in Kenya on August 4, 1961.
Precedent — Annulled!

▶️Obama made recess appointments over 3-day weekend
▶️Supreme Court ruled unanimously
▶️Violated Constitution, overturning ALL appointments
▶️Ruling invalidated EVERY SINGLE decision (over 100)

#wellhellzbellz #obama #constitution…
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