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Here's what people need to remember: Obama spent 8 years trying to get that Iran Deal done. To accomplish it, he had to stay in the good graces of the Iranian mullah's #1 benefactor: Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Hence, the "Russian Reset", Skolkovo Initiative, U1, etc.
This is also why Obama dared not take any action at all to enforce that 'red line' in Syria, or speak up to loudly when Putin annexed Crimea & then invaded Ukraine.

And now we know of ANOTHER COMPELLING REASON Obama had to stay on Putin's good side.
Ambassador Yovanovitch was just testifying about this: the former unbelievably corrupt President of Ukraine, to whom the US & others were funneling BILLIONS of dollars thru IMF...was a Putin puppet.

We were essentially feeding billions to a corrupt Putin puppet gov't.
And then the Ukrainian people revolted and tossed that corrupt Putin guy out of office, and elected somebody else to be their president.

And so Putin didn't like that to reassert control over the country he INVADED it.
And as we all know, Obama sat there with his thumb up his ass while watching all this unfold, and the most he would do to help Ukraine fight off the Russian invasion was send blankets and humanitarian aid.
While Putin's puppet was still running Ukraine, this gov't that was corrupt it was legendary, Obama & Democrats started sending in BILLIONS of dollars in loans & foreign aid.

And top political elite families like the Bidens, the Kerrys, the Pelosis, they saw an OPPORTUNITY.
By the time Puttin's guy was tossed out of power in 2014, the political elites had already moved in and set up shop. Now it became about protecting their investment.

The politicians who were getting kickback bribes from setting this all up wanted the $$$ to keep flowing.
Hillary was supposed to win that 2016 election and keep the corruption going, the kickbacks, the bribes, the foreign aid being skimmed and looped back to the political elite class families.

But she didn't.

She lost.

And Trump took Ukraine policy is a NEW direction.
As long as one of their own was running things, the elite class could relax.

Trump winning suddenly raised the specter of their massive Ukraine corruption being exposed.

Trump does TWO things that immediately cause the elites to panic:
1) He lets the world know he going to far more than just morally support Ukraine's attempts to fight the Russian invasion - he sends them lethal aid.

2) Trump begins demanding accountability from Ukraine gov't for the BILLIONS we've dumped in there since 2009.
The elites could at least have a hope that one end of this exposure could be sealed shut if Putin manages to toss out the new Ukraine gov't and put a new puppet in there.

But Trump militarily supporting the new Ukraine gov't makes that very unlikely.
But when it becomes apparent earlier this year that Trump is demanding accountability & corruption investigations into where all the billions in aid went...AND ZELENSKY'S NEW GOV'T IS COOPERATING with this....

Democrats have a four alarm freak out.
Understand: Democrats CAN'T have this come out.

They can't have what was going on in Ukraine from 2009-2017 exposed, they can't let it be seen where much of the billions in foreign aid/loans actually went.

Because that would be the end of them.
If you think Putin wasn't watching with keen interest what the Democrats and these top US elite political families were doing in Ukraine from 2009 to 2017, you don't know him very well.
Not only was Putin watching, I'm sure he was encouraging all this "investment" in Ukraine by Dems/elite political class families.

Even though these elites knew they were opening themselves up to blackmail, the $ was too good for them to resist.
This is the end of the Democratic party if this all comes out. It's the end of these political power families.

And it is all going to come out.

They can't stop what's coming.

This impeachment sham certainly isn't stopping anything.

ADDENDUM: Remember, these elites are literally accusing Trump of having done everything they were doing THEMSELVES for going on 3 years now.
So would it be that shocking for you if evidence surfaces that Putin puppets among the political elite class who Vlad had kompromat on due to their Ukraine corruption have been calling Trump a Putin puppet for three years now?
Starting with this witch, who's "charity foundation" took in over $145 million from people involved in the U1 deal alone.

A "charity foundation" who's biggest single donor was...Ukraine. When it was a Putin puppet state.

[reminder: 2014 was the year Putin's guy got ousted]
How much effort was expended prior to Trump assuming office in late Jan. 2017, to kill Ukrainian corruption investigations? And who was leading & orchestrating the efforts to end those corruption investigations?

Take a look:…
And a reminder of the kind of luxury Putin's puppet Yanukovych was living in when he was toppled:…
@joelpollak The Trumps are NOT an elite political class family.

They got their money the old fashioned way.

They ***earned it***.

They didn't get elected to office & then sell that office & engage in massive bribery & kickbacks using foreign aid & loans.
@joelpollak Being President is actually ***costing*** Trump & his family money.

This why there's no leverage they can use to stop Trump.

And this is why all of these corrupticrats are terrified and we're watching this impeachment farce unfold.
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