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alright imma do my best to start a thread, mostly from the apple daily stream

as always, u can get 9 streams at once here…
reporter says they are outside the science museum; earlier, we heard protestors calling desperately to woleifei, or the “peaceful, rational, non-violent” group

“come back! come back! polyU needs you! woleifei, come back!”

in 5 months ive never heard begging more desperate
from telegram:

“saujuk, please tuck your shirts in!”

saujuk = comrades

we tuck our shirts in to make it harder for undercover cops to blend in. since they often have sidearms strapped to their waists, tucking shirts in will either reveal the gun or make it hard to draw
at jordan, protestors are trying to light a roadblock from a distance
at Jordan; the reporter said that many protestors have been repeatedly pushed back away from Hung Hom, down Gascoigne Road, back into Mong Kok

protestors are trying to create distance between them and police by throwing molotovs in the gaps
several reporters gasps as three particularly large flames burst from tossed molotovs

protestors appear to be trying to advance, but the water cannon truck has appeared. water has been fired, hitting a building nearby. the fires keep burning
the water cannon truck is heading through Nathan Road, a major road that spans a large strip of the Kowloon area

a police car speeds past — 2 police cars — chasing after the protestors, who have run away
in TST, protestors appear to have borrowed some veranda umbrellas from a nearby bar and used them to form makeshift roadblocks/shields
in the left image (from TST), a single policeman can be seen aiming a tear gas gun at the umbrellas
back in jordan, protestors appear to be advancing; they’re throwing molotovs ahead of themselves, trying to move police away
reporter: at TST (Mody Road), many people showed up with supplies to bring in to PolyU; he estimates at least 500 people.

police began dispersal action; used an armor truck. police and protestors are now facing off near the science museum
on Mody Road, cars are still moving. i.e. whatever police use to disperse protestors, they will affect drivers and passengers in those cars too

police are now weaving in between cars, rifles up and pointing into the car windows
back in Jordan: protestors have advanced to the crossroad. they are still tossing molotovs in front of themselves while tear gas billows.

they’ve formed a very condensed block, using the cover of the umbrellas to move forward

ok my screenshots are NOT LOADING so no pics
apple daily has now opened 3 images on their stream, which is highly unusual. probably too many groups of ppl in the area
there is a large crowd near the harbor in TST

forgive me; im an islander thru and thru and am v unfamiliar with kowloon roads ><
pic of the three separate views
reporter says that the protestors struggling up jordan road have been here for hours; there appear to be about 200 visible on the screen at the moment
this is a HK staple: large neon christmas displays on buildings along the harbor

this one, ironically, says “PEACE”
speaking of the harbor, many are traveling over to kowloon from the island side via ferries that cross the victoria harbor
wow! there are a LOT of people here in TST
press are hunkered down beside the fence

above, the awning of the building has caught fire — not from molotovs, but from the teargas canisters fired by the police.

behind the wall of tear gas are about 200-300 protestors
teargas fired at TST; someone picked up a canister and threw it back

someone is shouting “if you have a respirator/gas mask, go forward!” he’s shouted that 4-5 times, tho, so it may be that not many there have gas masks...
reporter says that the protestors in TST do NOT have any weapons, unlike the ones in jordan; from what i can see, these are true woleifei. they only have umbrellas and are all wearing surgical masks, which do nothing against tear gas
reporter says that protestors have retreated back towards the harbor, southwards

again: these in TST are protestors with NO GEAR, NO WEAPONS.
reporter says there are 400-500 protestors

from what i can see, no gas masks. some are coughing from the tear gas
the note at the bottom of the stream says “more than a thousand parents wait at East TST to wait for news of their children; police continuously release tear gas to disperse them”

i did not see this happen, but that’s fucking ridiculous. last i saw the parents were just sitting
the chant of the day is “go into PolyU, save the students!”

the difference of tonight/today’s action is that it’s not to deter police: it’s an active offensive, trying to get thru police lines into PolyU
at jordan, police are still facing off with protestors under the bridge at gascoigne road

reporter says that water cannon truck and armored truck appear here often
from telegram:

about 30 policemen are stopping cars on the bridge outside the hung hom stadium and shining their laser flashlights at pedestrians
back to jordan, between nathan road and gascoigne road:

on that bridge, riot police are facing off with protestors below.

much of nathan road behind the protestors is covered in bricks and other small roadblocks
protestors are advancing towards the bridge

it’s difficult to walk/form a shield wall here because there are bricks and other debris scattered across the road
back on Mody Road in TST:

tear gas fills the street. protestors have taken shelter temporarily under a building.

these ones are clearly less well-equipped than their friends in Jordan
at TST, near the science museum, three police are holding down a man and a woman. while sitting on the man, one policeman points his rifle ahead of him
lots of the usual unintelligible shouting by police. additionally difficult to understand bc their gas masks muffle their words
back at jordan

the reporter said that protestors have several times succeeded in throwing molotovs onto the bridge; in response, police shoot tear gas down at the protestors
reporter says that most of this group of protestors is actually out of frame, behind this group of frontliners

they appear to all have come from MK

the backline are also advancing, umbrellas up, to close the gap with the frontliners
reporter says that the protestors believe that a water cannon truck is approaching
i think the protestors at jordan are standing where the dog emoji in the middle is — the curved road is Gascoigne; the straight one behind is Nathan

the water cannon has arrived on Gascoigne
the shield wall looks pretty good, but protestors will still be soaked from the powerful jet of pepper spray water that will come from the water cannon truck

that shit is NASTY. makes you cough, choke, vomit
(if i miss anything, pls let me know!!!)
yoooooo protestors have advanced quite far! they’re now on curly Gascoigne road — which puts them dirrectly under the bridge that police are on, and directly facing down the water cannon truck that’s a shiny dot in the distance
in another part of jordan, the molotovs are coming in HOT

there is also a veritable horde of protestors, armed with mostly umbrellas, bricks, and glass bottles (second pic is just taken just behind the first one)
you can also see another veritable horde of press on the left
here’s a full shot of the scene.

bottom right: protestors under the umbrellas, advancing forward

top left: riot police shield wall

bottom left: reporters
back on Gascoigne (bruh that name is hard to spell)

protestors have retreated, further back than before. they’re now back on Nathan Road

seems like it’s too difficult to go down Gascoigne: tear gas + other bullets from above and a water truck directly in their path
new view: Chatham Road South

main road into PolyU. police fired many rounds of tear gas; protestors moved back into the observatory (? i guess the building is there)

protestors cannot push thru further onto CRS
there appears to be a roadblock in the middle of the road, separating the police from the protestors. lots of banging sounds coming from behind the roadblock, where there appears to be a sizable contingent of protestors
oh toe clarify! the road is called observatory road SORRY
police crept up slowly and surprised protestors around the corner; protestors fled in a panic; observatory road is now empty

but wow was no one watching around the corner??? police definitely got a few people with the first few shots (unknown projectile)

corner is on left
but on the left, out of frame, is the rest of Chatham Road South, where other protestors are still safe behind a roadblock.

police seem to have retreated away from the roadblock, down CRS

(this is at intersection of observatory road and CRS)
protestors are skipping over the road block and reentering observatory road from CRS (reporter estimates 300-400 protestors in this area)

theres a large billow of smoke from molotovs
back on jordan:

lots of police advancing down the street. they are shouting at two reporters, waving their laser beams at them wildly and pointing their batons directly at the reporters.

(sorry i can’t tell where this is)
policeman at [unknown location in jordan] aiming [unknown gun] at [unknown target]

im so sorry
i think the reporter is saying that police surprised protestors bc there was thick tear gas and visibility was low; protestors thereby fled
back on CRS/Observatory road: an external AC set has been set on fire by tear gas

a worried resident peers down from above — brave move, because there’s H E L L A tear gas
sorry, forgot to attach the pic of the AC unit
here’s a map of this scene; purple line is chatham road south, green is observatory road, and yellow is the protestors’ roadblock
a girl is walking towards police with her hands up, appears voluntarily

she is surrounded by reporters — she appears to be speaking in english. a woman with her are escorted by police into…? a bus terminal, it appears.

seems like reporters are not sure whats going on
policeman with dumb-looking but pretty serious body armor standing guard; this terminal appears to be a rest-spot for policemen
back on CRS/Observatory Road; police fired many rounds of some rubber/cloth bullets at protestors

they are also pulling away debris on the road and firing teargas as they retreat
on Mody Road, the water cannon truck has appeared!!!

people are retching, coughing; some are still holding up the large umbrellas, trying to block the water
floor is blue with the pepper-spray water. but people are still going back to the umbrellas, desperately trying to hold the water cannon truck back
apple daily caption:

“traffic info: 16 MTR stations will close at 9pm tonight”

or i guess they’ve already closed at 9pm tonight
on the screen, people are dyed blue. some are still retching. even the reporter is coughing

i havent been directly sprayed, but i’ve been in contact with blue water and it stings every orifice on your face
reporter says that, instead of thinning out, the crowd here at Mody is swelling despite the blue water and presence of water cannon truck just behind the umbrellas
brief update from CRS/Observatory Road: road is once again filled with protestors!

please, please, please check the corner this time!!!!
from telegram: hung hom curved bridge towards waterloo road — policemen are “catching” drivers who are driving to save the PolyU people.

they need reporters!!!
police are rushing up the footbridge on [cameron?] road, but they dont appear to actually meet any protestors

fuck its blurry again
on gascoigne, the water cannon has arrived; it’s firing jets of non-blue peper water

protestors have thrown molotovs in return; police also fire rubber bullets and tear gas
it’s still just as hard, if not harder, for protestors to move into gascoigne road. reporter says that they haven’t moved back much, but with the water cannon this close, their chances of moving forward are slim

brb 5 min break
…did the apple daily reporter just say 1000000 peple are at kowloon?
the protestors on gascoigne are coming under heavy attack

water cannon truck plus an entire line of riot police, both advancing towards where the protestors are

a protestor shouted and two policemen whirled around to aim guns down a side street
this is a really fukin surreal photo

a trash can
water cannon
fires from molotovs

all on a normally busy road

#HongKong #HongKongProtests
a photo from telegram:

scene from TST. HKers have really shown up for PolyU! there are definitely enough of them to make a statement. but will they be able to break through the police lines?
Gascoigne Road in Kowloon, #HongKong
from this livestream, can’t tell if any protestors have been arrested. two raptors are running onto the main road…

and those two raptors have wrestled a man onto the ground
more riot police are showing up; protestors are running — a few still remain
they have taken away this man;

surreal bc there are so many yellow-vested first-aiders and press, but they can only watch helplessly as the police frogmarch him back behind their lines

there are at least 30 riot police/raptors on this stretch of nathan road

no protestors
nathan road is longggggg as heck! it runs through most of kowlooon and is home to many shops — local and high-end.

to see riot police swarming all over it, full-armed, is surreal

(also a policeman is screaming at press, again.}
telegram is passing along an increasingly longer and longer list of car plates — these are cars that police have been seen using around the area

bc protestors can easily identify police/govt vehicles, police often turn to unmarked cars to surprise protestors
a young male protestor has just been arrested on Gascoigne Road. gas mask still dangling from his neck, blood flowing down his face. he looked so defeated.

once arrested, he likely will face the harshest punishment bc he was found on gascoigne, where fierce fighting happened
from telegram:

“saujuk at PolyU have high morale — they’re itching to get home! let’s all go together! we’ll escort them home together!

one more road — chatham south — and we will win.

need people at chatham! need people at chatham!”
is anyone watching the apple livestream? is this nathan road? i can’t see the signpost bc its too fucking tear-gassy
police are advancing towards protestors, who are at most 200m away.

protestors are throwing molotovs to stop police advance, but they cannot hold under police fire; they retreat.
reporter is walking through an eerie scene; he’s walked about 50m since i started typing this and still hadn’t walked out of the smog

beyond the smog (60m) the protestors’ line is still intact, but they are forced to retreat under heavy police fire
protestors still pushed pack

BUT OMG an overeager kid with a molotov hit another protestor — the one who was hit quickly threw off the bag
pushed back to east asia building (?) sorry im doing literal trans. of street and building names
many of their umbrellas are frayed and even broken; the onslaught from police is pretty serious

protestors keep moving back through the tear gas. visibility is low, and chances of pushing forward are increasingly slim
through the tear gas, a set of police lasers pierce through

there are still many protestors left. they’ve hunched down, under their umbrellas. unsure how much farther they plan to back up
someone brought a mattress!

ai its blurry
reporter says that this is a dangerous junction, because police can easily zoom down towards protestors from the roads on either side
still here!

it’s at TST. oh god. oh god.

#HongKong #HongKongProtests #PolyU
reporter is on a bridge, and suddenly a flood of police run up towards him. 4 are now threateningly running the reporter backwards — many of them are beating their batons against the railings to create more sound as a form of intimidation

HK police hate press so much
jesus christ. i wasn’t there, but immediately i thought “i hope there is someone there on the bridge with him!” i was genuinely afraid that police would attack him...
no idea who tf this guy is, but he somehow got past police while filming them…? after he got past, he smiled goofily at the reporter while filming the reporter

back on nathan road/waterloo road, the protestors have moved forward again! someone threw out a bottle of unknown reddish liquid; even the reporter was baffled but he did not identify it as blood
protestors are advancing like this:

huddling tgt under the umbrellas, then sprinting forward as one for a distance, then huddling again

at the far end, police have raised a black flag again. a bang rings out — rubber bullet
i want to stress what the reporter said: the umbrella shield line is so large it spans BOTH sides of the road

tear gas is fired; protestors retreat
the tear gas canister fired towards the protestors’ line is producing such a volume of smoke that they struggled to find where the canister landed so that they could throw it away
reporter updates that they’re now all the way at YMT, pushed back from jordan

protestors huddle down again and again to protect against the shots fired by police — but the black “gwongfukheunggong, sidoigakming” flag still flies
what used to be the “RIOTER’S UNI SUPPLIES GROUP” is now a telegram group to match protestors with “parent cars” who are ready to pick them up & ferry them away to safety

*rioter’s uni = affectionate name for CUHK. this was the group that coordinated supplies for the CUHK battle
another shoddy wuliff map for context

yellow is the goal: PolyU
green is where this group was: jordan
purple is where they’ve been pushed back to: Yau Ma Tei

black is the direction they need to go if they are to reach PolyU — but they’re going backwards 😭
oh my god

protestors’ line BROKE in a panic — their molotovs must’ve burned their own frontline. as i typed, another molotov landed directly on the frontline protestors

it seems they are either increasingly tired, leading to mistakes, or increasingly desperate/impatient
telegram is also sending frantic messages

“saujuk! be careful with the fire magic! stop hitting our own side!!!!!"
protestors still advancing!

i was about to commend them for only having frontliners throw molotovs — but then the frontliner stepped into a molotov as he backed into the line

please be careul!!!!
apple live is filming jasper tsang, ex legco speaker-thing. he appears to be near PolyU????

escorted by police???? WOT
apart from jasper tsang, there’s also someone from HKU

reporter not allowed in; police said “he did not register! block him! block him!”

back to YMT, nathan road

road is in shambles, guys

and i can’t help but feel that throwing molotovs ahead of themselves is really gonna hamper their advance (and eventual retreat)
police using a mic to say “surrender asap! surrender!”. they’re also using their laser-level flashlights to shine wildly at protestors
like i said earlier, protestors’ advance is hampered by the molotovs and debris they left behind while retreating

one more time, the frontliners were splashed with fire ;~;

and now there is a molotov not even a foot away from the protestor line. how can they advance???
police are also closing the distance — but that means they’re ALSO blocked by the fires on the ground, and protestors’ molotovs are landing closer and closer to police lines

seems like the molotovs are keeping police at bay, but also preventing protestor advance ><
reporter is hiding behind the protestor line now — either due to barrage from police or bc the road doesn’t have enough space, idk

reporter says the police are only ~10-20ft away
switching to another view: the officials and academics are inside PolyU, and there are angry shouts ringing out on campus
reporter says that they are walking towards the PolyU canteen or Block F

when the group passed the protestors’ barricade, protestors shouted insults at the officials
ok these old dudes are just walking and walking so i’ll go back to YMT

from what i can see, fires, fires, fires: protestors are increasingly close to the fires??? and the line appears to have scattered??

im worried for them — looks like they’ve hidden out onto a side street
wait! oh! there’s a main line, still spanning the width of nathan road.

there’s a smaller splinter group of protestors hiding in a side street, throwing molotovs into nathan road

unsure why they’ve split up, but nathan road is a field of flames
jasper tsang appears to be greeting the “protect the kids” heroes
the HKU dude is talking to the protect the kids people about what happens when they leave, i think

the inevitability of arrest and conviction.

he’s saying to these guys that he can ensure their safety, but cannot control whether or not they are arrested/convicted
jasper tsang said he can guarantee everyone’s safety if they leave

someone else says they got tear gased at a “safe” exit (y core) — “we don’t trust the police”

hku dude: there are HS principals outside, if u want we can wait till they come in and we all leave tgt--
hku dude: this is not me asking u to surrender urself. but imo if they arrest u if u leave peacefully now, idk under what they would charge u

(booming sounds behind, students are doing smth)
hku dude declined question from press, insists that he wants to talk to the protect the kids people — a protestor has appeared, asks: can u guarantee that we will all be safe, even in the police station?
HKU dude: take a pic of urself before u enter the police station. if you come out with injuries, then the police have nothing to say

i can feel the exapseration emanating from this masked protestor
hku dude: i am confident that, if u leave now, u will not experience violent attack when u leave, and u will be safe in police station

protestor: are you sure u can guarantee—

jasper: how about we talk about this to the side so we dont crowd the others
omg sorry! clarification: the black-masked dude is NOT a protestor; he is wearing a shirt that says EMS
they are mumbling and there’s a lot of booming — i just that others are straining to translate this convo so i’ll RT whatever anyone can hear! im going to focus on YMT
wait i can’t lmao

EMS: if u really ant a resolution, how about both sides take a step back. police, retreat. protestors here will leave peacefully

HKU dude: /is speechless

i…dk how police will react to that, kid
reporter sum-up:

cheungdatming, jaspertsang arrived at PolyU suddenly; led here by protect the kids; convo with protestors; they express hope that everyone can leave peacefully

protestor: those staying are those who dont want to leave + not fear conviction but fear abuse
he asked cheung dat ming if he can guarantee —

stream cuts off, but from what i heard, the EMS asked if CTM can guarantee that ll protestors can leave without violent arrest + no abuse at all while in police station
from the livestream report, it appears that the some protestors circled behind police (not many police) and threw molotovs — and reporter says he heard live rounds due to police panic/confusion when they were surrounded
reporter says that a real bullet was on the floor — another reporter alerted the policeman and the polceman reinserted it into his rifle (??? even the reporter himself is confused)

also, several protestors have been subdued by police ><
also, polyU: HUGE FIRE — i think that’s what the booming sound from behind jasper tsang was
reporter said that the circling attack did not seem to have resulted in any police injury, but it scattered police

and reporter reaffirms that he heard real bullets fired
yall the fire at PolyU is huge — was there also a large fire a few days back?
reporter said that ~20 protestors have been arrested at YMT Nathan RoadxWaterloo Road

TST: cars have been jammed here for a while; apparently tear gas was fired around here
reporter says protestors have retreated back towards East TST; riot police are on a bridge above them tho!!!!!

“leave! leave! someone set a fire!” — police, from the bridge
jasper tsang meeting press: i’ll do my best

we came here to try to guarantee to these youth…they came in here not to participate in violence, and now they cannot leave. i received pleas of help from adults who are trying to care for these kids. --
they are all tired, scared, and want to leave — but they can’t.

i came in here to promise to bring them out. i cannot promise that if they go out they won’t be arrested; we’ve been speaking to police and police feel that they cannot do that.
they feel they’ve given sufficient warning to the kids.

we can guarantee however that no one who leaves will receive undue abuse. (lost smth here)

we are discussing how to speak to the youths, we dont want them to feel fear or experience abuse when they leave
reporter: what about minors?

JT: we will follow police procedure

reporter: (asked smth)

JT: i didnt set any terms. im just answering a plea to bring the young kids out

r: what about older kids?

JT: if they are willing to leave peacefully, welcome
jt: but from police, if these older ones have done anything illegal, then nothing i can do (?? i missed smth)

he said smth about following rule of law

hang on my twitter is lagging
rep: just now, first aiders attempted to leave but were tear gased. how do u guaratnee this wont happen?

JT: follow me, then. if we go out, then i’ll be tear gassed first, right. you just folow me then.

hrd to communicate his tone but when he said that i didnt like it
jt has just said that protestors who leave will be arrested

it seems he just means that minors will leave without violence or abuse from police, but may still suffer legal consequnece; older protestors are fucked, essentially
ok nope the more the camra shakes, the more dizzy i get. so sorry to tap out early in the night again but im gonna pass out i think

if someone else can keep this going, i’d be very grateful
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