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Let me tell you what I've seen here so far looking into this Malkin thing.

I see a new faction that's suddenly exploded onto the scene exactly a year out from the 2020 election that calls people like Charlie Kirk & Donald Trump Jr. "OpenBordersCons" and "Conservative Inc."
This new faction seem to have a problem with gay people and Jews in general. They seem really fixated on white racial grievances.
Surprisingly enough, just as it becomes APPARENT President Donald J. Trump is having immense SUCCESS in reaching societal groups previously cut off from any real appeal by the GOP & the Conservative movement, groups like....well...

...all of a sudden this very new faction appears to loudly shout "HEY PEOPLE LET'S ALL REMEMBER WHO WE ARE HERE IN THIS CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT, OK??!!

What the hell are all these gays and black and Jews doing in this tent? Isn't it time we returned to our roots?!"
My bullshit detector is going off.

Because if there is anything that would STOP the Trump movement's outreach to the black community, the Jewish community, the gay community & all the other nontraditional Conservative groups out there,

You want theological purity, join a church.

This is a political movement.

A group that makes it a point to yell "FAGGOT!!!!" at every gay person within earshot is telling me plenty about what it'll do if we let it inside the Conservative tent.
A group that makes it a point to talk about "working for Jews" and spends an awful lot of their time extolling all their racial grievances as oppressed white people being allowed a booth inside the Conservative movement, let me just go on the record right now by saying BAD IDEA.
What's changed?

David Duke wanted in. We told him to get lost.

Richard Spencer circled the tent a few times. We didn't let him in.

Why now? Why this new faction? Why are we suddenly being encouraged to allow this?
It was just over two years ago a "former" Democratic operative launched that Charlottesville fiasco in which he got a bunch of morons to parade around before the cameras chanting BLOOD AND SOIL.

Then a mentally disturbed person drove his car into a crowd.
I'll tell you what, the dirty tricks operatives of the Democratic Party ***THOUGHT*** they had Trump at that point.

No way he'd survive it. But he did, and boy are they pissed about it.

They still trot out the 'fine people on both sides' smear, two years later.
IF you wanted to halt Trump's outreach to the black community, the Jewish community, the LGBT community, and all those other groups here in America that he's been having success reaching...

HOW would you do it?

What **countermeasures** would you take?
The Left has been screaming for more than 4 years at this point, ever since Trump started running that he is:

1) racist
2) anti-semetic
3) homophobic/anti-gay
4) a white nationalist/supremacist

It hasn't WORKED. He's **still** reaching Blacks, Hispanics, other minorities.
You know what WOULD work?

How about this:

A very LOUD new faction that is PROUDLY & OPENLY

1) racist
2) anti-semetic
3) homophobic/anti-gay
4) white nationalist

very very publicly being allowed into the MAGA tent.

It's brilliant, really.
What evidence do you have that if this new faction is allowed into the tent, they won't IMMEDIATELY:

start hurling racial slurs at Kanye West & Dr. Alveda King

start hurling gay slurs at Brandon Straka & Scott Pressler

start claiming Trump needs to look after whites first?
Because I'm watching video clips of the stuff these people say at these organized protests where they disrupt stuff.

What evidence is there if they are allowed a place of honor within the MAGA movement that they're going to clean up their act?

What assurance can you give?
After we let Fuentes & his new faction into the tent, is he gonna stop calling gays 'faggots'?

Will he stop using racially inflammatory language? Are he and Kanye gonna work together in this movement?

Let me just say I'm not sanguine on the prospects of this.
Trump made this an inclusive MAGA movement. It's taken him 3 years being President to demonstrate he means it, he's the President for ALL Americans.

We're supposed to throw that away by making this new faction the New Right Face of MAGA?

I vote no.


Back when I was Never Trump I did a few rounds on here in debates with "alt-right" accounts who were insisting America was supposed to always be a white nation, they'd bring up documents from the 1700's to 'prove' the whole 'melting pot' thing is BS.
Several of these accounts talked about establishing a 'white homeland', getting America back to 'the intention of the Founders' which meant resegregating the races into different geographical regions, resegregating the schools, etc.

I quickly realized something.
95% of these accounts were faking it. They weren't real.

They were people looking for attention, or political activists trying to create a "Trump MAGA White Homeland" social media presence & then use to attack Trump.
Many were just what's called 'shitposters', looking to get an outrage response.

But I still suspect a lot of it was Lefty political activists role playing, because after Trump won, virtually all of those accounts faded away into the ether.
Now it's 3 years later and Trump has the Left absolutely terrified because no matter what they do, how hard they spin, how loudly they claim he's a national pariah, his popularity is dropping like a jet to earth, etc. etc. the truth keeps coming out where everybody can see it.
It's not an accident that we today have a MAGA movement marching Trump towards a huge reelection victory where Americans like Kanye & Candace Owens & Brandon Straka & Scott Pressler are very visible at the front of the tent.

I'm not going to let ANYBODY touch that.
This new faction, from what I've seen of it, a lot of their activity is centered around SHOCKING PEOPLE by saying the most outrageous things.

What happens if we open the tend door & the first thing they say when they get in here is "Why is that FA**OT & THAT NI**ER UP THERE?!"
What if we let them in & they immediately set about identifying all the JEWS inside the tent so they can WARN everybody about who they are?
The Left does the stupid f**king identity politics crap.

If you're coming inside the MAGA tent, LEAVE THAT CRAP OUTSIDE.
And that's the one thing that's making me speak out given my exposure to this group so far.

It doesn't LOOK LIKE they'd be willing to leave the identity politics at the door.
It took a lot of energy and effort by dedicated people to get this movement to this point where it's at in late 2019.

It's really taking off. Black Americans are getting the message. Hispanic people are getting the message. Gay Americans are seeing we don't hate them, etc.
Trump is winning CONVERTS. That's the one thing that sets Trump and his movement apart. He's actively reaching out to groups the LEFT considers theirs. And it's WORKING.
How can this be stopped?

You break the unity of the MAGA movement, it's the only way.

You get people inside this tent divided back into the subgroups where they 'belong', competing with each other in a spoils system.
I've seen nothing from this new American First faction that shows me if they are granted entrance, they'll play nice with the blacks in our tent, with the Hispanics in our movement, with the gays, with the Jews, etc.

They're not doing it now, why would they do it then?
Unity is our strength. Unity as Americans, working together to make America great and then keep it great.

To get that unity, we LAID ASIDE OUR DIFFERENCES.

Don't listen to people counseling you to throw that away.

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