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Live tweet hearing notes thread:

Vineland and Williams edition


Stupid autocorrect

Schiff is reiterating the previous testimonies and establishing the many things Trump sought from Ukraine while withholding meetings, aid fighting Russia, and other support

He wanted to damage the IC and SCO findings about Russian election attack
He wanted an investigation of his political opponents son also

(Trump also wanted Zelensky to allow Russias illegally and brutally annexed territory in Ukraine to establish their own pro-putin election for control of that territory, we'll get there soon)
Now Nunes statement, basically just hurling the word "false" at some reporting that is neither confirmed or unconfirmed about Trump campaign members interactions with Russia and its proxies and is attacking the media and the SCO and intel opinions as machinations of the DNC
He has moved on to attacking the whistleblower, despite all of the corroboration including that of Trumps self released july 25th call record
Nunes is now interjecting Russian Propaganda, via John Solomon and Ken Vogel, into the congressional record
Schiff just made it clear that they will not accept retalliation against the career officials testifying, Then he looked at Nunes and told him "that includes you and any of your colleagues"
🌋William's opening statement that "Trump had decided" that Pence wouldn't attend Zelensky inauguration

She found the July 25th call to be unusual, she had issued a memo containing a full TRANCRIPT of the call.

Vondman opening testimony he reminds us that Giuliani was promoting false narrative about the Ukraine which undermined our national interests and goal to make sure Ukraine, our ally which borders 4 nato countries is able to become and stay a strong democracy

Autocorrect really doesn't want that name spelled right
He was concerned by July 25th call, says Trump demanded that Ukraine pursued an investigation against his political opponent, which would make Ukrainian support a partisan issue and undermine our national security
The WH attorney for counsel says that William's cannot talk about her september call notes, because the president wants it classified; advises the WH version that was released as a reference that Trump wants to be used in court instead

If they released the call in earnest, why?
Vindman advised Zelensky about 'Russian provocation of ukraine'

And to stay out of US politics
Vindman remembers Sondland told the Ukrainians that in order to get a meeting with Trump they had to give a "deliverable" in form of investigations

Bolton was present
Mulvaney knew
Williams and Vindman: That's Correct

When asked if they both heard the word Burisma in the 25th callwhich wasn't in the call Transcript released by the WH
!!Vindman prepared actual US points to bring up in the call, that was his job

Trump strayed from those points completely to agree with Putin and RU state media instead!!
Williams: the reference to Biden sounded political to me

Vindland: the president ordered the Biden investigation

Autocorrect my bane
Volker is screwed..
Vindman: the call being put on secret server was to limit leaks and access
Vindman: Although preventing corruption was directly included in Donald Trump's talking points (Vindman authored the policy talking points to reflect Official US policy as per his job) He did not mention it in any of the phone calls
Sondland on July 10 according to Vindman: in order to get meeting Zelensky must investigate Biden (Against both of our countries security interest)

Bolton: shuts meeting and leaves
John eisenberg took notes!
Sondland is so fucked.
Zelensky emphasized to Pence that US giving the Ukraine Aid was also symbolic to Russia that we would not let them attack western democracy, withholding would make us appear weak and give aid and comfort to our enemy
Here comes the Nunes flying asshole circus

Nunes ran to the WH with Intel Comittee docs about Trump

tried to sue twitter when he was automatic shadowbanned with Gaetz, Meadows, Jordan, Paul for tweeting Russian propaganda

Asked Ru troll farm to help spread false memo
He is asking fast questions trying to establish that one of the witnesses might be a whistleblower, or who the whistleblower is

Despite the whistleblower testimony being completely corroborated in person by both witnesses

The president is guilty

The republicans are guilty
Castor opens with asking if the released 25th call was accurate, the witnesses say yes

Now asking about term burisma and which parts it was used in

He is implying that burisma may be a machination of both witness imaginations

He is changing the subject to attack whistleblower
He looks to be having gut pains during his questions, but is resorting to more process of elimination to seek the whistleblower ID

Someone get Castor to Walter Reed for half a physical
Now he is accusing the Ukraine of being wholly corrupt and insinuating that our congress approved defense dollars were withheld because of their corruption, which Trump never mentioned in any call

Castor is Rotsac spelled backwards
Castor, the only non rep lawyer on staff dumb enough to take a shot at defending this case, is changing the subject every time he gets an earnest answer

Any actual answer from the non partisan career official witnesses is pre-emptively destroying his premise

Castor seems to be iterating his own belief in Kremlin and extremist alt right neonazi propaganda and insinuating that somehow the NSC is deep state and out to get Trump. A theory that puts the blame on Ukraine for 2016 Russian election attack and undermines our own IC, and SCO
Earlier I said that some of the articles Nunes read off were either confirmed or unconfirmed..

I meant confirmed or *debunked

Looking forward to the 5 minute showdowns will continue thread after break

Smoke em if you got em
Neither*... damn it
5 minute rounds begin

Schiff: is it fair to say you have no first hand knowledge of Nunes questions?

Witnesses: that is correct

Schiff begins asking questions based on actual reporting

Lol, Jim Jordan eating his own medicine
Schiff establishes that Vindman does not think the president wanting an investigation was ambiguously perceived

Established that Bolton instructed Hill to talk to lawyers

That it wasn't just these service staffers, or NSC or some secret plot by the DNC
Nunes indicates he will turn his time to Jordan, asks if Vindman ever used a computer at nsc without consent

Vindman says no

Jordan opens by bastardizing testimony; accuses Vindman of being a leaker

Says his boss and others questioned his judgement
Vindman feeds Jordan a turd by reading a glowing letter of recommendation by Hill
Jordan is begging to narrow down the people on the call, or who could read it

Again trying to find the whistleblower

Schiff shuts down the attempt, again
Jordan once again tries to call the legal process of whistleblowing, leaking

Kids got molested long after the abuse was first reported because of #GymJordan and his belief that speaking out against abuse is leaking
Himes notes that Trump is still intimidating witnesses

And that Vindman is a purple heart recipient, infantry combat, hero and patriot

Vindman is not a politician nor does he hold dual loyalty
Vindman didn't entertain the offer to be a Ukraine defense minister because in his own words: I am American

He considers it to be a higher honor to be Lt colonel here, than a defense minister anywhere in the world
Ratcliffe is saying that neither witness actually said the word bribery in their depositions and so the extortion and bribery we are all witnessing must not be real... #TrumpExtortedUkraine
Sewell asks about Giuliani advances, and under who's authority he was acting under

Vindman says part of Giuliani purpose was to have the Ukrainians take the heat for Putin on the 2016 election attacks

Sewell quotes Giuliani saying he ONLY answers to Trump
Turner is categorizing the two witnesses as trying to overstep Sondland in their effort to carry out their jobs

Says seeing Giuliani repeating RU propaganda on national tv is second hand knowledge

Implies the talking points vindman was hired to prepare are given second hand
Schiff once again defines reality and the meaning of "bribery" for the deranged Republicans
Carson asks Vindman about the meeting where Sondland requested the investigation specifically of Hunter Biden

Vindman th old Sondland and WH lawyers that it was inappropriate the same day

Bolton had sent Hill to WH lawyers

WH lawyers are complicit
Wenstrup asks why Vindman went to WH counsel instead of Morrison

Vindman says Morrison didn't avail himself

Says he reached above his role by reporting and calls him a known it all, implies he was out of line to report

Vindman reported out of "sense of duty"
Speier establishes that it was legal And not out of the chain of command for him to go to the attorney

Vindman tells her that as a repercussion he has been unusually left out of meetings since his deposition
Stewart is reprimanding Vindman for asking Nunes to address him by his rank.

Stewart's military service is not equal to Vindman because the Republicans are literally turncoats for Putin.

GOP vets have nothing left but spoiled valor
Quigley asks about hold ups on assistance

Williams says OMB rep said assistance was withheld on order of WH chief of staff, and in meeting discussed how they would explain to congress at end of fiscal year
Elise Stefanik comes out to attack Hunter Biden, Ukraine, and her own campaign again

Swalwell reminds everyone that regardless of how they reported it, the witnesses reported the crime

Which there is evidence of

Terminology and semantics aren't making Trumps crime go away
Will Hurd establishes that Ukraine has taken a number of steps to fix systemic corruption , to which Vindman agrees, blowing apart his party mates points about corruption being the reason Trump withheld aid

the misguided Hurd was trying to say Vindman policy points irrelevant
Castro reads Trumps 25th call asking if he hears any corruption statement consistent with US policy

Vindman: I do not
Ratcliffe again, saying this was a request and not a demand

Williams refers to transcript

Turning his gaze on Vindman he suggests that #TrumpExtortion isnt as bad as he thi is is because their direct superiors didn't think it was

Hill testimony will crush this line of reason

Jordan again,

Beating on their new favorite accusation that Vindman didn't tell the right superiors...

Maybe that was the case at #OSU also
Heck establishes that within hours Vindman reported the extortion but that the WH counsel told him not to talk to anyone else about it
Heck reads the WH tweets (during testimony) attacking Vindman as a sick attempt at character assassination

Now Jordan is attacking Pelosi and saying Democrats don't accept the will of America.
#GymJordan , Americans typically aren't as stupid as you and the majority of us are registered democrats

The will of America will prevail at the polls, try as you might to use foreign assistance, #ComplicitGOP
Welch is questioning again whether republicans think it is proper for a president to ask a foreign country to investigate their political opponents

He is explaining again how Putin, with Manaforts help, turned a burgeoning democracy in Ukraine into an authoritarian kleptocracy
Welch: Do it hard, do it dirty, do it how you do it

He explains that Trump could have just investigated Biden himself, but he chose to extort Zelensky
Maloney establishes that these are first hand witnesses to extortion and bribery, and that is the reason this hearing is in session

Trump is the criminal, there is no ambiguity, GOP is criminals

The witnesses are career service professionals
Demings asks Vindman to explain why Ukraine is still important to us, establishes that there is a hot war with Russia in a state bordering 4 nato countries

She explains that Russia is emboldened by the decisions that Trump has made, with agreement of witnesses
Krishnamoorthi opens by saying that being an immigrant doesn't diminish Vindman's loyalty to USA

Points out that Nunes was going to bat for Russian propaganda when he defended Solomon articles earlier
And so...

Devin Nunes is closing by accusing the Democrats of hacking themselves for Trumps benefit in the 2016 election
Schiff reads another glowing letter from COS office about Vindman service

Explains that each of these witnesses has more valor in one eyelash than GOP has in all of their empty, soulless beings combined

Recaps #TrumpExtortion
Couple points,

Trump withheld a show of solidarity with our ally against Russia by ordering Pence not to attend inauguration, Pence obliged

WH counsel told witnesses to keep quiet

WH released call log Trump claims was complete and then called for transcript to remain secret
Next up, Volker and Morrison

Vindman says Morrison didn't avail himself when he wanted to report

The democratic counsel is straight up using Volker texts as exhibits.

This is going to be fun

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