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So - I've been seeing a lot about this whole allegation lately. There are two reasons this whole "Funimation was paying Monica and Ron's legal bills" allegation comes up. The first is that Kiwi Farms have no clue what they're talking about with regard to anything ever.
The second is that Nick Rekieta is a smug and insufferable disgrace to the legal profession who deceives his YouTube audience, either through ignorance or intent, to get them to believe this kind of thing.
Seriously, y'all - just start with the assumption that if it's law and it's from either of those two sources, it's very wrong. The balance of probabilities is very much in favor of that every single time.

But let's look at this one real quick - starting with who said what when.
Let's start with Nick, who covered at about the 1:24:30 mark during the 16 November livescreech:

I'm a slow transcriber, so the next tweet or two will take a couple minutes. Although most of the scene is just attempts to look thoughtful.
Oh - but first - if you go back, maybe by accident, to a minute or so before that timestamp, Nick says (regarding a bill)

"These are the mobile notaries, who cares."

I'd suggest that if Ty maybe should have cared about that option.

But back to the matter at hand.
"Exhibit D. What is this? What is this?

Huh. Let's go up and see what Exhibit D is. Hold on. It's going to be in Casey's - oops - Casey's affidavit here. Casey Erick, Exhibit D."
[turns head instead of rotating document]
"[quoting] 'Since I joined Cal's and Thompson PC the total amount of reasonable fees and expenses incurred by defendants through dismissal is $25932.50. This amount reflects 94.3 hours times $275/hr plus $118.76 in expenses. See Exhibits D & E."
Nick "OK. Back to exhibit D."
So here's Exhibit D since Casey Erick joined Cals and Thompson. More redactions.

Anybody notice anything about this page that's weird? There's a really weird thing on this page."

me - The thing I notice most is Nick's acting.
Nick: "See if you guys...

Date: 6-18-2019. Client number 11637. Client name Funimation."

[long pause]
[attempts to look thoughtful; succeeds only in looking like constipated chipmunk attempting to have an idea.]
Nick: "Hmmm. That's weird. That's not John Volney's billing. Hmmm."

[leans back in chair, attempts second furrowed-brow-of-faux-concern-look, this one more reminiscent of a baffled muskrat.]

Nick: "Hmm. Hmm. Hmm."
[taps fingers on mouth in attempt to look even more concerned.]
[We'll throw open the look on that last one for viewer's choice.]

Nick: "Let's see."
[Scratches chin.]

"What's really interesting here... 6-26-2019...attend deposition of plaintiffs and clients and preparation for same."
Me - what's really interesting here is that Nick is about to totally ignore the fact that, in defiance of all common sense, Ty never bothered trying for a Funi deposition. So if Funimation was the clients, what deposition would that have been?
Nick: "So..."
[more attempts to look thoughtful while rocking back in chair and attempting to give the impression of thought]
"Client name 'Funimation'... prior to depositions. They see Erick at the depositions...

Did Ron lie under oath?"
Nick: "Did Monica lie under oath? Huh. Weren't they asked if anybody else was directly or indirectly paying for their legal representation? Hmm. Client, Funimation. Why would Casey Erick write that the client was Funimation? Surely Ron - Ron and Monica are the client, right?"
Nick: "Like that's the client. Hmm. Hmm."
[more brow-furrowing bovine feces]
"I mean this isn't a theory, right? Casey's in charge of his own billing. Why on earth would he write, "Client name Funimation"?"
[head scratching that ain't gonna win an Oscar.]
Nick: "That's weird, fam. That's real weird."

"Well I mean I meant it with someone else though. I meant it wasn't them. I mean I meant it was..."

[I don't know what he's saying either.]

"Why does your billing software say your client is Funimation?"
Nick: "It's only all of it though. Only all of the pages say Funimation. Who's your client?"

"Exhibit E. Cost Report. Funimation. Mignagna vs Funimation. Oh, you guys can't see that so well. It's way over to the left here. Kinda like Monica."
END NICK because there's only so much we should take of that.

I subjected you to that much of my bad transcription because there's something I wanted you to see there, and it's easier with text than a clip.
Notice what Nick's not doing:

He's not quite making direct accusations. He's "asking questions." He's making insinuations. He's possibly forgetting that false light is a thing.
Nick says things like, "it sure looks like your client may have lied under oath."

But much of an idiot as Nick is, he's only so stupid, you know what I mean? He knows full well that the NMC is mostly comprised of people who trust - god knows why - his legal knowledge.
Nick knows how wound up the NMC will get. And while he's incompetent to such a point that one wonders how he got through law school, I can't quite bring myself to believe that he's really so stupid as to think that the client field in the internal billing means Funi was paying.
Let's dispense with that real quick, since there seems to still be some confusion - and some folks, although able to recognize that Nick is a liar and Kiwi Farms are fools, aren't quite sure why.
Even if we set aside all common sense, here's what would have had to happen for Funimation in those records to mean Funimation was being billed:

(1) We know that Kessler Collins was billing for both Andrea and Casey's time. And we know that the bills were being sent to Monica.
(2) And we know that when Casey left, they stopped billing for Casey's time but continued to send bills for Andrea's time to Monica.
So in order for the stupid theory that the client name thing on the internal time tracking sheets (note the "internal use" thing on the bottom), Casey would have had to start getting paid by Funimation immediately upon changing firms. That's kind of nuts if you think about it.
And that's not all - he'd have had to have shifted to being paid by Funi while the bills for Andrea's time were still going to Monica, and at a time when we can see that despite shifting firms, Casey was still working with Andrea, including sending tasks for completion.
So for this theory to be correct, Casey would have to be getting paid by Funimation at the new firm while everything else was going through the old firm which was sending bills to Monica Rial.
So the choices are a bit of spectacular conspiracist dumbassery first cooked up by KiwiFarms and then parroted by Nick, or "the client name in the internal software is sometimes an internal reference not the entity getting billed."

Seriously, which do you think it is?
I don't believe for a minute that Nick is so stupid as to actually believe what he oh-so-carefully-tried-to-avoid-directly-claiming. The bad acting alone is evidence of that.

(Seriously, Nick, invest some of those superchat allowance dollars on some acting lessons.)
No, this is just another example of Nick trying to get other people to parrot lies about the defendants.

Nothing more.
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