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Sondland <thread-ish>

Open Hearing with Ambassador Gordon Sondland

😉9AM DC local time👇🏻

via @YouTube
@YouTube Links to Sondland’s (not Amended) Depo Transcript
Subthread includes a decent break down of that 10+ hours long verbal shart..

@YouTube Here’s Sondland’s “crib sheet” of his 306+ page long depo Transcript

🌶sidebar🌶 who ever prepared Sondland for his Depo I would personally like to thank you for the piss-poor prep dude cracked like an egg <29pages in

@YouTube This is/was Sondland’s Addendum to his Depo - weird how some were like, you know the witnesses sign off so that could partially explain the delay in release of the 😂😂👇🏻TRANSCRIPT KRAKEN 👇🏻😂
@YouTube The disparity in Morrison & Sondland respective, Depo Transcripts, welp it’s alarming.

Morrison = 95+xs
Sondland = 4xs
FTR “omissions” is equal to lying, don’t do it.
Ask Michael Cohen and Roger Stone how lying to Congress worked out
@YouTube Just case that YouTube stream gets wonky - here’s the CSPAN stream. What to look for
-invocation of the 5th
-what question(s) did Sondland invoke
-prolific use of Executive Privilege - understand this the “privilege’ is NOT his to assert
-immunity granted
@YouTube ps - NOT a chance I’m going to live tweet throughout the hearing. I don’t have the stamina.

I want my laser focus on: the actual substance, tone. Nonverbal etc
See subthread re Sondland’s nomination process (or lack there of)
@YouTube Here this subthread walks you through some of the deviation in Morrison & Sondland Depo Transcripts
@YouTube And they might dig in (deeper) to the July 25th emails Sondland sent (presumingly) prior to the 9:03AM (local DC time) call with Zelensky

@YouTube And there you have it Sondland took the steering wheel of the fleet on hummers and ran it over EVERYONE
Literally gasped repeatedly

@YouTube The @HouseGOP should be TERRIFIED
and I fucking love it
“State Department was fully supportive of our engagement in Ukraine affairs, and was aware that a commitment to investigations was among the issues we were pursuing," Sondland
@YouTube @HouseGOP Holy FORK - he went totally rogue and it’s glorious
24 pages long
Holy gawd this is glorious

@YouTube @HouseGOP Oh dear... here we GO
Get your popcorn ready...
WhatsApp and you thought I was off base in early Oct.
Sondland came with serious receipts and it appears he knew not to trust Trump who’d shank him

@YouTube @HouseGOP 😂👏🏻😂👏🏻😂👏🏻😂👏🏻😂 okay for you guys not in DC - Sondland’s Statement is what many of us colloquially say:

In DC WE STAB YOU IN THE FRONT, not in the back - figuratively NOT literally- Although it might be a double tap because this statement is GLOBAL

@YouTube @HouseGOP Sondland stated in unequivocal terms that he & his lawyer’s repeatedly asked the @WhiteHouse and @StateDept for his communiques. They ignored said request.
1) how did Sondland obtain his exhibits?
2) did he back them up on a different device?
Pgs 11-23
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Checkmate - Sondland sunk Trump et al battleship and this does not make me sadz
Anyone have eyes/ears on Trump & Giuliani
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Game.
And there you have it - clear - unequivocal -
BuhBye Rudy-fresh-n-fruity
BuhBye Bubbles-pounce
BuhBye Pom-I DEFEND ALL State Dept-Peo
BuhBye Rick “dancing with da starz” Perry
BuhBye Mick “a$$kisser” Mulvaney
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Follow up question(s)
- did you or your staff have ANY communication with Kushner -cough WhatsApp re the Ukraine freeze, Turkey Syria & Macedonia
- did you retain those communiques outside the PRA?
- did you proved State & the WH with those communiques
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Amended
Amb Sondland you testified about “phones” - did these phones include YOUR personal phone?
Did you turn those records over?
Confirm which wireless carrier you use
Did you use your gmail account for Govt comms?
Beyond your iPhone, IPad, Sat Phone & State laptop did you use?
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Beyond your primary iCloud account at any time have you used a 2ndary iCloud acct and/or any other “cloud” based service to retain records?
Have you ever reviewed classified documents on any personal device?
Did you coordinate your statement with any entity besides your counsel?
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Next ROUND of Witnesses
David M. Hale
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
Depo Transcript 👇🏻
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Ambassador Hale’s Depo “Crib Sheet”
I would expect a lot of questions surrounding the State Dept freeze on aid etc
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Laura K. Cooper
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia
Thread of her Depo & Crib Sheet
(Wait for next tweet)
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Because in Cooper’s Depo there was something unusual and largely overlooked
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Hale on 9/12/19
“U.S. State Department has cleared $141.5 million in security assistance for Ukraine, including money for sniper rifles and grenade launchers..assessed further opportunities on foreign military financing the Countering Russian Aggression”

@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept FTR this is what Cooper is referencing re DOD Certification
Told ya this would be important
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Bejesus so the White House continues it’s attack on Career public servants
She gave quasi new info that the CN (Congressional Notice) was blocked by the OMB in EARLY JULY
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Because apparently the White House watched her testimony
Now do you all get the obligated, fiscal year and de-obligated rush to get the funding back on track?

@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Don’t get this twisted our Kyiv Embassy was in touch with BOTH DoD and State about the funding “freeze” in. July and during an August meeting w’ Ukraine Embassy Staff brought up the freeze to Cooper and her staff
because this moves the DATE back to July 3rd NOT Sept
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Moreover she also testified about “the urgency” and Zelensky’s “public statement” as helpful to unfreeze the funding.
I don’t know what it’s going to take for the House GOP to pull their heads out.
This is bad
@YouTube @HouseGOP @WhiteHouse @StateDept Oh dear - did you really think I was completely off my rocker when I tried to explain to you what “inchoate crimes/offenses”.. Or that using the “no harm, no foul” would be the last hill the TRUMPERS would stand on?
See thread & last tweet in thread
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