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If Sen. Lindsey Graham's statement is accurate, and the DOJ IG FISA report will be publicly released on Dec. 9, that means IG Horowitz's appearance before the Senate Judiciary Comm. is going to be to summarize the 1,000+ page report, a sort of a "Cliff's Notes" briefing.
Due to the nature of the large roles the FBI's Confidential Human Sources [CHS's]

1. Christopher Steele
2. Sefan Halper
3. Joseph Mifsud

play in the FISA report, Horowitz will also be discussing how the FBI will change policy to prevent any repeat of this kind of thing.
Let me just briefly summarize the serious issues that are currently known about each of the CHS's that played key roles in the Comey FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election:
1) Christopher Steele

Was not an intelligence officer, he was a paid political activist contracted with Fusion GPS who was receiving $ from the Hillary Clinton campaign & the DNC via the law firm of Perkins Coie.

That **alone** should've DQ'd him from being an FBI CHS.
Was claiming to be in contact with either current or former **top Russian intelligence officials** who were giving him this Trump/Russia Collusion info.
The chance Steele was being fed disinformation by current/former Russian intel agents in the Putin gov't would be extremely high, so VERIFYING the info was of utmost importance.

**ESPECIALLY** verifying it was crucial if the FBI was going to USE IT to start investigations.
And yet we know that Comey's FBI made little, if any real effort to verify this info supposedly coming from Russian officials before they made use of it in their investigation of the Trump Presidential campaign.
Comey himself was forced to admit under oath to Congress that Steele's Trump Campaign/Russian Collusion info compiled in his dossier was 'salacious and unverified'.

If so, that 'evidence' from this CHS should NEVER have been used in any official investigation.
Even before the FBI made use of Steele's unverified Trump Campaign/Russian Collusion info to launch an investigation into the Trump campaign, they should have known Steele & other political operatives at Fusion GPS were giving this **same information** to news media outlets.
Even if the FBI did not know Steele was giving this same Trump/Russia info to the news media before they hired him as a CHS to provide them with info to drive their investigations of Trump & Co., they certainly became aware of it AFTER they'd hired him.
According to released docs, Steele was hired as an FBI CHS sometime in early 2016.

He was supposedly fired as a CHS in October 2016, shortly before the Nov. election.

But this 'firing' was not real & these FBI officials created a secret backchannel to continue using him as CHS.
This secret backchannel between Fusion GPS's Steele & Glenn Simpson consisted of top DOJ official Bruce Ohr meeting with Steele/Simpson & receiving their latest Trump/Russia info. Ohr then meets with FBI agent Joseph Pientka, who fills out an 302 form to be passed around the FBI
Of course, it's not established FBI procedure that when you discover a CHS you hired to give you info you used to launch counterintelligence investigations is leaking that same info to the press, you pretend to fire that CHS & then secretly continue using his information.
Steele was not properly vetted and his information was not properly verified before the FBI made use of it to launch investigations and seek spying warrants based on it.

Steele's work in compiling his fake Trump/Russia info is rife with errors, some of which are comical.
In the course of his compiling his dossier, Steele grabbed the name of a Russian entrepreneur, Aleksej Gubarev, from an anonymously authored blog post on the now defunct website, CNN iReports that claimed Gubarev was involved in the hacking of the DNC emails.
That apparently was the extent of Steele's research before putting Gubarev's name in his now infamous dossier.

Steele also claimed to St. Dept official Kathleen Kavalec that Russia has a consulate office in Miami.

There is no Russian consulate in Miami.

Steele also claimed that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen went to Prague in the Czech Republic to make payments to hackers.

Despite several desperate media attempts to resuscitate this claim, it was 1 of the 1st Steele dossier claims to be debunked.
Steele's dossier also claims evidence Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is a Russian asset working as a Trump/Russia collusion conduit.

If so, the 2+ yr Mueller Special Counsel's office failed to uncover any evidence at all about it. Flynn got 1 single charge of process perjury.
So to briefly summarize my summation [lol]

a) FBI should never hire political activists as CHS's
b) FBI never verified Steel's T/R info before using it
c) any research would've exposed Steele's info as bogus
d) leaking to media should've ended the relationship for good
Onto the next FBI CHS with serious issues:

2) Stefan Halper

Halper is a long time CIA asset with a history of dirty tricks behind him. His role as a CHS in the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign is a major one, even more so than Steele's.
Halper is tasked with framing Gen. Flynn as a Russian asset immediately after Flynn becomes involved with the Trump campaign in 2015.

To accomplish this task, Halper concocts a story he begins spreading that a fellow Cambridge academic, @RealSLokhova, is a Russian agent.
@RealSLokhova The absurd story that Halper begins spreading to various intelligence people & news media reporters is this:

That at a dinner held at Cambridge in 2014 - at which Halper was not present - the one single time Lokhova & Flynn met - she tried to seduce him.
@RealSLokhova Not only is intrepid Russian spy Lokhova trying to compromise Flynn at this dinner, she's doing so under the watchful eyes of two former MI6 officials, one of whom is Sir Richard Dearlove.

Despite it's absurdity, this narrative is accepted & run in various media outlets.
@RealSLokhova It doesn't have to make sense. All it needs to do is get the NARRATIVE out there that Flynn is compromised by the Russians.
@RealSLokhova So what happened here is an FBI CHS is found to have been planting a story in intel circles & the news media placing 2 innocent people under suspicion so 1 of them can be investigated.

When examined the story quickly falls apart. But that's OK. It has accomplished it's purpose.
@RealSLokhova Halper is not only involved as a FBI CHS framing Flynn as a Russian asset beginning in 2015, he also ends up in the middle of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane in 2016 when he makes approaches to both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.
@RealSLokhova In fact, my current theory is that Halper is the one that was the middleman between the FBI and the 3rd CHS being used in the counterintelligence sting being run against the Trump campaign.

Phone records will reveal that Professor Joseph Mifsud's handler was Stefan Halper.
@RealSLokhova So let's get to Mifsud.

3) Joseph Mifsud

From Comey on down, no one to this day has EVER admitted that Mifsud was working for the FBI when he made an approach to Trump campaign adviser @GeorgePapa19.

That's OK.

They don't have to admit it.

Horowitz has the evidence.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 Mifsud is the one who is going to cause the biggest explosion when the DOJ IG report is released.

Let me explain why that is.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 That's because the entire Trump/Russia Collusion narrative is predicated on there having been **at least ONE** actual Russian agent approaching at least one Trump campaign person with a genuine offer of Russian assistance in the 2016 US Presidential election.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 And it's been crystal clear for more than 2 1/2 years now that Mifsud is the only guy that fits that role.

Even in his final official report, Special Counsel Bob Mueller was still insisting that Mifsud is a real Russian agent.

But he's not.

And he never was.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 When Horowitz/Barr/Durham present incontrovertible evidence the FBI hired Mifsud as a CHS & prepped him to ***pretend*** to be a Russian agent & then pointed him at @GeorgePapa19 to entrap him as part of an intelligence sting, the truth will finally come out at last.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 In fact, not only is it going to be proven that Mifsud was a fake Russian spy who was really working for the FBI, it's going to be proven that these same FBI officials, it'll also be conclusively demonstrated that these same FBI officials did something that boggles the mind.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 It will be conclusively proven these DOJ/FBI officials proffered warrants to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court naming Mifsud as a genuine Russian agent while hiding from the Court the fact he was actually working for them.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 The story of SpyGate is literally about the FBI's illegal and criminal use of CHS's to try to entrap the Trump campaign by sending CHS's to Trump advisers with fake offers of Russian help in the 2016 election.

That's why Horowitz was forced to do 2 reports about this.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 The report that dropped on Tuesday is Horowitz's recommendation to the CURRENT FBI under Christopher Wray, what it can do to make sure there's proper oversight of the agency's use of CHS's so there's NO CHANCE this kind of abuse ever occurs again.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 Trump's FBI has said it will implement ALL of Horowitz's recommendations for it's CHS program.

The next report is the one where Horowitz gets to lay out in exhaustive detail exactly how the Obama/Comey FBI massively abused the CHS system to target the Trump campaign.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 And it must be remembered that Horowitz has a limited role and a limited purview. He can only deal with what was done inside the DOJ & it's umbrella of agencies.

What the State Dept. or the CIA was doing concurrent with all this is outside his scope of authority.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 That's where US Attorneys like Durham and Huber come in.

They can go places Horowitz cannot.

Like say, for instance, to Italy to meet with government officials there & discuss information found on phones that were given to Mifsud by FBI officials.
@RealSLokhova @GeorgePapa19 So my current thinking is that the "Cliffs Notes" public briefing Horowitz is going to be giving the Senate Judiciary Committee on December 11 is going to be one hell of a barn burner.

Mark your calendars.

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