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1.) My Process and Observations of Red-Pilling: An experience based thread detailing the reactions of handing someone a red pill.
2.) Online Red-Pilling:

To date I've only directly "awakened" 3-4 people. And my benchmark is exceptionally low. Typically people online are deeply rooted in their narrative of choice.

"Waking" someone up online simply involves successfully getting them to question the story.
3.) In-Person Red-Pilling:

This is entirely different. It's much easier to get someone to ask questions in-person. It is a fast process in which you can provide fast answers.

To date I've "awakened" 30-40 people at minimum. And this is a MUCH higher benchmark.
4.) What "Counts" as an In-Person Red-Pill?

It's not only the act of questioning the official narrative... people you red-pill "in the wild" will actually seek you out as future proves past.

They will begin to ask YOU questions.
5.) Then what?

When someone begins asking you questions, continue with the same level of calm/logical responses. Get them to see through the tattered veil of the MSM.

And it all leads up to the most important piece of the puzzle...
6.) The Ultimate Red Pill Experience:

This is when someone that YOU helped to "Awaken" seeks you out and provides new information. Information that improves your own view/understanding or evidence of The Plan.

It's an incredible experience.
7.) Methods of Introducing the Red Pills:

> Ask something like "... are you following all of this crazy political stuff?!"

> Make mention of the News if a public TV is playing ANY media outlets

> Eavesdrop and politely offer retorts in public cross-chatter if re: politics
8.) These are just a few ways, others include making jokes re: politics when the opportunity presents itself and plugging @realDonaldTrump successes when the conversation allows for it.

It has to be organic and honest. Or it won't work.
9.) This is why the plan works. It's 100% honesty based. If you can read between the lines, follow Q, understand the Comms, and translate the News in relation to all of the above?

You win.

Every, single, time...
10.) Drawbacks and Counter-reactions:

This is not merely a "win" for the Great Awakening with each and every case. There are some drawbacks/things to look out for:
11.) The "Yeah, but..." crowd:

These are people who nibble on the red pill... find some things interesting, but ALWAYS fall for the counter-narrative.

"Yeah, but... Ukrainian diplomats are saying he conducted bribery."

"Yeah, but... Trump was friends w/ Epstein."
12.) Dealing with the "Yeah, but..."s:

Remind them of what is ACTUALLY happening. Offer a soft-prediction of what is ACTUALLY going to happen.

This tends to either force them to see the truth; or... they just maintain confusion and hit the sidelines to wait it out.
13.) The "No Wayyy!" crowd:

These can be staunch Republicans and die hard Trump supporters. These are people who simply cannot believe that ANYTHING will EVER come of ANY of this. Ever.

My father falls into this crowd.

Can you blame them?
14.) The "No Wayyy"s have the strongest point:

They've lived through decades of inaction. They have seen or heard of rumors of heinous crimes that go entirely unpunished... always.

To them? The "Great Awakening" is less likely than Aliens visiting your local Starbucks.
15.) And this is the toughest crowd:


Because they aren't wrong.

To them, from their POV, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET!

We know it has. We know it's building. We know the path to victory is clear...

But until it FINALLY happens. The "No Wayyy" crowd is never going to cave.
16.) Don't forget the "POTUS is in on it" crowds:

These are people who think it's all happening; but still can't wrap their heads around Trump being at the helm.

People who think Epstein worries Trump.

Who think he's scared of RussiaGate.

Who think he could be impeached.
17.) These people are almost* falling for the MSM bait... but just barely realize it's all a farce; but then shift to thinking Trump is still hiding something*

*And to be clear, he is hiding something: The overt take-down of the Deep State
18.) These are just a few observations I wanted to share. The journey to this point has been an absolute pleasure.

It's been great discussing this with folks for years upon years.

We've now reached the top of the roller-coaster.

Hands up!

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