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Here's what I don't get:

Why won't anyone confront @TulsiGabbard for lying?

@TulsiGabbard There's no "regime-change war" going on anywhere in the world.

Her platform is based on something that doesn't exist.

Gabbard opposed having our troops in Syria AND opposed removing them. Her position is totally incoherent.
@TulsiGabbard There's no "new cold war."

Are we so used to lying politicians that we're going to let them just keep doing it?

Obama lied universally, and not even Republicans called him on it.
@TulsiGabbard Gabbard is 100 percent dishonest.

She's accusing Trump of doing exactly the opposite of what he's doing.

A year ago, she said that Trump is leading us into war with Iran. Then she criticized him for not retaliating to Iranian acts of war.
@TulsiGabbard It's depressing to see such superficiality.

We already had a crappy pretend-president who based everything on words.

One of the main reasons idiots hate Trump is that they don't like the way he speaks.


@TulsiGabbard "Hide behind the mask of a fool, a drunk, or a madman to create confusion about your intentions and motivations. Lure your opponent into underestimating your ability until, overconfident, he drops his guard. Then you may attack."

--Wáng Jìngzé, The 36 Stratagems
@TulsiGabbard When @realDonaldTrump ordered US troops out of northeastern Syria, he tweeted that he was taking an unorthodox approach.

You bet.

Until Trump became president, everything we did in Syria failed.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump What irks me is that NOBODY WATCHES VIDEOS.

Nobody is aware of what's happening in Syria.

@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump This is an unknown weapon.

It sent out electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that wrecked the digital video.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump I've been watching these videos since 2012.

Here's another one.

This is NOT the Syrian Arab Army.

@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump As the machine guns provide covering fire, a man runs among the terrorists throwing hand grenades.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump American special operators don't do things like that.

But ARAB operators do. I have tons of videos that show them outshining us on every level.

That's why the Secretary of the Navy had to resign. We're not up to snuff.

And Gabbard wants to make it worse.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Gabbard is telling you that we're engaged in "regime-change wars," so what she'll do is demolish the armed forces the way Obama did.

Virtually everyone who climbed the military ladder under Obama is incompetent.

That's why they're getting fired.

@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Loss of confidence and toxic work environments.

@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Gabbard is Obama 2.0.

She says that the Saudis are not our allies.

A flat-out lie. At this point in our history, they're our best allies.

By like Obama, Gabbard is ruled by PERSONAL bigotry.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump She hates the Saudis PERSONALLY.

We can't afford another petty, uninformed, fake-ass president who fools idiots by speaking in a certain way.

Gabbard doesn't know anything.

Trump is the first president who the Saudis give their most-secret intelligence.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Gabbard wants us to cozy up to Iran and dump the Saudis.

Let's compare Saudi Arabia to Iran.

The Saudis.

@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump In one of the debates, Gabbard said that Saudi Arabia is protecting al-Qaeda.

She doesn't know that in 2003, al-Qaeda tried to overthrow the Saudi government.

@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump And today, Iran is the world's greatest state sponsor of terrorism.

What Gabbard wants is to return to the failures of Obama.

In Syria, Obama armed and trained Islamist rebels who then either defected to the Islamic State or fought each other.

Total incompetence on our part.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump TRUMP ended the programs that armed and trained rebels trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

We are not fighting any "regime-change wars."

Trump already ended them.

But Gabbard wants to dump our allies and embrace the world's greatest state sponsor of terrorism.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump I supported the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.


Because of us, the Iraqis came under the control of Iran. And now THEY'RE rioting.

Along with the Lebanese.

@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump What I learned since 2003 was to listen to the locals.

The Saudis told us to not overthrow Saddam Hussein. We didn't listen.

@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump After the Sudanese army overthrew dictator Omar al-Bashir following months of protests, somebody tried to hijack the revolution by killing protestors and soldiers.

The Sudanese asked TRUMP for help.

Trump sent envoy Donald Booth.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump With the help of Ethiopia, Booth worked out a deal, and ALL SIDES in Sudan accepted it.

ALL SIDES said Trump was the only person they trusted.

Even armed rebels agreed to the deal and stopped fighting.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump Trump understands that help must be requested.

All I hear from Gabbard is confusion, cliches, and lies.

Trump has a track record.

SUDAN. Remember how hopeless it was?

Not to Trump.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump We can't return to the good old days of incompetent, small-minded presidents who want only to control every aspect of our lives.

Gabbard is a climate-change nutter and anti-incarceration nutter.

She wants the whole country to be California.

I think she'll be the nominee.
@TulsiGabbard @realDonaldTrump If so, I'll take great pleasure in watching Trump force her to reveal her positions.

After that happens, she'll be lucky to win EVEN California.

We're sick of failure. We want success for a while.

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