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OK, workshop the first: Public Speaking for Technologists by @phrawzty

#devopsdays #blndevops
Why do I have the same opening?
- To not have to think about it.
- Brand, situation recognition.

This was a 2 day, then 4 hour course, back into 45 minutes. Good luck!

- Identify
- CfP
- Prepare
- Deliver
- Aftercare

#devopsdays #blndevops
- Business goals - themes, industry, influence, audience
- Your goals - topics, format, networking, other content
- Logistics - location, support, production value, costs

#devopsdays #blndevops
(Top tip: sponsor prospectus is very useful to get signal about the makeup of the conference, and what you might talk about).

#devopsdays #blndevops
About you: start with things that you're an expert on, and passionate about.

Conference driven development is a thing, but probably not something to try as a first attempt.

#devopsdays #blndevops
Once you decide on format, try and find videos of content in that format and watch them - see what works and what doesn't

#devopsdays #blndevops
- Do you need help with expenses? Not everyone has a company to help you out.
- If you need help, look for conferences who provide travel&expenses for the conferences

#devopsdays #blndevops
- Location: can you manage the travel for the conference you want to target?
- Support: what do you need? Make sure that happens.

#devopsdays #blndevops
Where do you look?
- papercall.io (huge)
- meetup.com
- confs.tech
- devopsdays.org
- tulu.la/call-for-papers

In general:
- O'Reilly, CNCF, etc
- Word of mouth, sites, slack, etc.
- Web search

#devopsdays #blndevops
So, what's a CfP?

Call for proposal. You need to learn how to write them.

You always need:
- Title, pitch, description, notes
- Headshot, bio, previous presentation
- Assistance required, demographic data

#devopsdays #blndevops
For headshots: get a professional one done. Do this every year, because you change.

#devopsdays #blndevopsdays
Your list of presentations - doesn't need to be public, but maintain it for yourself, in case people ask. (You can point to previous videos etc).

#devopsdays #blndevops
Demographic data: sensitive, depends on geography - in France you cannot collect/act on demographic information. (vs US affirmative action to assist underrepresented minorities).

#devopsdays #blndevops
Bio: what's a perfect bio?

"Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon."

Longer bio, worse it is. Change it up based on audience. One sentence, maybe two.

#devopsdays #blndevops
Title, pitch, description

Description: long format description of talk. What are you going to cover, tech, structure, story. etc.

Pitch: that, but shorter. 300 characters.

Title: pitch, but shorter.

#blndevops #devopsdays
How do you come up with these? Depends - find what works for you, but obey the pyramid, and you should be able to infer one from another.

Notes: additional stuff. (e.g. check this github repo out)

#devopsdays #blndevops
CfP tips: be bold, but don't be a jerk about it.

- Demonstrate that you care.
- Be terse, don't get bogged down in details.
- Pay attention to guidelines (word count etc)
- Be early, but not first
- Don't wait until last minute

#devopsdays #blndevops
Believe what you're saying/writing - it comes across to reviewers (and so does a lack of it).

#devopsdays #blndevops
Early, not first, not last:
- Divide CfP period into 5 chunks - not first, not last.
- Why not first? CfP tool breaks, reviewers still fresh, don't know what to look at.
- Why not last? Reviewers are tired. Also, rolling acceptance.

#devopsdays #blndevops
- Say it, display it.

Say: Story you want to tell - what you are going to say - how you say it.

Display: visual support for your story. Slides, pictures, video, etc. Terminals, coding, demos etc.

#blndevops #devopsdays
Slides are important... and a trap.

You are the. most important element of the talk. Your presentation should be functional *without slides*. (Except demos)

Slides are there to support you.
1) A/V issues.
2) If you don't need slides, talk is ready.

#devopsdays #blndevops
Practice makes perfect
- By yourself, with others.

First, say things out loud to see. how they sound. Why? Thinking and speaking trigger different neurons. (See sports visualisation exercises)

Then, put on a timer and click through your slides. Modify as necessary.

Re: timing - do the content first, then optimise for time.

With others:
- Dry run the first, it's OK to be nervous.
- Accept feedback, and improve.
- Dry run the second - already an improvement.

#blndevops #devopsdays
- Arrive early, explore venue. Make yourself comfortable, know where your room/food/bathrooms etc are.
- Talk to organisers.
- Find somewhere quiet to review. (optional)

#blndevops #devopsdays
Then - sound and tech checks. Do it if it's offered.

Close the apps you don't need, mute notifications etc.

Silence your phone.

#blndevops #devopsdays
Do the thing!
- Being nervous is normal.
- Confidence is the best cure; confidence comes from practice.
- Be passionate - you got this!
- Slow down, breathe.
- Find a comfortable standing position. No pockets.
- Take sips of water.

#devopsdays #blndevops
Why take sips of water?
- Everyone should drink more water
- It gives you a natural pause to cover losing your spot.

#devopsdays #blndevops
- Q&A - don't do it unless you want to.
- Hallway track - usually good, not always.

- Reflect. Watch video, read feedback (or get someone else to read it)
- Improve your presentation

- Blogpost, tutorial, workshop.
- Spinoff talk, podcast?
Segue: register, term borrowed from linguistics. Layer in the language which signals the environment you're talking in. Cadence, vocabulary, call/response expectations etc. #devopsdays #blndevops
What do you do with your hands on stage? Tip 1: take stuff out of pockets, take badge off. Remove distractions.

Main point: preparation ritual. Preparing to do a different thing. #devopsdays #blndevops
How do you get on to a stage? (Related to "explore the space")

Don't walk in front of screen or over cables if you can avoid it.

Enter with confidence, direct head/torso to audience.

#devopsdays #blndevops
Look at the audience - don't turn your back when pointing at slides. #devopsdays #blndevops
Look at the audience. Talk to specific people - make eye contact then move on immediately. Time words with eye contact change.
#devopsdays #blndevops
You may not always have an obvious stopping point. If not, aim for the middle, or the edge of the screen if you're blocking it. #devopsdays #blndevops
Depth wise - not front, not back. Maybe there'll be a marker if the stage hand has marked it (because camera, lighting). Aim to see just foot your own foot shadow. #devopsdays #blndevops
Stretch before going on stage. Shoulders back/chest forward, for balance, diaphragm, spine. #devopsdays
Don't lock knees, don't bend too much. Should be mostly in the right position (i.e. comfortable) if you've done all the rest of the steps.

Feet: not together, not massively apart. Slightly facing outwards, typically, but depends on body mechanics. #devopsdays
Next, walking around. There are schools of thought. Formal training typically says "stand behind the lectern". Good for serious speeches.

At tech conferences it could be artificial, overly regimented.

Do what makes you comfortable. Lectern or walking.

For examples of walking: Steve Jobs. Look at video breakdowns of how he walked on stage. Stop when you want to emphasise a point. (Motion = narrative, pause = point.)

Hard to do - structuring talk that way.

Next: pacing on stage. Can look nervous, may mean camera has to track you.

Alternatively: use movement to connect with different parts of the space, makes it feel more personal/social. (If that's your delivery style.)

#devopsdays #blndevops
Next: what is your stage presence.

Things not to do:
- turn your back to the audience
- move around nervously
- if you have to move, direct it. (Walking is conscious.)

Finally, voice projection. Helps with clarity, removes need for AV, typically slows you down, saves your voice. #devopsdays
Much of the posture stuff is about breathing -> voice modulation -> resonance -> projection.

Projection is not yelling. #devopsdays
How do you optimise vibration through your sinuses etc? (Try talking while pinching your nose closed, see the effect of damped vibration.)

Need to learn how to use larynx. #devopsdays
(speak while touching throat - vibrations are different at different points - optimised for different pitches) #devopsdays #blndevops
Part of theatre/singing etc training is extending your vocal range. These exercises let you learn how to talk higher or lower or louder or quieter than normal. (Or get a vocal coach.) #devopsdays #blndevops
When you go to the edge of the range, you get quieter, and you'll to practice.

Last exercise: "aum" from yoga, doing all the things we just learned. #devopsdays
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