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About the coming Horowitz report:

Since Twitter thread makers (who collectively have more influence than the MSM) have taken the position that high ranking people in the Obama administration will be prosecuted for their involvement in Spygate the MSM must counter that narrative.
2) The fact that the NY Times received leaked information about the Horowitz report & published an article claiming no one of consequence will be prosecuted tells you what the larger strategy of the MSM will be regarding the report.
3) In the coming weeks, we can expect the media to collectively and repeatedly insist that the Horowitz report is a nothing burger. No one of consequence will be prosecuted for their involvement in Spygate. That is the overarching narrative the mainstream media will push.
4) Because so many Trump supporters still rely on the narrative put forth by the mainstream media, we can expect confusion, despair and concern trolling over the Horowitz report which has not been released and which no one knows the details of outside of a few people in the DOJ.
5) Between now and the day the report is released, you can expect a lot of empty hype about the Horowitz report.
6) After the IG report is released, expect the media to continue pushing their narrative that the report is a nothing burger and that Trump supporters engaged in a 3-year long conspiracy theory that the deep state was going to be decimated by it.
7) What the media have done and what they will continue to do is conflate two separate DOJ responsibilities in an intentional effort to confuse and demoralize Trump supporters while downplaying the likelihood of their own prosecution.
8) Let me briefly explain what an Inspector General does.
Each Government agency or department has an Inspector General. The 73 Inspectors General act as internal watchdogs for their respective agencies and departments.
9) The Inspectors General investigate claims of wrongdoing—typically violations of policy or procedure— and issue reports on their findings. They recommend disciplinary action to department heads. On rare occasions, they may refer a case to the DOJ for criminal prosecution.
10) The DOJ Inspector General does not do criminal investigations. They don't evaluate testimony and documents in the context of a criminal complaint. Their focus is on violations of department policy and procedure, not violations of criminal statutes.
11) If an Inspector General does find evidence of criminal behavior they have to make a judgment call on whether to refer the individual for prosecution. Many times they chose not to.
12) When an Inspector General makes a criminal referral, sometimes it is investigated and prosecuted but not always. DOJ policy is to prosecute the most serious and readily provable charges.
13) When James Comey was referred by IG Horowitz for leaking his memos, the DOJ opted not to prosecute him for it, probably because leaking memos is not a serious matter and convincing a jury of his intent would be fraught with problems. (It isn't easily provable.)
14) The decision by IG Horowitz to recommend prosecution (or not) for those involved in Spygate is irrelevant. The DOJ doesn't need criminal referrals from Horowitz to prosecute those involved in Spygate.
15) U.S. Attorney Durham has been investigating Spygate for 2 years. We know that he is currently interrogating high-level people like John Brennan. AG Barr is personally involved in the investigation and they've been talking to intelligence agencies overseas.
16) The media will use the IG report to paint the narrative that no one of consequence will be prosecuted. They'll conflate the responsibilities of IG Horowitz and US Attorney Durham, and claim that Horowitz's recommendations are what really matter.
17) If Horowitz doesn't make criminal referrals, the media will insist Spygate is a right-wing conspiracy theory.
Conservative concern trolls will insist Barr and the DOJ are corrupt and nothing has changed.
Get ready for it now, because that narrative is coming.
18) The Horowitz report is irrelevant regarding criminal prosecution.
It is, however, a hand map that will connect Spygate players with their actions. It will expose bad actors who are, at present, believed to be patriots & further expose the crimes of people we know are corrupt.
19) In the same way that last year's IG report exposed media collusion with the FBI, the coming IG report will expose the fact that the media published leaked classified intelligence and colluded with the CIA, FBI, DOJ, State Department and White House to overthrow Donald Trump.
20) I expect some reporters to face prosecution. (It's in the self-interest of the media to push a narrative that no one of consequence will be prosecuted since they have as much to lose as anyone.)
21) My recommendation (if you want it) is to be aware that a fake media narrative is coming and ignore it as much as possible. After the IG report is released, do your best to digest it and use the facts contained in it to connect the dots and paint the big picture.
22) In order to avoid civil unrest as high-level people are indicted, the public must first be made aware of the facts regarding their crimes. I suspect that after the public has had time to digest the IG report and make sense of any declassified documents, we'll see indictments.
23) /End
Spygate is a complex matter to understand but the Clinton Foundation corruption is even more difficult.
After Durham's Spygate investigation has been digested by normies, they'll be prepared to hear about Huber's work on the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.
Then what was this about?
28) The New York Times article mentioned above had one purpose.
The purpose was revealed in the opening paragraph.
29) "The Justice Department’s inspector general is expected to sharply criticize lower-level F.B.I. officials as well as bureau leaders involved in the early stages of the Trump-Russia investigation, but to absolve the top ranks of abusing their powers out of bias against POTUS."
30) The purpose of the article was to tell readers that wrongdoing in #Spygate was confined to a handful of low-level FBI employees who are of no consequence.
31) The article was designed to create a firewall.

What kind of firewall?

In this case, the firewall is a narrative that contains the damage of #Spygate to low-level players while protecting (insulating) high-level FBI employees from culpability.
32) But this firewall was intended to do a lot more.
The Times article was designed to shield CIA, DOJ, State Department, Pentagon, White House, ODNI and foreign intel agencies from culpability.
33) The "firewall" idea isn't new.

In an urgent text to Bruce Ohr, Christopher Steele expressed his fears about "important firewalls" holding as James Comey was about to testify to Congress about the origin of the FBI's counterintelligence investigation.
34) Since normies won't read the IG report, the Times is interpreting it for them. They've constructed a narrative favorable to the deep state before the release of the report.
35) Horowitz did not find that the actions of the FBI were motivated by political bias in last year's report on the bureau's handling of the Hillary email investigation.

The Times is betting the IG will come to a similar conclusion in the FISA report. nytimes.com/2018/06/14/us/…
36) Knowing that Horowitz is likely to shade things more favorably to the deep state than AG Barr, the media are setting Horowitz up as their champion of truth and the final arbiter on the facts related to Spygate.
37) Anyone who differs with Horowitz will be painted as a rogue agent, doing the bidding of POTUS.

That's why, in their latest article, the Washington Post claimed that Barr is already in disagreement with the main conclusions of the Horowitz report.
38) The media know that Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham have been to Europe to talk with foreign intel agencies and that they're interrogating high-level players outside the FBI and far outside of their "low-level FBI" firewall.
39) While Barr and Durham's investigation is broad in scope, suggesting widespread involvement in #Spygate, the media will continue pushing the narrative that the guilty parties are strictly low-level nobodies.
40) The media themselves are at risk for prosecution having broken laws as willing participants in the plot to oust Trump. They have as much to lose as anyone if their firewalls don't hold.
41) Washington Post published another article on the yet to be released IG Report. Once again the purpose of the article is revealed in its first paragraph.

Non-paywalled link: archive.is/mZ8bv
42) "The prosecutor handpicked by Attorney General William P. Barr... said he could not offer evidence to the Justice Department’s inspector general to support the suspicions of some conservatives that the case was a setup by American intelligence..."
43) The phrase "handpicked by Barr" was used to color the Attorney General as a partisan hack who will do anything for Trump. It's necessary to create the belief that Barr lacks objectivity since the media know very well that he intends to bring corrupt people to justice.
44) The authors claim to know that in the course of his investigation, IG Horowitz contacted Durham as well as U.S. intelligence agencies. The authors also claim to know certain questions that were asked.
45) The media's #Spygate narrative revolves around the argument that Joseph Mifsud is connected to Russian intelligence and his contact with George Papadopoulos created a legitimate concern that Trump's campaign may have colluded with Russia.
46) Mifsud's alleged connection to Russia is the FBI's official predicate for its counterintelligence investigation. If Mifsud is proven not to be a Russian asset, the predicate for the investigation falls apart.
47) Worse—if Mifsud is, in fact, a western intelligence asset, his contact with Papadopoulos gives the impression that the U.S. and its allies set up people in the Trump campaign for illegitimate surveillance.
48) Since the media cannot allow the argument to go unchallenged that Obama set up the Trump campaign, the goal of this article was to throw cold water on the idea that Mifsud might be a western intelligence asset.
49) WaPo claims that Horowitz asked U.S. intel agencies about Mifsud and all o denied that he worked for them.

From that, #Horowitz is claimed to have determined that Mifsud was not a western intelligence asset and Durham is said to have had no reason to dispute those findings.
50) I question the assertion that U.S. intel agencies would truthfully answer a question about hiring Mifsud. If an agency like the CIA did employ him, it would be covertly. There is little reason to believe they would tell the IG about it and risk the political fallout.
51) I also question the idea that Durham would give information to Horowitz about a highly sensitive ongoing investigation involving matters of national security. The #Spygate investigation is so critical to the Trump administration, Barr himself is directly overseeing it.
52) Durham knows the IG report draft goes out to the principals involved in the investigation.
He knows the FBI will leak what they can to the media.
Why would he risk biasing potential jurors and compromising his investigation by giving information to the media?
53) The claims made by WaPo stretch the limits of credulity. The authors admit they haven't seen the IG report—not even in draft form. The article is another attempt to further bias the minds of their readers and plant seeds of doubt regarding Durham and Barr.
54) The best article I've found on the role Joseph Mifsud's played in #Spygate is this one.
55) Paul Sperry is no fan of Horowitz. He's been warning us for months that the IG is an Obama Democrat operative.

Nevertheless, he's reporting that Horowitz has 104 criminal or administrative investigations open.

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