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We are always talking about the excesses. Trump is always complaining about Foreign Aid. His displeasure with Foreign Aid is what has him in this Impeachment nonsense today. USAID is a huge slush fund that is abused likely more than any other taxpayer funded garbage.
If you're curious where all that money went, read this report.…
I'm just going to touch on some of the highlights, but there are trillions going out the door with no real return.

Taxpayer dollars > USAID > Public International Organizations > Foundations, Trusts, Institutes and Think Tanks
Foreign Aid is a giant money laundering scheme. It was created in the 60s under altruistic principles by Kennedy but was quickly usurped by Johnson. It's the keystone. It's the Deep State's war chest. It's why we had the impeachment hearing.
We send them billions for military aid. The PIO's on the ground spend as little as possible on military aid and skim the rest. Furthermore, federal regulations state that there need not be accountability, auditing or review from outside influence.
They only audit and review themselves. SERIOUSLY it says that.

"USAID's Inspector General testified in July 2016 that implementers and vendors in the region were subject to major fraud schemes.
"As of January 2018, Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations in the region have resulted in the suspension or debarment of several dozen individuals and organizations, 20 personnel actions, and the suspension of $239 million in program funds under investigation."
We only started asking questions when Trump took office in 2016. So USAID money goes directly into the hands of PIO's which are corrupt. Pull some strings on the PIO's on the ground and they will lead you to Soros. Dots connected.
"In addition, we judgmentally selected and examined file
documentation for 19 awards funded by FFP and OFDA totaling $1.56 billion. The awards were made to PIOs for projects in Iraq and Syria between 2012 and 2016. Appendix A contains our full scope and methodology."
1.56 billion dollars is a lot of scratch and that's just looking at Syria and Iraq. We send money to nearly every country. We even sent 15 million to China in 2018 which thankfully is down from 1.3 billion in 2003.
"As part of the Code of Federal Regs or other transaction authority, these provisions enable PIOs to receive Federal funds with less oversight or fewer restrictions than nongovernmental organizations & contractors, such as requirements on access for audits and investigations."
What's this? Congress wrote Fed regulations to make them have practically ZERO oversight? Gee wow. Golly. We'll just trust them to do the right thing I guess.
"All nine PIOs in our audit were assigned to category one, which according to USAID indicates the PIOs were deemed responsible organizations because the Agency concluded that they had been effective at managing Federal funds in the past and thus are eligible for future awards."
"A category one classification reduces the workload of individual agreement officers because they do not need to make a determination each time an award is made to a PIO."
Hell even their website is a cruel metaphor. Water flowing through the hands of the needy might as well be money flowing through the outstretched hands of a child and spilling where? Into the pockets of where it was originally intended.
The Foundations, think tanks, institutes, etc. We are directly funding the propaganda and human misery we are fighting. This is another one of those things that we should shut completely off.
I'm guessing 90% of what's being done is unnecessary or not doing what it was intended to do. It's a sick joke.
In a lot of cases like Haiti for instance look no further the Clinton Foundation. There's a reason the donations dropped off sharply and nearly ceased to exist after HRC was no longer Secretary of State.
Under Obama part of Hillary's payoff to being a team player was to give her State Dept free reign over USAID, and boy did they cash in under the guise of being charitable and looking out for their fellow man. @CharlesOrtel has mountains of evidence on this going back years.
@CharlesOrtel .@CharlesOrtel IMHO is one of the foremost experts on the Clinton Foundation corruption. His research is brilliant, thorough & well documented. He knows the Clinton financed better than their tax lawyers.
@CharlesOrtel Haiti was and is a cash cow for the Clintons and many other. Nine years on from the disaster, the bulk of US funding still goes via American firms and NGOs rather than Haitian organizations.
@CharlesOrtel American companies and NGOs continue to receive the lion's share of US aid funding for projects in Haiti nine years after the earthquake that levelled the capital Port-au-Prince, despite US government promises to spend more money through local organizations.
@CharlesOrtel Data released by USAid shows it spent more than $870m on projects in Haiti in 2013, with US-based companies receiving almost half of this and American non-profits a further 37%.
@CharlesOrtel One Washington-based company, Chemonics International, received more than $258m of USAid funding for agriculture, infrastructure and other projects.
@CharlesOrtel Let's take a look at who's running Chemonics International…
@CharlesOrtel Susanna Mudge, President and CEO, Chairperson is a maximum donor to Barack Obama, from 2006-2016. Was a Maximum Donor to Hillary Clinton in 2015-2016, and Maximum donar to the DNC every years since 1992.
@CharlesOrtel Chemonics International donated a total of $10 million to the Clinton Global Initiative from 2013-2015. Circle of life, pump in tax dollars and reap tax deductible donations on the other.
@CharlesOrtel Chemtronics International executive board member Misrak Aklilu is the Agricultural Value Chain Coordinator at Clinton Health Access Initiative.…
@CharlesOrtel Phyllis Caldwell - Board member was the Chief of the Homeowner Preservation Office/Office of Financial Stability of the U.S. Department of the Treasury from Nov 2009- Dec 2011 for Barry. I'll let you guess who she was a donor to.
@CharlesOrtel Chemonics International is a global conglomerate but you can guess who their #1 customer is! You got it, USAID.
@CharlesOrtel No problem needing that audit, they've done right in the past so no need to make sure they continue to do so in the future. This is the law your elected officials WROTE. Are you mad now? You should be. DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY!
@CharlesOrtel USAID is second to only Defense arms dealing when is comes to monetary dollar value. I have a piece I've been working on for a while, it kinda spun off of Benghazi. Ukraine and Libya were huge payoff in money laundering schemes vis USAID.
@CharlesOrtel Those familiar with my Benghazi work, know that it all eventually revolved around arms dealing. It's the financial life blood of politics.
@CharlesOrtel And funny thing about it, there are piles of it going to the left wing NRA hating (not really because it's an act) liberals as well as the Warhawk keep us in wars forever RINOs
@CharlesOrtel Big pharm, Insurance, Tobacco, Gas & Oil, etc are all pennies compared to Arms and War. Trillions and Trillions flow like water and go unchecked forever as long as we are fighting someone.
@CharlesOrtel So let's talk about Ukraine, and what they did and are still trying to do to stop @realDonaldTrump. Financing the resistance through Ukrainian arms dealers. Let's start with why in the world would Schiff not let Alexandra Chalupa anywhere near the hearings.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump Well Adam Schiff & Nancy Pelosi have million$ of reasons. Remember this name, Igor Pasternak, he's a Ukrainian arms dealer with financial ties to upper democrat leadership, as well as warmongering RINOs as well.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump Igor loves to do "favors" for politicians & the best part is that you never have to worry about paying him back for any of these favors, because it’s all absolutely free, no strings attached.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump After all, everyone knows that Ukrainian arms dealers float the election campaign of congressional candidates.…
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump Igor Pasternak is not partisan, he's an equal opportunity favor doer. Ask yourself why Lindsey Graham wants the Senate just to do a motion to dismiss, and move on? What is Graham most noted for? War, and keeping us in a war somewhere on the earth.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump Arms dealers that make trillions are very generous to those who promote war. Welcome to the party I have been chasing for years. It's how I found the stink on Benghazi, it's opened my eyes to so much and has filled boxes and filing cabinets in my home office.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump I spent a year TDY on an ATF support group chasing down Mexican Cartel access to "legal arms" in a joint partnership between the ATF & the Rangers. Fast and Furious was just a drop in the bucket. It all predates Barry, he just kept the money flowing.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump But that experience connected me with dedicated investigators and data access to a much larger picture, and it is bigger than drugs. International arms sales are the biggest cash flow on the planet.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump Igor Pasternak is an Ukrainian American billionaire that moved to the US from Lviv in 1994. He started in the airship business in the USSR and Ukraine (the days of its early independence), founded a co-op company and later on a commercial corporation.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump It’s specifically this business that Igor brought with him to America, now named Worldwide Aeros Corp which delivers on both state defense and private contracts.…
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump Pasternak does a lot more than just aerospace he in neck deep in everything Ukraine. During the prior administrations they pumped trillions into warzones only to see it be laundered and back in the pockets of those exploiting the system.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump They used the joint assessment that financial aid, and some pitiful blankets/MRE's flown into Poland and then driven by private vehicles into Ukraine, were the best ways to counter the Russian invasion of Ukraine, per the inter-agency consensus.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump Patriots have testified to as such in the inquisition throughout the past two weeks.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump It's just a coincidence that javelin anti-tank missiles became absolutely critical for 3 weeks in August-September 2019, after Trump changed that policy, and dared to agree to the Ukrainian president's request to send Rudy over.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump Obama gave lots of aid to Ukraine, but not military aid. If you give military aid it hard to launder, but cash is different, they weren't going to waste that cash on missiles and stuff.
@CharlesOrtel @realDonaldTrump They wanted the aid to be in cash so it could be laundered into the system, and see the cash flow to the corrupt people. Then see the Clinton Foundation get tens of millions from Ukraine, and Burisma hire Hunter Biden and make him rich. That's the small numbers.
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