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Solomon's Rebuttal Thread
Vindman called it a “false narrative,” which he knew to be untrue based on “authoritative sources.” who found Solomon claims against Yovanovitch “preposterous … I think all the key elements are false.”
rawstory.com/2019/11/vindma… #Vindman
John Solomon: "Under oath to Congress, he asserted all factual elements in my columns about Ukraine were false" "And so Lt. Col. Vindman, here are 28 of my primary factual elements fact complete with attribution and links to sourcing"
bizpacreview.com/2019/11/24/inv… #Qanon
Direct Link to Response johnsolomonreports.com/responding-to-…
Fact 1a: Hunter Biden was hired in May 2014 by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, at a time when his father Joe Biden was Vice President and overseeing US-Ukraine Policy. cnbc.com/2014/05/13/bid…
Fact1b: Hunter Biden’s hiring came just a few short weeks after Joe Biden urged Ukraine to expand natural gas production and use Americans to help. You can read his comments to the Ukrainian prime minister here obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-offi… #GreatAwakening #HunterBiden
Fact1c: Hunter Biden’s firm then began receiving monthly payments totaling $166,666. You can see those payments here. scribd.com/document/40400… #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
Fact 2a: Burisma was under investigation by British authorities for corruption sfo.gov.uk/cases/ukraine-…
Fact 2b: and soon came under investigation by Ukrainian authorities led by Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. nytimes.com/2015/12/09/wor…
Fact 3: VP Joe Biden and his office were alerted by a December 2015 New York Times article nytimes.com/2015/12/09/wor… that Shokin’s office was investigating Burisma and that Hunter Biden’s role at the company was undercutting his father’s anticorruption efforts in Ukraine.
Fact 4a: The Biden-Burisma issue created the appearance of a conflict of interest, especially for State Department officials. I especially refer you to State official George Kent’s testimony here. lawfareblog.com/george-kent-tr…
Fact 4b: He testified he viewed Burisma as corrupt & the Bidens as creating the perception of a conflict of interest. His concerns caused him to contact the VP's office and to block a project that State’s USAID agency was planning with Burisma in 2016. dailycaller.com/2019/10/16/sta…
Fact 4c: In addition, Ambassador Yovanovitch testified she, too, saw the Bidens-Burisma connection as creating the appearance of a conflict of interest. You can read her testimony here. washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/…
Fact 5a: The Obama White House invited Shokin’s prosecutorial team to Washington for meetings in January 2016 to discuss their anticorruption investigations. You can read about that here. thehill.com/opinion/white-…
Fact 5b: Here is the official agenda for that meeting in Ukraine scribd.com/document/43636… and English. scribd.com/document/43636… I call your attention to the NSC organizer of the meeting.
Fact 6: The Ukraine investigation of Hunter Biden’s employer, Burisma Holdings, escalated in Feb 2016 when Shokin’s office raided the home of company owner Mykola Zlochevsky and seized his property. en.interfax.com.ua/news/general/3… Here is the announcement of that court-approved raid
Fact 7: Shokin was making plans in February 2016 to interview Hunter Biden as part of his investigation. You can read his sworn deposition to a court here lawfareblog.com/george-kent-tr… and his interview with ABC News here abc7news.com/biden-refuses-… #Qanon
Fact 8: Burisma’s American representatives lobbied State Department in late Feb 2016 to end the corruption allegations against the company & specifically invoked Hunter Biden’s name as a reason to intervene. You can read State officials’ account here scribd.com/document/43338…
Fact 9: Joe Biden boasted in a 2018 videotape that he forced Ukraine’s president to fire Shokin in March 2016 by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid. You can view his videotape here. cfr.org/event/foreign-… #BidenCrimeFamily
Fact 10: Shokin stated in interviews with me & ABC News abc7news.com/biden-refuses-… he was told he was fired cause Joe Biden was unhappy the Burisma investigation wasn’t shut down. He made that claim anew in sworn deposition prepared for a court in Europe scribd.com/document/42761… <-
Fact 11: The day Shokin’s firing was announced in March 2016, Burisma’s legal representatives sought an immediate meeting with his temporary replacement to address the ongoing investigation. You can read the text of their emails here. thehill.com/opinion/campai… <- #GreatAwakening
Fact 12a: Burisma’s legal representatives secured that meeting April 6, 2016 and told Ukrainian prosecutors that “false information” had been spread to justify Shokin’s firing, according to a Ukrainian government memo about the meeting. thehill.com/opinion/campai…
Fact 12b: The representatives also offered to arrange for the remaining Ukrainian prosecutors to meet with U.S State and Justice officials. You can read the Ukrainian prosecutors’ summary memo's and the Burisma lawyers’ invite to Washington here. thehill.com/opinion/campai… <-
Fact 13: Burisma officials eventually settled the Ukraine investigations in late 2016 and early 2017, paying a multimillion dollar fine for tax issues. You can read their lawyer’s February 2017 announcement of the end of the investigations here. kyivpost.com/business-wire/… #QAnon
Fact 14a: In March 2019, Ukraine authorities reopened an investigation against Burisma and Zlochevsky based on new evidence of money laundering. You can read NABU’s February 2019 recommendation to re-open the case here, kyivpost.com/ukraine-politi… #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
Fact 14b: You can read the March 2019 notice of suspicion by Ukraine prosecutors here scribd.com/document/42994… and a May 2019 interview here kyivpost.com/ukraine-politi… with a Ukrainian senior law enforcement official stating the investigation was ongoing. #Ukrainegate
Fact 14c: And here reuters.com/article/us-usa… is an announcement this week that the Zlochevsky/Burisma probe has been expanded to include allegations of theft of Ukrainian state funds. #QAnon2019
Fact 15a: The Ukraine embassy in Washington issued a statement in April 2019 scribd.com/document/43269… admitting that a Democratic National Committee contractor named Alexandra Chalupa solicited Ukrainian officials in spring 2016 for dirt on Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort
Fact 15b: Digging up dirt In hopes of staging a congressional hearing close to the 2016 election that would damage Trump’s election chances. You can read the embassy’s statement thehill.com/opinion/white-… #RussiaReport
Fact 15c: Your colleague, Dr. Fiona Hill, confirmed this episode, testifying “Ukraine bet on the wrong horse. They bet on Hillary Clinton winning.” You can read her testimony here. c-span.org/video/?466380-… #FionaHill
Fact 16: Chalupa sent an email to top DNC officials in May 2016 acknowledging she was working on the Manafort issue. You can read the email here. wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/ema… #Wikileaks #Manafort
Fact 17a: Ukraine’s ambassador to Washington, Valeriy Chaly, wrote an OpEd in The Hill in August 2016 slamming GOP nominee Donald Trump for his policies on Russia -> thehill.com/blogs/pundits-… This is problematic because...
Fact 17b: Chaly did this despite a Geneva Convention requirement that ambassadors not become embroiled in the internal affairs or elections of their host countries. treaties.un.org/doc/Treaties/1… <- You can read the Geneva Convention rules of conduct for foreign diplomats here. #Geneva
Fact 17c: And your colleagues Ambassador Yovanovitch and Dr. Hill both confirmed this, with Dr. Hill testifying this week that Chaly’s OpEd was “probably not the most advisable thing to do.” c-span.org/video/?466380-… #yovanovich
Fact 18a: A Ukrainian district court ruled in Dec 2018 that the summer 2016 release of info by Ukrainian Parliamentary member Sergey Leschenko and NABU director Artem Sytnyk about an ongoing investigation of Manafort amounted to an improper interference kyivpost.com/ukraine-politi…
Fact 18b: improper interference by Ukraine’s government in the 2016 U.S. election. Leschenko and Sytnyk deny the allegations, and have won an appeal to suspend that ruling on a jurisdictional technicality kyivpost.com/ukraine-politi… <-You can read the court ruling here #Ukrainegate
Fact 19: George Soros’ Open Society Foundation issued a memo in February 2016 on its strategy for Ukraine, identifying the nonprofit Anti-Corruption Action Centre as the lead for its efforts. You can read the memo here. scribd.com/document/40322… #GeorgeSoros
Fact 20: The State Department and Soros’ foundation jointly funded the Anti-Corruption Action Centre. George Kent’s testimony about it here lawfareblog.com/george-kent-tr… , and you can read about that funding from the Centre’s own funding records antac.org.ua/en/pro-nas/ <- #Soros
Fact 21a: In April 2016, US embassy charge d’affaires George Kent sent a letter to the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office demanding Ukrainian prosecutors stand down a series of investigations into how Ukrainian nonprofits spent U.S. aid $ scribd.com/document/40255… <- Letter
Fact 21b This included the Anti-Corruption Actions Centre. Kent testified he signed the letter here. lawfareblog.com/george-kent-tr…
Fact 22: Then-Ukraine Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said in a TV interview with me that Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch during a 2016 meeting provided the lists of names of Ukrainian nationals and groups she did want to see prosecuted. thehill.com/hilltv/rising/… <-Video proof
Fact 23: Ambassador Yovanovitch and her embassy denied Lutsenko’s claim, calling it a “fabrication.” I reported their reaction here. thehill.com/hilltv/rising/… #Yovanovitch
Fact 24a: Despite differing accounts of Lutsenko-Yovanovitch meeting, a senior U.S. official in an interview arranged by the State Dept stated to me in spring 2019 that US officials did pressure Lutsenko’s office johnsolomonreports.com/the-real-ukrai… <-That official’s comments here.
Fact 24b Pressured several times not to “prosecute, investigate or harass” certain Ukrainian activists, incl Parliamentary member Leschenko, journalist Vitali Shabunin, the Anti-Corruption Action Centre & NABU director Sytnyk. lawfareblog.com/george-kent-tr… George Kent also confirmed it
Fact 25: In May 2018, then-House Rules Committee chairman Pete Sessions sent an official congressional letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asking that Yovanovitch be recalled as ambassador to Ukraine. scribd.com/document/40255… Sessions and State confirmed the official letter.
Fact 26a: In fall 2018, Ukrainian prosecutors, using a third party, hired an American lawyer (a former U.S. attorney) to proffer information to the U.S. government about certain activities at the U.S. embassy, thehill.com/opinion/white-… <- You can read their account here.
Fact 26b: Activities inv Burisma & the 2016 election, that they believed might have violated U.S. law. thehill.com/opinion/white-… You can also confirm it by talking to the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan or the American lawyer representing the Ukrainian prosecutors’ interests
Fact 27: In May 2016, one of George Soros’ top aides secured a meeting with the top Eurasia policy official in the State Department to discuss Russian bond issues. scribd.com/document/42108… <-You can read the State memos on that meeting here. #GeorgeSoros #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Fact 28: In June 2016, Soros himself secured a telephonic meeting with Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to discuss Ukraine policy. scribd.com/document/42108… <-You can read the State memos on that meeting here. #Soros #UkraineGate
Conclusion a:
Lt. Col. Vindman, if you have information that contradicts any of these 28 factual elements in my columns I ask that you make it publicly available. Your testimony did not.
zerohedge.com/political/john… #vindman
Conclusion b:
If you don’t have evidence these 28 facts are wrong, I ask that you correct your testimony because calling factually accurate reporting false only misleads America and chills the free debate our Constitutional framers so cherished to protect. johnsolomonreports.com/responding-to-…
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