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First ever bread. I think something went wrong since the dough didn't get big overnight. Going to try baking it anyway and see what happens. Image
Seems like it's getting bigger in the oven. I guess we'll see in 20 minutes or so how much of a failure this venture was.
Hmm....... Image
Oh no it's so stuck to the bottom... don't know if I'll be able to get it out whole. Apparently this is due to the pot not being hot enough before the dough goes in. That make sense, since I definitely ignored the "preheat the pot" thing.
Okay! This one just came out and isn't stuck to the bottom at all. Nice. Hard as a rock, though... Image
I've learned my flour might be to blame. Switching from Gold Medal to Trader Joe's (Trader Josef's) whole wheat all-purpose. Also learned there's at least one baker who plays AC/DC at his bread and claims that makes it taste better. So I've got some Beethoven in the background.
This one (also scaled 2x) turned out notably better. Less dense, more depth. Still not as fluffy as I'd like but I should probably start kneading. ImageImage
Borrowed a friend's Zojirushi bread maker for BREAD4. King Arthur Whole Wheat flour, Fleiachmann's instant dry yeast. Turned out ok! Next one out is hand-kneaded and oven-baked with Kalamata olives. ImageImage
Crumb shot later, after it cools. ImageImage
BREAD6. Slightly more flour on top and did not punch it down. ImageImage
Still dense. I want it to be rustic looking with big holes inside :/
Wish me luck... I let it rise overnight in the fridge. Also folded it. ImageImage
I need sourdough starter
It's got holes! This is TJs wheat flour, Red Star yeast, overnight fridge ferment. Still need a sourdough starter Image
Tori made cinnamon rolls! Image
The two starters begin... Image
The natural (without adding yeast) starter smelled horrible -- I almost vomited -- after 24h so I tossed it. Later learned you're supposed to keep feeding it and the good yeast will take over???
First sourdough...! Aaaahhhhh it's a fake sourdough though Image
I don't know why I take it so personally when the bread comes out crap
Update: presentation needs work but holy fuck this sourdough tastes great and texture is spot on. Wow!! First real sourdough. Image
Its longer-in-the-fridge brother ImageImage
Someone on the internet (I don't remember who) suggested sourdough starter pancakes with the starter you would ordinarily discard... we'll see how it turns out Image
Ok so scoring went not amazingly but at least I managed to score it. But for some reason the bottom of the bread is not flat. It's rounded and lifted off the bottom of the pan. Like more spherical than some. Any idea why?? Image
Than dome*
Ahhh frick this bread was so wet despite being in the oven for at least an hour. ???!!! I don't get it at all
This one is a friggin frisbee!!! Image
Fingers crossed ImageImage
Guess I gotta score more deeply but damn! Image
Well it could be worse.. Image
Can you say "oven spring" Image
I want less cavernous holes maybe? Image
Oh damn Image
Rye/white mix ImageImage
Well, there was an air pocket that imploded, but mixed wheat/white sourdough ImageImage
It's so so stuck to the bottom and sides of the Dutch oven... I think I forgot to flour....... Image
On the plus side, I'm ok at focaccia. Well reviewed. Forgot to take a pic though.
It smell like herbs Image
This is becoming a trend.... Image
A little thank you for family friends who are hosting us... oven preheating Image
Poorly shaped pretzels? Image
Oaty sourdough ImageImage
Om nom Image
50% rye ImageImage
English muffins! Image
Corn bread in the pan! Made for BBQ tofu. Image
Folks you're looking at the start of a happy evening Image
Not as happy as I'd hoped... forgot to add salt...
Happier focaccia (+salt) following the advice of a friendly man from Genoa Image
Pretty happy with this result ImageImage
I don't have a problem Image
Om nom nom Image
Shabbat shalom! Image
Baking a lot of focaccia today Two large tubs of dough
Mmmmmm bread Image
This one has cranberries and walnuts! Image
Mixed wheat/white sourdough after a string of horrible failures ImageImage
Update: crumb shot from a happy friend Image
Baguette in the oven... wish me luck
Hmmm not great not terrible ImageImage
Oh damn ok Image
Honey glazed 85% rye
Shout out to my sister for giving me a Römertopf for my birthday ImageImage
Thanksgiving rolls may have been placed a little too close together ImageImageImage
House smells of herbs ImageImage
Sufganiyot! This is a trial run ImageImageImage
Starting a little recipe page...
Using my pressure cooker's sous vide mode to see if I can bulk ferment my dough at a reliable temperature... time will tell
Update: it got huge. Nice. Now I no longer need to steal the oven for hours on end.
I think I'm going to use this dough to make pita tonight! Never made it before. Wish me luck.
First one... Can't wait to try after it cools a little Image
It was so great. Wow. So soft on the inside. I think I convinced Tom to stop buying store pita!
My first quick bread in a long time. Half wheat banana bread with coffee and cacao nibs. 1.5 hour bake! Modified version of King Arthur's recipe. Image
Garlic infused olive oil thin focaccia from my new sheet pan Image
Entering Danish search terms to find legit rugbrød recipes, then trying to read the (Danish) recipes.
Some of the sentences sound like English spoken by a Dane ("Bag brødet i en 200° varm ovn i 30-40 minutter")
Some of the sentences are moderately intelligible because I know some German words and some bread words ("Skær forsigtigt snit i brødet med en god brødkniv" -- "carefully score the bread with a good bread knife")
Some are just completely unintelligible ("Kom kun ganske lidt mel på bordet ad gangen")
Anyway now I've got a grain soaker and rye starter let's goooooooo Image
Dough coming together nicely... Flaxseed and rye starter mi...
Soon to bake...! Covered loaf pans about to ...
Fresh out of the oven Rye loaves on cooling rackImage
Baby's first preferment. It's a biga deal! Making ciabatta tomorrow! Image
Wow! It's-a very biga! Image
Shaping could use work but I'm looking forward to these sandwiches! ImageImage
YES ImageImage
Apple spice doughnuts with a maple glaze... Not very camera ready Image
First decent looking batard! Mixed white/wheat sourdough Image
So focaccia is easy in my cast iron pan but stretching it out on the sheet pan was a tricky endeavor... I'll have to re-watch Ivan
Thinking of doing a babka a la baklava -- pistachio, honey, cardamom, etc
Oh yes. Big sourdough. ImageImage
No ear but excited for this 20% wheat olive walnut sourdough Image
This is SO TASTY Image
Baking baguettes for a frenchman... Hope they turn out ok!! Image
Meh Two baguettesFloury baguette up close
Focaccia grilled cheese tonight! Herbed focaccia in my round...
Focaccia for a picnic Round focaccia in a bread b...
Baking my first sourdough in a while. Let's see if I remember how to make this...
I already bungled the basket to Dutch oven transfer so you know it's going well
I feel like I'm in a King Arthur video. They always have such relaxing banjo music.

Alt: my countertop with flour, flour duster, dough, and a bench scraper
Twilight marathon while baking blueberry scones! Scrumptious blueberry scone
Baklava babka Honey syrup makes the pista...
New house, new bread
French country loaf Thick white bread loaf with...

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