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3/ As @flotus opens the windows or DOORS of the miniature White house(s), some very special #'s come into prominent view...

17 (8+9), a 45 for POTUS, and a prominent 23 for the baddies...Now comes the Pain!!

[Note that DOORS will be a theme throughout.]
@FLOTUS 4/ Closeup showing lots of GOLD this year...IMO it symbolizes Dominance and Victory over the corrupt families (Roths, Soros) that have previously controlled the world's wealth.. Especially a gilded EVERGREEN pinecone? a troll of HRC's @SecretService name Evergreen.
@FLOTUS @SecretService 5/ the hallway that was graced by the bright RED trees last Christmas? Now practically an ICE castle, with unique 8 point stars (think 8 years of POTUS Presidency!) POTUS and @flotus will be walking the RED CARPET until 2024!
@FLOTUS @SecretService 6/ a quick peek into the Blue Room. @FLOTUS shows a Card on the tree, imprinted New York Rose.

I see the ROSE is the State FLower of NY, a symbol of WAR AND POLITICS!

Appropriate, @flotus as this War is about to be Won over the BLUE DEMS.
[note more ROSE themes to come]
@FLOTUS @SecretService 7/ Back in the hall, it smells WONDERFUL w the prolific PAPERWHITE flowers. Note they're named after Narcissus, the god that loved his REFLECTION (think mirror) and reversing the name?

WHITE PAPERs are legal writeups to give evidence for a case. DECLAS?

Another DOOR?
@FLOTUS @SecretService 8/ the SNOW, referring to the SNOWden's role in moving us to DECLAS of all the @NSAGov knows?

@flotus spends a few seconds sifting the snow through her fingers...the White Hats have done likewise, with all the 'granular' intel and data they have on the baddies.
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 9/ RED Room? ornament close-ups that've taken the internet by STORM...
17 domino, a BIRD that 'sings' a DICE with 11 dots showing (11 marker) a duck under UMBRELLA survelliance and a RABBIT to chase. Also a hidden 5 Eye domino waiting to FALL

#BeBest = BB = B2 Stealth Bomber!
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 10/ 17 visible ribbon stars. I counted.
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 11/ The Red Room itself . Again, with a DOOR theme, and it's probably just me, but the camera angle makes the lit up wreaths look like Q's, when combined with the statue trees.
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 12/ STATE Dining Room...w/prominent Red roses under Lincoln's loving eye.

IMO this is a contrast to Q's 'dining room', the HRC Table 29 horrific debauchery and evil.

@flotus's Roses, with table in forefront, honor the cabal's victims. a Psalm 23 Table set.

"Castle Runs Red"
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 13/ the Gingerbread exhibit...did you all see the BAKERS in the background? A shout out to the ANONS!
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 14/ notice what Window of the 26 total, that @flotus finishes off with the wreath?

the last one. 26=Z.
Zero hour.
Signalling the END of this nightmare of a coup attempt against our POTUS.
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 15/ the Gingerbread houses are magnificent, and telling.

#comms of RED-CASTLE-GREEN , pointing us to the Dec 9 release of FISA Intell.
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 16/ Golden Gate BRIDGE=Q theme, as is GOLD
color is really International ORANGE

SPACE Needle trolls White Hat victory there

Mt Rushmore in KEYSTONE, SD

St. Louis arch has a KEYSTONE & is GATEway to the West=spyGATE scandal

@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 17/ Remember the Alamo! Turning TIDE of TX Revolution where D-avy C-rockett met his end (initials DC) ; also Jim Bowie (JB John Brennan)

the Alamo siege started in Dec, ending in Feb (23). Just like the impeachment and trial of Clinton in 98-99 and now POTUS in 2019-20?
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 18/ the final icon is the LIBERTY bell, signalling the Bell will Toll for the black hats?

Inscription: Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land

from Leviticus XXV = 25 = 5:5
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 19/ and Miss Liberty?
an obvious shout out to Patriotism... but more?
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 20/ Lady Liberty's official motto is Liberty ENLIGHTENING the World, a Dark to Light worldwide Q theme for sure.

Q drops ENLIGHTENMENT just once.
timestamp - Dec 7?

@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 21/ the last closeup of the States Tree?

front and center?


@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 22/ Addendum: @ jack broke off the first 3 posts from this thread...here's 1/2
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 23/ the DOORS that played so prominently this year throughout the video?

Q has promised POTUS would "open the DOOR OF DOORS"

IMO this is one of the FINAL steps once the STAGE is SET to DECLAS and redpill the Left so we can be UNITED again as a Country.
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 24/ and the ROSES?

She wore an interesting ROSE coat when receiving the White House Christmas tree...this is NO small #comm
IMO #multiplemeanings include LOVE for the victims of the Cabal and perhaps a message to England, the red and white rose symbols of the HOUSE of Windsor
@FLOTUS @SecretService @NSAGov 25/ addendum: FOlks, read the comments other Anons and Patriots have added...LOTS more great observations and decodes. And?

HELP with this ornament closeup?

looks like a barber pole? the Arch again? Jefferson memorial?

Tell me it’s not ...
26/ my favorite #comm add on is the Spirit of America is the name for the B2 Stealth Bomber! h/t @heatherhardest

Stealth bomber is a YUGE THEME in Q drops...

we see B2 or BB in?

Bread and Butter pardoned Turkeys
BB = 2+2 = 22 = 11/11 marker

@heatherhardest 27/ I MISSED PLYMOUTH ROCK!
Pilgrim landing 1620
h/t @lady_Miss_M
Split into two to fire up the Colonists to demand Independence from England
Remainder 'chipped away at', rather like our very Freedoms, over the next 200+ years.
@heatherhardest @Lady_Miss_M 28/ an Anon found the GAME theme in the Red Room

I've been thinking for some time there's been a LITERAL Game being played out under our noses...White Hats v Black.
@heatherhardest @Lady_Miss_M 29/ HOUSE of CARDS theme from Q applies...FISA brings down the House


When do you play the TRUMP Card...
But I think there's more.

I did a speculative GAME theory thread, after thinking the Bush 41 Funeral 'notes' were actually playing cards...
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