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1. #QAnon dropped today on his new board confirming his new tripcode.


Q's new board header cites 18 US Code § 2385: "Advocating overthrow of Government" describing how press can criminally advocate for the overthrow of the United States government. #Spygate
2. Within 49 seconds,
~one minute of #QAnon's new board tripcode configuration drop 12:55:59 PM #3637
~one minute after that is timestamped the President's tweet time 12:56:48 PM and in
~two minutes following, #Q confirms the ∆[-1] min POTUS tweet 12:58:58 PM as IDENfctn
3. Those who follow #QAnon know how #Q has shown close coordination with @POTUS in the past, in very many instances, the ∆[-1] min coord of POTUS tweet to IDENTify the very time of #Q's new board trip conf, as an anon notes, & Q so confirms, w Q relaying to [#] other operators.
4. But, wait a minute, #QAnon'd told us >2 weeks ago that he would validate his new tripcode with new pics of the Presidential notebook, pen, watch, & desk. #Q
5. Okay. At 1:31:36 PM #QAnon follows with new pics of notebook, pen, watch, albeit not the Camp David desk w @POTUS on way to NATO. #Q
6. #QAnon The IG Horowitz report is due Dec 9 2019, which would be exactly 2 years from this Dec 9 2017 drop that #Q is reposting today, "Justice".
#Justice #Q.
7. #QAnon Why so much attention to a so-called "conspiracy"? #Q
8. #QAnon Why are the largest media companies in the world constantly attacking this so-called 'conspiracy'? #Q
9. Google has rigged their algorithms (in case you hadn't noticed) to intentionally misdirect searchers away from #QAnon content over to #MockingbirdMedia content. Problem is, some of the censors get woke in the process, but they are sharp to police that!
10. #QAnon Their greatest fear is that the People awaken.
Information Warfare.
#Q bing.com/news/search?q=…
11. #QAnon now reminds us of surveillance pic posted from 2015: SpyGate started before POTUS announced he was running.

12. Interesting that #QAnon should share the London pics in context of yesterday's Page article:
13. #QAnon One year ago tomorrow they announced the funeral of George H.W. Bush after Huber, Comey, Lynch hearings were scheduled. #Q
14. #QAnon Now they are announcing Dec 9 IG report. Why would we provide the date of the FISA release?
Logical thinking.

Their ammunition is finite (they will run out). #Q
15. Notice the filename of #QAnon's London pic (threaded above):
"LisaMI6".png --> Lisa Page meets w MI-6 in London (12/15)

Be ready, Anons.
Public awakening coming.
16. #QAnon's ref to LP meeting w #FVEY's MI-6 in London (12/15) follows her fronting IG report w #FakeDisgustingNews leaks saying no #Spying, or #RussiaHoax real. Remember Horowitz's never empowered to inspect #Clowns' manip of FBI. theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/12/02/wap…
17. Rich is solid. He used to work in the White House on the NSC under Flynn. He wrote a 7 page memo that outed a lot of Deep Staters, including H.R. McMaster, who then fired him for doing so.. Not a #QAnon guy, but saying same.
19. #QAnon The 'Con to steal' taxpayer money:
>Find 'topic(s)' w emot connxn to 'vocal' types
>Use pro-narr authorities to support
>Deploy 'group-think' echo chamber
>Justify billion $ taxpayer spend
>Create scare campaign
reuters.com/article/us-cli… #Q #ClimateHoax
20. #QAnon Who audits where the "climate" $ goes? A small % goes to the original mandate.
How do elected officials become mega/multi-millionaires?
Logical thinking.
#Q sfgate.com/weather/articl…
21. #QAnon Global Warming hits San Francisco. Couldn't happen to a .........
Newsom always comes looking for federal funds after the fires, visiting Pelosi in DC as she touts him "leading the way for America" … He
23. #QAnon cites Treason meme that @POTUS RT'ed last Nov
@POTUS 24. #QAnon It's Going to be Biblical #3649

@POTUS 25. #QAnon Biblical
One set of rules for them.

A different set for us. #Q
@POTUS 26. #QAnon Biblical

Ms. Professor KARLAN: "I will give you one example that shows you the difference between him and a king, which is, the Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility. So while Trump can name his son 'Barron,' he can't make him a Baron."
27. #QAnon Biblical Isaiah 49:15
"Doth a wife forget the child of her womb, and the son who she hath born? And though she do forget, yet will not I forget thee."

@POTUS 27. #QAnon Biblical

"Even their women were inflamed...."

Rep Gaetz opines to Ms. Professor on her smear of the given name by the President and First Lady to their son Baron that she felt was pertinent to her #ImpeachingHearings testimony.

"These people are sick."
28. #QAnon Biblical

Matt Gaetz speaks The People's opinion on Ms. Professor's #ImpeachmentHearings testimony against President and First Lady's given birth name to their son, #barontrump. #Q
29. #QAnon Biblical

Wait a second. What did Ms. Professor just say?

#ImpeacmentHoax is a but a dress rehearsal.
Setting the stage.
30. #QAnon Biblical

31. @lucymcbath ostensibly representing The People in GA06 district wants to impeach #BestPresidentEver for...what? Tweeting?

Very relevant!
@lucymcbath 32. #QAnon Biblical

Rather than giving the other side's any concluding remarks a go-Nadler ends abruptly by abusing his power. #Q
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