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February 2013: #LeJ did explosive water tanker blast in #Balochistan targeting #Hazaras which killed 100 and 200 + got injured.

August 2015: #LeJ did suicide bomb attack near the home of then Punjab Interior Minister Shuja Khanzada on revenge of Malik Ishaq's death.
October 2016: No #Pakistani can forget this, #LeJ militants were Part of attack along with #ISIS on police training college in #Quetta which killed 60+ and injured 100s

June 2017 : LeJ claimed responsibility for #Parachinar attack which killed 60+.
July 2018 : Attack in #Mastung which killed more than 130 , though #ISIS claimed responsibility, #LeJ was the one who operated on their behalf.

April 2019: Attack on #Hazara is Quetta market in which 15+ lost life .

The reason for details is to share the intensity of attacks.
Ayman #AlZawahiri born in Religious family in 1951 in Egypt, he was silent and studious since childhood. He was inspired by popular brotherhood leader "Sayyid Qutb Ibrahim Husayn Shadhili" and joined Brother hood movement at the young age of 14 but #Qutb was executed in 1966.
At the young age of 15 he along with his friends decided to overthrow the govt and establish Islamic state in Egypt.

The same time the Arab coalition waged war on #Israel and eventually Israel won the war .

This made him angry and he decided to establish caliphate in Egypt.
#AlZawahiri continued his education and completed his Bachelors in Medicine and he served in Army for 3 years while continuing to preach his Extremist ideas.

He slowly joined Egyptian Islamic Jihad along with friends. He in a short span reached position of recruiter.
It was in 1977, Egypt's the president
Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat decided to go friendly with #Israel and he personally visited #Israel.

#Sadat signed a peace treaty with #Israel in 1979 this angered the Extremists in #Egypt including #Alzawahiri.

#Sadat also banned extremist orgs
The ban on these extremist organization made #AlZawahiri furious he joined the protest to dethrone #Sadat Govt.

#AlZawahiri then joined hands with then military officer who had fought war with Israel and had made several attempts to kill #Sadat !

His name was "Aboud El Zomor"
Aboud El Zomor wanted to kill all Political leaders, take control of Army HQ, TV and Radio stations. He wanted to kill Secularism by bringing Islamic revolution. He thought killing #Sadat will lay foundation for Islamic state.

The stage was set on Oct 6 1981 to kill #Sadat.
Oct 6 1981 , #Sadat was with ambassadors of many countries and was on stage receiving the gaurd of of honor.

Suddenly a military Jeep headed towards Sadat and the soldiers inside it threw grenade and started firing on him and #Sadat died.

Egypt lost its leader !!
Before this in March 1981 , #Alzawahiri had visited Afghanistan once and also joined an Anesthesia specialist and plastic surgeon specialist and reached #Peshawar to serve the Mujahideens who were fighting against Soviet forces.

#AlZawahiri gave moral support to Mujahideens.
#AlZawahiri had met another Egyptian born Ahmed Khadr (was later killed in Waziristan) , Ahmed Khadr in 80s started hospitals in Pakistan and Afghanistan to help Mujahideens this impressed #Alzawahiri both became friends in a short span and later #AlZawahiri returned to Egypt.
After assassination of #Sadat , Egyptian govt attacked religious extremists and arrested every brotherhood leader who were part of Sadat's assassination including #Alzawahiri.

During interrogation in Maadi a police had slapped Alzawahiri and he inreturn had attacked Police.
Egyptian govt failed to prove the role of #Alzawahiri in #Sadat's assassination but he was just charged of holding ammunition , he was released after 3 years of punishment.

#Alzawahiri after release was more violent ,he moved to #Jeddah in 1985 and he became friend of "Osama" !
I don't explain much on Afghanistan war as I have explained before, after Soviet forces left Afghanistan both #Osama and #Alzawahiri left Afghanistan and moved to Saudi and Egypt respectively.

#Alzawahiri decided to establish Islamic state in Egypt .
#Alzawahiri had became expert in building Mujahideen network after Afghan war , so he started to build Mujahideen teams in 1990s soon sensing the danger Egyptian Govt decided to stop him and he escaped to Sudan !

Osama was already in Sudan after he objected US forces in Saudi !
In 1992, #AlZawahiri joined Osama in Sudan and in 1995 #Alzawahiri planned and attacked Egyptian Embassy in #Islamabad where 17 lost life and 60+ were injured.

The Pressure by Egyptian govt made Sudan to send Alzawahiri and Osama out of Sudan .

Both travelled to #Afghanistan
Osama and Alzawahiri became closer, Osama had people with him who were ready to fight but Zawahiri had engineers , doctors , scientists etc with him. #Alzawahiri introduced fellow Egyptian "Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar" to Osama he was a chemist who was famous in making Bombs.
Midhat Mursi was popularly called #AbuKhabab was a chemical engineer and knew #AlZawahiri since late 70s. #AbuKhabab had travelled to #Saudi and from there to #Afghanistan in late 80s during the end of soviet war.

In late 90s #AlZawahiri and Osama returned to #Afghanistan.
#Alzawahiri introduced #AbuKhabab to #Osama and explained him about the next generation war ie., Nuclear and chemical to target #US.

#Osama liked the idea and soon the issue was discussed in #AlQaeda shura and was granted $4000 to him.

The project was named as "Al-Zabadi"
Al -Zabadi project was started in Derunta Camp in Jalalabad which later went on producing notorious Terrorists.

Though the dream nuclear weapon couldn't complete after the 9/11 attacks but before that #AbuKhabab successful taught his Mujahideens how to prepare bombs.
Ahmed Ressam who tried to attack Los Angeles airport in 1999 ,
Group who attacked Port of Aden in 2000,Richard Reid & Zacarias Moussaoui who tried blast in Paris Miami flight and mainly #Moussaoui the brain behind 9/11 all were trained by #AbuKhabab in same Derunta compound !
#CIA reports also says that on Sept 11 ,2001 in #Kandahar house #Osama , #AlZawahiri and along with other top #AlQaeda leaders #AbuKhabab too was present hearing the Arabic radio on the attack.

Though NA thought #AlZawahiri was dead but soon he released statement.
Soon after 9/11 , Musharraf allowed US airforce to setup base in Pakistan, this triggered #AlZawahiri and #Osama.

CIA had inputs that #AlZawahiri is inside #Pakistan and in then FATA , CIA asked Musharraf to push troops inside tribal Areas.
In 2004, #AlZawahiri released a statement condemning #Musharaff for allowing troops to kill #AlQaeda to favor #US.

By then #US troops started attacking #Waziristan and hunting AlQaeda , #ISI gave info that #AlZawahiri is present in #FATA.

#Musharaff sent Pakistan troops !
The #AlQaeda started attacking the #Pakistan army , almost 80+ Pakistan soldiers lost life in the mission, 8 soldiers were taken into custody and later were shot on head and killed brutally and then the operation was forced to stop.

#AlZawahiri managed to escape again.
It was in March 2002 in #Faisalabad in #Pakistan , #CIA caught a big name of #AlQaeda whom they were following since years.

" Abu Zubaydah " the name was famous in terror industry, Abu Zubaydah born in Saudi but had moved to Palestine in young age to fight Israel !
Abu Zubaydah had graduated in Computer science from #Mysore a city in South of India and later moved to #Afghanistan to join Mujahideens.

His education and previous activities in #Palestine helped him reach senior role where he handled entire human logistics in Khalden camp
#CIA had followed him since his days in Afghanistan once they got to know about his role in training Los Angeles bomber.

In #Faisalabad he was staying with 30+ AlQaeda Terrorists and it was "#CIA" who traced him and took #ISI support to catch him.
Firing happened during the raid and the troops loaded the bodies into the van ,it was #CIA officer who identified a wounded person as #AbuZubaydah.

#CIA paid $10 million to #ISI and also helped #ISI to build new building in 35 acres land and a helicopter.
As soon as CIA caught #AbuZubaydah they took him to Afghan complex and got Arab #CIA officers to deal with him.

#Zubaydah was given Truth Serum and Arab CIA officers were given responsibility who introduced themselves as #GIP officials ( Saudi intelligence) .
The 9/11 secrets then started revealing one after the other. The top secret which he said was #Saudi and #Pakistan(few officers) knew that 9/11 was going to happen.

The top names were Salman bin Abdulaziz (now king of #Saudi) and Pakistan's then Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir.
Before #CIA think it may be false he gave the number of "Prince Turki Alfaisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud " who was then Intelligence chief of #GIP surprising the number matched exactly.

The investigation further shown that Abdul Aziz was close to #MullahOmar and #Osama since 1991.
He also revealed that #AbdulAziz spoke and convinced #Osama not to make #Saudi a Jihadi hub inreturn he will help him in getting his seized passport and money from Kings (Later Osama moved out of Saudi).

Mir was then the command of the Northern Air Command #Peshawar.
Air Vice Marshal Mir was closely working with #ISI and was looking after the aerial support for #Afghan war.

Vice Marshal Mir had entered the deal between #Osama and #Abdulaziz . The deal was #Pakistan will be providing Osama with all the arms and Saudi will pay Pakistan.
#Saudi were not against Osama carrying out Jihad but they were against him carrying it out in #Saudi !

The same Prince Turki, #Osama and vice marshal Mir met in #Kandahar in 1998.

Prince Turki promised Taliban and #Mir big money to take care of #Osama .
The task of this trade negotiation and Price distribution was given to 3 Saudi Princes. Once #Abuzubayed was caught in March 2002 he started revealing the facts

1) " Prince Ahmed bin Salman al-Saud " - who was 43 dies mysteriously on July 2002 they painted as heart attack .
2) The next day "Sultan bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah" who was coming to visit funeral of his cousin Ahmed bin salman dies of "Accident" !

3)Next week (Last week of July 2002) "Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Saud al Kabir " found dead in desert. Saudi said he died due to thirst.
So all three Princes who were part of deal between #Osama and #Pakistan's Air chief Marshal Ali Mir died mysteriously within 2 months of #AlZubayedh's capture.

The interesting and most mysterious part here is the death was of Pakistan's then Air chief Marshal Ali Mir !
Though I have already explained about the mystery behind the death of Air Chief Marshal Ali Mir, will explain in detail about the incident.

After 9/11 US and Pakistan made an agreement according to which US were given permission to use any Naval and Airforce base in Pakistan.
#Kohat Air Base was one such startegic place selected by US army .

It was on Feb 20 , 2003 just about 7 months after death of 3 Princes , Pakistan's Air chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir had lost his life in "Air crash " when he planned to visit #Kohat Air Base.
16 other officers too lost life in the blast. Just before the crash the nearby villagers had heard the bullet sounds and surprisingly they also found the guns near to crash site.

A committee formed to investigate the incident which headed by Air Vice Marshal Khalid Chowdhury.
Mysterious incidents in the death of Air chief Marshal Ali Mir were.

a) Just 30 min before the journey the flight was changed.

b) The Pilot was changed before the flight.

The investigation came up with a conclusion of faulty plane and plane had hit the mountain.
The Fokker F-27 which carried the Air chief Marshal went to fly without proper checking ? A blatant lie.

The security clearance were obtained before the flight.

a) There were no warnings calls made.

b) There were no Proof in Radar that there were mountain covered by fog.
c) The day and sky was bright and clear there was no evidence of fog in the region.

d) The most surprising element was Pilot made no "distress call".

e) The highly experienced Air Force pilot who carried Air Chief Marshal fly Soo low in the danger zone ?
The report says that flight hit the mountain but the way the flight was crashed and the remains found on either side of the mountain shows that the flight was attacked before the crash ie.,through the missiles from land.

On March 2003 Khalid Sheikh was caught in #Rawalpindi.
Soon after his arrest the #Kohat secret started to reveal.

I have already explained the details of story of Air chief Ali Mir

So did Major Adil Qadoos who was working in #Kohat airbase killed his own Air Chief Marshal Mir Ali ???

The entire team who did negotiation with Osama , #ISI and #Saudi lost life and surprisingly all in mysterious condition.
Another incident to prove that #ISI knew the 9/11 was popular "Money Man " story of then #ISI DG #MahmudAhmed.

It's important to understand little history before going to this curious case of #ISI funding the 9/11 attacker .
In 1999 #Musharraf unconstitutionally snatched power #Nawaz convenienced his bullies that #Nawaz may cooperate with US to counter Taliban which is against the interest and policy of Pakistan ( He too did same later ).
The other fact was after #kargil loss #NawazSharif had  terminated the commission of Gen #Musharraf and promoted then DG #ISI Gen #Ziauddin as an army chief.
Soon after Gen #Musharraf took over the office , he took back the decision of promoting Gen #Zia and ordered an enquiry.
The enquiry was mainly to see if Gen #Ziauddin had role in getting himself in shoes on #Musharraf. Musharraf replaced Gen #Zia by #MahmudAhmed as #DG #ISI ( later the commission found Gen #Ziauddin had no role in getting promoted even then he was sacked through " scouts penalty")
#Mahmud was selected as DG #ISI by Musharraf for two main reasons

a) He had major role in the success of the coup which was planned by #musharraf

b) He had close relationship with Taliban which Musharraf thought was important to continue his tenure.
In the year 2000, #Mahmud visited US to speak on war on #AlQaeda, US which was in anger against Taliban for sheltering AlQaeda, during the visit of #Mahmud , US indirectly warned Pakistan that anyone who directly or indirectly support #AlQaeda are enemy of US !
In 2001, #CIA Director #Tenet visited #Pakistan to put pressure on #musharraf to convince #Taliban to handover #Osama to US forces.

#Tanet also met #Mahmud also asked (ordered ??) him to speak to Taliban leaders and convince them.
Just months before 9/11 again a US delegation visited #Pakistan to put pressure on #Musharraf and #Mahmud to put pressure on #Taliban.

Surprisingly #Mahmud travels to US on September 4th for a week trip till September 11 ( Not a coincidence 9/11 ).
CIA knew in August about the money transaction happened between Gen #Mahmud and terrorists . On the day of 9/11 discussion was happening between Gen #Mahmud and Senator BoB Graham on #AlQaeda in #Pakistan soil at the same time #WTC was blasted. #Mahmud acted as if he knew nothing
On next day ie., On 9/12 Richard Armitage met #Mahmud and warned

"Help us and breathe in the 21st century or be prepared to live in the Stone Age." (That's exactly way US warned #Pakistan )

#Mahmud instantly agreed to all the demands of US and noon he called #Musharraf.
One more incident happened just days before 9/11 i.e, #Taliban killed the Commander of Northern alliance Ahmad Shah Massoud (popularly called #Lion or #Panjshir).

#Mahmud knew the aftermath of 9/11, Osama wanted to please #MullahOmar he took help of #ISI and killed Ahmad shah
Demands by Richard Armitage were clear he wanted Gen Mahmud to agree it and gave no options.

The Demands were

1) #Pakistan must stop #AlQaeda and laden to use its soil.

2) To provide permission for US planes to fly and land in #Pakistan.

3) Access to all Air and Naval bases.
4) #ISI must share all confidential information on #Osama and #AlQaeda.

5) #Pakistan Govt must never allow protest by it's citizens against #US and it's allies.

6) To stop fuel supply to #Taliban and to stop sending people to join them.

7) To cut diplomatic ties with #Taliban.
Lt.Gen #Mahmud agreed to all conditions and conveyed the same to #Musharraf and he was ok with it ( I repeat it ).

As soon as he came back from US Lt.Gen headed towards Afghanistan to meet #MullahOmar and convince him to handover #Osama.
Mullah Omar denied to sacrifice #Osama however sought support from #ISI to face the retaliation of US.

Later there was a conversation between the Prince Abdullah,Abdulaziz, Gen #Youssef ( ISI lead for Afghan affairs) and Gen #Mahmud.

Saudi decided to sacrifice #Osama.
Again in the end of September Gen #Mahmud went to #Afghanistan with group of religious leader who tried to convince #MullahOmar to handover Osama but he again denies but requests #ISI delegation to provide him arms to fight #US.
Even after signing treaty in #US , Gen #Mahmud sent 5 #ISI officers to #Kandahar to assist #MullahOmar in US strikes , several vehicles with Arms were sent to Taliban even against US words.

Though #ISI trained #Taliban hilly warfare but Omar was interested in Missiles.
As US started bombarding #Afghan hills , #ISI decided to recall major officers leaving few.

Suddenly #MahmudAhmed was removed as #ISI chief role and also terminated from service. A close Aid of #Musharraf was terminated by himself.
Was he terminated just like that? No. #Musharraf knew that he couldn't keep US happy by keeping #Mahmud as #ISI chief who never went against #Taliban. He knew on every meet with Mullah Omar #Mahmud did nothing apart from praising Mullah Omar.
Also by then #US unearthed a biggest mystery of fund transfer of
$1,00,000 by #Mahmud to Mohammad #Atta (who attacked #WTC on 9/11) via Omar Sheikh a #HuM terrorist freed during the Indian Airlines #Kandahar hijacking.

#Mahmud was replaced by tough man Lt Gen Ehsan ul Haque
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