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1. The 1st installment on this dig on 11/28/19. What you're about to read was only discovered because of the hard work of multiple Anons - while recalling 2+ years of research and discovery. The 2nd installment of the dig on QDrop 3410 = Lufthansa Airlines and the Podesta Group.
2. Here is the 1st installment. You MUST take the time to read it before continuing if you have not yet read it. The 2nd installment goes a completely different direction.

As stated in the 1st installment,

"A, B, C, D, E….
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..

3. Date of 1st flight (of the Stealth Bomber) was July 17 1989. Breaking that down in the decode we get:
10 21 12 25 AG AIHI - When I entered this into a search engine I noticed a recurring mention of Lufthansa Airlines AG with a specific airliner designated AIHI.
4. I found a flight history for AIHI. On 10/15/19 this jet traveled from Munich Germany to Boston, Massachusetts but there's no recorded data of the flight. One has to ask, how and why, did an airliner with seating capacity of 300+ fly without data entered for the flight?
5. Lufthansa has been used many times by the US Government to transport various officials. No big deal. But, when I found out a certain group lobbied for them, red flags went up. TONY and JOHN PODESTA and the Podesta Group lobbied for Lufthansa to get a contract in Puerto Rico.
6. These emails were very disturbing. There's some really key things to notice. One, Tony Podesta's name is registered in the US State Department's email database meaning he was a frequent recipient of emails. Notice other people on the email strings from the Podesta Group.
7. They all have their email addresses attached because they weren't saved contacts. Tony and John though, don't have an email address written after their names. Based on the appearance, when emailed enough by the State Department, their contact information appears to be stored.
8. The next thing to notice is the Podesta Group is being helped, at great lengths, by the US Government to secure a contract in Puerto Rico. The most senior of those helping appears to be Bob Hormats, Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment.
9. Is it just coincidence that Hillary Clinton served as the US Secretary of State under Obama from 2009 to 2013, the exact same time frame Bob Hormats was Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment? You know who DID NOT work there? John Podesta.
10. John Podesta worked for obama from 2014 – 2015 and was White House Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton from 1998 – 2001 and White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton from 1993 - 1998. So, why was he in an email string in 2013 when he didn't work for the government?
11. In the emails we see "Seth Winnick" who worked in the US Embassy in Berlin, helping to make all this happen for Tony Podesta and Lufthansa. He was still employed by the US government till as late as 2018 (or later), and was in the top 10% of highest paid federal employees.
12. So, John Podesta, who was NOT in US government at the time and his brother Tony and the Podesta group were receiving SIGNIFICANT help from multiple members of the US government in multiple offices and positions, to secure a contract for Lufthansa airline company.
13. Judicial Watch also came across the name Seth Winnick in its research of Hillary Clinton emails. The more we look at this, the more it seems apparent, there was a MAJOR pay to play and lobbying effort by the US government to help Lufthansa.…
14. Judicial Watch shows "Puerto Rico was selected by the airlines for the facility to service A320s in 2014."

The lobbying efforts worked.…

The next part by Judicial Watch is something that will mean a WHOLE lot more by the end of this thread.
15. “By the standards of the Mueller special counsel operation, these emails alone would have been enough for the Podestas to have been hauled before a grand jury or worse,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These emails are a stark reminder that the Mueller’s special...
16. ...counsel operation seems more interested in the alleged foreign ties of the Trump team, rather than Hillary Clinton’s (and Barack Obama’s) associates.”

So, why Lufthansa? It was founded in 1953 and currently has over 138,000 employees. Needless to say, it is massive.
17. "Deutsche Lufthansa AG has overtaken Air France-KLM Group to become Europe’s biggest airline, grabbing the top spot held by the Paris-based company since a merger of the French and Dutch flag-carriers in 2004."…

In 1978, Lufthansa made world news.
18. The biggest cash theft in US history at the time resulted in just one conviction. The "Lufthansa heist, theft on December 11, 1978, of some $5.8 million in cash and jewels from the air cargo building of the German airline Lufthansa at John F. Kennedy International Airport...
19. New York City...Of the many suspected participants, almost all of whom were involved in organized crime, only one was ever convicted and served time in connection with the robbery, and almost none of the stolen money was ever recovered."…
20. Lufthansa made monthly transports of millions of US dollars from Germany to the United States. US military members had spent the money in Germany, then, Lufthansa transported the cash to the states to the deposit it in US banks. It was one of these transports that got hit.
21. From the Britannica article: "The idea was then brought to James Burke, a known gangster who was associated with the Lucchese crime family. Burke was believed to have masterminded the heist, with the help of information from Werner." - Lucchese crime family?

22. The heist successfully scores nearly $6 million in cash.

"Parnell Edwards, the driver of the van, was to take it(the van) to a junkyard to be compacted. He failed to do that; rather, he parked it illegally on the street in Brooklyn, where it was found two days later.
23. It contained fingerprints that proved to be one of the few real breaks in the case. Edwards was killed shortly thereafter. The bookmaker Krugman was also killed, and several other people believed to have been involved in the heist were murdered or disappeared."
24. A mobster plans a heist, carries it out, and gets away. One by one his accomplices are murdered or disappear. Most of the money is never recovered and he never goes to jail for that crime. Only the Lufthansa employee, Louis Werner, was ever convicted for a role in the crime.
25. That crime happened 41 years ago as of 12/11/19. Didn't we see 41 in the other part of this decode? George H W Bush was #41 and fit perfectly into the 1st part of this decode. Coincidence that Q drops a clue leading to 41 on both sides of the decode?
26. But, the REAL connections pick up in 2011 during the Hillary Clinton years in the US state department! If this doesn't floor you, I don't know what will. Lufthansa found itself in legal trouble with the US Department of Justice. They had been bribing foreign officials!
27. "... arising from and related to the making of improper payments by directors, officers,
employees, and agents of foreign officials in order to secure contracts to perform aircraft
maintenance, repair, and overhaul service..."…
28. Wait...the US Dept of Justice said Lufthansa was bribing officials to "secure contracts for maintenance, repair..."? You mean, like the contracts that the Podesta group and a bunch of US government officials were working to secure for Lufthansa just 2 years after this ruling?
29. What in the hell people? Was this the moment the DeepState lept onto Lufthansa? Look at what happened in 2011! The Dept of Justice issued a "Non-Prosecution Agreement"..."It is understood that the Department will not seek any monetary penalty against Lufthansa Technik."
30. So, was it a Quid Pro Quo deal?

-We'll let you off and even help you get a maintenance contract in Puerto Rico-

But, what would Lufthansa do to return the favor? That's the real question now, isn't it! If you don't think this wasn't a setup from the beginning, look at this.
31. What happens when you see a name keep popping up on one side of the aisle? Denis McInerney was the Chief in charge of the Dept of Justice section that brought this case against Lufthansa. It would've been his decision to do a non prosecution agreement. Why does this matter?
32. McInerney was working for the obama administration, along side the HRC state department when this investigation occurred. Is that meaningful? Well, yes. McInerney was the "rock star" prosecutor in the case AGAINST Bill and HRC in 1994 with their "Whitewater" escapade.
33. The Clintons walked on that charge. Why else would Barack Obama allow McInerney to be a Chief investigator at the Dept of Justice? If McInerney had been serious about getting a conviction on the Clintons, do you REALLY THINK he'd be a welcome face in the obama administration?
34. How about the head attorneys DEFENDING Lufthansa in this case? Jay Holtmeier and Thomas Koffer and they worked for, wait for it...Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP! That name better mean something to you folks! That's the same law firm that Robert Mueller works for.
35. Mueller had been a partner in the early 90's at Hale and Dorr LLP, before the firm combined with Wilmer Cutler Pickering LLP. He rejoined as a partner in 2014 after being FBI Director. He'd been back for 3 years before Rod Rosenstein appointed him head of the special counsel.
36. He left the firm to investigate Trump's Russian collusion.…

So, the lead investigator looking into Lufthansa was a prosecutor who just so happened to fail to convict the Clinton's on the land deal they ran in the Whitewater scam.
37. He then goes through the ranks at DOJ, to the point of Chief of the Fraud Division and eventually Deputy Attorney General.…

The two defense attorneys work for a law firm that has defended the Clintons in as well as several other prominent politicians.
38. AND, it's the same firm Robert Mueller works for. One of those attorneys, Jay Holtmeier, is still a partner with the firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP.…

The other, Thomas Koffer, is now Global Head of Anti-Corruption at Credit Suisse.
39. Do you see the freaking irony here folks? And you wonder why Trump has to TRULY root out the cabal! It's MASSIVE and it's ALL intertwined.…

So, the US Dept of Justice catches Lufthansa bribing foreign leaders to get maintenance contracts.
40. Then, 2 years later, the Podesta group, via the same US government administration, gets Lufthansa the exact type of maintenance contracts they were bribing people for. Lufthansa lands the contract in Puerto Rico. To be honest, I think there's more to this but, I'm exhausted.
41. @Americanlll, @Mastersshelby, @2runtherace and @QAnon76 all helped on this. I've been digging on this topic and preparing this thread for over a week.

There's an interesting symbol of the nose or tail of many Lufthansa airliners. A star made of 5 diamond like arrows.
42. It's representative of the "Star Alliance". Lufthansa and 4 other airline companies formed Star Alliance back in 1997. Today, there's 26 member airlines.

The Star Alliance program is supposed to ensure the best possible experience for passengers.
43. Besides having a strange name and symbol, I don't know what else to say. Maybe one of y'all can dig on that?

The last big to do I want to draw your attention to is this: Lufthansa changed leadership in 2017. The new chairman as of September 2017, is Dr. Karl-Ludwig Kley.
44. He used to work for Merck, a German multinational pharmaceutical, chemical and life sciences company. While with Merck he became a consultant for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I guess it's all about who you know!…
45. Folks, starting this thread was intimidating. The connections and the implications were just so far reaching. The fact that the decode went in two directions was also challenging. BUT, once you start digging you have to just keep going down the rabbit hole.
46. I hope you've all been intrigued and maybe even learned a little. The criminal element in this country is so connected, interwoven and redundantly protecting each other due to long established agreements. Lufthansa seems to have joined this criminal conspiracy at some point.
47. So, in installment #1 we found the Stealth Bomber - dropping BOOMs - on the deep state. What was one of those BOOM's? Robert Mueller, who failed to find collusion or obstruction against Trump. And, he belongs to the same law firm that defended Lufthansa against a phony DOJ.
48. Then, installment #2. Appearance of a pay to play scheme between the obama administration, the HRC state department, Lufthansa airlines and the Podesta group. Were they blackmailed? What is Lufthansa doing for the deep state in return for the favors they've been shown?
49. never hurts to have Europe's largest airline in your back pocket when you're running trafficking rings! And, a maintenance facility without prying eyes may be the perfect location to load and offload whatever it is you're moving. Let's summarize to end...
50. If I had not found AIHI in the decode, I would never have found Lufthansa. Without finding Lufthansa, I would never have found the pay to play scheme or the phony DOJ charges against them which let me to Mueller's partners at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP.
51. If I had never seen Mueller and his partners at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, I wouldn't have found the manner in which Lufthansa's pay to play was arranged in the first place. And, the Stealth Bomber?'ll be AG William Barr who will take them all down!
52. That's it for me folks. Take care all. Thank you again to my fellow Anons who helped make this thread happen.

God Bless,


- End
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