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Oh, and another thing: stop fucking waiting for Tory voters to "realise they've been swindled."

It'll never fucking happen. You are even more of a fucking dupe than they are. They are ALWAYS going to find someone else to blame. That's what they DO.
Things That Will Not Happen:

1. Conservatives "dying out"
2. Conservatives "coming to their senses"
3. Conservatives "deciding enough is enough"
4. Conservatives "playing fair"
5. Conservatives "showing compassion"

Stop fucking talking about them doing these things.
At the very best, Tory voters don't believe they're being lied to, but if they discovered that they were, the vast majority of them wouldn't care. They'll make excuses! They'll mock us for believing that truth exists. They'll say "well, it worked." It got Brexit done.
The reason the left is losing is because it still honestly believes it can save everyone.

I'm not talking about the poor, I'm not talking about the vulnerable or the disadvantaged, I'm talking about the conservatives.

The left still believes it can save them from themselves.
A lot of the left - Corbyn's Labour in particular - still seems to be working off this Marxist principle that it is The People vs. The Rulers, that cruelty flows solely from capital.

No. Some of The People are also the enemy, and they won't ever be converted.
Like thank fuck @InnuendoStudios had the balls to come out and discuss the liberal delusion that every conservative wants to be a liberal deep in their heart but is just jaded, because the left seems to have a similar problem and I'm only just beginning to realise it.
If socialist revolution was just "The People Vs. The Rulers," every single country on this planet would be socialist.

Some of The People... don't want socialism. And you're never going to reach them, and leftists don't want to talk about it, but you may have to go THROUGH them.
So many people miss the point of ACAB when they're so close to getting it.

Cops aren't the ruling class. There are no millionaire cops. Often, cops aren't even paid a living wage.

Economically, cops are as downtrodden as the rest of us. But they voluntarily help that system.
A lot of people yelling ACAB understand that people who cop stans are "bootlickers," but they don't understand that cops are, in turn, just licking more expensive, shinier boots.

Now extend that hierarchy of tongue-polishing to half the goddamn population.
You know what? I'm going to do the Edgy Comedian thing and say "I'm gonna say what nobody else has the balls to say."

The left is not the silent majority. We do not represent the will of the masses yearning to be free. If we want to win, we have to fight like a minority.
The left is big enough that we're probably the LARGEST minority. Maybe even a plurality. But we're still not "the majority."

The right is a much smaller minority, and while they'd never admit that, they are perfectly happy to fight using the tactics of one.
Do you know what the majority is?


The people who don't really give a shit, don't care to know anything significant and take the path of least resistance. They'd notionally oppose a fascist coup but wouldn't lift a finger to stop it.
The left will most certainly treat these people better than the right, but not so immensely that putting the left in power is worth the effort.

The only saving grace is that if we implemented socialism, they wouldn't be bothered enough to get rid of us.
The world is comfortable enough for them right now and by the time it stops being that way, the amount of effort needed to fix it will be so astronomical that they'll just give up.

You are not going to convince them to act to make things better. You have to bypass them.
Systemic change will not be delivered by the ballot box, and I am sorry, I am so very, very sorry, but it will almost certainly not be delivered peacefully either.

We don't have time to deconstruct centuries of jingoistic nationalism and exceptionalism.
Playing fair and losing is not "better." That is a bullshit lie designed to engender complacency.

When - and only when - we have won, through literally whatever tactics we need to use to do that, only then is it appropriate to moralise over whether we "won the right way."
There is far too much at stake - LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights, immigrants' rights, food security, healthcare - to prioritise cleanliness over victory.

And at long last, we need to accept that the right wing wins because it isn't restricted by conventional morality.
The right care about results, not methods, and it's working swimmingly for them.

I'm just going to say it: we need to be the same. We need to do whatever it takes to win, because they're certainly not going to give us credit for playing fair.
Many people - close friends, some of them - have told me "you can't build a fairer, gentler, kinder society using immoral means."

But at this point in time, that's tantamount to saying "you can't build a fairer, gentler, kinder society at all."

But I refuse to give up.
And I would make the argument that when fighting enemies who have themselves abandoned morality, you have no obligation to act in a moral manner to fight them. In fact, attempting to do so is pointlessly hamstringing yourself.
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