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@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania I think it’s really important for folks interested in the #Neurodiversity Movement to discuss from a #solidarity and #CriticalStudies perspective what the DSM diagnostic category of “Bipolar Disorder” really is, & what it means in practical terms for people given this label. /1
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania As background, I myself received a Dx of Bipolar Disorder Type I in 2002 when I was in graduate school studying for my Ph.D. at MIT/Harvard in speech/language, neuroscience, and technology/engineering. /2
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania I have started figuring out how to tell my story. It begins with not being able to get to sleep one week in January, 2002 when I was taking a political class during the Winter period in which famous linguist and activist Noam Chomsky was a co-instructor. /3
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania Over about 4-5 days, despite great desire to sleep, I was in agony each night. I simply could not do it. My heart would race, and my brain and head hurt. I would lie still for periods and zone out for a time, then gain consciousness and feel like I hadn’t slept a wink. /4
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania I also started to have the feeling that I had to really put my activist energies to the greater good. I had already for several years been working with various progressive activist causes related to social justice, animal rights and vegan (and variant plant-based) diets. /6
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania Daylight would come and I felt miserable. Somehow energy would appear, a kind of “second wind” and then I would be incredibly productive and energetic. /5
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania The World Trade Center had come down on 9/11 just four months earlier. I began to feel that God or a “higher power” was calling on me to help solve the world’s most pressing problems. I began to cogitate extensively on how I could solve these various pressing problems. /7
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania At the same time, in the class with Chomsky I was learning about things like the torture & slaughter of indigenous peoples by the conquistadors & the US FBI “CoIntelPro” program to take down & out activists in the Black civil rights movement Heavy shit. /8
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania I was also really productive with my ideas on research, & I felt more gregarious & confident - at least, at times when I was not in *sheer agony and torture* from not having gotten any useful sleep at all over days. This alternation understandably affected my emotional state. /9
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania By the end of a week without sleep, after intense thinking on the events of 9/11, I had come up w/a great plan for world peace : a chain email that would reconcile conflicts between Christians & Muslims involving a symbol of the apple. There would be no more religious war. /11
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania In addition, I tried to teach my cat that people couldn't see in the dark. I also thought I was going to co-author a book with Chomsky, and that he was going to fly the whole class to Missouri to examine (and debunk) religious texts at my mother's conservative church. /12
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania Skipping some interesting details, by the end of that day I was an inpatient *volunteer admittance* to Massachusetts General Hospital. I got treated and from the drugs they gave me, I was essentially back to my (normal?) self in 4-5 days. /13
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania I started this story to illustrate the following point of where I would land: I only have ever experienced a handful of brief episodes of psychosis a.k.a. disordered thinking a.k.a. classic mania. I have not had a single episode of major depression that would qualify for DSM. /14
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania To elaborate, I do not in general struggle with internally-generated (endogenous) depression. Although I've suffered, my experience w/depression is much milder than many people who get this disorder & I would think basically in the range of “normal depression experiences”. /15
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania This is consistent with the DSM criteria that someone can have only brief psychosis experiences with no depression or only ever mild depression, like me, and get a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. This was a major change from DSM-II to DSM-III. /16
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania I realize that my experiences with having only mild depression triggered by external events are not representative of most people given the “bipolar disorder” diagnosis label. However, for me that is a part of why I have a real problem w/this diagnosis category itself. /17
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania I even spoke with a psychiatrist on-line recently who referred to a newly-invented slang diagnosis term which is not official or in the DSM, “brief psychotic disorder”, basically acknowledging that people like me exist. @tylerblack32 /18
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania People who are your professors, your co-workers, or your friends may have had a brief psychotic disorder (which has to then get an official DSM Dx). They go on living their lives and manage well. You would never know they experienced these episodes unless they told you. /19
@CourageBipolar @fantasmavoid @jcfay1 @leoniedelt @twinski @Jannekje_ @Charlie_A_Hart @PerplexedSeal @Rev_Rom_C @johnnyprofane @theAspergianCom @ZarAlexander @Fiona_Clarke_ @nrhelms @mykola @jcfay @lilririah @helenrottier @ekverstania Most people who have an experience of brief #psychosis or who manage symptoms well will never disclose because of #discrimination, bias and #stigma. I choose to disclose as a political statement to encourage systemic change. #Neurodiversity /20 /end
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