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#PublicNotice 1/ It is highly regrettable that NSA Whistleblower #KarenStewart @karen_kams56 has suddenly made public comments denouncing & defaming me, shortly after my asking her privately to remove a slanderous tweet which she did address, clarifying it was a gen. statement...
2/ involving others.

In the process however, she has made further false-allegations and posted insults and lies, alleging “attacks” on email and “complaints about not engaging in mudslinging” after we disagreed on delaying the TCFF Joint Statement.
3/ Apparently affiliation with #DrKatherineHorton's lies, which necessitated the JS, is contagious:These public allegations of attacks, complaints are misrepresentations, patently untrue: let it be noted there were neither attacks nor complaints on emails, which others have seen.
4/ There were clear statements of opinion and fact, and arguments against her proposed delay of the JS.

It is regrettable that she has misinterpreted our differences as attacks on her character and judgment.
5/ In the matter of supporting #DrKatherineHorton—who has publicly proved to be an agent provocateur--and her red-herring court-cases & public-theatre supposed-efforts for TIs, we are in complete disagreement.

We are also in disagreement on the notion of “taking sides.”
6/ In my view: in a matter of right and wrong, there is right and there is wrong.

#KarenStewart has stated she is “neutral” and “chosen to walk away” while also claiming she has not kept track of #DrKatherineHorton's interminable videos, tweets, website blather defaming...
7/ and libelously slandering myself and others.

Yet, without knowing the content of this #SmearCampaign, she has chosen to take sides, providing her testimonial for #DrKatherineHorton's court case, while maintaining she is not taking sides...
8/ and now herself launching a libelous #SmearCampaign against me, falsely naming me “narcissistic, obsessed, delusional, bizarre personality type, insane, fighting with everyone” & so on.

This is unacceptable and defamatory.
9/ Apparently, pointing out the above--that she has chosen to ignore the facts regarding #DrKatherineHorton's behavior (public calls to violence, witnessed & reported sabotage of 2 activists' lives, families, and cases, reported sabotage of a previous scanning project...
10/ long #SmearCampaign on me & others, inciting of cyber-stalking & mobbing) has set her off, since she still maintains she is not taking sides, and is being moral in doing so.

As I understand it, morality is about right & wrong via base principle and not about neutrality...
11/ nor is it about pretending to be neutral.

Switzerland, which pretends, was never neutral.
12/ In addition: #KarenStewart has named several well-known personalities “walking away from me” as supposed evidence of my infamy, and providing legitimacy for her current outright and baseless #SmearCampaign on me.

In this conflation, she ignores the substantive issues...
13/ behind my exposing of these personas.

It is the very same protocol of ignoring substantive issues which lies behind the current scenario where she chooses to support #DrKatherineHorton despite all published and public evidence of her wrongdoing.
14/ By this means, it appears that #KarenStewart also condones:

the promotion of Disinfo, deliberate rejection, indeed, denigration of my voice & work by #MidgeMathis & #TargetedJustice;

the public False-Witness of TIs as Mentally Ill, & False-Info of Targeting...
15/ as run by random criminals by #EllaFree, and #SmearOps by both;

the reprehensible actions and verbal attacks of #DrEricKarlstrom on me, reported in full;

the repressive put-downs & promotion of Disinfo by #Frank, a marginal figure I do not know;
16/ the “walking away” of #DrMillicentBlack who apparently, like herself, cannot walk away from a Swiss infiltrator suggesting felonious crime to one and all, yet who continues to send me emails.
17/ Further: #KarenStewart has named those independent observers posting #Truth in rebuttal to her attacks on me as “Weinstein-snitches” “Weinstein-club” – highly derogatory, demeaning, absurd;

not one of those posting had conferred with me over rebutting her tweets...
18/ but wrote back on their own to correct her false allegations.

It is in fact these very observers who can clearly see the #Truth of what has occurred over the past 2.5 years, and are able to sift the wheat from the chaff in TI activism.
19/ Vital to note: #KarenStewart previously posted misleading tweets suggesting I might remove her work from my website, which was never suggested by me, nor even thought of;

this was deliberately misleading and caused much confusion and excoriation of me by many.
20/ Also: I noticed last night she has blocked me, which makes my many thoughtful responses to her highly defensive and inflammatory remarks non-visible on her own timeline.

Similarly, with others who spoke out, whom she insultingly called “snitches” “sycophants” et al.
21/ Finally: It appears #KarenStewart is still posting pejorative and defaming tweets on me at her timeline, suggesting others are my “proxies” while I “hide in the shadows.”

Absurd: as a public figure and writer I don't hide anywhere but am keen to post my thoughts in full...
22/ for public perusal as a matter of course.

And: to insult other independent writers and activists as being in any way “my” anything is insulting to their sovereignty and separateness.
23/ No, the Truth seems to be that #KarenStewart like #DrKatherineHorton cannot handle facts when they are pointed out to her, and must it seems immediately turn on me—easy target--

to defame & disappear the #truthteller via label as “obsessive narcissist.”
24/ What #KarenStewart has done here has come as a surprise, shock, and betrayal to many, incl. myself: it is a v. sad end to a long & mutually supportive friendship and collegiateship.

She is very wrong, but doesn't seem to know it.
25/ The only obsession I have is with #Truth and exposing it.

Perhaps also: with Writing.

#KarenStewart is hereby advised to Cease and Desist all libelous slander against me. Posted #ForTheRecord.
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