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Word on the street is the #FederalReserve is having unheard of overnight lending activities meant to curb the rise of short term rates which are likely skyrocketing due to some big companies cash concerns. Hmm, let’s get some nice Fed conspiracies rolling wsj.com/amp/articles/n…
The #FederalReserve is a system of centralized banks that fund the #UnitedStates loans from their own “reserves” w/ US citizen land & labor used as collateral. Most of these banks are held secret and difficult to trace back to to the originating bank. globalresearch.ca/the-federal-re…
A quick look at history and you can see the banking system is a large network of oil barons like the #Rockefellers, #RoyalCrown and various vassal agents of #European banking families like the #Rothschilds. These banks are used to control the economy completely protected.
We also know from the very important #NXIVM & #JeffreyEpstein sex trafficking industry is massive. Bigger than the drug trade. Actually all black markets (State Secrets, Drugs, Weapons, Human, Sex, etc...) are are all protected by paid #DeepState agents.
Which begs the question, what is funding all the huge overnight loans to free up cash? The #FederalReserve has never had an audit. What if the worlds black markets were all funneled up to the same banks that our entire world economy depends on?
If you recall from the recent Q post, [ING] is in brackets which instantly lead me to the most obvious conclusion which was to see what big #DeepState news has been revealed about the bank.
Of course as expected, criminal money laundering behavior with #GeorgeSoros right there on their website
According to #Freakonomics, 23% of the world’s GDP is from #ShadowEconomies and #TraffickingOperations. That’s a lot of freaking money devoted to non-regulated & secret black ops. voxeu.org/article/shadow…
As you see the #FederalReserve has a crap ton on the balance sheet. And on multiple circumstances the Fed has bailed out tons of worldwide banks. federalreserve.gov/releases/h41/c…
If you recall, the #FederalReserve also “lost” 9 trillion dollars under #BarackObama & #GeorgeBush
The #FederalReserveActOf1913 was instituted under corrupt #President #WoodrowWilson who passed it while half of congress was away on holiday during #Christmas. It was only meant few a small wealthy percentage of the population. It has now expanding to half our income. 75% next?
Do you people see what this is? They have stolen our world economy and their reserves are flush with cash from worldwide illegal markets. The longer the lack of oversight, the more power they get. #Roosevelt even stole our gold for them!
They continue to hoard reserves from black ops over centuries amassing great fortune & use it as the main driver that props up the whole economy. We are literally held hostage to these people. #EndTheFed will be massive in @realDonaldTrump’s second term as we will be awakened.
#Qanon points out #SaudiArabia as a very important point in #ThePlan. The Saudis were just a big desert till they cut deals with the #Rockefellers. Why was SA such a big deal? Because it was an epicenter for all of these people’s trafficking operations with dirty oil money!
How did @realDonaldTrump get #BinSalmon to arrest his own family? Because @POTUS cut a deal to put #Saudi owned #Aramco on the #NYSE putting an end to #DeepState control of #SA. This is why #MBS got smeared w/ Khasoogi whos uncle worked with #Epstein en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017%E2%8…
Think layers! It’s all connected #IraGreenstein & #CharlesKushner. @realDonaldTrump NEEDS to cut a deal with the #Rothschilds prior to the election to stave off economic collapse. First arrests of politicians to gain trust, then after 2020 #EndTheFed after we’ve all awakened.
Which makes @POTUS’s #HumanTrafficking exec order so interesting. Is he playing 4D chess by freezing rat lines leading to #DeepState liquity issues forcing them to replace the cash w/ unheard overnight cash infusions? Forensics trap? Optics & Ambiguities
My prevailing theory is @POTUS has turned the concept of division on the #DeepStates head as they have done to us for so long. For once THEY are the confused ones. POTUS appearing ambiguous to all parties, secretly cutting deals w some to divide their families. #DisInfo is vital
This is what #layers means. Removing control layers one by one using the same divide in conquer techniques against them. 2020 election is huge for @POTUS as he’ll no longer have political risk. He’s free to go after the remaining power brokers after he’s #DrainedTheSwamp.
I believe he’s cut deals with half the power players under the guise of consolidating power for them & eliminating the risk of their compromised network. All the players on #GenieEnergy likely think POTUS is on their side after giving #Israel the oil rights 4 #GolanHeights
This keeps the #FederalReserve away from tanking the economy & keeping #FoxNews & the #Murdoch network pro-Trump as they are both indispensable towards re-election. Enter #Qanon
The thing that differentiates this version of #GameOfThrones to the ones in the past is #Qanon. #TheGreatAwakening will be the driver that wakes up the world to these corruptions and will force our country to take back our own money supply & end the criminal reign. #EndTheFed
Think logically, they would never create a think for yourself #psyop if their sole purpose was status quo corruption. All optics, confusion & ambiguities till we hit critical mass. Then we pray because their back will be against the wall. Let’s hope the rogue nukes are gone.
25% of the pop still believes @POTUS is dumb 🤣 . We still have such a long way to go but it’s incredible how far we’ve come. Imagine the scope and understand rogue nuclear states & the world economy are holding the world hostage. It’s all #GameTheory & #MilitaryPlanning #WWG1WGA
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