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1/ #PublicNotice Regrettably, I am compelled to issue a second thread in response to #KarenStewart's new tweets against me.

Consider this titled: NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart has now published open lies against me, exactly like #DrKatherineHorton—the question is: Why?
3/ In regard to Karen's storytelling and slanderous tweet above, I am choosing first to respond right here on Twitter.

I will address both her #FalseNarrative in her graphic & this issue of “#Removal” she has invented.
4/ A few days ago, I published this thread to counter the vitriolic abuse and slander—a clear #SmearOp--and INEXPLICABLE ATTACK #KarenStewart put out on me.

5/ Prior to that, I had tried to respond directly to her on Twitter when she put out tweets quite openly defaming and inexplicably attacking me.
6/ Prior to 5/, I had sought to keep our conversation private by speaking to her privately via email.

#KarenStewart insisted on making private communications public, without permission, & published a large chunk of my email on Twitter.
7/ I requested she remove my email and she, honorably, did so, yet while continuing to, again, inexplicably, attack me on Twitter.
8/ This brings us to 5/: my forced-public-responses 4/: my thread on her truly unexpected #SmearOp and now, her unexpected #OpenLies as noted in 3/
9/ At this point, #KarenStewart is backtracking to our joint effort to issue a #JointStatement to counter #DrKatherineHorton's #OpenLies & attacks on how TCFF ended.

In the process, she has, inexplicably, published several #OpenLies contrary to her own words in email.
10/ #OpenLies-1 The effort to write a #JointStatement was not initiated by me but an observant third-party.

a) I added my thoughts, noting that this statement should have been written & posted last year when TCFF closed.
11/ In fact, efforts to do so at the time fell away because of #KarenStewart's “walking away”--a bizarre move contrary to what was needed. She confessed in email she had zoned out last year.
12/ b) I also felt, and noted, that #DrKatherineHorton's open #SmearCampaign on me needed to be rebutted on this ONE POINT, jointly, via a #JointStatement, as our advisor also suggested.

KH has many #OpenLies out on me, this was a Primary one.
13/ #OpenLies-2 “carrying all the blame & overwhelmed by detractors”:

No. Our advisor and I had let Karen know I was being falsely-accused, smeared, cyberstalked, mobbed online by #DrKatherineHorton & friends in videos and tweets–which she professed not to know anything about.
14/ She seems to have missed this thread as well, which I made to record the mobbing and address the slander from many in the TI Containment Ops Community.

15/ It is this precise mob – with some new ones – she is currently chatting happily with on Twitter.

In continuation of the Mobbing!

Irony to point of FARCE clearly. She has run into the arms of the Mob.
16/ So let me name once more the primary Mobbers:


Regrettably, add now to this list:

17/ #OpenLies-3 “Ramola attempted to put even more pressure on me” “inflammatory language”:

This is an interesting narrative since the lang. #KarenStewart tried to excise was the word "slander" re. #DrKatherineHorton's slander.

Obviously unavoidable.
18/ “Millicent and I wanted to speak facts..."

So did I. Further, the SOLE POINT of this JS was to counter nasty attacks and slander via #PrimaryLie by #DrKatherineHorton.

This was conveyed several times to #KarenStewart.
19/ #OpenLies-4 “You did not follow every tweet....etc...therefore you betrayed me and owe me.”

Convolution & confabulation. Not to mention conflation.

By her own admission, #KarenStewart followed nothing of KH's #SmearCampaign. However, she agreed it was egregious.
20/ Nowhere did I say she betrayed me and owed me.

I did say it needed to have been done & done with long ago.
21/ #OpenLies-5 “I of course argued for sanity” “reminded her...been warned many times not to obsess & walk away.”

This is pure defensive opinion & absurd. No “of course sanity” here.

It is neither sanity to argue for silence nor obsession to counter someone's repeated slander.
22/ #WalkAway” is not a meaningful strategy in a public forum when you are being smeared on #WorldStage.

Had #KarenStewart not walked away from observation & clear analysis she might have noticed what exactly #DrKatherineHorton did for 1.5 years, in a play to bury my work/name.
23/ She might have also noticed that apart from the groupies congregating around #DrKatherineHorton, intelligent analysts worldwide could see the danger and weirdness of her behavior.

Inscribed brilliantly here: barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com/2019/12/charla…
24/ #OpenLies-6 “Her response was an attack in email against my character and judgment based on fact I had not engaged in nasty fight with her.”

Witnesses to this email exchange know my email-response spelled out that HAD she followed the nasty #SmearOps by #DrKatherineHorton...
25/ ... she would follow why the JS needed to be posted sans delay.

#KarenStewart's defensive digging-in of her refusal to track the actual slander yet cling to #WalkAway muddiness seems to have prompted her odd reading of my email as “attack.”

Excerpt from that email below.
26/ It seems to be the fashion lately among the Mobbers to aver “attacks” from my end.

In this process this species – many exposed at my pen – seek to bury me online as an “attacker” of many.
27/ #Truthtelling is probably always rejected by liars and defamers as #attacks. See #EllaFree #DrKatherineHorton.

For #KarenStewart to claim that my candid emails to her—after her candid emails to me—with my opinions & exasperation were “attacks”...
28/ is linked, I think, entirely to her desire to establish herself as primarily noble for #WalkAway refusal to track KH's #SmearOps.

All of these current Twitter actual-verbal-attacks from her on me seem to stem from this.
29/ #OpenLies-7 “I told her that if indeed I had bad character and bad judgment then she should not host my letters and flyers...since disservice...more than welcome to remove them.”

#KarenStewart did nothing of the sort. No email she sent me says all this.
30/ It is #BeyondInsane that Karen could even say this now when it is an outright fabrication. The first I heard of this whole thing was when someone told me about her “#Removal” tweet.
31/ That tweet made no sense to me. I had not even thought of this, it was not discussed.

I wondered if it meant she wanted to remove these herself, and waited for clarity from her; none came.

I addressed this in my thread: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1206776…
32/ What I have not publicized until now however is the fact that after I sent my email-response to Karen's suggestion of Delaying the JS, she sent me back a smackdown email saying “I am beyond disgusted” and “goodbye.”

I have reported publicly she “withdrew support.”
33/ She also sent me an email saying “Feel free to remove my articles.”

I responded with, Still waiting for your apology. And:
Wouldn't dream of it. Thought never crossed my mind.
34/ After Karen's Smackdown Email, I was left, in shock, to decide what I should do – since she had made clear she wished to delay the JS and support KH's court case, which as many now know, was set up to fail by KH (Please watch her video: )
35/ I published the JS with a report referring to Karen's desire for delay & our disagreement.

36/ I wrote to a few activists & writers about Karen's #Removal tweet telling them I could not address this fully publicly then, & that I wished to protect Karen's public image & project only support & respect for her publicly, which I do still have for her work. Pvt, shared now.
37/ Shortly after, Karen began to post more abusive tweets, taking us back to 4/ on this thread.
38/ Slightly prior Karen and I had tentatively “made up” via email, prior to the defaming tweet I asked her to retract.

I assured her I had no thoughts of removing her good work.

Via a friend, she had mentioned “not fighting deletion” which was never planned by me anyway.
39/ Has Karen been kidnapped and memory-wiped? The current #FalseNarrative she is putting out is puzzling and troublesome.

She also wrote an extended DM to Dublin Target implying she had “reason to believe” I would remove her articles. (She has published this now in a tweet.)
40/ Why would she write something like that?

Perhaps because she knew perfectly well she had wrongfully attacked me with her Smackdown Email and was now, silently, in guilt, imagining “reason to believe”?
41/ There was absolutely no verbal or email exchange between us to suggest that I would remove her work, in reaction or response to her emails.
42/ I've always been conscious of the importance of her voice and work to reveal targeting crimes and have sought long to support her work publicly, with interviews and podcasts and articles.
43/ When no-one else covered her story, I did, assuring her back in 2016 I would always cover, feeling the importance of a NSA whistleblower speaking out about anti-personnel DEWs, authoritarian psychiatry, and so much more.
44/ She has also supported me extensively in the past, particularly during the Quincy Public Schools debacle last year, when local satanist Masons at #CentralMiddleSchool called out #DCF on me on a false charge of child neglect for daring to speak openly about #DEWS.
45/ She wrote a fantastic letter at the time in support of me, which still stands as a letter anyone and everyone should use to support their own testimonials of these ghastly EMF/sonic neuroweapon attacks on their person.

46/ While we have had many disagreements about #DrKatherineHorton I have sought to treat #KarenStewart privately and publicly with warmth, support, and respect.
47/ Those I wrote to know: that in spite of her puzzling public tweets post-JS, I felt that for the sake of true targets & activism it was imp. to me to project public solidarity, I wouldn't speak against her publicly. She herself never felt the importance of this apparently.
48/ Is Karen now involved – along with KH – in a Live Action Role Play of some kind?

She appears now to be replaying KH's attacks and #SmearOps and #OpenLies on me.
49/ #OpenLies-8 This notion of #IntellectualProperty is one newly raised with this new tweet of hers – and has necessitated this thread.

“fully expected her to remove” “refused to relinquish my IP” ???

Amazing False-Reality-Construct. First I'm hearing of all this.
50/ #OpenLies-9 “while cont. to denounce me w. twisted vituperatives and narratives”

No. As with KH, I have sought to respond to Karen's slander and lies, with #Truth & #Facts.
51/ The only false and twisted narrative here is hers.

The ready smearing by the #JuniorMobbers, congregating now of real targets and fake TIs all around these lies suggest to me an exaggerated Mob Attack.
Listing these:
52/ The fact that Karen has compelled me to address this publicly—at great expense to my time--and thereby expose her #OpenLies publicly calls into question now for me who her real allegiances are.
53/ I have neither time nor interest in removing anyone's work via lies on Twitter.

If #KarenStewart wishes me to remove her work, she can write directly to me via email and ask, clearly.

I am under no obligation to permit anyone to insult, slander, or lie about me.
54/ Not even those, once friends and close colleagues, whose voice & work is indeed vital to America & the world.

As I've said before: highly regrettable, all of this. Shocking, unexpected, strange. Extraordinary Christmas present too.

#Truthtelling clearly comes at a price.
55/ I know, however, it also brings clarity and true support from those who can see the #Truth.

Those who stand with me & have stood up for me, I am deeply grateful for you all: THANK you. 💐
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