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A soldier lost life and 3 other suspiciously went missing after the Patrolling vehicle was attacked by unknown gunmen in Madaini area of Tehsil Shewa, #MiranShah #NorthWaziristan .

#Kashmir #Waziristan #PakistanArmy
Lance Naik Amjid who was shot lost his life on the spot while other three soldiers namely Naik Murtaza, Naik Ismail and Khassadar Sabir went missing after the firing incident.

The search operation is continuing in #Miranshah #Miramshah.

#Kashmir #neelumvalley #neelamvalley
Road side bomb blast in #Qutabkhel targeting Patrolling vehicle which was travelling on #Bannu - #Miranshah road.

No casualties happened in the blast as the Patrolling vehicle was far from the blast.

#Waziristan #Kashmir #LoC
Explosive devices recovered in #Bajaur . Image
Another #FC man , civilian shot dead in #LakkiMarwat. Image
Police man is killed by a police in #Mansehra . Image
This is happening every now and then ! Who is responsible for this Ethnic massacre? Image
Those who share images of cadet college and Deserted market as development , please show them and invite them to South #waziristan.
Toy bomb exploded ! How ??? Now who is responsible ??? Was it Toy bomb really or bomb planted by friends of Rawalpindi Icons.?? Image
Still no News on 3 soldiers who went missing last month !! Image
7 civilian casualties in Bangro #Batwar area including 4 kids when an unexploded bomb goes off in #Bajaur . Image
Students in #Miranshah, #NorthWaziristan held demonstration for reopening and reconstruction of the schools which were destroyed by the militants and "Icons of Rawalpindi". Those who share pics of deserted market as development never see this. ImageImageImage
Demonstrators also demanded to set up an examination hall for female F.Sc students of North Waziristan as the girls are travelling to #Bannu to attend their exams.

They want Pashtuns just to hold guns !

#PashtunLongMarch4Manzoor #PashtunLongMarch2DIKhan
No description needed for this !

Morning ,Noon , Night speak only on #Kashmir ! "Intentionally Allowed" #EhsanullahEhsan to escape while they suspect each and every Civilian!

#pashtunsstandwithmanzoor Image
A member of #AmanCommittee is shot dead by unidentified armed men in #Swat.
Sohail Khan of Counter-Terrorism Department ( #CTD) lost life in #Hazro, #Attock, when " unknown " gunmen shot him.

These " Unknown " are none other than the Good Terrorists groomed by Icons of #Rawalpindi.
Lieutenant Agha Muqaddas Ali Khan, Hawaldar Qamar Nadeem, Sepoy Muhammad Qasim, Sepoy Tauseef , lost life in an encounter with the militants in #DattaKhel , North #Waziristan. ImageImageImageImage
Attack in #Orakzai ! Unknown militants attacked Army check-post in #Arghanjo area of #Orakzai district. Two police man have lost life and few are injured.

Yesterday protest in #Karak for fake encounter of #Lawyer.
#Landmine blast in #Shakai area of ​​#SouthWaziristan In injured childrens
1 Ehsanullah age13 years
2. Farhad age 8 years
3. Syed age 9 years
4. Tahir age 12 years old.

Okay let's speak about #Kashmir ImageImage
No need for another war. Govt must resolve this issue of tribes.

#Bajaur #Mohmand
This #Mohmand and #Bajaur issue is going the next level . Two ambulance drivers allegs that they were tortured by a mob from Mohmand for using Peshawar Road which they have blocked for the Bajaur people.

This needs to be resolved at the earliest.
Why did they come ? Kids and women .
Hope they are taken care of . #Wana #Waziristan.
You can never win against #CoronaInPakistan with this movement in Bazar. Please use NGOs to create awareness.

Take care #Wanna #Wana #Waziristan.
#ElumGhar was and still is a hotspot.
There were reports that 2 #PakistanArmy soldiers too lost life but here it says one Elite police force memeber. Image
#IED attack on the car of #MalikAyaz in Lagharai area of #Bajaur district.
He narrowly escaped the blast but car reportedly damaged Image
Remote controlled #IED attack on security vehicle in #MirAli , #NorthWaziristan.

The attackers also started firing after the blast, A security personnel lost life and and another is critically injured in the attack.

What did a Rickshaw man do ?? Why did they kill him ? Tagging traitor tag to everyone will not work now in digital era.

So isn't this a Human Rights violation ?? Image
One soldier and a civilian lost life and 4 others are critically injured in the counter terror operation in #NajeemKoroona area of Khanmai in #Charsadda.
Religious leader and leader of #JUI-F #MaulanaAbdullah was shot dead in #Nowshera .
Riyasat e Madina ! 👇
Militants suddenly opened fire on security forces in #TootNarai area of #DattaKhel, North #Waziristan at 1 am .

The report says 4 #PakistanArmy soldiers lost life and 7 militants too were killed. The bodies are kept in hospital in #Dosali Area.
#DattaKhel attack News ! The borders are sealed and screened from months how are they entering the same area ??

#Waziristan #Miranshah #Miramshah Image
#TootNari #Tutnari is completely surrounded by Security positions ! How the hell can someone enter the region??

#Waziristan #DattaKhel #Miranshah Image
Lance Naik Muhammad #Waheed is one of the 4 soldiers of #PakistanArmy is reportedly lost life in the attack in #DattaKhel #Waziristan. Image
This the routine check in the area and surprisingly terrorists still enter #Waziristan with arms and bypassing all these ??
#DattaKhel Image
Reportedly from Last month.
Note: shared as recieved , I don't claim authenticity of the video.
When was this ? Looks new one.
Where is this is question now. Image
Human rights is applicable for few never applicable for few !
Strange world. Image
I am shaken by this image ! I don't have words to describe it .

This is peak of cruelty. Showing enmity by beheading and exhibiting it is animal act.

Soldiers fight for their nation that's their duty, they have family and kids. Image
Another target killing incident is reported in #DattaKhel.

Awaiting further information on this. This is frequently happening whenever a soldier loses life an incident of Target killing will follow.

#AssadUllah is the name of the victim who lost life in Target killing incident in #Dattakhel .

#AsadUllah Khan who was victim of target killing in #DattaKhel , #Waziristan. Image
Those from this region can connect to this pic. Image
#MohsinWaziri and his brother #Imran have been arrested by #Bannu police without a warrant.

Strategy is simple Release one and arrest another. Image
Yes ! This did happen .
Sniper attack on Post.

The border today is getting more complicated than before.
Is this inside or outside is the question !
This is still going on !
Shaken by this. Militants has Beheaded a #PakistanArmy soldiers head .

The reason why Army not reports most of the casualties in #Waziristan and #Balochistan.
Abduction and Torture killing continues in #Waziristan , Yesterday #FC raided houses in Hassan Khel, #Spinwam and pickedup dozen youth. #BakhtullahKhan lost life in the torture cell , he came from Dubai just few weeks ago. Image
After killing #Bakhtullahkhan , the authorities ordered family to finish the funeral in late night to avoid news to go out but family said they will do in the morning.

#Justice4BakhtullahKhan #JusticeforBakhtullahkhan
He won't get national coverage. Those who killed him will never get punished.
Sad state.

#Spinwam #Waziristan

#JusticeforBakhtullah Image
You can just hide this crowd. Can never heal the pain they undergone. Hope his family gets the strength to take this pain.

#JusticeforBakhtullah ImageImageImageImage
After Yesterday's video of #JeM , this seems to be in February ( can't authenticate) in #Swat #Jihadis and clearly our Flag can be seen .

While our students are fighting for 4G for education and progress here is terrorists encouraging them to hold guns.
These #Azadi slogans didn't come just like that. The pain of losing dear ones due to abduction , target killing make them shout and act.

#ForcesKilledBakhtanullah is a Army accepted fact , whoever did this must be punished.
Welcome welcome Good terrorists !! Collecting money for #Jihad in #Mardan Image
Shocking #Arifwazir was attacked by same "Unknown militants" near Ghwai Khwa. He was released just few days ago and u hear this.

Reportedly bullet hit his legs and he is out of danger. Image
Okay hearing that way is intentionally blocked by "few" while #ArifWazir is being taken to #DIKhan.
Hear slogans when #ArifWazir reached #DIKhhan
"Arif Tare Khoon Say Inqalab aye Ga"
"ye jo dehshatgardi hai , iske peeche ____ hai".
#TTP claims they attacked #PakistanArmy from a distance in #Bajaur.

However waiting for further details to confirm the News.
These slogans for #ISI and #Army just don't come like that, there is pain of losing family members for no crime.

Cyber terrorists stop calling me traitor without knowing me. I have served and serving my country better than your bosses.
After killing dozen from his family , your hunger to kill never ended. #StateAttackedArifWazir .

You kill #Pashtuns and roam about human-rights in #Kashmir my foot. Image
Typical "Internal fight" in South #Waziristan .
#TTP claims attack on Army check-post in #Bajaur agency.

The report says one soldier lost life and others critically injured in the attack.
Yes we deserve these slogans!
Cry for #Kashmir Mujahideens and celebrate Martyr day for AK47 holders but kill Pashtuns and blame the victim with Traitor tag.

"#Pakistan Murdabad " was loud and clear and we indeed deserve it.

I always have stood against these animal acts. Image
This is harsh reality on ground .
Though this is few month old , but surely unacknowledged attack.

I don't think they would have spared head of the soldiers aswell ( which they do always) .
Good boys are back ! Reportedly from
#Raghzai, #Wazirstan. ImageImage
Oh yes ! Good boys are getting their gifts ..

Well done boys .
I am shaken, this is old one but did we acknowledge this? Did our soldiers get the funeral they deserve ?? Literary no heads

I am not expert though I have managed to hide their faces to extent I can. I owe sorry to family as I am sharing this.
Few may still get sleepless nights in #Okara. Image
They trained them , they gave them gun, they gave them money. Now they both fight.

This should be called "Internal Fight".

Many claimed it a fake video, where as media confirming it and reported it. Not sure
Two more Targeted killing incidents are reported from #Waziristan. Shami and Nasir are killed by "unknown Gunmen".

Waiting for confirmation of names and location.
Ok it was yesterday night when they were coming on bike they were targeted and killed in #Tapi #Waziristan. ImageImage
Here is video from #DIKhan , a #Jihad fundraiser when caught on Camera and escaped the question when someone asked why and where he is doing Jihad.
Unidentified gunmen attacked on security forces in #Eidak , in #Mirali, North #Waziristan through rockets.

2 soldiers reportedly lost life in the attack.
Another day another target killing in Tappi , North #Waziristan. Unknown Gunmen attacked Dr. Mir Khan Khel today.
This is the retaliation after every attack on Army. Now reports from #Eidak after rocket attack , the place is covered and the innocents are being beaten.

#Mirali #Waziristan. ImageImage
Lower Kurram blast in a pic . Image
Watch till end and comment.

This is exactly how the keyboard
Bullies who tweets #Hijab is protection respect women
Just a week ago you saw the blood of #ArifWazir now want to see Mullah Baharam blood. Image
How many of them did we acknowledge ? Sniper attack
Sharing other part of #Hijab_is_Protection gang.
Our Proud Jihadi assets with our National Flag .. Image
In Malakand chowk , #Mardan, our strategic assets are collecting funds for #Jihad in #Kashmir and #Afghanistan.
Tell me is this qualifies our #FATF requirements or is this strategy to avoid #FATF blacklisting ?
Extra judicial killing continues , in #Tank bodies of two abducted persons who were abducted couple of months ago are found. ImageImage
Had shared this earlier aswell. Did those Soldiers who were kidnapped returned back ??? The casualties happened in Western border is 1000 times more than #LoC but selective reporting is the problem.
Banned #JaisheMohammed #JeM is reportedly collecting fund in #Bajaur for #Jihad in #Kashmir.

Excellent compliance of #FATF guidelines arrest and kill #PTM leaders but allow banned groups to collect fund for #Jihad. ImageImage
This is the typical ambush which happens , attack at once on Army take away the body behead it.
Bomb blast in #Peshawar , the explosive material was installed in a motorcycle parked.

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was used in the explosion.

3 people reportedly injured in the blast.

#PeshwarBlast Image
Initial report says 2 traffic police reportedly injured in the blast and approximately 2 kg of explosives materials was used in the blast.

#PeshawarBlast #Peshawar
I used to hear same Azadi slogans everyday when I was in #Kashmir. Now time has come for #KP.
Dear Cyber Mujahideens take one more "proof". Tell me when did we acknowledged this ? When was the funeral preformed for them ?.

My sincerely apologize for the deceased family for posting this video.
This happens twice every month in major infamous Mosques. This is from #Chakdara last week our kind hearted good boys collecting funds for #COVID19 relief activities in #Kashmir and #Afghanistan. ImageImage
Couple of days ago in #Mardan. Mujahideens are openly collecting funds for #Jihad in #Afghanistan. Tell me your hands are not soaked in blood of babies.

#kabulattack #EndOfHumanityInAfghanistan
You encourage our people to do #Jihad and kill them, they too do Jihad to kill us.
Who are victims here ? Never ending wars. Image
Tell me when did it happened ? This looks a big casualty , did we even acknowledge it ??.
This is from #JaniKhel , #Bannu. #FarooqKhan was taken into custody in military check-post , he died in the Torture cell. Army came to see funeral locals shouted and sent them back.

#Waziristan should be renamed as #Kashmir to get attention from Pakistan. #KashmirBleeds
Meeting in #JaniKhel to protest tomorrow against the Target killing by "Unknown" gunmen who killed #Farooqkhan.

#WaziristanBleeds. Image
#Bomb planted in #Bajaur market defused.

An attack in a week for sure in #Bajaur. Image
Yesterday protest in #Janikhel against target killing of #FarooqKhan by "Unknown" Gunmen.


Note: will be sharing video proof for our Cyber Mujahideens. ImageImage
In #JaniKhel yesterday protest against target killing of #FarooqKhan.

#waziristan #WaziristanBleeds
This has happened in #Peshawar. Mujahideens are openly collecting funds for #Jihad in #Afghanistan.
Those who contributing money for massacre are also terror sympathizers.

Two soldiers lost lifeand three injured in an explosion at #Eidak , #MirAli , North #Waziristan.

The reaction of this blast will be too serious as Forces are saying the attackers is inside house of locals.
It's just a week ago the attack took place and area is jam packed with security on all sides how can someone come and attack ?? There are reports that a small kid too lost life.

The retaliation will be severe many will be in abduction. ImageImageImage
Shameful that there was firing on innocents.

#Eidak had a rocket attack a week before whose mistake was this ? The area was completely sealed but they attacked again.

#Waziristan #WaziristanBleeds.
The retaliation started . Locals are being taken away as always .

#Eidak #Waziristan #WaziristanBleeds. Image
Everytime the blast or attack happens the retaliation will be on Civilians and later ask why slogans against Army.
#Eidak is completely surrounded by check-posts after last week rocket attack. #Waziristan

Is this how to catch terrorists? And how you expect them to not shout slogans against army.

Those who speak on False Flag in operation #Kashmir is silent on Real attack in #Waziristan

#WaziristanBleedsAgain ImageImageImage
You do random firing and ask people not to shout slogans against army.

#WaziristanBleedsAgain #Waziristan
News that Another person reportedly lost life in yesterday's firing in #Eidak, #Waziristan by Army he was a driver.

Your hands "were are and will be" soaked in blood all the time.
#WaziristanBleedsAgain Image
#Jihad vs #Jihad ! At the end of the day innocents losing life .
Today the protest for #Eidak killing by forces at 5:30 reached the #PakistanArmy check-post and shouted slogans .

You kill innocents you(we) get the same slogans. Slogans against #Bajwa and #PakistanArmy for killing innocents in #Eidak .

#WaziristanBleedsAgain #Waziristan
Wearing flag on TShirt won't exclude you from torture cells.

#WaziristanBleedsAgain Image
Getting Traitor tag is a shameful thing for anyone especially being a soldier. Here it looks different, few seems to be enjoying the slogans, they are committing same crimes again and again.
#TTP claims attack in #Bajaur and also confirms no loss of life on both side , they also deny that one of its team member got surrendered.
A health worker shot in #Bajaur and a man lost life and one more is injured in a bomb blast when they were working in their field.

How many reported this ??? Everyone in this region know who placed bomb in fields. Image
Unknown Gunmen shot #NazarAbbas in #Kohat few minutes ago. Image
We do even report these attacks on check-posts.
#TTP claims another attack in #Bajaur, #TTP claims it killed another spy.
Tehrik-e-Taliban (#TTP) claims killing of #JaleelMalik in #LoyMomand, #Bajaur. It was a revenge attack for passing info of Umar who was shot . ImageImage
Whether it's #Eid or a normal day makes no difference. Target killing continues.

#Waziristan #waziristanbleedsagain ImageImageImage
Entire area between #Miranshah and #Mirali has check-posts and still the unknown militants managed to enter and escape. How did they reach #HassuKhel ? Air drop ?

#waziristan #waziristanbleedsagain
#May26 is indeed #Blackday , when they showed #Jallianwalabagh and #KissaKhwaniBazaar massacre in #KharQamar.

#KharQamarMassacre lest we Forget.
It is clear the target was "MNAs". Those who trend #Blackday for #Kashmir will go hibernate tomorrow. Bcoz for them Human Rights applicable only for #Kashmir.

#kharQamar #KharQamarMassacre
#khudaikhidmatgar were attacked by British army in same way in #KissaKwaniBazar and
unknown Gunmen attacked #MNAs on #May26 and tried to shift blame back on them.

#Blackday #kharQamar #KharQamarMassacre
Shoot at the innocent crowd and Escort the most wanted terrorist "#EhsanullahEhsan " to safe country.

#KharQamarMassacre #kharQamar Image
Cyber Mujahideens understand their own language. The same Imran who said Army Bombed civilians went hibernate.

#KharQamarMassacre #kharQamar
I can relate the #KharQamarMassacre with this incident.👇

Same way British attacked Unarmed #khudaikhidmatgars in #kissaKwaniBazar same was replicated in #kharQamar
Another attack in South #Waziristan is reported this time on the ex Taliban Aman committee leader. His brother reportedly died while he escaped. ImageImage
Typical Arabistani attitude. Those people need Pashtuns just to wage war against their will. Shame on this attitude.
Good #Talibans are getting ready. Free from all crimes they did.
Will step into next business of torturing locals and collect money showing guns.

Aman committee.
#Bajaur is back to bleeding days. Target killing incidents are reported every other day.

3 rounds of Mortars were reportedly fired from #kunar ,#Afg to Salarazai, #Bajaur.

A person named #Bakhtullah reportedly lost life. ImageImage
When was this ? Last year? I missed this.
Ahmadzai Wazir Grand #Jirga at #Wana, South #Waziristan . Image
In the check-post? Whose walkie talkie is that ? Image
"Unknown Gunmen" will open projects funded by Public taxes.

Butcher of Pashtuns , Haqqani boy #BahadurJan is opening Govt project. Image
Again Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan #TTP claims 3 cross border attack in #Bajaur yesterday . Though there was a report on 10 Am attack but 2 other attacks went unreported. The casualties are more than 3 .
Yesterday in #Hangu, #Kohat , means there is a border which is open for Mujahideens to go and fight in #Afghanistan and also for people to bring back their bodies for funeral ?
Our exported product Taliban terrorist #Ishaq was recently released by Afghanistan in the #US -#Taliban peace deal. He gets this welcome in #LakkiMarwat. How did Afghanistan released knowing he from #Pakistan ? How did he even came back ??

Look at the guns in display.
Exactly 2 years ago on #June3 2018, the Good Taliban ( #Aman committee) attacked #PTM in #Wana, South #Waziristan.
#WanaAttack #StateattackedPTM #GoodTaliban
June 3 ,2018 Good Taliban - #Aman committee attacked #PTM in #Wana.
Everyone in the region knows who is sponsoring them and who give them arms.
Bomb blast is reported in #Bajaur district, 2 reportedly lost life.

Waiting for further confirmation.
Another day another sniper attack by #TTP on Army in #Bajaur.☹️☹️ Image
Ok confirmed , the two on bike lost life in the bomb blast in #Bajaur today noon.

One lost life at place of incident other lost life in hospital. one was reportedly teacher.

#BajaurBleeds ImageImage
#Bajaur has changed zero since decades. The pain remains permanent guest for them.

Who killed them ? Country lost countless lives in #Bajaur. Image
Both were reportedly teachers. No one will take responsibility and no one cry for them bcoz they are not from #Kashmir.

#Bajaur #Bajaurbleeds Image
Those who legalized Terrorism in the name of Good Taliban must know the case is different now.

Time for everyone to show support to #AyazWazir.

#WeStandWithAyazWazir Image
News on Yesterday's #Bajaur Blast in @dawn_com . A small box somewhere in middle of news paper, imagine a #Kashmir Mujahideen death , front page with headlines.

Shame on our system. Holding "Ak-47 " makes you hero not the "teacher" . Image
Why did @dawn_com use misleading headlines ??

They have decided to take action against those who wanted to handover the region to "Good Taliban".

#NoToTaliban #NotoNonstateActors #WeStandWithAyazWazir Image
Bringing "Good Talibans" into peace process makes zero sense.

How can elders take such a decision ?? The same #Taliban butchered them , now supporting them makes it hard to digest.

#WeStandWithAyazWazir Image
Openly saying that they will demolish house of #AyazWazir for objecting "Good Taliban " what kind of Jirga was this ?

#WeStandWithAyazWazir let us see how they will demolish his house.

The #Taliban is active in the region because of same fools who keep supporting them. Image
Good job, people shown middle finger to #Good Taliban.

This is yesterday in #DarraAdamKhel, why do we even have this ? Can't you train them on any other job?

Is this exempted from @FATFWatch guidelines?

Why #PakArmyReadyToEnd_Endia and #YesIamISI ? No we still depend on "Non State Actors" for any War

Now Bots will RT this awell. Image
Two soldiers lost life and and four others were injured in a remote control bomb blast on the security forces in #Miranshah

security forces came under attack in #Tapi village. The injured soldiers were shifted to Combined Military Hospital (#CMH) #Bannu

#waziristanbleedsagain Image
Subedar Afrad and Lance Naik Mushtaq lost life while sepoys Bashir, Imran, Naeem and Naveed Alam are critically injured.

#Miranshah #waziristanbleedsagain
Hey Cyber Mujahideens forget #Ladakh this is what happening in our border.

People destroy the check-post claiming it is illegally built on #Afghanistan side.
People literally threw stones on Army vehicle and burnt the check-post claiming it is illegally built.
People burnt Pakistan army check posts and threw stones and made them to vacate land as they claim it is built on #Afghanistan side.

This is reportedly from #Helmand , Strategic exchange place of #Taliban "Terrorists".
Did #Taliban Terrorists do this ?? Surprising !! Bullies want now please Iran .😂👇
Ok #Taliban "Terrorists" literally removed the border fence . So will our Cyber Mujahideens show some guts and blame them ?
Another day another soldier lost life in firing by "unknown Gunmen" in #MirAli, North #Waziristan.

The soldier who lost life is #Kafeel.

#waziristanbleedsagain Image
Another incident in near #Esori area was blown up at #Bannu-#Miranshah Road near Ahmed Noor Petrol Pump where unknown gunmen blew up a security check post in #MirAli.

#waziristan #waziristanbleedsagain
Censoring the speech of "Elected" MNA while he is speaking about the Target killing in our region and speak about freedom of speech in Sun , Moon , Mars etc.
Hey @ShireenMazari1 please RT this.
People affiliated with #TTP claims attack on Army patrol vehicle and report that two soldiers lost life in #Waziristan.

#TTP officially not claimed anything yet. Will wait for official confirmation.
#TTP claims a sniper attack on Army checkpost in #Bajaur Agency yesterday afternoon. #TTP claims Soldier lost life. Image
Tribal youth thrown stones and pushed back Police in #BaraBazar.
Big attack on #Army Patrol vehicle again in North #waziristan. 7 Soldiers reportedly lost life and 3 are critically injured in the attack. Waiting for official confirmation from #TTP.
Another day another target killing in Salarzai , #Bajaur.
#JusticeforkhaistaRahman Image
Only if they are from #Kashmir , cyber Mujahideens heart bleeds.
#Uranium exploration in #Bannu and #Kohat approved. Image
What is the use of security ? When bullies openly roam with Guns? No one got guts to ask them ?? Excellent compliance of @FATFWatch .
The car with tinted glass and without number plate indeed will have a secret in it.

These are the same "Unknown Gunmen" who escape after attacks.

Bullies stop calling me traitor , go and ask your bosses about service of me and my family to my country. Don't rant here.
#Peshawar High Court overturns convictions of 200 persons by military court and ordered to set them free.

We need to relook into our #MilitaryCourt system . How did #PHC ordered to release 200 people ? There should be huge mistake in the earlier conviction. Image
Angry mob threw stones on AC , DC and DPO convoy in Dara #AdamKhel for #Coalmine and also for using "Good Terrorists" couple of days back.

#3G and #4G ban is humanitarian crisis if it happens in #Kashmir and security measure in ex #Fata and #Balochistan .

Why this difference?

#TTP claims another cross border sniper attack in #Bajaur .

3 soldiers reportedly lost life in the attack.

I have shared a video of how #TTP does these cross-border sniper attack on check-post.

This is 5th attack by #TTP in 15 days.

Yes #GalwanValley #Ladakh is important. Image
Again ! 2 soldiers including a Captain lost life and 2 injured in two separate attacks in #Waziristan.

a) Captain Sabih and Sepoy Naveed lost life in #Garyum , #Dosali

b) Sepoys Sharif and Zaheer critically injured in #MirAli .

With 100s of check-post it happens.
Still morons blame locals for every Blast.

You have n number of check-post , even if you are in #ISI you need to get checked in all check-posts ( Atleast for "few" it's mandatory irrespective of their position) then how will they come inside?

You " know" the answer for this. Image
#TTP claims another attack on Army in #Shaktoi area of South #Waziristan, 3 soldiers lost life ,2 are injured.

#TTP claims their "Spies" informed about the raid by Army and TTP attacked the Army also took over the arms.

One Terrorist is also reportedly killed.

Totally 11- In a single day we lost 3 in South #Waziristan , 2 in North #Waziristan, 3 in #Panjgur , 3 soldiers in #Mashkay , #LoC #Kashmir not included.

We are debating the death of #Indian soldiers in #GalwanValley #Ladakh #LadakhBorder .
#Shamimuddin s/o #Naseeruddin from #Tapi , #Miranshah who went to collect his checkpost Id card from local Army office goes missing from 3 days.

You further distance yourself with these kind of acts. The region is volatile, these incidents make biggest dent

I have already mentioned a bit on Master brain of 9/11 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's arrest from #Rawalpindi and his connection with few Army officers.

It was in August 2002 almost an year after 9/11 Ramzi bin al-Shibh
gave interview sitting in #Karachi.
#CIA beame furious knowing that an Yemeni 9/11 planners are sitting in Karachi and giving interview to media.

Immediately within no time he was arrest from #Karachi and got him to #Kohat and later taken to Guantanamo Bay in #Cuba for investigation.
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