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Look if you haven't personally hooded a detainee in Diego Garcia or stood amidst the hangars of Al Udeid Air Base, then you don't know shit about war. Come back and give me your Soleimani take after you've designated an Afghan village as a free fire zone, you cuck coward
If you haven't done rails at Yousef Otaiba's DC manse while Ehud Barak talks about commercializing facial recognition testing in the occupied territories, then you don't know anything about geopolitics, you fool you idiot
Have you stood on a yacht with MBS and MBZ as they decide which of their retinue to serve for dinner? Have you WhatsApp'd with Sisi? Do you you even know any Israeli stress positions? Then just stop.
Were you even in the Gang of 8 briefing? Have you ever had to juggle dinner-and-drinks invitations from lobbyists for Raytheon AND General Dynamics? You know nothing of war.
If you've never had to sit under punishing stage lights while lobbing softball questions to a retired general celebrated for leveling an Iraqi city, then what right do you have to comment on US foreign policy?
If you haven't had at least one blood relative maimed in an undeclared illegal war of choice, then why should I listen to your opinion on Suleimani?
Do you have Erik Prince's phone number? Have you joined a mercenary group guarding sub-Saharan diamond mines? Have you kidnapped a Muslim cleric from the streets of Milan and rendered him to Damascus for torture? Then why should I listen to your anti-war nonsense.
It just disturbs me that people who don't have a favorite handgun, who have never hacked a dissident's phone for an emir of a Gulf state, are judging the service of our brave drone pilots.
If you haven't been awake on captagon for three days straight while hunting a mid-level ISIS finance officer in Deir er Zor, maybe you should sit this one out, chief.
The only person I trust on the Soleimani killing is my cousin who got a purple heart by getting wasted and falling down a gangplank during a refueling stop in Guam. That guy has seen the shit.
Real talk: Have you ever had to make an uneasy alliance with a pedophilic Afghan warlord? Oh, you've never perforated a group of Somali shepherds from 10k feet up? Then how could you understand what it means when our military engages in defensive kinetic action?
You don't know war. I know war. I martyred some chechens from the back of a technical on the Nineveh plains. I once got coffee for Doug Feith.
My man has never stepped foot in RAND, much less Heritage, FDD, or PNAC (RIP). You wouldn't even know what to say to a giant of the field like Paul Wolfowitz. So it makes me sick, really, when you question the killing of a terrorist.
It's as if you aren't even aware of the contributions of a Hadley or an Addington. I doubt you've stared into the eyes of Porter Goss after six whiskeys. You mean you haven't eaten an endangered whale in Richard Clarke's UAE apartment?
This is where the economy of decision-making and information trading happens. I've been there -- in the beltway *and* outside the wire. I've seen it. You peasants wouldn't know a SCIF from the SSCI. This is the real.
You've never had to blackmail a sheikh over his porn habits. If I said to recruit in place a Russian scientist, wwyd? And yet...
I'm not saying that I, like, know Sam Power or Dr Kissinger. But did I help CIA finance a kosovar organ trading ring? Maybe.
Ollie North once let me have the last pastry in the Fox News green room. In 1997 I drank tea from a rare south american cactus with a guy who said he worked for Viktor Bout.
Ultimately, if you've never had to carefully measure the chains so that an Afghan detainee can't comfortably sit or stand, you aren't fit to judge the Soleimani affair. You just don't get it.
If the NSA has never asked you to help murder a Greek telecom worker to conceal the existence of a vast surveillance network during the olympics, then maybe you should sit the fuck down ok bro
If you've never climaxed at the sight of the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center, then, like, where are you even at, as a civilian in this republic
Where's your school of the Americas certificate? Ever run a death squad? And yet you judge our people for providing a single list of communists to Suharto's boys.
The left just doesn't get it. Read the Greeks, read Friedman (Milton and Thomas), read David Frum. Check out John Yoo's instagram, Gina Haspel's spotify playlists, or Jose Rodriguez's wellness videos. Wise up.
The thing is, Haftar is a guy we can work with. He's our crazy. You? I'm not so sure.
Don't ask me what the French are doing in the Sahel.
Look the Israelis are brutal but effective. A model. So what if we have to mow the lawn every so often? Have you been to Herzliya in spring?
I don't like the Saudis either but if you think the 28 pages mean anything -- well. Anyway. Sometimes to sit at Kadyrov's table you have to suffer through a boxing match. Bring cognac.
This thing is generational. The Iranians have a special part of their brain that gives them long memories. But better to dodge an IED in Kurdistan thank Kansas you know.
Just know that you might have to give a Turkish military attache stale PKK intel to sleep with his aide. But you probably haven't even run an op. Why am I talking to you.
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