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Reminder: Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah to give a speech today at 2:30 PM (Lebanon time) to eulogize Qassem Soleimani.
2-Nasrallah's speech begins
3-Nasrallah: You've spoken well (in response to crowd chanting "Death to America.")
4-Nasrallah: Today we commemorate Soleimani and al-Muhandis, two great commanders, and their Iraqi and Iranian companions who were martyred in this recent crime
5-Nasrallah: The date of Soleimani's assassination is an inflection point in the history of the region, not just for Iran or Iraq. It is a new beginning.
6-Nasrallah: On a personal level, on Thursday night - January 2, 2020 - Soleimani achieved his own personal goal [to die as a martyr]
7-Nasrallah: This was his wish since he was a young man, when he first fought on the frontlines in Iran
8-Nasrallah: For Soleimani and Muhandis, their desire to attain martyrdom only increased with their age
9-Nasrallah: When we would meet, he would cry when thinking of the martyrs, and he would tell me he craved greatly to join them. Now, he has achieved this wish.
10-Nasrallah: I direct myself to Soleimani's family - what should console you is that Soleimani achieved his desire. You know this more than me, that this was his goal and desire.
11-Nasrallah: Same applies to Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. He visited me here in Beirut two months ago, told me to pray for him that he would also achieve martyrdom
12-Nasrallah: Desire for martyrdom flips the balance of power between us and the enemy. The enemy's highest punishment against us is to kill us, but our highest desire is to be martyrs. So, we cannot be defeated.
13-Nasrallah: When we are victorious, we are victorious. When we are martyred, we are also victorious.
14-Nasrallah: Now, to the heart of the matter
15-Nasrallah: 1) What happened - on Thursday night, Soleimani and companions openly left Damascus Airport to Baghdad Airport. Muhandis and PMF officials were waiting them there. After entering their convoy, they were soon targeted by missiles by U.S. planes
16-Nasrallah: The two leaders were martyred, and others were killed, and their bodies were so mangled that they could not be distinguished or identified. They ended without a head like Hussein, w/o hands like Abbas,
17--Nasrallah: Shortly after, the US DoD issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack on orders from President Trump - and subsequent statements by U.S. officials, all the way to Trump who boasted of ordering the strike w/justifications that were all lies
18-Nasrallah: Responsibility for this crime is therefore obvious. Trump - the US president - ordered the US military to carry out this crime, and therefore a US force carried it out
19-Nasrallah: 2) Why carry out this crime so brazenly and openly? A. Failure of all previous anonymous assassination attempts against Soleimani - including recent attempt in Kerman, planned by the devilish American and Israeli mind
20-Nasrallah: at the time, they were willing to kill 5,000 people attending a Husseiniyah to guarantee killing Soleimani. God, however, protected him
21-Nasrallah: So, their clandestine failure let to this brazen attack B. The regional circumstances and future U.S. Presidential elections
22-Nasrallah: Trump declared a foreign policy upon assuming presidency. But, looking back at his 3 yrs, he had nothing but failure to show to the American people, as he is heading toward the elections.
23-Nasrallah: Trump's main focus was on Iran, in other words bringing down the regime in Iran. John Bolton said this - but this wasn't his personal policy. He was expressing Trump's worldview.
24-Nasrallah: At the very least, Trump wanted what he called "changing Iran's behavior," subduing Iran, and arriving at a new nuclear and regional deal, but Iran did not respond
25-Nasrallah: He imposed unprecedented sanctions on Iran and tried to stoke internal strife in Iran, etc. but it all failed. So, he's heading toward elections without any accomplishments vis-a-vis Iran
26-Nasrallah: Worse than that, he tasked European leaders to ask Rouhani for a meeting, which Rouhani rejected
27-Nasrallah: Second, U.S. failure in Syria, which culminated in his betrayal of his allies, friends - call them what you will - in the SDF, and flip-flopping on withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria,
28-Nasrallah: finally ending w/decision to keep US forces in Syria to protect not his allies, but Syrian oil, to steal it. And, on Israeli request, to keep force in Tanf.
29-Nasrallah: Third Trump's failure against the Resistance in Lebanon, despite all their efforts - including Pompeo's visits, and Satterfield's visits.
29-Nasrallah: Satterfield during his last visit threatened Lebanese officials that if Beirut did not dismantle Hezbollah installations in the Bekaa, Israel would bomb it and Lebanon would be sanctioned, etc.
30-Nasrallah: This also failed.
31-Nasrallah: Fourth, total failure in Yemen, which is primarily an American war.
32-Nasrallah: Fifth, they've also failed in Afghanistan.
33-Nasrallah: Sixth, the Deal of the Century, which he wanted to accomplish in his first yr of Presidency and impose on Arabs and Palestinians - where is it? Who even talks about it?
34-Nasrallah: Trump recognizes no int'l law or standards. Look at what he said during his presidential campaign - that he wanted Iraqi oil, to get back all the money US spent on the region and Iraq
35-Nasrallah: He said he would take over Iraqi oil by deploying forces to seize oil fields, then extract,sell the oil. So Trump's plan all along has been to seize Iraq's oil, and he doesn't want an Iraqi state to prevent it, or at least to have an Iraqi state subject to US diktat
36-Nasrallah: They used excuse of ISIS to return to Iraq, reestablish their bases, especially near Iraqi oil fields, and then to sell Iraq weapons, intervene in its sovereign decision-making, and weaken Iraqi state.
37-Nasrallah: But in Iraq, Trump also failed. 1st, Iraqi people - supported by Najaf - moved to end war w/ISIS quickly, depriving US of excuse to remain. This is where Soleimani, and Muhandis/PMF came in - ending ISIS war quickly, and taking away US excuse.
38-Nasrallah: Voices then began calling for US forces to leave, since their excuse to be there was ISIS.
39-Nasrallah: Then, in the last parliamentary elections, the political current that opposes American presence won a majority. U.S. tries to classify them as subject to Iran, but this isn't true.
40-Nasrallah: New Iraqi gov't built upon last parliamentary elections, by Adel Abdel Mahdi, foiled US policies, by opposing using Iraq against Iran; refused to endorse Deal of the Century; went to China to make deals to build up Iraq, without paying a penny; opened Syria border
41-Nasrallah: Add to this calls in parliament for expulsion of U.S. forces, and certain battlefield incidents [attacks by pro-Iran militias on U.S. forces]. The Americans thus thought they were going to lose Iraq.
42-Nasrallah: Americans then unleashed their terrorist organizations throughout Iraq. U.S. commanders stood behind suicide bombers that targeted Iraqis of all religious stripes.
43-Nasrallah: Americans tried hard, including through their cyber armies, to stoke strife between Iraqi and Iranian peoples
44-Nasrallah: Trump admin, facing this total failure, was heading to elections. He failed in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea. He even failed w/his allies, whom he insults, abandons, and disappoints every day
45-Nasrallah: But he has 3 accomplishments - All he talks about in every speech are the $400 Billion he took from Saudi Arabia, 2) He talks about weapon deals to Arab countries, worth 10s of billions of dollars, 3) Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem
46-Nasrallah: So all his accomplishments involve stealing Arab and Muslim monies, and assaulting the Holy City of Muslims and Christians
47-Nasrallah: So, Soleimani's assassination isn't an isolated incident. It's the beginning of new American approach to the region.
48-Nasrallah: US carefully weighed what move they could take to reverse all their previous failures.
49-Nasrallah: But this wasn't war with Iran. Trump knows war with Iran would be difficult and dangerous. So, what could they do that wouldn't lead to war with Iran? They settled on killing Qassem Soleimani, a central figure in the Resistance Axis
50-Nasrallah: Qassem Soleimani visited me here in Beirut on the New Year, and I was very happy
51-Nasrallah: But he visited me months before, and I warned him that something was afoot, because U.S. media began speaking of him as the indispensable general, and I told him this was preparation for action against him
52-Nasrallah: No matter what they talked about - Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, in every detail of the Resistance - the common denominator was Qassem Soleimani
53-Nasrallah: And what does Qassem Soleimani mean to Iran? They know this. Israel considers Soleimani the most dangerous man to its existence since its establishment.
54-Nasrallah: Israel could have killed him in Syria, because he moved about openly, but it didn't dare to kill him. Israel resorted to the Americans.
55-Nasrallah: So, Qassem Soleimani was the glue that held the Resistance Axis together, and so they decided to kill him, and to kill him openly, which would also have its psychological impact
56-Nasrallah: They're hoping that PMF unity will be harmed, and its links to Iran will be weakened
57-Nasrallah: American-Israelis have a project to control our region and its resources, even Lebanon's yet undiscovered oil. Against this, there is a Resistance Axis preventing American domination of the region.
58-Nasrallah: These two projects are clashing now, and there are people taking sides and others who aren't.
59--Nasrallah: I will finally address our responsibilities.
60-Nasrallah: Our confrontation has already begun, from the night of the assassination
61-Nasrallah: The US goal in killing someone as important as Soleimani was to break and subjugate Iran. But Iran - from Khomeini, to armed forces, to iranian people - has already begun its response.
62-Nasrallah: Pompeo will see the response of the Iranian people to Soleimani's assassination.
63-Nasrallah: Iran has also said it will not surrender, but will move to the offensive. This was the biggest goal of the assassination, and it was foiled within six hours.
64-Nasrallah: In Iraq, they were hoping to shake up the PMF and destabilize Iraq by creating an atmosphere of fear. But Iraqi response has begun - by holding funerals for Soleimani and Muhandis together, and this is important
65-Nasrallah: Iraqis mourned Iranian and Iraqi martyrs of the American strike as one.
66-Nasrallah: Now there is a great increase in call for American departure from Iraq, so their goal of sowing Iraqi disunity has also begun failing
67-Nasrallah: Now, the world's attention is focusing on Iraqi parliament, and bill to expel US forces. They are heading in this direction, and we hope this will happen - to approve law to expel US forces from Iraq
68-Nasrallah: And if it doesn't pass in the Iraqi parliament, I know that Resistance fighters in Iraq will not allow one American soldier to remain in Iraq
69-Nasrallah: The least that the Iraqi people can do is to expel American forces from Iraq, and liberate Iraq from the United States
70-Nasrallah: The Americans will learn that, though they killed Soleimani and Muhandis not to lose Iraq, they will nonetheless lose it. This will only happen through the will of the Iraqi people, and mujahiding in Iraq
71-Nasrallah: Soleimani was behind the liberation of Iraq from US forces from 2003 onwards, and from liberating Iraq from ISIS from 2014, and now his blood must lead to the second liberation of Iraq from US occupation
72-Nasrallah: in Syria and Yemen, resistance axis must also continue their fight
73-Nasrallah: Our responsibility in the Resistance Axis is divided into two points. 1) Trump's goal was to terrify us all, and subjugate us. Leadership of Resistance will not waver or back down at all.
73-Nasrallah: To the contrary, martyrdom of Soleimani and Muhandis will only drive us forward
74-Nasrallah: 2) Resistance must coordinate and become closer, to strengthen itself and capabilities, because the region is heading toward a new phase
75-Nasrallah: 3) In terms of response, we have to consider just punishment. In terms of this crime, the one who committed it is known, and must be punished
76-Nasrallah: Soleimani isn't just an Iranian matter, he is all of the Resistance Axis - Palestine, Lebanon Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and every country which has supporter and lover of Resistance. The umma. This isn't an Iranian issue alone.
77-Nasrallah: Iran can also respond as it pleases, but that response doesn't exempt the Resistance Axis from also responding.
78-Nasrallah: Iran won't ask you to do anything - to act or not to act. But Resistance Axis forces must decide how to deal with Soleimani's death. So, if any Resistance Axis faction avenges his death, that their decision, and Iran isn't behind that.
79-Nasrallah: Iran won't ask anything. It's up to us how to respond. Do we content ourselves with mourning and eulogizing? We must all head towards just punishment
80-Nasrallah: What do we mean by just punishment? Some are saying this must be someone of the same level as Qassem Soleimani - like Chairman of Joint Chiefs, head of @CENTCOM, but there is no one on Soleimani or Muhandis' level
81-Nasrallah: Soleimani's shoe is worth more than Trump's head, so there's no one I can point to to say this is the person we can target
82--Nasrallah: Just punishment therefore means American military presence in the region, U.S. military bases,
83-Nasrallah: U.S. military bases, U.S. military ships, every American officer and soldier in our countries and regions. The U.S. military is the one who killed Soleimani and Muhandis, and they will pay the price. This is the equation.
84--Nasrallah: I want to be very clear, we do not mean American citizens or nationals. There are many Americans in our region. We don't mean to attack them, and it is wrong to harm them. Attacking US civilians anywhere serves Trump's interests
85-Nasrallah: The American military institution put itself in the midst of battle by carrying out the assassination.
86-Nasrallah: There are those who will say I'm blowing things out of proportion. I'm not. I'm seeing it as it is.
87-Nasrallah: We won't accept our region, its holy places, and natural resources to be handed over to the Zionists
88-Nasrallah: If the resistance axis heads in this direction, the Americans will leave our region, humilitiated, defeated, and terrified. The suicide martyrs who forced the US out of the region before remain.
89-Nasrallah: If our region's peoples head in this direction - when the coffins of of U.S. soldiers and officers - they arrived vertically, and will return horizontally - Trump and his admin will know they lost the region, and will lose the elections
90-Nasrallah: Response to blood of Soleimani and Al-Muhandis must be expulsion of all U.S, forces from the region. When we accomplish this goal, the liberation of Palestine will become imminent.
91-Nasrallah: When US forces leave the region, these Zionists will pack their bags and leave, and might not need a battle with Israel
92-Nasrallah: Trump and the fools with him don't realize what they've done, but time will show them.
93-Nasrallah: Today, the just punishment for Qassem Soleimani will also be that for Imad Mughniyeh, Abbas al-Mousaoui, Ragheb Harb, Mustafa Badreddine, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and all the righteous martyrs of this umma
94-Nasrallah: I'm happy for Qassem Soleimani. He has attained his just rest. We're not angry or worked up. We are saying his pure blood is an opportunity to expel the United States from the region, even if there will be great consequences to this
95-Nasrallah: In the end, we will be victorious
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