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1/n #SadarPranam @VishalBhardwaj ji. There has been lots of fuss about #Faiz & his poem but it’s unfortunate that most of the people have deviated from hard facts in order to take sides.

I request you to read thread below where I explain the concern.
2/n In fact the great Historian @irfhabib tries to school people about #Faiz but misses the root point.

What is really important right now is to speak a bit about a very important poem “Vande Mātaram” with its reception.
3/n Syed Imam Ali,a Shi’a Muslim,President of Muslim League condemned Vandematram on December 30,1908.

Source: Vande Mataram: A Historical Lesson by A. G. Noorani, Economic and Political Weekly
Vol. 8, No. 23 (Jun. 9, 1973), pp. 1039+1041-1043 (4 pages)
4/n What happened next @irfhabib & @VishalBhardwaj to Vandematram?

In 25th Session of Muslim League at Lucknow, October 1937, it called Vandematram anti-Islamic.

Interestingly Congress considers the Muslim League’s understanding about Vandematram.
5/n The congress working committee noted the objection of Muslim League and instructed that only first two stanzas of Vandematram be sung.

Source: The Indian Annual Resister Vol. 2, pg 327
6/n Interestingly, now also when Vandematram has been opposed by Muslim fraternity, it always received green flag from most who are standing for #Faiz . People are speaking about context in which #Faiz wrote the poem but none ever considered Bankim Babu.
7/n In my perspective it will be wrong to say that #Faiz wrote poem “Hum dekhenge” (Va Yabqá Vajhu Rabbika)to demean Hindus still things aren’t so cool & simple. It’s not about #Faiz but it’s about #CAA & how protests have proceeded.
8/n People are being labelled “idiots” for being unable to understand the context in which #Faiz wrote “Hum Dekhenge” & trying to justify:

Jab arz-e-Khuda ke kaabe se
Sab but uthwae jaenge..

But what about context of Vande Mātaram?
9/n If removing the “idols” (situation in Hum Dekhenge) can be justified for outrage against Zia’s atrocities Why representation of “Mother India” as “Durga, Kali” in Vande Mātaram be justified, as its praise to her. Also “Vande Mātaram” was cry against British.
10/n Off late even “Vande Mātaram” as a phrase too not acceptable to Muslim fraternity & people like @khanumarfa have said it aloud.

Let’s relate the two matters. If “worshiping motherland”& seeing her as “Durga” is unjustified for Muslims how can “removing idols” be for Hindus?
11/n Onus lies on @VishalBhardwaj & @irfhabib to clarify 10/n. If we bat for “context” in case of #Faiz ‘s nazm we must now take up to bat for Bankim Babu’s Geet too.

Selective outrage is the worst thing.
12/n Here we are trying to defend a Pakistani Communist (Faiz)who raised voice against evil “Zia” but why are we vilifying the great poem “Vande Mātaram” by an Indian,which has everything to do with India?

Shame on Indian Communists! They are most dogmatic of all humans.
13/n Coming back to 7/n where I put forth that it’s not about #Faiz but “anti- #CAA protest”. Interestingly if we understand how democracy works these protests are completely unconstitutional. #CAA is now a law & there are only two ways to go against it. 👇🏼
14/n 1)Challenge it in court
2)Change the law by coming in power.

@irfhabib sir pl explain @VishalBhardwaj sir that there is no third way out.
@BJP4India is just fulfilling manifesto & we voted them to do so. I don’t see a problem there.
15/n In case one thinks that #CAA is unconstitutional then request them to pl refute this thread where I explain Constitutionality if same.

@Ram_Guha sir, why don’t you pl do so, for you have been not even responding to my challenge for debate on #CAA_NRC ?
16/n Apart from that the protests have been targeting “Hindu ideas” largely. This has been disturbing for many.

In this tweet attached is just one image, but there have been multiple such instances.
17/n We came across instances where even “'lā ilāha illā -llāh, muḥammadur rasūlu -llāh” was chanted in protests?

First you show anti-hindu sentiments in an UNCONSTITUTIONAL VIOLENT PROTEST. Remember buses-trains were burnt,Rail lines removed,firings & stone pelting on police
18/n Then you show anti-Hindu sentiments too. Then the “Hum Dekhenge” is sung in an “anti-#CAA protests.” So isn’t is not too much to expect people to the understand #Faiz when they are made to hear “idols will be broken”?
19/n @irfhabib & @VishalBhardwaj my stand is very clear:
#Faiz can’t be considered Islamist considering the fact that he was a “Leftist” in an Islamic State
#Faiz wrote “Hum Dekhenge” against a dictatorship regime unlike India. He had to take exile in Lebanon .
20/n I don’t know how many are facing the life #Faiz had to face for which he penned “Hum Dekhenge”? @irfhabib @VishalBhardwaj @Ram_Guha or the students of IIT-Kanpur, who have been forced to take refuge as #Faiz . I doubt any of u would be able to take that life.
21/n You guys talk about context, but pray tell me how many of you have faced the same context as #Faiz ? Country celebrated all your works @VishalBhardwaj . You can’t even imagine what #Faiz went through.
22/n To add more to my stand from 19/n I say:
•”Hum Dekhenge” in Indian context can be questioned until you get back the 3rd, 4th stanza of ”Vande Mātaram”.

The words of “idol breaking”can’t be cherished in “Bharat” unless perspective of “Mother India” as “Durga” is.
23/n Respected Sirs & ma’am’ , kindly don’t use #Faiz for your petty politics. For, not even #Faiz would have loved the way you are treating India as. He won’t have appreciated your call to vilify “Vande Mātaram”.

@TarekFatah would know it better.
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