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Your reminder: Just under a month ago DOJ IG Horowitz released his final report on the FBI's abuse of the FISA court & surveillance system and STRIPPED AWAY the last cover all these liars had to maneuver behind on Trump/Russia Collusion, the Page Warrant, the Steele Dossier...
...and whether all those people who were fired/resigned from the federal agencies deserved what happened to them.

3 years ago they had A LOT of room to tell their lies.

After Mueller released his final report in April, they lost over HALF their maneuvering room.
And then with the release of Horowitz's IG report, they lost the rest of their cover.

They are now TOTALLY and COMPLETELY exposed as criminals.

And that is a WONDERFUL THING.

Because Durham is coming.

Like the wrath of God, he's coming.
All the evidence is now out in the open to make the case to the public as to why many of these people MUST be fully investigated and then indicted for the crimes they committed and taken to trial.

Anybody can see it at this point, should they be willing to look.
Back in early 2018 I began telling people how this was going to unfold. I discerned the **strategy** Trump's team had decided upon.

They did NOT opt for the banzai charge, or "The Charge of the Trump Light Brigade" straight into the enemy guns, if you will.
The fact Trump & Co. decided to take the slow and sure route & cross all the legal t's and dot the legal i's has disappointed and depressed and pissed off a whole lot of people.

They think they charge of the Trump Light Brigade straight into doom should've happened long ago.
Allow me to remind those people loudly whining about Trump not turning to his enemies in late 2017 or early 2018 and saying "Arrest these criminals!" of something:

Trump came into office in Jan. 2017 facing a task many people believed was 100% impossible.
To be blunt, Trump and his team were about to effect a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of a federal government chock full of rabid political partisans lying in wait to sabotage him and drive him out of office at the earliest opportunity.

Would ANYBODY like to argue about that?
People who bitch and whine and moan and cry about Trump not clapping the cuffs on Comey & Co. back in 2018 really have no freaking clue what they are talking about.

They think because TRUMP PULLED OFF THE IMPOSSIBLE and **succeeded** in taking over a hostile fed. govt'...
...why, indicting and arresting Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Clapper, Brennan, et. al. that should be EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY or something.

Good thing Trump doesn't listen to morons, eh?
The "Trump has no idea what he's doing and he's survived thus far on sheer luck' crowd will never learn.

I've accepted it.

It can't be changed. It's a personality trait, after all.
So the case had to be made to the public FIRST and I mean the entire case.

Had AG Jeff Sessions had Comey & Co. clapped into handcuffs back in 2017 or 2018, it would have resulted in a national crisis of epic proportions.
Arrest them first and then try to make the case to the public was ***never*** going to work.

I don't care what some babbling moron on TV or on a blog tells you.

It would never have worked.
People who've watched Trump pull off a whole lot of things they thought were impossible have let it go to their heads, so they're talked into thinking Trump should've had Comey & Co. tried and convicted & on their way to prison by now.
Why'd Trump wait and hold his fire for over 2 years while the Mueller Special Counsel looked behind every rock, tree and bush hunting desperately & futilely for Russian collusion?

Because he knew they wouldn't find anything.

He NEEDED Mueller to demonstrate this.
Now, whatever the hell Mueller was told or thought his SC investigation was going to result in, THAT'S WHAT IT RESULTED IN.

It demonstrated for all time that no evidence could be found to sustain a single charge of an American being a Russian agent or colluding in 2016 election
Mueller and his 13 Angry Democrat bloodhounds furiously sniff-sniff-sniffing around for 2 years looking for ANYTHING they could use to take out the most thoroughly vetted Presidential candidate & then President in US history was always a FOOLS ERRAND.
But Trump NEEDED Mueller, the Democrats HAND PICKED BLOODHOUND GIVEN A SUPER-DUPER WIDE SCOPE to search in, to testify under oath:

1) he was allowed to look wherever he wanted
2) he was not obstructed
3) he found no evidence of Trump/Russia election collusion
And that's exactly what Mueller did.

The **best** Mueller's crack team could come up with was a most exotic reading of a single obstruction of justice statute that was so weak they wouldn't make the charge themselves; instead the SC's office punted it upstairs to Barr.
Mueller releasing that report blew up 2+ year's worth of Fake News Trump/Russia Election collusion fan fiction being published as news coverage by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the NYTs, WaPo and others.
How many did you see?

How many Fake News stories were there based on anonymous sources leaking fake leaks about how Flynn or Manafort or Cohen or whoever had 'flipped' on Trump & were 'co-operating', singing like canaries about Trump taking his orders from Moscow?
So a whole lot of Fake News Media people were exposed by the Mueller final report.

But something else was created by that report.

It's true that Horowitz **announced** his FISA review on March 28, 2018, right after the Nunves vs. Schiff dueling memos was a big story.
But look, LONG before Nunes went public with his memo on Feb. 2, 2018, Sessions and Rosenstein and Horowitz knew Mueller wasn't finding anything.

IF there never had been any REAL evidence Carter Page or anybody else, [certainly not TRUMP HIMSELF] was a Russian agent....
...just how in the hell DID the FBI end up starting 4 counterintelligence investigations into Page, Manafort, PapaD and Gen. Flynn?

What the hell had they been looking at that convinced them to take the step of getting a FISA warrant on Page?
Understand this: LONG before March 2018, top people in Trump's DOJ realized the entire Trump/Russia Collusion narrative was a massive hoax.

If it always was a massive hoax, then they needed to go back and investigate HOW this entire farce got started.
So Mueller's job = expose the Trump Russia Collusion narrative as a massive hoax.

That directly leads to Horowitz being tapped to explain "Holy Shit, if this thing was always a massive hoax, how'd these counterintelligence investigations of the Trump campaign get started!?"
Now, it's true: ENOUGH evidence was public after the first batch of evidence that Horowitz surfaced with about SpyGate and handed off to Congress in December 2017 that a SMART person could see what had happened by connecting the dots.

Which & and many other people did.
But don't miss this: 95% of the public are not political junkies willing to plant their asses in a chair and spend hours researching and digging and connecting the dots.

They don't have the TIME for that, and many don't have the inclination.
So even though smart people paying attention and digging and researching and connecting dots have a pretty good idea of what happened by February 2018, which is when I made my first versions of this meme, we couldn't PROVE it definitively yet.

There were gaps between the dots.
So I understand the frustration and the anger at having to wait for this to slowly unfold, especially if SpyGate researchers were showing you the evidence and connecting the dots for you back in Feb. 2018, which is now more than a year and 2 2/3rds ago.
But I understood what Horowitz's role was going to be the entire time Fake News Media was regaling the public with lurid and ribald tales about the Mueller Special Counsel, where Trump associates were supposedly flipping & spilling their guts about Trump being a Russian spy.
So while we waited for Horowitz to report, I had to keep reassuring people:

1) Mueller can't find anything to charge Trump or his associates with on being Russian agents or election collusion because IT DIDN'T HAPPEN and thus, no evidence exists

2) Mueller doesn't dare try to FAKE or INVENT a case accusing Trump or his associates of being Russian agents or accepting Russian help in the election because he knows he and his team are being WATCHED.

I had to repeatedly make these 2 points for 2 years.
The Left Fake News Media slathered it on thick with 1), publishing ENDLESS stories based on anonymous leaks where 'people close to the investigation' told reporters about Trump associates flipping & all the evidence Mueller was supposedly finding proving Trump was a Putin agent.
The Right Fake News Media slathered it on even thicker with 2), babbling and publishing articles that claimed the nefarious Mueller and his dirty rotten team were going to FAKE a case against Trump, how they were forcing Flynn & others to lie to avoid prison, etc. etc.
So I can't tell you what a RELIEF it was after months of having to hammer home points 1) and 2) that Temp AG Matt Whitaker announced Mueller was close to ending his investigation and his final report would soon be in.

Both sides of the Fake News Media IMMEDIATELY freaked out.
People who had invested MONTHS in false reporting about the Mueller SC investigation went after Whitaker with a vengeance.

But he was telling the truth.

And in April, the DOJ released the final report, and a whole bunch of people were exposed as a result.
Since April of last year I no longer had to worry about Mueller. I could just focus on waiting for Horowitz.

That made things a lot easier.

And then in May 2019 , we found out about Durham.
So even as the exposure phase was ending, the investigation/prosecution phase was starting up.

There were always 3 phases to this hostile takeover of the fed gov't by the Trump team:

1) Removal
2) Exposure
3) Prosecution.

Sucks the first 2 took most of Trump's 1st term, eh?
But like I've been saying for almost 2 1/2 years at this point, it couldn't be helped.

There will always be those who rage at Trump choosing this strategy, opining the country would have been FAR better served if he'd charged straight into the guns back in 2018.
Well, I'll just have to agree to disagree with those people.

Trump did the RIGHT way. He didn't pull any rank, he let the process work.

SC killed the hoax.
DOJ IG exposes how the hoax started.
US Attorney investigates the crimes.

80% of the fight Trump had for control of the fed gov't was not out in the open where you could see it.

The key to victory in this kind of fight is hiding your true plans from the enemy.
Trump is the FIRST PRESIDENT to ever use Alinskyite tactics right back at America's enemies.

The Democrats & the Fake News Media sabotaged every previous president by using disinformation tactics based on leaks.

Trump gave these people a huge dose of their own medicine.
Once you figure out many of the fake leaks coming from anonymous sources that appear in the NYT's, the WaPo, CNN & elsewhere was disinformation from Trump's own people, you'll stop worrying about a whole lot of things and just relax.

Trump needs chaos as a cover to work behind.
Yes, TRUMP HIMSELF, and many of the people working for him, have no obligation to tell the Fake News Media the truth, and many of the sources the Fake News Media are using are actually Trump agents feeding them disinformation.

This is how he makes them chase their tails.
But even a whole lot of people who call themselves Trump fans think deep in their hearts he's a moron, not that bright, impulsive, so they simply don't think he's intelligent enough to fool his enemies like this.

Another thing I disagree with them about.
We already know much of what Durham is finding. He's nailing it down, erasing the gaps between the dots, and when he reports in late Spring/early Summer of this year, we'll have fully moved into the prosecution phase.
So all we're doing at this point, is we're waiting for Durham.

Both Mueller and Horowitz have finished their jobs.

These people are right to be scared at this point.

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