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Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah to give a speech on Sunday, marking the one week commemoration of Qassem Soleimani's and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis' death. alahednews.com.lb/article.php?id…
2-Nasrallah's speech begins
3-Nasrallah: I want to give my condolences to the families of all those who died in this ugly American crime, particularly to the family of Qassem Soleimani
4-Nasrallah: I want to first talk about the two martyrs, particularly Qassem Soleimani, and his connection to Lebanon and the resistance in Lebanon, since I didn't have a chance to do so last Sunday
5-Nasrallah: So we can thank them, because it is a Divine command to thank human beings who have done us good, like we thank God
6-Nasrallah: Soleimani did not represent himself, but Iran and its wise regime - and in that capacity he gave so much to the countries of our region. Each country can talk about their own, I will talk about Lebanon.
7-Nasrallah: We also want to give an idea of the kind of commander produced by this ideology, and by the Revolution of Imam Khomeini - the true Muslim commander.
8-Nasrallah: When he took over the Quds Force, he came to Lebanon to meet us. He didn't wait for us to go to Iran.
9-Nasrallah:He quickly established an excellent relationship w/leadership of Hezbollah, particularly the jihadist commanders
10-Nasrallah: He quickly learned Arabic. From the first hours, we didn't feel any sense of formality. At all. He was one of us, like one of our ordinary brothers.
11-Nasrallah: His relationship w/our brothers in the Resistance reached the lover of brotherhood. They would miss him and yearn for him. He would be happy for our joys, and sad for our pain. Instead of us going to him, he would always come to us.
12-Nasrallah: Instead of us sending people to Iran to ask for help, he would periodically come here to Lebanon, and ensure that all our needs were met by Iran.
13-Nasrallah: It all started in 1998. if you go back to 1998-1999, the apex of Hezbollah's activities in south Lebanon [against Israel.] One of main reasons was Soleimani's assistance, and he was a chief partner in the May 2000 liberation. We've never talked about this before.
14-Nasrallah: After Israel withdrew, some could think the battle was done. But Soleimani agreed w/us this was just the beginning, that Lebanon was still under Israeli threat, and Israeli desire for revenge.
15-Nasrallah: So need became one to transform Resistance from force carrying out war of attrition against Israel in south Lebanon, to improving its capabilities to give it deterrence capabilities against Israel. This is where the rocket capabilities come in.
16-Nasrallah: Soleimani followed up with this on an almost daily basis.
17-Nasrallah: Qassem Soleimani was tireless, even when we would tire.
18-Nasrallah: When the 2006 war started, he was in Iran. He came to Damascus, and called us telling us he wanted to come to Beirut. We warned him against it, but he wouldn't relent. He came to Dahiyeh, and stayed w/us the entire war.
19-Nasrallah: He stayed w/us under the bombs. He could have helped us from Damascus, but he insisted on being w/us in the operations HQ. He said, "either I will live with you, or die with you."
20-Nasrallah: Until August 14, when it became clear the war would end. He asked us what we wanted when he returned to Tehran. We said our first priority is the dispossessed persons, and we need large sums of money to help them find shelter, rebuild homes.
21-Nasrallah: After 2006, he kept up his efforts tirelessly, until the winds of war took over the region and Syria. I'm still only talking about Lebanon, not about Palestine or elsewhere.
22-Nasrallah: He shared our reading of what was going on in Syria. Some were minimizing what was going on in Syria, the level of jihadist threat from ISIS. Had ISIS not been defeated in Palmyra, Homs, etc. could we have expelled them from Arsal? This was one battle.
23-Nasrallah: It was single war from Arsal all the way to the eastern Syrian desert.
24-Nasrallah: After battle of ISIS, Hezbollah's current deterrent capabilities, even according to Israeli estimations - which I won't say I agree with - became an existential threat to Israel, in light of precision missiles.
25-Nasrallah: Israel not only sees Hezbollah as capable of defending Lebanon and its natural resources, but as threatening its very existence. We never thought this would happen. And they're not exaggerating, it's a form of truth. This is thanks to Iran, embodied in Soleimani
26-Nasrallah: Not once did Soleimani demand thanks or act like we owed him anything. Not once, not in a single expression. He considered this as a duty, to please God, and would grant him reward on Day of Judgment. He would even call himself our servant.
27-Nasrallah: These 22 yrs, Soleimani never ordered us anything or asked us anything. Neither did Iran. Yes, he asked advisers from Hezbollah to help Iraqis - but not for Iran.
28-Nasrallah: Iran sees itself as having responsibilities - religious, moral, humanitarian - toward these countries of the region, who are under threat and whose lands are occupied, and they would ask for nothing in return. The Americans can't understand this.
29-Nasrallah: They call our groups Iran's tools/proxies. These are not tools of Iran. They are its friends and lovers. Iran refuses to see them as its tools.
30-Nasrallah: Iran never asked of anything from the Palestinians. Yes, it would ask them to resist and fight for their land, but this is for their own benefit, it's their interest and cause. But they never asked for anything for Iran.
31-Nasrallah: This is [true] political Islam, whose reputation groups like ISIS harmed.
32-Nasrallah: I think it was the divine will for Soleimani and al-Muhandis, two dear friends, to be martyred together, and for this martyrdom to have a great regional impact.
33-Nasrallah: When threat of ISIS arose in Iraq, Soleimani was on the ground in Iraq from day one.
34-Nasrallah: ISIS was at the time an American creation, and was backed by regional countries, and if you look at Gulf media, they were talking about the glorious revolution being started by ISIS
35-Nasrallah: Soleimani arrived in Baghdad, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis was one of the central commanders in this great war against ISIS
36-Nasrallah: When al-Muhandis was martyred, he was engaged in operations to clean up Iraq from ISIS, because ISIS was trying to take advantage of recent events in Iraq to have a resurgence.
37-Nasrallah: Had ISIS not been defeated in Iraq, then Syria would have been lost. Jordan would have been in danger. Gulf states, which backed ISIS, would have been in danger, so would Turkey.
38-Nasrallah: Every country and people in the region must thank Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis for defeating ISIS, because in their battle they protected the entire region's peoples. Lebanon and other countries.
39-Nasrallah: ISIS still has remnants, all the way to Nigeria. What do we hear of ISIS expect murder and death, against the Mosques of Muslims and Churches of Christians? These are parts of the lies @realDonaldTrump keeps saying.
40-Nasrallah: Now, some of the repercussions of the great martyrdom of Soleimani and Muhandis.
41-Nasrallah: A)It reunited Iraqis to confront what is being prepared against them. B) The million-person funeral processions for Soleimani in Iran, in addition for the protests.
42-Nasrallah: We always used to say Khomeini's funeral was unique in the history of humanity, since God created Adam.
43-Nasrallah: This was both in numbers and grief and emotion. Now, Soleimani's funeral brought out 6 million? 7 million? It is unprecedented since Khomeini's funeral.
44-Nasrallah: This funeral has been unprecedented in history, just as the Iranian people are incomparable on earth. Show me another people that would go through so much effort to mourn their leader?
45-Nasrallah: This was entirely willing. You might be able to bring people out to the streets, but how can you make them show grief? How can you force them to cry?
46-Nasrallah: I read high-ranking American officials saying that Soleimani's funeral terrified @realDonaldTrump and his administration
47-Nasrallah: The great crowds in Khuzestan also sent a very important message, particularly to the Gulf States and their American masters
48-Nasrallah: Soleimani's funeral constituted a second Islamic revolution in Iran, and I think it put the Americans and others who are betting on internal Iranian dissent in great despair.
49-Nasrallah: So these funerals prove that the blood of Soleimani reinvigorated the Iranian regime, granting it new strength, which is particularly important at this time, in light of the pressure by the American administration
50-Nasrallah: There is an int'l media effort to ridicule everything called jihad, mujahid, Resistance, etc. Even in Lebanon.
51-Nasrallah: Soleimani could have stayed at home with his family and minded his business and lived a comfortable life, instead he spent his life on the frontlines. This is the culture Iran gives us.
52-Nasrallah: What culture to the Americans bring us? That each country should look after its own, and what does Lebanon have to do with Palestine? And what does each person have to do with the other?
53-Nasrallah: Another important outcome of Soleimani's assassination is that it showed the true face of America to the region again. Usually there are people who say USA is source of security and stability in the region.
54-Nasrallah: This did away with that, and refocused region on America's crimes, and restored US to its rightful place as our prime enemy, the Great Satan,
55-Nasrallah: This understanding, of America as our prime enemy, must be restored to the conscience of the region's peoples.
56-Nasrallah: America, the Great Satan, is responsible for Israel and all its crimes against the Palestinian people
57-Nasrallah: America built ISIS to destroy our countries, our cultures, history, and our future. Every ISIS bombing against a mosque or church, it must be called "Made in USA." We must never forget this, that America is our true enemy.
58-Nasrallah: Any people discussing its national security threats, if they don't list the USA as their #1 threat, then they don't know what they're talking about. They're ignorant or lying.
59-Nasrallah: Israel is a mere tool, a forward base of the United States. But the United States is the enemy, which steals our region;s resources.
60-Nasrallah: I want to return to the matter of Just Retribution. It is not one operation - it is a path, a path of action that will lead to the expulsion of the United States from the Middle East. Or as leader Khamenei calls it, Western Asia.
61-Nasrallah: The strike on Ain al-Assad is not the end. It is a slap, but the first step in this long path of response to the United States, which will lead to the end of the American military presence in our region.
62-Nasrallah: I want to discuss this "slap" - when IRGC missile force struck Ain al-Assad, which was main target. Erbil was just a missile or two.
63-Nasrallah: By US SecDef admission, these missiles reached their targets.
64-Nasrallah: When they started saying there were no casualties, and tried to downplay this slap, this is something they're used to doing.
65-Nasrallah: This strike demonstrates the indescribable bravery of the Iranian gov't and people. Who are you striking? A US army base, this is something that hasn't happened since end of WWII.
66-Nasrallah: We're talking about a state with visible targets targeting America. Not an organization. The [1983] Marine Barracks Bombing happened.
67-Nasrallah: Who else on earth dares to target the United States? @realDonaldTrump made his threats, w/52 Iranian sites, but then he did nothing.
68-Nasrallah: This strike also revealed Iran's military strength.
69-Nasrallah: These missiles were Iranian made, not purchased w/billions from the US from the money of Iranian people. The officers were Iranian, and weren't rented from the US, unlike some regional countries. Missiles hit their targets accurately, 11 - per US SecDef - hit base.
70-Nasrallah: This means all US bases in the region are in Iranian missile crosshairs. And Iran has even more precise missiles, but is waiting to use them.
71-Nasrallah: This is message to all who conspire w/US against Iran, to the Zionist Entity who thought to play w/Iran, and @netanyahu who thought to conduct airstrikes against Iran, but this idiot didn't know where he was taking his entity.
72-Nasrallah: When the Israelis hear threats of Iranian leaders, they should take it seriously. Because the missiles might have struck Ain al-Assad, but the mourning over them was in Tel Aviv
73-Nasrallah: Were there casualties? Aren't there? These are matters that time will show.
74-Nasrallah: Whether there were casualties or not, this was a great military accomplishment.
75-Nasrallah: The Americans have been thrown off kilter in the past few days. This is what Iran has accomplished, and now Israelis are seriously talking about Trump withdrawing from region.
76-Nasrallah: Now Americans are celebrating no casualties. Who are you, you are the United States, and your soldiers hid in fear from the missiles of an identifiable country
77-Nasrallah: The American military leadership lined up behind @realDonaldTrump day after strike. Look at their faces. Did their faces show victory? A United States that is hegemonic and victorious?
78-Nasrallah: Even @realDonaldTrump's speech addressed a different matter, that he would not let Iran get a nuclear weapon. But Iran doesn't want a nuclear weapon.
79-Nasrallah: When strike was happening, @realDonaldTrump's military advisers were telling him that Iran would target all US bases in the region, Israel - per its threats - and that US didn't have military capacity to withstand this.
80-Nasrallah:@realDonaldTrump then came out the next day asking for negotiations w/Iran, cooperation on shared interests. This is someone whose forces had eaten 11 missiles the day before.
81-Nasrallah: He said he wanted to cooperate against ISIS. This hypocrite who killed Soleimani, the man fighting ISIS. He said he wished the Iranian people well, this man who is starving them w/ sanctions
82-Nasrallah: I direct people to look at the @washingtonpost caricature on the missile strike
83-Nasrallah: @realDonaldTrump is lying that Soleimani was planning attacks on US embassies. This is not true at all, and Trump is the biggest liar in America's history.
84-Nasrallah: This strike by Iran should give people confidence that they can confront America. Despite US great military strengths, they have their constraints. And again, this was a slap.
85-Nasrallah: Now, the rest of the path. 1) Iraq: Iraq is the first country concerned w/responding to this crime, because it happened in Iraq, and because it targeted Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, a great Iraqi commander, and because Soleimani defended Iraq.
86-Nasrallah: I ask Masoud Barazani to thank Soleimani for his efforts in defending Erbil and Kurdistan Region, because Soleimani was the only one to respond to your call. Soleimani and with him men from Hezbollah went to Erbil.
87-Nasrallah: Barazani was shaking from fear, but Soleimani and the brothers from Hezbollah helped you repulse this unprecedented threat; and now you must repay this good by being part of the effort to expel the Americans from Iraq and the region.
88-Nasrallah: 2) Rest of the path of the Resistance Axis must begin its operations. We are serious, and our goal is to expel the United States from the region. This is a long-term goal.
89-Nasrallah: In coming days and weeks, US must leave this region. The alternative to their leaving alive is to leave dead, in coffins. This is an absolute decision in the Resistance Axis. It is a matter of time that we won't give up on.
90-Nasrallah: We won't forget this great crime, not in the coming weeks, months or years. We are talking about a new era.
91-Nasrallah: The Americans (correct himself) the American administration will pay a dear price, and that they erred in their calculations.
92-Nasrallah: The American leadership said in days after Soleimani's death the world was a safer place. They will discover in blood that they were wrong. Which world is safer? Only the world of Israel/the Zionists, and the world of the oppressors.
93-Nasrallah: You will discover that the world will become very unsafe for these people.
94-Nasrallah: We vow to continue down this path until we accomplish these goals. This blood will not go to waste. [Speech Ends]
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