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It’s public knowledge the Obama administration tipped off Iran that Israel was about to whack Soleimani.

Kerry was meeting in France with top Iranian officials yet again just a few weeks ago.

Trump was 100% correct and right not to tell Congress in advance.
There has been a concentrated and deliberate effort by the previous administration, whose foreign policy was an unbroken string of disasters & missteps, to undermine, thwart & sabotage the Trump White House’s Iran policies.
This concentrated and deliberate effort to sabotage the present administration’s Iran policies by the previous administration also involves members of the US Congress.

Why should President Trump pretend top Democrats in Congress can be trusted when they can’t be?
Anybody telling you top Democrats in Congress would’ve sat on a planned US strike on Soleimani and not leaked it is blowing smoke at you.

They’d have run to Kerry with this as fast as they could to ensure Soleiman was tipped off before the strike could happen.
Kerry's been violating that Logan Act thing for about 3 years now.

Our Secretary of State is now Mike Pompeo. It's not John Kerry.

Now, you're asking me WHY Trump hasn't had Kerry arrested yet?

Well It's simple.
For the same reason he didn't fire Robert Mueller and end the Special Counsel investigation for the entire 2+ years it took to finish despite the fact the usual suspects spent that entire 2 years ENDLESSLY SCREAMING FOR HIM TO FIRE MUELLER.
Before I tell you what the answer is, let's see how many of you are willing to do that hard thing known as THINKING.


Do you already KNOW why President Trump didn't fire Robert Mueller despite being TOLD to do so by all the 'experts'?
I will answer this question in a few hours.

Until then, this thread is on hold.

All right, I'm at Applebee's watching the 49ers/Vike game but to answer the question:

Why **hasn't** Donald Trump lifted a finger to stop John Kerry from his treasonous activities?

To illustrate, I did a poll on why Trump **never fired** Robert Mueller.
You ***never*** stop your enemy when they are making a huge strategic mistake or blunder.

You **encourage** them to continue.

This why deception is the key to winning these kinds of battles.
James Comey & Andrew McCabe and all the other SpyGate plotters got ***exactly*** what they hoped for in May 2017:

they got a Special Counsel appointed to investigated with a super wide scope whether Trump & his associates were compromised by the Russian gov't.
Not only did they get the Special Counsel appointed to investigate, they got THE EXACT PERSON they wanted to run that investigation: Honest Bob Mueller!
And ol' Honest Bob and his merrye crewe of 13 Super Angry Democrats go to look EVERYWHERE THEY WANTED for two years for that Holy Grail, the evidence the plotters were going to use to toss Trump butt-first out of the Oval Office.

Victory was ASSURED!
In fact victory was so assured, people spent 2 + years LOUDLY SCREAMING AT TRUMP TO FIRE MUELLER, why aren't you firing Mueller, dear God Trump hasn't fired Mueller yet what's he waiting for MY GOD MAN WAKE UP AND FIRE MUELLER!
And Trump spent 2 years really really making these people MAD because he wouldn't fire Mueller.

Well winning this fight means making your enemies overextend themselves to your advantage.

Which is exactly what Mueller did.
Gather 'round, folks. This next tweet is going to be an eyeopener.

I'm going to sum up in one tweet why Trump put up with the Special Counsel & it's collateral damage for 2+ years.
Whatever Mueller and the SpyGate plotters ***thought*** his investigation was going to do, here's what it actually DID:

It KILLED the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax stone cold dead.

Read that last sentence 10 times UNTIL it **fully** sinks in.
The **handpicked** bloodhounds of the SpyGate plotters followed EVERY TRAIL THEY COULD FIND for over 2 years desperately and frantically trying to find something, ANYTHING they could use to take Trump down with.

What'd they find?

Let's all say it together!

Mueller PROVED the Trump-is-an-agent-of-the-EVIL-RUSSIANS narrative was a hoax.

He didn't MEAN to do it.

But he DID.

So God bless him.
IF there never was any ***real*** evidence that Trump & his close associates were Russian agents, how in the bloody blue blazes did the FBI wind up launching a COUNTERINTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATION into the Trump campaign during the 2016 election?
And now we know the answer to THAT question thanks to DOJ IG Horowitz's FISA Abuse report.

The FBI faked it's probable cause to start those investigations and get a FISA warrant by using fake info from a Clinton political operative working for Fusion GPS.
So, to sum up:

Trump didn't fire Mueller because he knew there was nothing for Mueller to find that could hurt HIM, and he NEEDED Mueller to kill the Trump/Russia collusion hoax so the NEXT step in exposing all of this could take place.
By calling for a Special Counsel to search for something that DIDN'T EXIST, Trump's enemies were actually going to help him destroy their own fake narrative.

THAT is why he didn't fire Mueller.

And yes, there was real collateral damage to this strategy.

But this WAR.
The stakes involved in this fight between Trump and the SpyGate plotters could not be higher.

This is a literal fight for the country.

So Trump made use of the Mueller SC to EXPOSE HIS ENEMIES and then have them investigated.

What do you think Barr & Durham are doing?
Now that I've made these points, back to John-John Kerry and his traitorous actions with the Iranians.

Why hasn't Trump had Kerry arrested yet?
Because Kerry and the former Obama shills and the Democrats are making a HUGE MISTAKE.

And what do you do when your enemy is making a huge mistake?

If Trump's overall goal or strategy was just to put a couple asses in prison, he'd have done it by now.


A lot of people are thinking very small. Trump does not.
Democrats literally cannot hide how radical and how out of touch they are.

Ask yourself this: would we have gotten a real good look at the 'Mad Squad' & this impeachment farce if the Democrats hadn't gotten control of the House?

No, we wouldn't have.
Now Trump just took out Soleimani and kept the Congress in the dark before the strike so the Democrats couldn't tip off Iran.

And the country has gotten over a week of watching the Democrats defend Iran and a bloodthirsty terrorist.
The key to the huge Trump landslide that's coming is for the Democrats to KEEP SHOWING AMERICA WHO THEY ARE NOW.

It's **very** important they continue to do this.

So....why would Trump GET IN THEIR WAY as they expose themselves as anti-American traitors?
When your opponents who have been wrecking this country are high as kites and babbling insanity and defending terrorist regimes and all the rest of this stupid stuff they are currently doing, you do the smart thing by LETTING THEM TALK and STAYING OUT OF THEIR WAY.
STOP John Kerry from what he's doing?


Sometimes after watching the utter ruin Pelosi/Schumer & Co. are leading the Democrats to, I wonder if they flipped & work for Trump now.
Trump couldn't tell Democrats in Congress what was coming in that Soleimani strike because the Democrats would've tipped off Iran.

They are dead set on continuing Obama's insane appeasement and bribery of that criminal regime.

And now everybody can SEE it.
Democrats out there who are still sane at this point have to realize hell yes this current Democratic leadership would've gone straight to the Iranians and warned them what was coming.

DNC Media freaking out over Trump saying they'd have leaked aren't fooling anyone.
Everything they are saying and doing since the attack occurred shows us all they'd have leaked it if they'd been told.

Trump's landslide win this November keeps getting bigger and bigger and so THANK YOU DEMOCRATS for continuing to be absolutely insane.

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